Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 29 - Aug. 4, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 47

Savage Love


I, Anonymous

Your Wedding Sucks


The Rise of Troy (and Mackenzie)

The Young Evils' Vaselines-Lensed Love Affair

The Answer Is... Pizza

A Pie-Eyed Q&A with the Bands of PizzaFest

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

It's a Hit

Data Breaker

214's Electro Modernism and Nobody's Psych/Hiphop Fusions

My Philosophy


Say Goodbye to the Viaduct

Poster of the Week

The Homosexual Agenda

Party Crasher

Sound Check


The Yellow Wood: It's Not Asian Porn

A New Musical That Isn't New

Visual Art

Found in Translation

Getting into Semantics (in a Good, Loud Way) at James Harris Gallery

In Art News

Trash in the Sculpture Park, Nudity from Behind: Overheard in Art Last Week


The End of America

Gary Shteyngart Makes Our National Decline into Something Personal

Food & Drink

Just Leave the Animals Out of It

Six Great Things About Broadway's New Vegan Bar (and an Important Note)

Bar Exam

The Happiest Hour

Tug Inn

Chow Bio

Maegan Rasmussen of Joe Bar


A Wake for My Youth (with Actors)

Or, What It's Like Watching Hollywood People Make a Movie About Your Life

I Love Television

Shark Attacks: Overrated!

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Last Days

The Week in Review


Hate Registration: Glenn Beck University's Hope 101 Class

SL Letter of the Day: Someone Missed a Podcast

What the Heck?: Police "Persuade" People to Take Down Public Art at 23rd and Union

Save the Buckaroo Tavern

What It Feels Like to Be Attacked By a Bear

Reading Tonight: You Should Not Miss Gary Shteyngart

Scientists Are Heart-Monitoring Art Audiences

I Have a Very Important Question For You

All Hail, Queen of the Lesbians

New Rules for Cocaine Sentencing

Arizona Fucks Itself

Picasso Tickets Go On Sale Sunday

Traffic Report

Police Beat: Tracy, California Edition

Gregoire's Empty Threats About Taking the Tunnel Money

Eric Grandy on Arcade Fire's New Album, The Suburbs

Re: While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Tomorrow...

That Bitch Is Still Alive?

Lunchtime Quickie: Meet Antoine Dodson, The Rapist Hunter

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha—Justin Bieber Is Writing a "Memoir"—Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Glenn Beckwatch: Needs More Sally Struthers

Currently Hanging: Sam Chapman

Yesterday I Couldn't Be Bothered

iPad Users Sue Apple Because the iPad Is Not "Just Like Reading a Book"

NOM Plays the Victim

The O'Brien Amendments (Or, Five Things He Wants the Council to Consider Before Pushing Ahead With Seattle's Big Dig)

The Kid Who Writes Reviews of Pitchfork Reviews Drove a Van in a Presidential Motorcade, Claims to Have Told Obama About Pitchfork

In Which I Come to Schmacky's Rescue

Lunchtime Quickie: Antoine Dodson, The Rapist Hunter, Now Famous

Reading Tonight: Shteyngart Again, and Pluto

A Sight to Make You Smile

Questionland Has a Brand New Look

Breaking News! 83-Year-Old Virgin Puts a Hat On!

The High Price of Winning a Game of Chicken

A Bestseller List of Stolen Books

Cris Bruch: Social Artist, Antisocial Artist

Re: Re: While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Today...

Our Endorsements

Christopher Ryan On KUOW

SPD Agrees that Police Have No Authority Over Public Art

The Georgian Minister of Economic Development Has Got Legs

flickr Photo of the Day

"These Are Their Stories": Law & Order Art

Baby Tina Fey Works It in Bangs and Vest

55 Fun Things to do Instead of Sex

Another Hit Against Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson

Anne Rice Quits Being Christian

Memories of the Space Age

Science Fiction Movies Have a Woman Problem

While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Today...

Zac Efron Has Nice Tits

Here We Go: The Tunnel Initiative

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Rep. Aaron Schock's Homoerotic Glitzkrieg* Continues

Rep. Anthony Weiner Will Not Yield!

Suspect Overstays Welcome, Barricades Himself in Victim's Bedroom

Patty Murray Goes Negative

Homeless Shelters Get $10,500 to Stay Open

Jean Godden Says 63 Percent of Seattle Residents Are "Like the Birthers"

Such Nice Dogs

Shelving Sarah Palin

Following Up on This Week's I, Anonymous: The Wedding with the VIP Room

"Drive away... and return to the same reserved parking spot at the end of your reservation. It's that simple."

Council Passes Tunnel Resolution, Rejects Amendments to Protect City

That Wall Across the Street

In the Senate Race, a Contest for Who Loves Boeing Best

Police Chief Diaz Hearing Highlights a "Tale of Two Cities"

Argue About Mad Rad All Over Again!

