Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 10 - 16, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 47

Savage Love

New Column!

Goin' Gay with Dr. Dre

by Dr. Dre, Ph.D.

I, Anonymous


Salem Revisited

Sweet Home, West Memphis

Mascara-ade Party

Tammy Faye Weeps Rivers of Tar

Alice et Martin et Moi

André Téchiné Up Against the Wall

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Miller Blindness

Or Miller, Metallica, and Me

Real Boys' Voices

The Blood Brothers Seize the Crown of Eastside Hardcore

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Piss, Puke, and Booze

More Buffoonery Than Skullduggery

Bickering Quipsters

Wading in the Shallows of Marriage

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Reinvent This

Nordstrom Abuses Its Creative Workers

Tinkerer's Toy

Cathy McClure's Nagging Animation Obsession

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The World Through the Eyes of an Idiot

Twenty-Four-Year-Old Brian Pera's First Novel

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

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Zig Zag Café

Food with Attitude


How Tacoma Fought Seattle for the Future and Lost

Anti-Union Experiment

Pacific Science Center in Throes of Labor Dispute

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Conservative Dollars and Voices Back Media Watch Group

Policy Potholes

Transportation vs. Housing Creates Tug of War

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