Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 12 - 18, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 49

Savage Love

Golden Oldie


Scott Pilgrim's Bonus Life

Edgar Wright's Nerd Explosion Is as Good as the Books

Laughter and Forgetting

Todd Solondz Looks Beyond Happiness

Get Low: The Truth Ain't All That Innerestin'

Tales from Earthsea: FarmVille, the Movie!

The Law: Regarding Gina Lollobrigida's Breasts

The Extra Man: Extra Quirky, Extra Affected, Extra Lonely


Nine Thoughts on The Expendables

I, Anonymous

Ready When You Are


The Name Game

A Survey of Seattle Bands Burdened with Same-Named Competition

Disco From Above

Holy Ghost!'s Heavenly Disco Inferno

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

It's a Hit

A Summer Speed Round of "Post-Dubstep"

Data Breaker

Silent Servant's Vital Techno, Charanjit Singh's Acid Ragas

My Philosophy


The Lonely Forest Release New Music

Sound Check

Chromeo: New '80s PhD

Poster of the Week

Poster by Brian Standeford

The Homosexual Agenda

Gay Rage, No Scents!

Party Crasher

Beach Blanket Baptism at a Mars Hill Church Party

Visual Art

When Art Becomes a Dog Park

The Suburbs Reach a Classic Earthwork

In Art News


Stretch: Neal Pollack's Asshole Is Not That Interesting

"I was trying to not sound like an idiot."

An Interview with Mary Roach About Writing, Reading, and Bodily Fluids

Packing for Mars: Mary Roach Makes Monkey Masturbation Interesting

Food & Drink

The Happiest Hour

Laadla Bar

Knife-Edge Flying

What Makes Re:Public So Good (Despite the Unfortunate Colon)



Our Picks for the August 17 Primary Election

A Heavey Hit

In the Heated 34th District State House Race, It's Come to This: Allegations of Crosstown Carpetbaggery!

Crash Course

North Seattle Lashes Out Against Bicycle Lanes That Would Improve Safety

What's Next for Prop 8

Washington May Benefit from the Federal Case on Gay Marriage

Police Beat

When a Crime Is Racial

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

Drunk of the Week

I Love Television

Here Comes the Judge!

Last Days

The Week in Review


SL Letter of the Day: Before the Bondage Workshop

Those Were The Days

City Considers Apartment and Condo Composting

New-York-Is-Played Letter of the Day

John Travolta's John Travolta Sings Album Cover

Obama Coming to Capitol Hill Tomorrow?

Obama Having Lunch at Unicorn?!?

The Party's Just Starting @ Suzan DelBene's

SECB at the Five Point: A Photo Essay (Part 5)

Great West Coast Newspaper War Update: San Francisco Weekly Loses its Appeal, Still Owes Rival Bay Guardian $22 Million

Making a Case for the Best E-Reader

Rightward Rossi: Today Slamming Federal Funding for Marijuana Research at WSU

And You Know What Else? Our Sweets Are Better, Too!

Your Real Capitol Hill

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Presidential Airspace Violated (Hence the Booms)

Suzan DelBene Is In The Top 2 as of 8:28 p.m.

Reading Tonight: Protest Music and Free Sci-fi Books

Today in Terrifying Spiders

So What's the Senate Race Spread Gonna Be?

On Watching The Expendables

Rod Blagojevich Is Guilty

Ross Hunter and Charlie Wiggins Weigh In

Sticking It to The Man: Internet Edition

Liquor Control Board Cracks Down on Art Galleries

Hey, You Forgot Your Half-Eaten Hamburger

Plus, Bedbugs

Reading Tonight: Elvis and Charles Bukowski

It's Never a Bad Time to Celebrate Broadway Danny Rose

The Source of Those Big Booms

Marcee Stone: "Not Giving Up!"

Ben's So Butch

Are You Missing Your Right Boot?

This is Your Grandfather's Star Wars!

Join Us for Primary Night!

"I was at the Obama lunch and there wasn't a single mention, from anyone at all, of queer people."

Non-Victorious Rossi Gives Victory Speech

More Layoffs at Borders

Hate Registration: Charity 102 at Beck University

Would You Like to See This Guy Take Off Those Clothes and Jump Around Naked in Weird Places?