Reading Today: Lotus, Eaten

Have You Seen the Cover of Time Magazine?

Sarah Palin Speaks Out on President Obama's Balls—en Español!

Kanye West Fun Fur Fact of the Day™

As the Palin World Turns

The Kids Are All Right vs. Lesbianism

I'm On Team Jake

SL Letter of the Day: Can He Keep His Fingers Erect? His Tongue? How About His Forearms?

The Internet's Newest Most Favorite Grampy

Seattle's Most Multi-Racial Event?

Sharks: Don't Try to Slip One a Pot Brownie—He'll Only Spit it Out

The Art Has Landed

The Good Thing About Exploitation

Hate Registration: Glenn Beck University's Charity 101 Class

Seth Rogen Has Nice Tits

Rossi on the Radio

Overheard by Dan Savage at the Airport

This Week's Answer of the Week: Family Guy Edition

Re: Song For Clint Didier

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part Four in a Series)

Currently Hanged

Justin Bieber Attempts to Flee Screaming Teenies on a Segway!!!

This Week's Chow Bio Box: Maegan Rasmussen

Who Would Reject Such an Adorable Baby Meerkat?

So Last Night I Started Watching True Blood

Overheard at the Construction Site Earlier Today

Your English Is Fucking Sick

Police Beat: Unalaska, Alaska Edition

He Was Celebrating His 17th Birthday; He fell Into a Gravel Pit and Died

Shirley Sherrod to Sue Andrew Breitbart

The Heck He Is (A Republican)

Album Cover: Santana: Abraxas: Ugly, or Not Ugly?

The Woman of Humans

The Double Game of Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders

Seattle-Based Wikileaks Volunteer Detained at the U.S. Border

"Open" Does Not Mean "No Rules"

The 15 Gayest Pictures of the Pope for Governor!

More Vulva'd Cupcakes

Seattle Public Library Releases the Results of Their Community Survey

Damn It, Right When I Shave My Head to Try to Look More Like Freddie Ljungberg...

A Protest at the Bank of Rossi

The Seattle Times Endorses Anti-Gay, BIAW-Bought, Tim Eyman-Backing, Guns-for-Tots, Conservative-Lobby Tool for State Supreme Court

Prop 8 Decision Coming Tomorrow

The Most Caffeinated City in the U.S.A.

Israel to Deport Small Children

Council Creates Fines for Being Belligerent Dick in Nightlife Areas

Lunchtime Quickie: Man Creamed by Ice Cream Truck

Wanna Buy America's Leading Chain Bookseller?

This Was One of Those Fake Spammy Links, So I Didn't Click on It.


Overheard at Mike O'Brien's Tunnel Presser

Week in Review

Primary Forecast: High Interest, Low Percentage

Our Primary Endorsements

Yes, You Can Still Register to Vote in the Primary

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Defends Ground Zero Mosque

The Stranger Is Being Destroyed!

Kindle Price Cuts Keep Coming

The New Project Runway Promo Completely Rips Off the Dexter Intro

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

I Know That Laughing at Bad Tattoos Is a Sign That I Am a Bad Person...

Reading Tonight: Moody, Historical Novels

SPD Poised to Cut Crime Prevention Coordinators and Victim Advocates

The Daily Show Decimates "Gay Nazi Historian"

Hate Registration: Faith 102

Bacteria to the Rescue

Previously Objectified Seahawk Completely Forgotten Upon Discovery of Even Dreamier Seahawk

Police Beat: Bar Harbor, Maine Edition

Muslim Women Board Plane With Only Their Eyes Showing

City Council Issues Hysterical Press Release; Refuses to Talk About It

Tom Hardy: Um, Duh. "Of Course" He's Had Sex With Men.

If You Build It...

Today in Nerd Juice: Joss Whedon's "Big Fan"

Didn't Levi Johnson Tell Us Magazine That He Was Abstinent Now?

A Scholarly Wikipedia Synopsis of Nate Dogg and Warren G.'s "Regulate" for Your Monday Morning

Metro's RapidRide Hits a Few Bumps in the Road

The Funniest People of the Year, from 1975 to Now

Caged Heat

Lunchtime Quickie: Why Dogs Are Still Cooler Than Cats

Reading Today: Deflowered Virgins and Naked Girls

Local, Local, Local

Global Consumers: Poor Africans With Expensive Shit

SL Letter of the Day: The Talking Cure

Young Dino Endorses Old Dino

Make Way for Thirteenthers

The Morning After Mark Velasquez Is Eliminated on Bravo's "Work of Art": "I've been crying for the last twelve hours, so forgive me, please."

"Where can I get Eggs Sardou in Seattle?"

SL Letter of the Day: Bi Enough

The Morning News

Universal Terrorist Translator

How to Respect Your Audience (Local Readings Take Note)

What Time Is the Prop 8 Decision Coming?

