Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 5 - 11, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 48

Savage Love

Vibrators for Teens


I, Anonymous

Is That What It Takes?


The Keyboard Is Mightier Than the Pen

Ex-Pitchfork Writer Dominique Leone's Avant-Pop Excesses

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

These Are the Breaks

Talking Hiphop Beats with Truckasauras and Their Kevin Collabo-rators

It's a Hit

Data Breaker

Future Bass for Your Present Ass

My Philosophy

Cool Nutz and Kevin Collabo


A Soundtrack for Summer's End

Sound Check

Diminished Men: Samurai Soundtrack Noir

Poster of the Week

The Homosexual Agenda

Fetish, Fringe, and Softballers

Party Crasher

The End of Tittleford Manor


Performing with Your Hand Up a Stuffed Animal's Ass

In Which Paul Constant Attends Eight Puppet Shows, a Few Workshops, and a Reception Where People Flirt via Their Puppets

Burlesque Box

First Annual Seafarer Follies at the Triple Door

Visual Art

Just Walk Out

A 40-Mile, 40-Person, Radically Open-Ended Experiment in Public Art


Through Her Stomach

A Cro-Magnon's Guide to Cookery, Fuckery, and Douchery

Constant Reader

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Mission: Happiness

The Incredibly Delicious Secrets of D'Ambrosio Gelato

Chow Bio

Al Calozzi of Calozzi's Italian Kitchen


Heather Has Two Mommies, One Daddy, and Several Matriarchal Women in the Community Who She Thinks of as Moms

Polycamp—the Summer Camp for Kids Growing Up in Poly Families—Is All Grown-Up Now

Vote for Stan Rumbaugh for State Supreme Court

And Defeat an Anti-Gay, BIAW-Bought, Eyman-Backing, Pro-Guns-for-Kids Conservative Tool


To the Ballot!

Groups Propose Initiative to Fix Tunnel Cost Overruns

Police Beat

Ain't That America

Losing the Force

SPD Gears Up to Cut Victim Advocates and Crime Prevention Personnel

Repeal Man

How Dino Rossi's Campaign Became All About Rolling Back Health-Care Reform and Financial Reform—and Why It's Going to Hurt Him

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week


I Love Television

Man or Superman?

Last Days

The Week in Review


WA Government Agencies Award $418,000 in Political Surveillance Case

The Genius Award for Film Goes to Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede

By Contrast: The Art at Capitol Hill's Sound Transit Construction Site

Sally Bagshaw Is Not a Liar

Out of Complete Boredom and Sloth

For the Kitty Who Has Everything

Ted Stevens's Premonition

Belltown Residents Skeptical of Mayor's Nightlife Initiative

AND IT BEGINS! Susie Lee, You're A Genius!

Hate Registration Glenn Beck University's Hope 102

SL Letter of the Day: Vacationitus, Fini

Limbo Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

My Last Montana "Chippy D" Fishburne Post For Real

Tax-Hiking, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Hollywood-Loving Liberals...

The Jet Blue Hero Legal Defense Fund

Bangladeshi Hulk Could Give American Hulk Run For Money!

Obama Goes Both Ways

Carnival Shooter Game Puts President Obama in the Crosshairs

Lunchtime Quickie: Meet Them at the Ice Cream Truck?

We're Not Raising Your Children, Bill

Regarding the Professional Left

Lunchtime Quickie: Dog Eats Big Toe, Saves Man's Life

Reading Tonight: It's Educational

Rebranding the ID

Utterly Beautiful Writing in the Economist

Montana Looks Exactly Like Larry: More Sorrows for the Father

Council Gives Instructions to New Police Chief

Lunchtime Quickie: Meet The Strippers of The Fox Hole, Zanesvile Ohio

Currently Hanging: The Actual Quileute, Not the "Twilight" Version

Find a Clue to What's Wrong with Lindy West's Head!

Newsflash: A Comics Creator Is Sexist

Currently Hanging: Lina Raymond

Transportation Committee Approves Transit Master Plan Update

This Morning, We Received This Letter to the Editor Regarding the Seafair Follies Costume Contest, Calling It the "Ultimate Rape of Fairness"

Are Those Black Helicopters Pedal-Powered Too?

The Morning News: Blood Diamonds, Gay Rights, and Tent Cities

Kagan's In

Critical Almanac

The Morning News: Car Bombs in Iraq, Car Bombs in Eastern Washington, and Nine Hikers Rescued from Mount Index

Phone-Book Bill Would Be Toughest in the Country

The Cute Show

Welcoming a New Fag to the "Savage Love" Family of Readers

Are You Listening to Judge Walker, Washington State Justices Johnson and Sanders?

Oh, This Is Really Going to Be Something

Department of Corrections Settles Sexual Abuse Lawsuit with Female Prisoners

Working Inpatient Psych at the VA with the Blue Angels

An Andy Rooney Moment™: On Restaurant Websites

Hollywood Burlesque

Despite the Fact That Everyone Uses Netflix and Orders Stuff Online All the Time...

"For All of Our Passengers Going on to Tampa, We Are Going to Need to Switch Planes."

