Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 9 - 15, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 1

Savage Love



Lebanon: Through the Gunner's Scope

A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop: Black Comedy on the Dunes

Art House

Soul Kitchen

I, Anonymous


Organically Cooking the Dance Floor

Jon McMillion and Nuearth Kitchen Are Making the Most Exciting Electronic Music Seattle Has Seen in Years

This Is the New Sound

If Viper Creek Club Haven't Remixed You, You Ain't Shit

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You!" and Other Anachronisms

Fucking in the Streets

'94 Redux: Hole and Pavement at Bumbershoot and the Paramount

Data Breaker

Icarus Kid's NEStalgic Rave, Onmutu Mechanicks's Sub Dub

My Philosophy

EvergreenOne and Todd Sykes, D.Black and B.Brown


Let's Play a Game: Springsteen or the Gaslight Anthem?

Poster of the Week

Poster by Danny Seim

Party Crasher

Medieval Leather and Fudge

Sound Check

Hobosexual: Cutting the Tether

The Homosexual Agenda

Scissor Sisters, MEN, and the "Gaydies"


Cute as Shit

Lindy West Interviews the Ever-Testy Adam Carolla

Visual Art

The Pickle Can Stay

But Other Forms of Funny—the Arch, the In-Joke—Are No Longer Allowed


Hyphenate This

The Chicago Manual of Style Pulls Grammar Nerds into the Future

Words Get in the Way

Spoiling a Rock-and-Roll Fantasy

Food & Drink

Sandwich Greatness and Soup Salvation

The Bountiful Goodness of Nettletown

Chow Bio

Interview with a Mango and Tapioca-Ball Smoothie


Tax the Filthy Rich!

The Case for the Income-Tax Initiative, by the Numbers


The Buck Stops with Nobody

The Fallout After a Seattle Police Officer Kills a Half-Deaf Man Holding a Legal Knife

McGinn's MOHAI Mess

Council Smacks Down Mayor's Grab at History Museum's Funding

Fear of the Pink Slip

Slipping in the Polls, Senator Patty Murray Focuses on Jobs


Risk of More DUIs Could Stymie Mayor's Plan to Extend Bar Hours

Police Beat

A Rash of Necklace Crimes, Part Two

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Drunk of the Week


Public Editor

I Love Television

La Femme Humpita

Last Days

The Week in Review


Ethics Complaint Says Liquor Board Broke Rules Talking About Liquor Initiatives

What Should I Ask Patty Murray?

The Pastor Cancels Koran Stunt

SL Letter of the Day: Anybody Been To Canlis Lately?

Meanwhile in Chile

Council Adopts New Rules to Preserve Pike/Pine's Historic Character

Lunchtime Quickie: Speed Bump or Heart Attack?

The French Intern Substitutes for A. Birch Steen

Tax the Filthy Rich! (Poster Edition)

Murray on Her Fears (and Rossi's Use of Emotion)

Walking Down Canal Street In Manhattan On September 11...

Murray in Trouble? History Says: Maybe Not.

"Rumors of Acid Hoax Grow as Bethany Storro Cancels 'Oprah' Appearance"

Tea Party Insurgency in GOP Primary

City Employees Strike Deal to Forgo Raises

Who's the Prominent Republican With the Illegal Boyfriend?

Justin Bieber Acts the Shit Out of This!!

Hrm. A So-So List of Possible Winners of a Lot of Money

Unfortunately, This "Hipster Cooking School"...

The Mayor on MOHAI

Morning News

Morning News

Leaders Announce Thursday Protest for Williams Shooting

Racism in History: Brother to Belly Button

67 Parks Invade Seattle Streets This Friday

Brian Cook on the First of Four Charles Manson Prison Records

Murray: "The gloves are off."

Mobile Phone Meltdown!


Do You Have Your Trivia Team All Picked Out?

Business Groups Tell Mayor: Don't Raise Taxes, But Raise Taxes!

No Great Loss

Talking Up the Income Tax Initiative Without Using the Phrase "Income Tax"

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Ideology Today: Taxing the Rich

From the Old Mailbag

Dear Seattle, Meet the So-Called "Uptown Triangle"

Lady Gaga's Naughty Bits Covered In Raw Meat, as Photographed By Terry Richardson!

An Open Letter to BC Jean: Just Eat the Motherfucking Pizza

Home of Lesbian Couple in Knoxville, Tennessee, Burned To The Ground

SL Letters of the Day: It's About People Helping People Smell Like Maple Syrup

SL Letters of the Day: My Tits Are Perfect—What's Wrong With My Game?

