Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 2 - 8, 2010

Vol. 19, No. 52

Savage Love

Ken and Ben

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Pavement Is Forever

Twenty Years of Lies and Betrayals, Fruit-Covered Nails, Electricity and Lust

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

The Script's Idiotic Folk Rock Snake Oil "For the First Time"

Data Breaker

Crystal Hell Pool and Blouse (u.s.a.) Drone Alone

My Philosophy

Summer's Must-Have 206 Hiphop LP, Sweatsuit & Churchshoes


Ted Leo Is 2010's Saving Grace (So Far)

Sound Check

Ships in the Space Shower

The Homosexual Agenda

Cyndi Lauper, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Bacon Strip

Visual Art

Dangerously in Love

Gretchen Bennett's Big, Public Drawings of Beyoncé, Drag, and the Places Light Doesn't Reach

The Re-Performer


In Search of Lost Time

William Gibson Finds the Future in a Cookie

Food & Drink

The Chef of Addis Ababa

Vast Hospitality and the World's Greatest Toast at Seattle's Best Ethiopian Restaurant

The Happiest Hour

Mama's Mexican Kitchen

Chow Bio

Thoa Nguyen of Wabi Sabi Sushi Bar & Restaurant


Shut Up and Swallow

How We Ended Up with Two Flawed Liquor Initiatives and Why They're Our Only Hope


A Dishonor to Be Nominated

Dilapidated Housing Projects May Accidentally Be Preserved as Historic Landmarks

Police Beat

The Obscenity of Stealing Tips

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

How Do Mosquitoes Find Us?

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Hey, Oldie! You're OLD!


Dr. John and the Lower 911

Lawrimore Project 2.0

William Gibson

Wheedle's Groove

Shelter Lounge

'Cairo Time'

1994 Redux


Last Days

The Week in Review


Now Open: Pinto, Staple & Fancy, and a Ton More New Restaurants

The Story of "Crazy in Love"

Is It Legal for a Woman to Marry a Headline?

Reading Tonight: Oh, the Pain

Another Police Officer Shoots Man Holding Knife

Where's Shelley Winters When You Need Her?

"God Hates the Koran for Being a Fag Day!"

Jamie Herrera Wants to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Why Wouldn't You Leave Your Pants On?

Union Accepts Contract That Evaluates Teachers Based on Student Test Scores, But Votes No Confidence in Superintendent

City Hall Organizes Against Shooting Death at Hands of SPD

My New Gym

Ex-Miss Anchorage: Victim or Abuser?

Anonymous Potiquette

There's a Whole Lotta Nerds, Hot Chicks, and People With Traffic Cones on Their Heads...

Mother Knows Sex: A Story Concerning the Mating Success of Male Bonobos

As the World Turns

Man Shot By SPD Officer—After Allegedly Ignoring Officer's Orders—Was Partially Deaf

Hate Registration: On Taking Charity 103, the Final Beck University Class

Murray: Down in the Polls, Positive on TV

Anarchists on Broadway and Pine

Maybe It's Time To Dissolve The People...

Chilean Miners in Taiwanese CGI

Vampire Weekend Reschedules

Lunchtime Quickie: Peeping Tom, Captured!

Holy Shit

The Mysteries of the Indiana Memorial Union

Prosector Refuses to Charge Cobane in "Mexican Piss" Case

Sunny Today

Flickr Photo of the Day

Native American Leaders Deliver Demands to SPD After Shooting Death of Carver

Morning News

Currently Hanging: John Grade

Would You Like a Cocktail?

Don't Leave Your Drink Unattended

If God's Floods Don't Kill You...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jack Chick (But Were Afraid to Ask)

The Cosmic Pigeon

County Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty for Monfort

"Radical feminists, lesbians, and cookie peddlers..."

Chinese Women: Still Leading the World in Animal and Robot Mimicry

Americans Warming to Obamacare

The Lightning Field: The Field, The Lightning, Part I

As Much as It Pains Me to Say This, Eric Grandy Is Right

To Make Your Life Better

Ryan Boudinot Is a Pen USA Finalist

Today In Sarah Palin

The Photo On The Left...

PAX Day Three: PAX Hard with a Vengeance

How 9/11 Could've Been Avoided...

