Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 19 - 25, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 50

Savage Love


New Column!

New Column

Hunting the Wild Twilight Cougar


China Is for Insects; America Is for Winners!

Mao's Last Dancer's Tired Old Mythology

Curse You, Decimal Points!

A Swedish Comedy About Two (Gay) Men and a (Teenage, Homophobic) Baby

Art House

Two in the Wave

I, Anonymous


Take On the World

Wavves' Post-Meltdown Makeover King of the Beach

Knight on the Town

The Adventures and Secret History of Sir Thomas Gray

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

"The gayest I've seen Neumos since it was Or something."

Overkiller Queen

How an Inexhaustible Wannabe Became the World's Biggest Pop Star

It's a Hit

A Summer Speed Round of Headphone Dubstep

Data Breaker

Greg Davis's Buddhist Bliss Tones, Twitch's Disco Diversity

My Philosophy

Digable Planets, Xperience, and LaRue


Say Hi, Head Like a Kite, and Puppies

Sound Check

DV One: On Mixtapes and Roulette

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chanda Helzer

The Homosexual Agenda

NX Weekend, Saturday Night Fever, and Trouble Dicso

Party Crasher

Everyone Get in My Mom's Prom Dress!


Come Again?

Frankenocchio and Amniotes—Double Takes Don't Help

Burlesque Box

The Heavenly Spies Find the Balance Between Artful and Raunchy

Visual Art

Open Wide and Say "Oh!"

A Still Life That Won't Hold Still

In Art News

Hey, Twilight, the Quileutes Aren't Werewolves


Dueling Jesuses

Big Atheist Philip Pullman Blurbs Himself

Stronger Than Fiction

Dennis Cooper's Essays Trump His Snuff Novels

Food & Drink

Really, Really Good Fried Chicken

Where to Get the Bird That Will Make You Very, Very Happy


The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine

What's a drug used to deworm livestock—a drug that can obliterate your immune system—doing in your cocaine? Nobody knows.

Pot Paradox

Seattle Is at the Vanguard of Legalizing Pot, So Why Are arrest levels Worse Than Ever?

Two Nights at The Gathering

My Summer Vacation with the Juggalos


Stoner Mistake

How Dino Rossi's Attack on a WSU Cannabis Researcher Backfired

Sour Grapes

Gallery Owners Incensed After Liquor Board Cracks Down at Art Walk

Police Beat

A Rash of Necklace Crimes


Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week


Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

In Defense of Bush


Ensalada Fresca

Kalup Linzy

'The Room'

'The Expendables'

Digable Planets

Bad Bugs Bunny


Stacey Levine & Friends

Last Days

Week in Review


Court Lets ACLU Argue in Amazon Customer Privacy Lawsuit

Life Imitates Onion

My Stupid Lawyers

Really, Really Good Fried Chicken

The Morning News

Is It Necrophilia If You Fuck a Zombie?

Drunken Idiot Boyfriend at the Concert I, Anonymous!

Why Have We Been Worrying So Much About Robots? THEY'RE ROBO-TARDED!

Black Swan Trailer: A Bit of a Boner Pincher!

"I feel shitty about it, but voted quickly and ignorant."

A Second Helping of Second Guessing

Caption Yet Another God Damned Picture of Justin Beiber!!!

Plaudits to the Seattle Police

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown

Meanwhile in New York: The Taxing of the Slicing

Rapture of the Deep: Piranha 3D

The Morning News

Please Stop Making Cupcake-Flavored Everything

Special Horror

Louisiana Primary Results Good News For Diaper-Wearing Whoremongers

Three Sentences from Cook to Bang

Rumbaugh: More on What Happened.

Graham Crackers

Looks Like They've Finally Found a Way to Stop Straight-Identified Men From Having Sex With Other Straight-Identified Men in Public Parks

Rumbaugh: "This election should be a huge warning shot to the progressive community.”

Reading Tonight: Totem Pole Fantasy

Make Porn For Seattle City Light: A HUMP! Challenge!

Soda Lobby Dumps $7 Million More into State to Defend Junk Food

Goldy al-Hmār

Get Great Parenting Advice From the Experts

The Joke's on Hitler

Let's Talk About Sex Dark Energy

Housing Authority Screws Tenants Six Ways to Sunday, Lawsuit Charges

Hate Registration: Faith 103 at Glenn Beck University

The Morning News: The Oil Spill Is Still in the Gulf (Duh!), Pakistan Accepts Help from India (Wow!), and Seattle Might Make Ice Cream Trucks Legal (Yay!)

Lunchtime Quickie: We've Got to Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

There Are No Elderly Homosexual Fact Checkers at Mother Jones

Another Train Related Death

SL Letter of the Day: Sounds Like the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

This Year's Hempfest Poster

Glenn Beckwatch: Fox News Money Runs Like a River

Reading Today: Pilot Books, All Day Long

SL Letter of the Day: But Some Women Can't Handle the Truth (Some Men Too)

Something About The Juxtaposition

Warhol in Kazakhstan and Staring Down the Beast That Is Bravo TV: Two Brain-Moving Art Events in the Last Two Days

More Election Results: Fitzgibbon Leads in 34th (Eeeeeeeeeee!)

