Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 26 - Sep. 1, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 51

Savage Love

Boy Trouble

I, Anonymous

Die, Grandma, Die


Leave Home

Does Making It in Hiphop Mean Leaving Seattle?

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

It's a Hit

Internet Fast, Bieber Slow

Data Breaker

Tulsi's Tight True-School Hiphop, Skream's Dub(mis)step

My Philosophy

Brandon Roy, Cali & Cavalli, and the Signifying Duffel Bag


Cairo Gallery Is Your New Best Friend

Sound Check

Faustine Hudson: Drummer Girl's Got It

Poster of the Week

Poster by Emory Liu

The Homosexual Agenda

Chapel, Cho, Comeback, and the Kinsey Sicks

Party Crasher

You Know What They Don't Have in Amsterdam?


The Persistence of Memory

Eighteen Years Later, the UMO Ensemble Revives El Dorado

Visual Art

(Must Be the) Season of the Bitch

A Visual History of Sex, Rock and Roll, and Shooting Your Neighbor in the Shoulder and Abdomen

In Art News

Kalup Linzy Performs His Righteous Wrongness for the First Time in Seattle


Constant Reader

Dino Rossi's Losing Streak Gets Its Own Book

Fantasy I-Land

Emmanuel Carrère's Erotic Memoir Is Not as Russian as It Wants to Be

Food & Drink

Meats, Trucks, Grits, and Open-Air Beer

Enjoying the Mythical Summertime at Slim's Last Chance

Bar Exam

Once Seattle's Newest Sports Bar Gets Wings, All Will Be Right with the World

Chow Bio

Francesco Angiuli of Panevino Trattoria


Our Wars

Three Vignettes from Thirty Years Ago in Africa


You Call That Food?

The National Soda Lobby Is Spending Record Amounts on a Misleading Campaign to Call Candy and Drinks "Food"

No Middle Ground

Bar Owner Says He's Been Singled Out; City Says Waid's Has Crossed the Line

How We Reelected an Anti-Gay Justice

The Left Rallied to Defeat Supreme Court Incumbent Jim Johnson, but Fell Very Short

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Control Tower

I Love Television

Why the Fox Network Should Hire Me!

Last Days

Week in Review


Activists Outraged at Proposal for Cutting Old Trees

For Your Stomach's (and Your Liver's) Consideration: Actual Summertime Fun

How to Name Your E-Book Reader

What Makes a Sports Bar Good

Eye of the Needle

Lunchtime Quickie: Bee... BALLS. It's What's for Dinner

Scott Brown Is in Washington State Today

Denny Heck: Mad Enough?

Slog Poll: Buy That Fetus a Drink!

Another Pastor Arrested

Nightlife Throwdown September 1 at Hunter Gatherer Lodge

Today In Magic Underpants, Inc.

The King Penis of Alaska in Bush Garden

Reading Tonight: Beer and Comics

Lifelong Monogamy or Anything Goes: You Must Pick One

Amazon Keeps Making Smart Choices with E-Readers

MOHAI Rejects Mayor's Request to Give Up Funding

To Quote Stranger Meteorologist Bethany Jean Clement

There Aren't More Spiders

American Hate: Then and Now

Long time no slog

Do You Know This Man?

People with "A" Names Against Pocket Dials

Random House Takes Steps to Recognize E-Books

We Get Angry Drunken Phone Calls Here at The Stranger

Say What You Will About Charles Mudede...

Cinerama Revamp Begins Next Week

I'm Interviewing Adam Carolla in an Hour.

ACLU Calls School Sexting Policy Invasion of Privacy

Curious About E-Stim?

Good Morning and Barf

Enjoy Your Massage!

This Just Arrived in My Inbox

More Ska Bands With the Word "Ska" in Their Name Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Ducks Gather In Barrel

Celestial Music, Sofas, Compound Curves: The Studios of Charles and Ray Eames

Capitalism Then; Capitalism Now

They Identified the Old 45-Year-Old Woman Who Threw That Cat in the Garbage Bin

Reading Tonight: French Fantasy, Food Fantasy, and Fantasy Fantasy

State Rejects Liquor License for Waid's

Sen. Patty Murray Asks for the Liberal Vote Even Though She Voted for DOMA (Also Notes That She Is not the Tallest Member of the U.S. Senate)

The Back of the Head Of The Person Sitting In Front Of Me On This Flight

What Recession?