Reading Tonight: Wine Will Kill You

The Moral Experts: American Goody Two Shoes

Big News About the Universe

Rat of the Day

Morning News

The French Intern

Who Will the 34th Dems Endorse Tonight: Heavey or Fitzgibbon?

A Very Good Question from Questionland About Attending Readings

Should We Be Pursuing the Death Penalty for Monfort?

Morning News: The Amish Are Perverts, Too

Man Ordered to Return Judge's Dirty Pics, Canadian Paper Manages To Track Down Non-Imbecile For Comment

God Hates Decaffeinated Coffee

"Shit Storm of Love"

Twenty Does Not Seem Like Plenty

Morning News: Peace, Sodomy, There Is No God.

Reasonably Intelligent Tea Bagger Debates Health Care With Rep. Grayson

Chow Bio: Thoa Nguyen of Wabi Sabi Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Feds Reopen Fishing in the Gulf...

The President Gave a Speech

Winning The War On The War On Drugs

You Can Make a Model's Dream Come True

$67,000,000 (Canadian)

The Vigil for Williams

This Is Our Tooth

Youth Pastor Watch

Overheard on the Internet

Bears Will Save Us From Obscurity!

Just in Time For Your '90s Redux Weekend: Pitchfork's Top 20 Tracks of the 1990s

Protest Planned for SPD Shooting

If You Have To Earn It...

Murray Deemed "In Trouble"

Suspected Shitter Apologizes for Property Damage

Meet The Bubbleator

Did You Lose Your Keys?

Previews of Every Single Thing Happening at Bumbershoot on One Really Long Page

I'm Performing "Comedy" at Bumbershoot Today

Calling Deborah Willis, the Awesome Invisible Scholar!

Teachers Union, District Agree On Contract

Morning News

Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: Ex'd Out

Here We Go Again? Another Oil Rig in the Gulf Is On Fire

Mayor Insists Pot Enforcement Is the SPD's Lowest Law Enforcement Priority (and a Correction to Last Month's Article on Pot Arrests)

Hari Kondabolu vs. Marc Maron

Bumbershoot: Bob Dylan, Wheedle's Groove, and More

"What Are Some Good Costume Ideas for Halloween?"

Polish Yer Flagons, Bitchez!

A Sunday Paper You'd Want to Read

Hillary Clinton for President in 2012

John Cole Is Mad As Hell And He's Not Going To Take It Anymore

Really Can't See Myself Voting Republican

"Don't Piss Off Jailbait"

Liquor Control Board Clarifies Its Funding With Booze Initiatives

Human Rights Commission Says It Has "Serious Concern Regarding the Fatal Shooting of John T. Williams"

PAX, Day Two: The Empire Strikes PAX

Coping With Reading "Coping With a Birthday on 9/11..." a Few Days Ago in the New York Times

Morpheus Explains the Matrix to the Dude


Paste Eats It

SL Letter of the Day: You're Tired Of Porn Fights?

Countdown to Pieing

The Oldest Living Tortoise Is 175 Years Old...

Sharpie + Cat = Shovel Beatdown

Reading Tonight: This Is a Stickup

On the Beauty of Surgical Tools

Biggest Threat to Mayor’s Plan for Longer Bar Hours: Increased Drunk Driving

Maddow On Brewer

Brewer: I Misspoke. Maybe. Who Knows?

Come to Slog Happy TRIVIA This Thursday!

The Stupidity of Cornel West

The Stranger's Bumbershoot Guide Is Alive!

Zach Galifianakis's Less Funny "Brother," Seth Interviews Sean Penn

Scenes From a Sleepless Night

Today in Charitable Jockstrap Donations

Bumbershoot Sunday: Hole Buried It

City Deficit Grows to $67 Million Weeks Before Mayor's Budget Proposal

The Iraq War Is Over

Senator Dino Rossi

SL Letter of the Day: Evidence of Absence

Reading Today: Killer Road Trips

Overheard in the Office

Got a Long Weekend Hangover?

De-Messing the Mercer Mess

Do You Want a Sketch from Stranger Genius Jim Woodring?

Mudede's Cat

Candlelight Vigil Commemorates Life of John T. Williams

On Comic Books and Copyright

What Do You Think Is the Best Foodstuff To Eat at Bumbershoot?

Chihuly Museum, KEXP, or Something Else: Recommendation Expected Next Week

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

What’s the Deal with MOHAI?