Clint Didier's Complicated Goodbye

SL Letter of the Day: Fantasies Can Be Realized Through Fantasy

Guess What I Wear as a Hat? A Lentil!

"Where in Washington can I camp in a haunted forest?"

Freight Advocacy Group Probably Pledges $5 Million to Replace South Park Bridge

"Now Let Me Welcome Everybody to the Wild, Wild West..."

Europe's Got Talent

Today: Watch Half-Naked Men Play Soccer For Charity!

Lunchtime Quickie: The Snazzy Crapper

George Will, Laura Schlessinger, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Parker, Mike Gallagher, Michael Barone, Bill O’Reilly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

More Signs of the Asian Century

SECB at the Five Point: A Photo Essay (Part 6)

Turns Out Ashton Kutcher Was a Figment of Our Collective Imagination

Pot Arrests Spike Under McGinn and Diaz

Charlie Finch's Fifty Favorite Paintings

The Universe of Capitalism

Follow Cocktail Compass on Twitter

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Cats

Joe Perry Pushed Steven Tyler Off the Stage! (Or Did He?)

Which Slog Commenter Predicted the Senate Race Point Spread?

As Seen on the Sidewalk

This Week's Answer of the Week (Or: A Reward for Fantastic Facial Hair)

Gauging the Pulse of Iraqi Politics Based on Porn

Fox News Sexpert Channels Mudede

Seattle City Light Powers Your Porn™

Do These Aprons Infuriate You?

The Morning News: US Military Withdraws From Iraq, 20% of Americans Think Obama Is a Muslim, and a Lady Finds 80-Year-Old Babies

Another Day, Another Man Getting Funky with His Ear

Target Targeted

The Morning News: So Over, So Sorry, and So Gay

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

The First Disappointment of the Fall Books Season

Happy Birthday, Some of the Most Important People in the World!

Cake vs Pie? Who Cares! Have It All With the Cherpumple Pie Cake!

No, I Do Not Know Exactly What Happened Last Wednesday Night at Open Satellite

Week in Review

Yes, Yes, Ira Glass, Dan Savage—But, Seriously, Do Not Fucking Miss JD Twitch at Trouble Dicso Tonight

Sometimes The Most Politic Thing To Say...

Man Machines

The Best of Zimbabwe

If You're Afraid of The Mayor Stealing Your Identity Through Online Surveys About Nightlife...

Another Daily Show, Another Required Viewing

Stop and Smell the Roses

Seth Godin Gives Up on Traditional Publishing

What Gloomy Gus Said

Randy Quaid: Crazy Litigious; or, Pro Se What?

Now You Can Get Your Obooma! 2010 T-Shirt

Trenton Doyle Hancock's "Call to Color" Is Coming

Today in Advertising

Leave Ernest Borgnine ALOOOOONE!

On the Wrong Side of History: Obama On Gay Marriage

"[My opponent's] bill reduces the institution of marriage to a roach motel: You can check in, but you can't check out."

Today in Anonymous Fury Inspired by Not Being Fucked by a 41-Year-Old with Crooked Teeth

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

"I am catched cold in the brain."

Oh, T Magazine, Sometimes You Send Me

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine

Headline of the Day


Kelly O's Photos of the Gathering

Snazzy Napper: It's Like a Nap in a Bag! (That's Good, Right?)

The Morning News: Fighting, Falling, False

YouTube Validates Its Existence: Dina Martina Edition

Rumbaugh: What Happened.

This Weekend: The Room with Tommy Wiseau Live in Person!

Reading Today: Take a Trip to Gay City

Thank God for ABC's Nightline

The Morning News: Stuffed Animals and Salmonella

Election Night Review: The Left Blew the Supreme Court Race, Readers Blew the State's Website, the SECB Blew a Walrus Cock, and Fear of a GOP Sweep in November

Reading Tonight: Down with OPP

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

George Clooney, Please Get Off My African Art Museum Story

In Case You Missed It: Deejays Ira Glass and Dan Savage

In the Middle of an Economic Crisis, the State's Second-Highest Paid Employee Is Up for a Raise

We Must Stop Steven Spielberg From Further Destroying the Indiana Jones Legacy!

The "Real People" Behind This Hit on Denny Heck? Looks Like a Bunch of Professional Republicans.

Sniffing Sally Ride's Tampons

Five Great Questions Asked About the Mayor's Nightlife Initiative Last Night

More Tickets to Tomorrow's Trouble Dicso Party With DJ Ira Glass vs. DJ Dan Savage Will Be Released Today

Murray Tries to Put Rossi on the Wrong Side of Job Creation

Seattle Public Library Will Be Closed from August 30 to September 7

The Morning News: Rod Blagojevich Is Found Guilty (on One Count), Dr. Laura Leaves Radio Show (but Still Isn't Going Away), and Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Dies (Don't Text and Drive, Friends)

Overheard in the Office

When Critics Knew How to Criticize (Part Seven in a Series)

Seattle's Judge Judy Also an Insufferable Ass

Reading Tonight: The Internets!