Don't Wanna Eat the Meat, Don't Order the Steak

SPD Calls for Eyewitnesses to Come Forward in Yesterday's Shooting Fatality

Closeted Republican Piece of Shit Now Soon To Be Openly Gay Republican Piece of Shit

Lunchtime Quickie: Farmers Have More Fun

Tired? Rest Your Head on This Giant Butthole!

At Least One Daily Newspaper Is Doing Well Enough to Turn Away Ad Dollars

Gross, But Consenting Adults...

Dan Savage Is Taking Your Questions Now! Tomorrow!

The Morning News: Meth, Murkowski, and Glenn Beck's March on Washington

And Another Thing About Funding for Veterans

Durable Do-Gooders

Vampire Weekend Cancelled

Flickr Photo of the Day

Reading Today: One More Bumbershoot

Currently Hanging: Marita Dingus

Re: No One Could've Predicted

Poll Shows Voters Favor Liquor Privatization Initiatives

Reading Tonight: I Approve of the Reading, Not the Pun

NYT on the Regressors

Inexpert Opinion: The Seahawks

Single Donor Makes I-1107 Most Funded Initiative Campaign in State History

This Week's Chow Bio: Francesco Angiuli of Panevino Trattoria

A Look at Irish Ghosts

Kid with a Bum Ticker Needs Help!

SL Letter of the Day: Bribery Charges Laid Against Local Sex Advice Columnist

I Guess Paul Allen Invented the Internet

Today in Sentences You'll Be Happy to Read

Labor Unions Write Another Round of Big Checks to Income Tax Initiative

Reading Tonight: The Unknown Rocker

Mike Nipper Discovers Himself!

Win Tickets to Pavement at the Paramount!

This Is a Year for Fascinating, Brain-dead Political Candidates

Goodbye, Internet!

Fidel Castro Still Alive! And Says Osama Is an Employee of the Federal Government!

Think Bill Gates Sr.'s Income Tax Initiative Is Going to Cost YOU Money? Let's Do the Numbers.

Reading Tonight: Why So Serious?

SPD Officer Fatally Shoots Man Allegedly Carrying a Knife

Lunchtime Quickie: Girl Throws Puppies Into a River, Ruins the Internet

Fox News Claims All Top 10 Cable News Shows

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown

Did Dino Rossi Complain About the U.S. "Spending Recklessly" to Help Wounded Veterans?

Fitzgibbon Ages, Bus Throws Party

Attention History Buffs: Lindsay Lohan Edition

The Morning News: Volcano in Indonesia, More Than 300,000 At Glenn Beck Rally, And Amanda Knox Wants To Adopt Babies

The Yard of the Inhabitants

Gallup Projects "Major Wave" for Republicans in November, Dems Losing Control of House

SL Letter of the Day: Predator and Prey

This Friday at Spin the Bottle, Someone Will Smash a Pie in My Face

Get Ready to Smell More Bullshit Like This Ad Out of California

Raw and Uncut: The Interview That Led to Yesterday's Murray vs. Rossi vs. KOMO Fight Over Money for Veterans

The Flood and the Taliban

Beer and Wine Groups Donate $2 Million to Oppose Liquor Initiatives

BP: The Spillingest Guys Around

Canadian Cows Drink Wine

Currently Hanging: Anissa Mack

Morning News: Presidential Hat Tricks, Virtual Girlfriends, and Drug-Dealing Barbie

Glenn Beckwatch: City of Dangerous Non-Whites

Glenn Beckwatch: Two Flights Down from Martin Luther King

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown, September 1

Nobody Dies at Weiner War 2010

Property Owner Files Lawsuit to Fight Landmark Designation

Focus On Killing Some Members of Your Family

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown Tonight!