Tacoma Teen Killed by Amtrak Train

Flickr Photo of the Day

Google Considering Being Evil

Calitaxicate? Really?

Justin Bieber! Acting! Thank You!

The Problems With Local Readings

This Weekend at the NWFF: Hausu

The Defense Department Says the Writer of that Infamous Rolling Stone Article Is Untrustworthy

It's Always a Bad Sign...

The Morning News: Plane Crashes in Alaska, Lynnwood Building Burns to a Crisp, and Afghanistan Civilian Casualties Rise

SL Letter of the Day: Openly Cheating

New Restaurants and Bars: Tons for Your Hunger and/or Thirst

Fuck It, Let's Just Toll 520, I-90, I-5, the Aurora Bridge, and the West Seattle Bridge

Nickelsville Moves to the Central District

Perfectly Acceptable—and Inexpensive—Sushi

The Murdered Doctor Did Not Believe In God

The Net Neutrality Agreement Has a Weird Odor

Diamonds at Dusk Tonight

Metropolitan Park Buildings: Ugly or not Ugly?

Teabaggers Go to Theme Park for Wisdom, Guidance

Yesterday's Prop 8 Ruling Appealed to 9th Circuit

Reading Tonight: Ex-Ex-Gay

Love from the Governator

Leave Maggie Gallagher ALONE!

More Lady Gaga Flesh than You Can Shake a Stick At

An Anonymous Flight Attendant's Take On Jet Blue Folk Hero Steven Slater

In the 32nd District, a Rush to Replace Fairley

The Prop 8 Statements: Who Sent Which?

Flex Your Funny Bone! Caption Contest

Chow Bio: Al Calozzi of Calozzi's Italian Kitchen

This Song Has Been Stuck In My Head All Morning

DJ Ira Glass? DJ Dan Savage?

Spring Hill's New Happy Hour Starts Today

The Morning News: Ted Stevens Is Dead, the White House Is Relieved About Colorado's Primary, and Washington State Has Been Getting Ripped Off by Office Depot

While We Wait For a Federal Judge in San Francisco to Rule on Gay Marriage Today...

I Hate the Blue Angels

Murder in North Pole, Alaska

STITA Out of the Airport, Yellow Cab In

Hate Crime on Capitol Hill

A Carpetbagger in the 34th! (That Is, If Moving Between Seattle Neighborhoods Makes You a Carpetbagger.)

SHE HAS A POINT: Why No Chicken McNuggets for Breakfast?

This is How You Ride a Scooter

E-Book Covers Don't Have to Be Static

What Does That Mean?

Connelly Endorses Rumbaugh and Wiggins

Meanwhile in Iran

In Case You Missed Them

Police Beat: Arcata, California Edition

The 2010 Stranger Genius Award Winners

Outdoor Trek

Today's Moment of Happiness

Reading Tonight: Go to Pilot Books

The Theory Liberal Conspiracy of Relativity

Get Filmmaking Tips from the Experts

Dan Quayle's Son Has a Pretty Mouth

Heineken City Arts Festival Lineup Announced Today

Justin Bieber Nailed by Water Bottle; Beginning of the End of Bieber Fever?

An Interview with the Front Half of Mr. Snuffleupagus

This Is Getting Embarrassing

Should Seattle Have a Prop 8 Decision Rally? And Where?

The Beauty and the Blood Diamonds

What Happens Next with Prop 8? A Conversation With Jon Davidson, the Legal Director of Lambda Legal

One Bad Comic and Two Good Ones

Strippers Protest at Workplace of Pastor Who Staged Protests at Their Workplace

Cory Doctorow On Selling DRM-Free E-Books

I Want YOU: Give a Tour at Remix

Breaking! FOX News Is for Old People!

There Are Approximately 8,000 Album Covers With Cats on Them

We Can Make Thin-Plot Cookies with These Characters!

Get to Know a Genius: Jim Woodring Wants to Build an Enormous Pen

The Endless Sorrows of Larry Fishburne

Parks Secures Last Million Needed to Revitalize Belltown's Bell Street

Here Comes Another Bookfest

Military Dog Suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dear Architects of Microsoft Word

Geez—Edward Mike Davis Sure Was an Asshole!

Life in Alaska

Reading George W. Bush's Memoir

Gaysymmetrical Warfare

Reading Tonight: Don't Disappoint Your Books

Federal Judge Declares Prop 8 an Unconstitutional Violation of Equal Protection and Due Process Rights

The Story of the Picasso Above My Bed

On Not Joining the Tea Party

The Morning News

Didier Attacks Rossi

You Give Eco-terrorism a Bad Name

SL Letter of the Day: Vacationitus

The Final Cake of the Day: The Stranger Genius Award for Theater Goes to Marya Sea Kaminski

Don't Drink the Water and Don't Breathe the Air

Which Dog Album Cover Is the Best Dog Album Cover?

Is Your House-Cleaner Too Clothed?

Kindle or iPad?

Her Nickname Was "The Hummer Mom" Before This Story Broke?