"Rap Against Rape"

re: The Photo On The Left...

Maybe He Was Suffocating And There Was Oxygen In The Other Guy's Balls

Sex Can Sell Anything

What Was It Like Standing in MoMA's Doorway Naked?

Another Competency Evaluation for Isaiah Kalebu

Take Your Generosity and Shove It, Buddy

Overheard in the Office

Help An Exhibitionist Out

Continued Hard Times at Seattle Art Museum

Child Actor Renowned for Cinema's Most Contentiously Hilarious Death Scene Dies

Council Smacks Down Mayor's Grab at MOHAI Money

Heavey and Fitzgibbon Battle for Backing of the Dems

The Legal Art of Illegal Artists

Headline of the Day

The Betty Bowen Finalist List Is Out

Trent Moorman Found Alive on Mainland United States

You Were Missed In Bloomington Last Night, Mr. Constant

Rate Your Bumbershoot 2010 Experience!

"You don't have to be lonely, thanks to FarmersOnly"

The Reality of District 9

Drama at the Chilean Mine

Big Mo for Dino?

Crazy Guy Takes Hostage at Discovery Channel, Says Save The Squirrels

Here's How The GOP Picks Up Gay Voters

Make Sure You're Hungover For PAX Tomorrrow

Shine Your Shoes and Get a Haircut

Bob Dylan at Bumbershoot, as Reviewed By Three Random Facebook Users

Doda: a Case Study

Traffic Report

Happy 9/02/10!

In Case You Missed It: Hans Zeiger's Short List of Terrorist Organizations That Are Threatening America

Meanwhile in Burrito Unicorn News

The Consistently Consistent Tea Party

Neal Stephenson's New Publishing Platform Launches Soon

Declare Dilapidated Housing Projects as Historic Landmarks?

As You May Know, Vampire Weekend Is Being Sued by the Subject of the Photograph on Their Latest Album Cover

What Are They Doing At St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral?

Craigslist Blocks Ads for Adult Services

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Michael Killoren to Leave the City's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

Costco Does Not Condone Mistreatment of Baby Cows

Liquor Board Defends Its Liquor Selection

Want Your Kid To Eat Carrots?

Mayor McGinn Responds to Growing Concerns Over SPD Killing

Pavement at the Paramount Last Night: Banter!

SL Letter of the Day: The Last Word on Porn

Reading Tonight: An Honest-to-God Futurist

Shabazz Palaces Signs to Sub Pop

Something Ain't Right with Jan Brewer

Reading Today: Reviving Stieg Larsson

PAX, Day One: The EmPAXening

All Hail Lisa Frank: Prepubescent Overlord!

High-Fat Foods Separate Mind and Body

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Home Invaders, Viaduct Concerns, and a Zeppelin!

Get Your Ass Off the Couch!

Friday in Iran

This Woman Is Ridiculous

Morning News

Lunchtime Quickie: The Corpse of Jerry Lewis Wants to Give Lindsey Lohan a Spanking

Bumbershoot Guide

The Stranger's Bumbershoot Guide

A Critical Overview

The Bob Dylan Torture Test

Four people born in the 1990s who'd never listened to Bob Dylan before listen to nothing but Bob Dylan—specifically, his career-spanning, three-disc Biograph—for 72 hours straight. Here’s what it was like for them.

Countdown to Courtney

Hole Is Playing Bumbershoot 2010—God Only Knows What That Means

What the Hell Happened to Weezer?

The Baffling Decline of Alt Rock's Most Lovable Nerds

Papa's Brand-New Bag's Still Got Some Goodies in It

How Bumbershoot Funked Up and Souled Out

God Save the Queen

Mary J. Blige Is Still the Woman

On My Mind

Georgia Anne Muldrow's Spirituality and the Cult of Dilla

En Fuego

Bomba Estéreo's Cumbia-Fueled Blow Up

Return to Rock

Vancouver, BC's Post-Nothing Duo Japandroids, Post-Breakout

Out of the Mire

Baroness Rise Beyond the Realm of Swamp Metal

What Makes Tony Millionaire Tick?

Vivisecting a Maakies Strip to See How It Works

The Legal Art of Illegal Artists

What Happens When Graffiti Writers Make Public Art

Previews of Every Single Thing Happening at Bumbershoot On One Really Long Page!