Federal Judge Declares DADT Unconstitutional

Gay Rights Group, Endorsing Murray, Cites Her "Evolution"

Dead Man Found Downtown Likely Wasn't Beaten to Death

Bullied Gay Teenager Commits Suicide—Will His Tormentors Face Charges?

Overheard Downtown

Spokane High School Teacher Suspended for Handing Out Blue Scholars Lyrics!; Mike Nipper Lashes Out at the Smiths in Senility!; Ask a Black Man II: The Reckoning; Lady Gaga Plays Peacemaker; and the CD That Everyone Was Afraid to Open!!!

Lesbian Latina Appointed to the Supreme Court...

Sept. 16, 2:00 p.m.: Protest Against Police Killing of John T. Williams

Today in Hilarious Poster Juxtaposition

Elk Balls

Old People? You're ADORABLE!

Lunchtime Quickie: This is a Monkey Tongue Kissing a Cat

Traffic Report

Mayor Wants Higher Downtown Parking Rates

The Social Events I Attended This Week

Who Will Speak Up Against The Provocations of Insensitive Commercial Interior Decorators?

Rename This Band: The Special Total-Bummer-Gig Edition!

The Answers to Your Questions Are Behind the Toilet

Do Me A Favor

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Vodka Milling, Deer on the Run, and Lights Out in Queen Anne

Chow Bio: Interview with a Mango and Tapioca-Ball Smoothie

Tonight: "The Race Is on for Which Western State Will Be the First to End Marijuana Prohibition"

Soy Cuba

Currently Hanging: Anselm Kiefer

Reading Tonight: Your E-mail Pen Pal

ACLU Slams SPD, City Hall For Cop's Killing of John T. Williams

Tax Fight! (Over Bill Gates Senior's I-1098)

BREAKING: Giant Statue of Liberty Head Spotted in Cal Anderson Park!

Apropos of Nothing: I Want to Discuss the Eleventh Doctor

Woman Held Hostage By Ex-Boyfriend Escapes Uninjured

The Most Exciting Electronic Music Seattle's Seen in Years?

SL Letter of the Day: Come Again

The American Way of Food

Lunchtime Quickie: Why Are Portuguese Soccer Players So Homely?

"Dying polar bear travels thousands of miles to thank man for buying an electric Nissan."

Revenge Art?

Halo Fans: Get Thee to EMP

Reading Tonight: Understanding Teenage Girls, Typos, and Continuing a Dead Man's Fantasy Epic

Why Are You In The Picture?

J'ai Testé Pour Vous: Le Panier

Kindergarten: A Hint of Auschwitz

Legal Jaywalking and Safer Streets

SL Letter of the Day: What Should He Do?

Pay. Sit. Barf.

The Nose Is the Wang of the Face

Vancouver Police Department Preparing for World War Fucking Three!

Week in Review

The Mysteries of Missoula International Airport

Lunchtime Quickie: Dude, Don't Burn That Quran

Today in Big Brother

J'ai Teste Pour Vous: Bakery Nouveau

YouTube Ad Placement FAIL

Seattle Bookfest Was Canceled

Today in Jonathan Franzen

Tax the Filthy Rich!

Tonight! Atheists Descend Upon Bellevue Church for Pompous Lecture

"You married her in sickness and health, masturbate or something! Don't you dare take a prostitute!"

Union Deal Will Also Reduce Raises for Non-Unionized City Employees

Once Upon a Time, McDonald's Decided to Remake E.T....

Where Are You Reading Slog?

Eight Things You Shouln't Do Just Because Michael Jackson Did Them!!!

Conservative Women Turn On Barren Fag Hag

MOHAI Agreement Appears to Defy McGinn's Claims


Another One Who Wants My Job

Regarding the Muscles of Tom Hardy, My Boyfriend™

Cartoon Caption Contest: Pit Bull Heaven!

If Vitter the Shitter Didn't Lose His Job...

Momma Grizzly Isn't Gonna Like This

The Great State of Maine Has Opinions on Telephones, Obama, Muslims, and Poetry Written by City Councilmen

The Earth Is Flat

To Clarify: I Dislike Men and Women Pretty Much Equally

The Mysteries of Indiana University

There Are Three Kinds of Vegans In the World

Do You Have a Question for the Mayor?

Monogamy Is Simple...

J'ai Test Pour Vous: La Boulangerie Nantaise

"We Could Argue All Day Whether This Is Art Or Not. Personally, I'd Rather Be in Brazil Getting AIDS in My Mouth."

