Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 3 - 9, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 46

Savage Love

Stockholm Syndrome

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Encyclopedia Eastwood

The Finer Points of America's Greatest Director

The Artist in His Time

The Sudden Appreciation of Longtime Filmmaker Trent Harris

British Traditionalism

Two Films That Stand for the Lack of a British Cinema

This Week on TV

A Maple Leaf Tip-In

Set Me Free from Myself

Belief in the Soul

The Future Amazing Career of Bruno Dumont

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Please, Shut Up!

This Whole Eminem Thing Is Really Beginning to Pluck My Nerves


The Opposite of Uncouth

Colin Spring, Plain and Simply Perfect

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Songs and Flowers

Idyllic Surroundings Enhance Fluffy Musical

Here and Now

John Kaufmann Puts a Contract on the Audience

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Visual Art

Wagner's Godhead

A Very Personal History of Opera

Visual Arts Listings



Walking on Water

A 20-year-old Author Treads Between Autobiography and Fiction

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Salvadorean Bakery

A Day Spent with Pastry



If the U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Washington's Troubled Special Commitment Center is a Prison, the Place Could Be Closed and 118 Men Would Immediately Earn Their Freedom.

Wills Kills Monorail

In De Facto Repeal of I-41, City Council Votes to Disband Elevated Transportation Company

Beer Money

The Port and Safeco Field Cash in on Sweetheart Deal

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Police Beat

The Underworld

Letters to the Editor

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The Week in Review

Culture Wars

I Love Television

Of Rubs and Riches

It's My Party

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