No One Could've Predicted

Founding Falsehoods

I Want to Say Something About This Season's Project Runway...

Happy Read a Comic in Public Day

Advice Cop

Mayor’s Office Angry Over $40 Million Given to History Museum

Fight the Power: Bookstore Edition

He Just Said What Eli Just Said He Was Going to Say

Tom Douglas Lets Homeless Sell Wieners Next to His Salmon

"There's half naked girls everywhere. Whatever. Peace, Bye."

Omaha World-Herald Update

Today Is Freedom Day

Sex Panic In Canada

Amazon Up, Barnes & Noble Down

Does Making It in Hiphop Mean Leaving Seattle?

I'm Sorry, But...

Cool, Bendable E-Paper Is Probably Too Little, Too Late for Newspapers

Humans and Animals: Bears and Baboons

Time Magazine's Anxious, Link-Littered, Attention-Deficit-Disordered Website

Is That "Nurturing and Caring" In Your Pocket...

To Die in a Chimney

All Artists Are Either Obsessive Or Funky

More On Our Founding Fathers

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown, September 1

For the First Time in Ninety Years: Dan Savage Makes a Line Out Post!

Get Your Paintings of the Viaduct Before It Comes Down

Where To Start?

You Call that Food?

Andrew "I'm Sorry" Marin Lurvs Peter "Porno Pete" LaBarbera

Tina Podlodowski on Ken Mehlman

Lunchtime Quickie: Now I Wanna Be Your Dog

'There's a monkeyfightin' snake in the cooler!'

There's Nothing Gay About The Anal Aisle At a Bible Belt Porn Shop

Was Last Night's Fatal Shooting by a Cop an Excessive Use of Force?

GOP: Iraq War Was a Success

Porn Consumers Don't Care About the Environment?

Timing Is Everything

Reading Today: Bastards, Black Staffs, and "Mr. Magical Realism"

Seriously Sad Headline of the Day

Despite AP Fact Check, Murray Campaign Says It Will Keep Hitting Rossi on Earmarks

Dogs Maul 10-year-old Girl

Apple Tries to Patent "Traitorware"

Rossi Responds to "Senator Murray’s latest false attack"

Re: This Just Arrived in My Inbox

Slog Poll: Am I a Monster?

Morning News: Aurora Motel Patrons, Russian Berry Scientists, Muslims in Tennessee All Cruising for New Homes

Buying Comics and E-Comics at the Same Time

Reading Today: Two Books at Bumbershoot

Currently Hanging: Charles Parrish and Meghan Trainor

Texas Wants to Save Your Gay Marriage...

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

Savage Will Be In Questionland Tomorrow!

What's on Iron Maiden's Rider?

NWFF Bike-In

Glenn Beckwatch: There Was Some Kind of an Event or Something This Weekend, I Think

More on the Fatal Shooting by a Cop

This Rain Is Unseasonable

The New Missing

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Marijuana Is Different From Every Other Thing That Grows in the Ground!

The Touch Interface of Catan

Diaspora Is About to Launch

Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown, September 1

Great West Coast Newspaper War Headed to the California Supreme Court?

A New Dick's—You Vote Where!

Flickr Photo of the Day

NOM's Gay-Baiting, Gay-Hating, SF-Bashing New Ad

Statewide Primary Turnout: a Modern Record. (Seattle Metro Turnout: a Huge Missed Opportunity.)

The Best Headline of the Day: "Nike Patents Marty McFly’s Self-Lacing Sneaker"

The Morning News: USA, USA, USA...

Eighties and Nineties Hip Hop for a Wedding?

Reading Tonight: Are They Recommending Zines as a Butter Substitute?

If Laurelhurst Can Ban Lifeflight Helicopters...

Orrin Hatch Has Actually Read the Bill of Rights

Two Famous Russian Aristocrats: One is Well-Bred, the Other Ill-Bred

Today in Why the Future Is Fucked: The Earth Is Running Out of Helium?

