Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 31 - Sep. 6, 2000

Vol. 9, No. 50

Savage Love

Druggy Love

I, Anonymous


Into the Dark

A Farewell to Summer at the Auburn Drive-In

Not Yet

Kurosawa's Touching Finale

P-P-P-Pornography and Love

French, Belgians, Luxembourgeois, Whatever

Surf's Up!

Post-Modernism in a Bikini

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Festival of Shit

Las Vegas Shook Down and Sold Out

CD Review Revue

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Lackluster Lies

Sadly, a Sagging Solo

Theater Review Revue

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In Arts News

Salmon for Salvador Dali

Following a Manic Chef, a Giant Toaster, and the Recipe for Kindness

Minimal Materials

A Strong Show of Local Abstractions


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Lending an Ear to History

Wes Wehr Records Some Conversations with His Famous Friends

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

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Food & Drink


A Burger Tour of the State

Where To Eat, What To Eat


The Stranger's Bumbershoot Guide


The Stranger's Music Quarterly

Dancing Fool

Schell's Veto Shows Blatant Disrespect for Youth Culture and Civic Process: Stranger Editorial

Dancing Lessons

Music & Youth Task Force Member Dave Meinert Schools Mayor Schell on Dance Ordinance

Reverse Psychology

Bad Jury Decision Bounces Sex Offender Back into Confinement

Drink the Poor

City Council Targets the Wrong Drunks

The Real Battle in Seattle

Southeast Neighbors Demand Parity

Police Beat


In Other News...

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

The Bored and the Nude

It's My Party

Farewell Carissa

I Bet You Didn't Know...

It's All True

leches and lezzes

City of Paris

Dog Adoption

Music Quarterly


Grace, Relevance, and the Perfect Execution of Rock and Roll Revenge


Vengeance is Good Publicity

When She Backs Up She Beeps

A Parable for Creed, Quipping Band-Feuders, and Other Assorted Loudmouths

Prank #3: Fan vs. Band Vengeance

A Fan Takes over the Supreme Dicks

Prank #4: Band vs. Audience Vengeance

The Entire Career of the Haters

Prank #5: Intra-Band Vengeance

Vox Pop Defames Their Own

Staying Together Is the Best Revenge: Inside the Posies' Long, Rocky Partnership

Prank #6: Band vs. Fan Vengeance

Flipper Kidnap a Fan