Why I Don't Like Fichte but Love Towers

Grant Cogswell on Being an Old Fogey!!!

Video Games Make Abstinence Awesome

Regarding the Deep Bore

Hot Bear at Seahawks Camp

The It's-Technically-Still-Morning News*: Veterans, Angels, and Lepers

Three of My Favorite Demons

City and Homeless Identify Georgtown Site as Possible Permanent Home for Nickelsville

Your New Favorite Restaurant: Re:Public

This Priest Is Thinking About Your Kids and Grandkids Getting Buttfucked

Science Cannot Save Your Brain

Man Hired for Best Job Ever?

My Favorite Legacy of the Snoutbreak

Offered Without Comment

Tea Party Comix: Ha Ha...Ha?

Animals Killed By Trains

President Obama Hops on the Interwebs

Talking About Buying Art on KUOW Television Commercials

This Week in The Happiest Hour

Song for Clint Didier

Rossi Opposes Kagan Because She's Too Inexperienced

Shark Week: Sharks Icing Bros

The Meaning of Sequim

Where Did Taylor Momsen Get Her Vibrator? Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

What Could Possibly Go Right?

Is the Future of News on Your Phone?

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part Three in a Series)

Seattle Forecast: Cloudy Weekend, Sunny Week

SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Coffee

The Sorrows of Larry Fishburne

While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Tomorrow...

The Problem with Toddler Preachers Speaking in Tongues...

Founder of the Seattle Chamber Singers and Orchestra Seattle George Shangrow Killed in Auto Accident Saturday

Homelessness Group Finally Meets Mayor

Joe Fitzgibbon's First Television Ad

The Birthers Live

Headline of the Day

'Tis the Season...

The Sex Ed Butt Puppet

A Conversation With (Eeeee!) Joe Fitzgibbon

The Sexual Harassment Charges Against Al Gore Have Been Dropped

This Is What a World Without Newspapers Looks Like

Today in Solar Weather

New Poll: Murray Narrowly Beats Rossi, 49-46

Thank the Gods for the 9.5% Unemployment Rate

A Word on Sperm Competition

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins: We Can't Repeal DADT Because Soldiers Spoon to Conserve Warmth...

Grandpa Nipper Babbles About Something Called "Phonographs"

Last Night at the Sorrento

Stupid Fucking Newscaster!: The Whose Fault Is it? Edition

Glenn Beckwatch: This Infographic Is Golden

An Important Cricket Match

Beach Reading

The Morning News: The End of the Oil Spill in Michigan, The Resurrection of Rick's, The End of the Recession and the Recovery at the Same Time?

For Schmacky

What's Your Soundtrack for This Morning?

The High Cost of a Poor Education

About That New Rossi Ad

An Other GOP

Streets for All Seattle—A Great Reason to Drink at Nectar Tonight

Magic Fingers Will Lie to You

What You Missed at Last Night's Streets for All Seattle Party

I Love (Miss) New York

Judicial Tyranny Watch!

The Morning News: Bear Attack, T-Shirt Suggestions, and One Sick French Lady

Les Vaches Stupides!

So, I Finally Got Around to Watching that 2012 Movie Last Night...

BP Hires Porky Pig

Expect More Homeless On Seattle's Streets

The Morning News: Shooting in Connecticut, Lohan in Rehab, and Homeless on the Streets

Council Committee Says Yes to Urban Farms, No to Noisy Cocks

Get Your Ass off the Couch

This Week in The Stranger

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis RETURNS!

Today in Casual Spanish

In Case You're Wondering Why the Sun Has Been Pink All Day

Have Questions About Alternative Medicine?

Rise Above It All...on the Bus

No Love For Those Chimpanzees

The $69 Hot Dog

An Important Announcement About the Senate Race?

I Don't Think That's How It's Supposed to Work

Reading Tonight: A Certified Stranger Genius

Proof of Progress

New Initiative to Put Tunnel Cost Overruns on Ballot Looks Inevitable

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part Five in a Series)

Connecticut Investigates E-Books

Judge Susan Bolton Blocks the Most Odious Parts of Arizona Immigration Law

Reading Tonight: The Young Ones

The Conscience of a Bus Driver

Who's Hotter: Joe Fitzgibbon or Scott Sizemore?

Re: Meet Antoine Dodson, The Rapist Hunter (Reeee-mix!)

The Part Just After the Very End of Inception

Also Now Closed: Divine

The Morning News: Bristol Palin Single! Rogue Toe Devoured! Roosters BANNED!


'The Muppet Show' TV Party

'Reverie (Now I'm Fine)'

Muy Macho


Gary Shteyngart

Incantation de Soleil and Make-Out Party


Nik Meisel at the Washington Foundation