Currently Hanging: Kerry James Marshall

Mississippi Middle School Has Whites Only Policy for Class Presidents

I Baked a Mini Cherry Pie Into a Dark Chocolate Cupcake

Down with OED

Good Morning! Here's a Video of a Dancing Dog.

500,000 A Little Less Than a Hundred Thousand Glenn Beck Fans Can't Be Wrong

Cartoon Caption Contest: The Winner!

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Fashion

Hate Registration: Beck University's Hope 103

Mining the Human Spirit

Flickr Photo of the Day

WSDOT Launches Traffic App

Blacks Who Fought For the South in the Civil War...

Tomorrow: Seattle's Nightlife Throwdown

Churchill on Socialized Medicine

The Morning News: Katrina, America's First Muslim College, And The Glenn Beck March

Redesigning Money

The Hitchens on Beck: A Waterworld of White Self-Pity

City Commits $30,000 to Homeless Shelter Program SHARE

Everything Is Terrible in Seattle This Saturday

Summer Reruns

Today in Anonymous Inventories of Sins

Mario and Princess Seek Deanna Troi For PAXXXy Times

Who's Better at Falling Off the Stage?

Maggie Pleads Her Case At The Pearly Gates

Preschool Depression

Dept. of Justice Claims Drug Case Wasn't Political

Chase Whiteside, Awesome

"I'm Working, Cheryl!"

RNC Chair Michael Steele Comes Out as a Muslim

What He Said

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

I Wouldn't Call That A "Missed Connection"

Re: Gross, But Consenting Adults...

The Righteous Wrongness of Kalup Linzy

U.S. Islamophobia, in Taiwanese CGI

Re: "Now is not right time to ask Seattle voters to fund bicycle improvements."

Is Our Children Reading X-Men?

The Urban Cannot Be Fully Expressed With Weak Gun Laws

SL Letter of the Day: Blown Job Reference

Tomorrow Night: A Golden Cure for the Rainy-Day Blahs

"The American combat mission in Iraq has ended."

How Did Serge Gainsbourg Get So Much Ass?

BFF: Tara the Elephant and Bella the Dog

Reading Today: Leave Pluto Alone!

First, They Came for the Cars...

In My Dreams

Are a Third of You Sleeping with a Stuffed Animal?

The New Slowness of Capitalism

"Now is not right time to ask Seattle voters to fund bicycle improvements."


Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

Thursday Is A Big Art Walk: Do It UP

Reading Today: McSweeney's and Authors Who Have Probably Made You Laugh Already

Poll: Income Tax Meaure and Eyman Initiative Both in the Lead

Lunchtime Quickie: Girl Shows Kindness to Orphaned Cow, Saves Internet

Fogtown Is a Good (Gay) Comic Book Mystery

The Women of the Rock

Traffic Report

Have you found yourself asking recently: "What's Ozzy Osbourne up to?"

Another Week, Another Mayor Murdered

Morning News: Alleged Drug Lord Captured, Teenage Mother Becomes a Dancing Star, Lady Clinton Talks Peace in the Middle East

This Is the Last Weekend to See Kurt and love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death

Did Megan McArdle Read Sex At Dawn?

Alternative Advice

If Your Church Youth Pastor Doesn't Get Around To Raping Your Kids...

A Comedy Exchange Program: Comedy Is OK Comes to Seattle

Savage Is Answering Your Questions Right Now!

Today in Necessary Updates

The Supremes' Blue Period

Reading Tonight: Enemies of Gluten

Budget Cuts Hampering Student Progress, Says Dorn

Irish Wolfhound Needed for Sodo Art Exhibition

SL Letter of the Day: Boom Noodle

Thinking About a Career In the Gay Men's Health Movement?

Ending DADT: If This Fruit Were Hanging Any Lower...

I Don't Believe in Electrolytes

Read It And Weep

Beer Industry Drops Another $2 Million to Block Liquor Sales

Glenn Beckwatch: The Beckington Post

Morning Blend: Stumptown's Copy


'Playboys & Killjoys'

Trumans Water

TV Carnage


'Piranha 3D'

SAM Remix

Vampire Weekend

'Yankee Tavern'