Apple Wants You to Create Your Own Comics

Re: The High Cost of a Poor Education

Amazon Contributes $60,000 to Local Literary Institutions

Hell Has Frozen Over: Book Review Edition

Waiting, in Her Tennis Shoes

Win Tickets Trouble Dicso's DJ Ira Glass vs DJ Dan Savage Dance Party

Welcome to the Cool Side of The Force

Today In Simulated Sea Landings

"Where's the money for the mosque coming from?"

New York City Will Be Underwater Any Day Now, Anyway

Jubilation for Fitzgibbon

New Belle & Sebastian Album Announced and New M.I.A. Video!

Reading Tonight: Of Water Ghosts and Elvis

Re: "Are You Missing Your Right Boot?"

Just Another Saturday

Reading Today: He Spoke the Words of Gertrude Stein

Not the Next American Hero

Second Installment of the Graffiti Column!!!

This Is Called "Foreshadowing"

"There's more to life than gay marriage. And I would hope that the gays would tell you that."

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

On Building a Scale Model of Manhattan in Puget Sound

The Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: And Her Cousin Makes Three

Council Will Remove Blockade on Transit Planning

What Is Pleasing About this Moment in Time?

Obama Hailed in Madrona as Conquering Hero

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

People Who Do That Shouldn't Be Allowed Around Children

Kalup Linzy: One Week from Today

Slog Commenters Agree: New York City Is So Over

This Week on the Cover

Urban Farming Rules Pass: Your Neighbor May Now Have Eight Chickens in the Yard Next to Your Bed

Sweet Siren Erin Jorgensen and Her Marimba Made a Record!

Mobile Phone Election Night Coverage

Yesterday Tim Burgess Told Us Who He Voted for In 2008—Now Will He Tell Us Who He Voted For in 2004?

SL Letter of the Day: None Of Our Business

Giraffes > Unicorns! Who's With Me!?

Jazz Shirt

"I'm not poor white. I'm middle-class white."

Why Conceive a Child When You Can Buy a Doll to Urinate on You?

Rossi on Tonight's Results: Murray "Needs to be in the mid-50s."

Mayor Announces Homelessness Review Panel

More PYT's @ Suzan DelBene's Party

Phone Book Companies Lobby Against Opt-Out Bill as O'Brien Regroups

The Morning News: Dead Bodies, Liquor Revenues, and Meteor Showers

Marriage Equality Restored to California

Overheard in the Office: NYC vs Seattle Edition

Overheard at After-Work Drinks

San Francisco Pushes Drinkers in Streets—What's Stopping Seattle From Doing the Same?

Lunchtime Quickie: Tom Green vs The Juggalos

Mike Heavey Cowers in Secret West Seattle Bunker

At Obama's Fancy House Party in Denny Blaine

Lady Gaga Teams Up With David Bowie!

Opening Tonight: Frankenocchio

Gawker Finally Discovers Charles Mudede, Does It Wrong

"It's the ugliest, filthiest, shittiest city in the world."

Rossi Swings Through Seattle, Defends Attack on Marijuana

The State of Hunger 3.4 Million Years Ago

Insta-S'mores: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

Returns for Statewide Races

Lunchtime Quickie: Yeah, Art!

New Yorkers Seem to Always Want to Be President

"What Do I Need for Making a Small Screen Printing Studio and Where Should I Get It?"

Alvin Greene: The Plot Thickens—with Howling!

And the Chef at Vito's Will Be...

The SECB's Evening Agenda

Plastic Bags

Mike Daisey Goes to China So You Can Change the World

Slog Happy Is Tonight, the Sun Will Be Joining Us

"Fuck the cup—pour it in my hand for a dime."

Flickr Photo of the Day

Vote, Motherfuckers!

Someone Is Serious About Celebrating Lifelong Heterosexual Monogamy—Right, Ross?

"I'm sitting here with over 1,000 people listening to the President and remembering why I voted for this guy. He makes me so proud to be an American."