The Funniest Music Video You'll Ever See (This Week)

Currently Standing: Myfanwy MacLeod

Pop-Tarts: The Casserole

"Which bar shows La Liga games?"

David Schmader on Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Moon Landing

There Are Rules, People

Will 2010 Herald the Return of Glowy Magic?

Meanwhile in Iran

Currently Sitting: Ken Lum

SECB at the Five Point: A Photo Essay (Part 2)

Dumb Twat Tweets and Drives...

And Another Thing About That Attack on Denny Heck

Newsflash: Crazy Ladies Are Crazy

Terror Never Waits

Lando Loves Jabba

Happy Birthday, Semi-Nude Steve Guttenberg!

The Last Word on Cake vs. Pie

SL Letter of the Day: Yeah, That'll Work

Re: Today in Advertising

You Have Exactly One Hour Left to Vote for Your Favorite Entry...

Headline of the Day

How Green Is Your iPad?

Does an Endorsement from the 34th District Dems Matter? No Surprise, Two Guys Who Want One Say Yes.

It Can't Happen Here

It Amazes Me That People Take Their Children To Church At All

Wall Street Giving Up the Blow

Grayson on Fox News: "Monty Python's Lying Circus"

Mistakes Were Made

Does the Endorsement of the 34th District Dems Even Matter?

Reading Tonight: A Promising Sci-fi Debut

If You Liked Scott Pilgrim

Anybody Out There Live in Berlin?

You Have One Hour to Finish Your Trouble Dicso Coloring Contest Submission

Didier Takes a Bunch of Hostages

No One Could've Predicted

Egg Drama Everywhere

As Slog Is Sort of Slow, Here Is a Car Crash

The "Queer Youth" That You Know Are Total Morons

And President Obama Takes Mitch McConnell At His Word...

Reimagining E-Mail

Tickets On Sale Now for the Stranger Genius Awards Party

Lunchtime Quickie: Elves! The Tallest (and Most Vegetarian) of All The Nature Spirits!

I Know I'm Part of the Problem Here

"If a woman dressed as a man has sex with a guy with a vagina, can they still get into heaven? Or are they already there?"

Chatroullette Still Good for Something!

This Is the Best Named Fruit in the History of the World

Fox News: Evil or Stupid?

Murray Spokesperson on Rossi: "His campaign is a noun, a verb, and earmarks."

New Election Results Posted

Same-Sex Couples Arrested in San Diego After Blocking Access to County Clerk's Office in Marriage Equality Protest

The AP Hires a Theater Critic

There Goes the Internet

They Didn't Just Protect Child Rapists

Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Cocktails!

Lawsuit Highlights SPD's Lack of De-Escalation Training

Couldn't They Build It Someplace Else?

Ewwwww: NYC's Whopper Bar Unveils Their New Pizza Burgers

DJ Ira Glass vs. DJ Dan Savage


34th District Dems Board Member to Chair: "Put down the crack pipe."

Currently Hanging: Andy Warhol

Much Shorter Andrew Sullivan

Reading Tonight: You Must Go See Stacey Levine Tonight

Enough People Are Doing This That It Made the News

Mockingjay Comes Out Tomorrow

Hours-Long Gun Battles on the Border

You Have 24 Hours to Complete Your DJ Dan Savage Masterpiece

America's Internal Conflict About the Suffering in Pakistan

Independent Publishing Finds Kickstarter

So, How About Those Mariners (Financial Records)?

This Is What I Think About at 1:30 in the Morning

Give a Shout for the City's Arts Budget

Please Note: Loving Someone More Than a Fat Kid Loves Cake Is Out

Lunchtime Quickie: Gary Busey's Dead Corpse Sells Vitamin Water?

Domestic Partnerships

Juggalos Are People Too

And What Would've Happened If He Had Been a Muslim?

You Are Hereby Deputized by the SPD

Traffic Report

DelBene Gears Up For November Elections

Required Viewing: The Daily Show on the Fox News Money Trail

Have You Ever Seen Indian Pole Dancing? Half-naked Indian Men Attack a Pole Their Groin Areas!!!

Help Pick the Winner of the Trouble Dicso Coloring Contest

Today in Pre-Pubescent Slut Shaming

Hempfest Needs to Get Out of Myrtle Edwards Park

The Beauty of Decay

The Best News I've Heard All Day Is About Sarah Palin

Life Explained, by Alan Watts and the South Park Guys

Rumbaugh: What Else Happened.

The Great Kombucha Drought of 2010: Over?

David Schmader on this Weekend's Lady Gaga Concert at the Tacoma Dome

What? No Cries of Judicial Tyranny?

Trent Moorman Is Apparently Drunk and Posting From the Hawaiian International Airport