Want to Spend a Beautiful Day Like Today on a Rooftop Deck Drinking Mojitos?

Prop 8 (Reportedly) Ruled Unconstitutional

Allow Me to Conversate at You

Reading Today: No Readings

The Dressing Down of David Blankenhorn

Name This Band: Extra-Special Haircut Edition!

Choose Your Favorite Caption!

Here Comes the Sun

Three Candidates Vying For 29th District Senate Seat

Goodbye, Google Wave

"Your old man would never do that."

The Will in Seattle vs. Fnarf Show Is the Best Show on Television

"A witness stand is a lonely place to lie."

Finally, a Winner Will Be Declared in the Long-Standing Battle of Cake Vs. Pie

Three Beauties

Poor Karl Marx

The Lindsay Lohan Legal Drama Gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment

Backstage at the Girlie Show, and Teddy the Wrestling Bear

The Morning News: Sean Penn vs. Wyclef, Water vs. Pakistan, Monkeys vs. Squirrels

The Sight of Two Galaxies Colliding

Shouldn't They Cut Her Heart Out At The End?

BREAKING: Justin Bieber's Got PIMPLES, Guys!

Council Considers Tolling City Roads to Raise Revenue for Transportation Improvements

Prop 8 Ruling: The Seattle Rally

Lunchtime Quickie: Who Doesn't Love Boobs?

Glenn Beckwatch: The King of Horror Vs. The King of Horror

The Morning News

Sullivan on Douthat

Which Beer Is the Beer of Jet Blue Heroes?

Jon Stewart's Goatee...

Jim Woodring Is the 2010 Stranger Genius of Literature

Overheard on the Bus

More Sorrows For Larry Fishburne: God Is Not Mad At His Daughter For Doing A Porn Movie

The Seattle Times Makes a Difficult Choice

Glenn Beckwatch: "You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you!"

The Only Reason To Watch Glee...

Currently Hanging: Erin Shafkind, Emily Pothast, Joey Veltkamp (Gretchen Bennett)

Resolved: Lawyers Support Same-Sex Marriage

Is It Still Too Early in the "Summer" to...

Google and Verizon on Net Neutrality

Did Sarah Palin Roll Her Eyes?

Belltown Public Safety Forum Tonight

Seattle Times Slaps Reichert

Goldy Issues a Challenge

The Best Prison You'd Never Want to Live In

This Week's Answer of the Week: Tips on Reducing Scars

The Cruelty of Closet Cases

A Hero to Customer Service Specialists Everywhere

Glenn Beckwatch: A Blight at the Opera

Is Amazon Getting into the Hardware Business?

A Waltz Closer to Becoming Chief

Safety "Drawings" and the "Twin Peaks" Incident

Hermione Cut Her Hair Off!!: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

Reading Tonight: Overfishing, Overwarring, and Cartooning

Donald Duck's Awkward Erection: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

Residents Organizing to Stop Pedestrian and Bike Improvements Along NE 125th Street

Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Arrives in Anchorage, Alaska

New Game: Rate My Decision!

Mr. Cook to Bang Speaks!

Alaskan School Teacher Calls Palin a Celebrity to Her Face

The Enemies of Joy

Authors Hate Interviews

Steven Slater Is Now Free to Roam About the Country

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Currently Hanging: Thunderbitch

Required Viewing: The Daily Show on the Prop 8 Ruling

The Day the Late 1970s Died

Shock: It's Hard to Raise Money from Tea Partiers

Joe Fitzgibbon: Live from Burien Tomorrow

SL Letter of the Day: Vacationitus, Cont.

Would You Like a Free Hot Dog?

Taxi Driver 2: He Kills the Hooker

Ross Douthat: Straight People Are Magic

SL Letter of the Day: And Sometimes No Means...

Fun with Bad Art

The Winner of the Caption Contest

Shabazz Palaces Is the First Ever Stranger Genius for Music

Just So We're Clear

Reading Today: Anti-Car Authors and a Sellout

Gay Victory Smells Like Dough and Tastes Like Gin Martinis

R-71 Signature Case Stopped All Initiatives Forever

Workers of the World Unite Around JetBlue Flight Attendant?

Dave Matthews Leads Support for KEXP's Bid for Seattle Center

Don't Expect Ballot Guides for the Primary

Prop 8 Ruling: What Happens Now?

Unlike George W. Bush's Harriet Miers...

Two Weeks Ago, Jen Graves Walked from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls

Bigot Wants Founder of New Group "Gay in Federal Way" Kicked Out of Town

You Can Have a "People Hate Me on SLOG" Button of Your Very Own!

One of the Interchangeable Fox News Blondes Goes Off Script On Gay Marriage

What Do the Brits Think About Canadians?

The Star of the Police Beat Movie Is Dead

Hey Humans! It's Artwalk Tonight!


Save the Date: Slog Happy Is Thursday

What He Said

Chinese Battlestar Galactica: A Cross Between Saw and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

"Satan Can Write!"


Hercules and Love Affair

Greg Proops

Old-School Kung Fu Double Feature

Market Salad


Genki Sushi

T-Model Ford & GravelRoad