Rossi Supporters Are Horny for the Stranger Election Control Board

Just About to Leave the Office and Learn That Doctors Discovered a Pea Plant Growing in a Man's Lung

Two New Jersey Libraries Ban a Book by Gay Youths

Ray Bradbury's Birthday Is August 22nd

Alleged Mom-Abuser Makes Last Stand in QFC

Justice Richard Sanders, Victorious, Shows Off a Walrus Penis

EFF on Verizon/Google Net Neutrality Proposal

Give 'Em Heck, TV Ad Edition

Do You Like the Maldives, Sera Cahoone, Alejandro Escovedo, the Cave Singers, Lucinda Williams, and/or the Swell Season?

Re: Donald Duck Gets Dirty

Regarding That Negligible Internet Celebrity Assaulted by Sociopathic Clowns

Ed Murray Announces He's Running for Congress

Facebook Murder

Martha Reeves Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It

The Sequel to The Catcher in the Rye Is Hidden Somewhere Inside

Stephen Gyllenhaal Just Joined Us for Filmmaking Week

The Greatest Day for American Women Since August 18, 1920

Some New Yorker Who Wants to Be President of Haiti Also Wants to Govern the French-Speaking Country in English!

Mission Accomplished! The Stranger Declares Victory in Its War on New York City

Who Won't Survive the 34th District Death Match?

Text Message from Bellevue

Lunchtime Quickie: La Toya Jackson Is High on Life

Meanwhile in California

The Proudest Boast

We've Got Better Serial Killers Than New York

The Morning News: China Beats Japan in Economics, the Beer-Grabbing Flight Attendant Gets a TV Show, and Justin Bieber Proves He Ain't No One to Fuck With

Pop-Tarts: The Retail Experience

Dino Rossi Sings a Song

The SECB Is Undercover at the Clint Didier Party

Is My Husband Secretly Gay?

The Two Booze Initiatives: What They'll Cost the State

What Guerrilla Architects Would Like to Do With the Olympic Sculpture Park

New York Is No Longer the Center of the Literary World; Seattle Is

Seattle Vs. New York: Let's Talk About Sex

Another Salvo in the War Between Chamber-of-Commerce Capitol Hill and "Your Real Capitol Hill"

Apple Goes All In to the E-Reading Game

A Photo Journal of Belltown at 4:00 A.M.

The One Tragedy the Middle Class Can Express With Great Feeling

Belltown Farmer's Market Tonight

"Fuck New York"

Good Morning! It's Going to be Hot Today. Like, 92° Hot. Here's Something You Can Do Now, to Beat the Heat Later.

A Whole Movie That's Devoted to Her Breasts

What a Misunderstanding!

Update from Dino Rossi's Untoasted Hamburger Bun Fiesta in Bellevue

Google Tablet on the Way?

SL Letter of the Day: Cool Strap-On Tools

Better Book Titles

The Only Thing New York City Has To Offer the World These Days

New York Also to Blame for Patty Murray's Beats

New KEXP and Chihuly Museum Expand Proposals to Increase Public Benefits

Reading Tonight: Two Embarrassing Readings

Mike Nipper Won't Shut Up About Rod Stewart!!!

Technical Tragedy Strikes at Sec. of State's Office

Seattle Weighs Bi-Weekly Trash Pick-Up

Full Employment for Pedophiles and Their Enablers

Who Made Patty Murray's Beats? A Stranger Investigation Begins.

Seattle vs. New York City: Summer Weather

The Morning News

Birthers Are Losing It

Obama on the Move in Seattle—Waving, Buying a Salad, and Preparing to Speak at the Westin

While We Await the Election-Night Fate of 34th District State Rep Candidate Joe Fitzgibbon...

Just a Man, and his Ear, in the Shower

Photos From Monday Night's Cake Vs. Pie Battle at the CakeSpy Shop

A Casting Director Calls Out Actors Who Work for Free, Directors Who Ask Actors to Work for Free, and the People Behind "Grassroots"

A Ton of Comics Are Coming to Slog Happy

Stranger Genius Paul Mullin Gets a Nice Nod from HuffPo

There Go Trashy Paperbacks

Another Day, Another Negligible Celebrity Assaulted by Sociopathic Clowns

Even More Ham

SECB at the Five Point: A Photo Essay (Part 4)

Settlement Coming in the Great West Coast Newspaper War?