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's the World's Hottest...

Bad News Wrapped in Good News Wrapped in Bad News

New Teacher Incentives Hinge on Voters Passing $48 Million School Levy

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father: The Porn Wars Edition

State Budget Shortfall Halts Tunnel Project

Are You a Gigantic Political Nerd?

The Future of the Bookstore (Plus the Library of Yesterday's Tomorrow)

Fire to Fire

SPD Implementing Burgess's Idea for Outside Law Enforcement Oversight

Scary Tyler Moore, Hernandez, and Mrs. Hernandez Keep Their Trivia Crown!

Sue Bird

Public Bikes Hit West Seattle

Gotta Love Rodin

GOP Will Embrace Tea Party Wing Nut

Today in Taiwanese CGI

The War After the War: Vancouver Police Kill Soldier Who Had Just Returned from Iraq

Gun-Wielding West Seattle Man Charged With Assault

Rossi Attacks Based on Erroneous Transcription

A British Case for the Arts Involving Farmers

I Need More Vespene Gas

Phone Book Companies Threaten Lawsuits if City Imposes Fee

RIP: Snacks! in Ballard

Who's The Bigger Geek?

"Being a Dickhead's Cool"

Morning News

The City in Images

The Daily Show on Terry Jones

The Morning News

Britney Spears' Bodyguard Was Forced to Hear Her Shouting and Watch Her Fucking

I Am Real

Today in Signs of the Forthcoming Apocalypse

Gun Crazy Country

Northwest Native Cultural Center Showcases Plans for Seattle Center

Reykjavik Mayor: "I find [porn] tragic. "

Suddenly the Sun!

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

American Ugly

Who Said It?

To the Future, Grammar Nerds!

I'm Interviewing David Plouffe Tomorrow. What Should I Ask Him?

Some People Have All the Luck

The Morning News

You Can Buy Comics for Cheap Online Right Now

CEO Now Talks Big and Bad About the President

Ask a Black Man II: The Reckoning

Martin Freeman Clobbers Clive Owen in Battle of the Face Wang!

Gripes From The First Class Compartment

J’ai Testé Pour Vous: Le Fournil

What They're Reading in the Hinterlands

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Twitter Gets a Facelift

Morning News

Local Comic Andy Haynes on Jimmy Fallon Last Night, at Comedy Underground Tonight

Citizen Report Criticizes Police Shooting Review Process

Gaga's Beef

To Squash a Rumor about the City's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

SPD Responds to Demands Over Williams Killing

Things Are Looking Up

Pot Seed Seller Gets Five Years in Prison

The Mystery of Missoula International Airport Men's Restroom: SOLVED!

The Morning News

Fnarf Doesn't Want to See Your Pastoral Architectural Renderings

Regarding the Woman Attacked with Acid Last Week in Vancouver, WA

Someone Elect This Man, Or There's Going To Be Trouble

Take Cars Off Pike At Night

Not A New Blogger...

LSD Gummi Bears: They're Not for Kids

Why Did He Apologize To Us?

Competitive Rabbit Hopping

The Mysteries of the Cookie Selection at the Charleston Market at the Indiana Memorial Union

When Are Big Sunglasses Going to Go Out of Style Again?

Reading Tonight:

Your Monday Night Football Open Thread

Three Brothers and a Little Bird

34th District Dems Endorse Joe Fitzgibbon

Chicago Transplant Derek Erdman on Than Brothers' Pho

Keep Cars on Pike at Night

Well, the Seahawks Kicked Ass Today

Forbes Joins the Tea Party

The Quest for Social Reading Continues

Reading Tonight: A Book Swap, the Future of the Book, and Much Much More

Truth-Teller Dino Rossi Saw the Great Recession Coming, Knows How to Fix It

Good Morning! Bark! Bark Bark Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark Bark!

The Price of Life in Europe

Today in Dogs Dressed Like First Ladies of Yesteryear

How Dino Rossi Is Like Hillary Clinton

New Elway Poll: Murray Beating Rossi, 50-41

Who Shall Own the Virtual Chocolate Cow? A Controversy

Book Burnings Are Illegal Around Here...

Slog Happy Trivia Is Tonight!

Stabbing at 3rd and Pine

Relax and Enjoy

Building a Better Cash Cow: The Video.

No More Art In-Jokes

Vacuum Thief Caught


'Still Lives'

'Aguirre, the Wrath of God'

David Plouffe

Sweet Dreams: The Music of Patsy Cline

Jonathan Franzen

Adam Carolla

Male Bonding

Scissor Sisters