"You're making your anus special by not wanting it talked about."

Reading Today: A One-Woman Book Festival, Plus Crafts

You Know What Seattle Has Had That New York Doesn't Didn't?

More Ham

Currently Hanging: Gerrad Stockdale

Dino Rossi Is Having a Party

Moose Head for the Office

Raquel Welch Is Dreaming of California

Even When We Lose...

Flickr Photo of the Day

How Come Karaoke with Asians Is So Much More Fun Than Karaoke with White People?

Learn to Make Cocktails Like a Pro

Whatever Happened to Tom Green?

Let's Learn About Sonic Booms

The Returns From Key Races in King County

A World of Prints, Tomorrow

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part Six in a Series)

Obama Not Stimulating One Man's Search for Scones

Tonight's Election Results

The Real Moose Head at 5 Point

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

On the Passing of a Reporter Who Declined to Wear Fleece in the Newsroom

Lawrimore Project Is Opening a New Space in Pioneer Square

Also About Summer in New York

Lawrimore Project 1.0 Is Over

Rossi Welcomes Obama to Seattle

What Was That BOOM?

Dino Rossi's Hamburger Roast Heats Up

Hey People Who Are in Charge of Parts of the Internet!

How to Have an Art Opening in a Public Park: Tonight

Holy Shit! Kelly O Is Flying to The Gathering Right Now

It's Primary Election Day! Go Vote!

Among the Obama Protesters

SECB Regretfully Declares Rumbaugh to Be Toast

Flint Jamison in Bellevue Tonight

One More Reason to Love Japanese Culture: The Expression “Forest Bathing.”

KEXP and Open Platform Firm Up Partnership for Fun Forest Site

Somebody Just Defaced the United States of America

DJ Ira Glass, DJ Dan Savage—Advance Tickets On Sale Now

Marriages on Hold During Appeal

Jaywalkers Less Likely to Get Hit by Cars But More Likely To Die If They Do Get Hit

Joe Fitzgibbon Is Having a Five-Year-Old's Birthday Party and Refuses to Come Out of His Room

Into the Wild of Into the Wild

Flickr Photo of the Day

Hercules & Love Affair Last Night: "The Gayest I've Seen Neumos Since It Was Arospace. Or Something."

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Seattle Has Better Disasters Than New York City

The Morning News: Suicide Bombings, Shark Attacks, and Shrinking iPads

An Andy Rooney Moment™: True (Fake) Blood

Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw

SL Letter of the Day: Smitten Kitten

Donald Duck Gets Dirty

The Morning News

Remember that Wedding with the VIP Room That Everyone Was Up in Arms About?

Obama Visit Marred by Pit Bull Attack?

Pandemonium at King County Elections!

Reading Tonight: You Can't Beat Mary Roach

Mike Nipper HATES Rod Stewart!!!

'A partial and subjective inventory' of the Photographs Taken Inside the Superdome After Katrina

And What Is Brooklyn, Anyway, Except a More Expensive Suburb of Seattle?

New York and Seattle: New York and Art

Overheard in the Hallways of the Office

Cascade Bicycle Club Ranks Cities on Bikeability

New Restaurants: Ballard Update

Confusion and Conspiracies at the Didier Party

SL Letter of the Day: ISO GGG GF

Last Night Was the Season Finale of "Work of Art"

Rap and Rock Hybrid that Isn't Horrible?

And Another Thing...

Kelly O Has Not Been Killed By Juggalos Yet

The Ire of Eastern Washington

Reporting from Inside Obama's Westin Fundraiser: Councilman Tim Burgess

Speaking of Mike Heavey....

I Have Gay Dead Friends

No Love For Pakistan

That's a Mighty Big Dot, Republicans

Lilo Jackson Out and About

Tomorrow Night Is Ladies Night at the Comics Dungeon

True Blood: These Things I Believe

Traffic Report

Man Ass Makes the Cover of Rolling Stone

We Still Love Stan Rumbaugh



'home | bodies'

Woven Bones

Seattle Storm vs. Minnesota Lynx

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'

'Winnebago Man'

Chromeo, Holy Ghost!, Telephoned

12th Avenue Neighborhood Festival

Illustrated Comment of the Week