Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 16 - 22, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 2

Savage Love



I’m Still Here: Joaquin Phoenix Allows Himself to Be Shit On

Alerte Spoiler!

Charles Mudede Gives Away the Ending of Mademoiselle Chambon

Film That Will Make Your Life Better This Fall

Art House

The Harimaya Bridge

The Town: Ben Affleck Isn't Taking Any More of Your Shit

Alpha and Omega: Children, Revolt!

Easy A: Jesus Freaks, 1. Fake Hooker, 0.

Concessions: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel

I, Anonymous

Fuck Me for Loving You


Album Review Revue

Five New Releases to Be Happy About This Month

Bell Epic

Pantha Du Prince's Beautifully Melodic Techno Takes a Toll

Music That Will Make Your Life Better This Fall

Fucking in the Streets

Cold Cave's Cold Comforts

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

New Singles from R. Kelly, the Vaselines, and Superchunk

Data Breaker

Debacle Festival: Roasting Harshmellows on an Open Pyre

My Philosophy

Shabazz Palaces, AKrish, and Eighty4Fly


Screeching Weasel Taught Me Everything I Know (About Insulting People)

Poster of the Week

Found-Art Poster

Party Crasher

Ikeapocalypse at the Broadway Grill

The Homosexual Agenda

Why Must Fringe Die?

Sound Check

FileJerks: Big Bang Theory

Food & Drink

Bells and Buddha Jokes

The Practically Secret, Really Great Indian Restaurant on Pine Street

Bar Exam

Pub Legitimacy and the Market Arms

Chow Bio

Daniel Gale of Bad Monkey Bistro

Happiest Hour

Victory Lounge


Honorary Political Genius: Tim Harris and Real Change

For Turning Seattle's Scapegoats into an Unassailable Political Powerhouse (While Growing a Newspaper as Other Newspapers Are Dying)

Political Genius Shortlist: Dwight Pelz, C. R. Douglas, Sally Bagshaw

Police Face More Heat Over Killing

DADT Battle Comes to Washington

Public Bikes in West Seattle

Public Bicycle Project Launches in West Seattle

A Rash of Necklace Crimes, Part Three

Public Editor

I Love Television

New Fall Shows: I Need More Thumbs

Dear Science

Last Days

The Week in Review


The Back of the Head Of The Person Sitting In Front Of Me On This Flight

Missing Police Beat?

Today in Internet Achievements

The History of Capitalism and Some

The True Spirit of Capitalism

The Morning News

The Tea Party Loves and Accepts Other Religions

Four Finalist Teams Compete to Design the Waterfront Tonight

Baltimore Can Do It

Americans Getting Gayer for the Gays

Remember in November: State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders, Tea Party Featured Speaker

Third Poll in a Week Puts Murray Ahead of Rossi

Who Will Think of the Children! And the ER Doctors? And the Batshit Rightwing Lunatics?

Teachers' Union Lashes Out At School Board Even as It Approves Contract

With Terror As With Comedy: Timing Is Everything

Thank You for the David Plouffe Questions

Define "Counseling Session"

Seahawks Open Thread

Chuck Klosterman Tries the iTunes Model

Do You Suffer From Indecision?

Fierce Laziness Would Be Fine, Too

Is Christine O’Donnell a Gift from God?

KC Executive Proposes Cutting All Human Services From the General Fund

Constantine Threatens to Cut 71 Positions from Sheriff's Office

Get Your Reading Muscles Ready

Lunchtime Quickie: Oh Snaaaaaap!


What Has Christine O'Donnell Given Birth To Exactly?

All Right, I Finally Started Watching Glee

Gregoire, Responding to Revenue Shortfall, Demands Across-the-Board Cuts of 6.3%

Reading Tonight: What About the Kids? What About the Time Machines?

Fashion Is Treated as a Craft, Not an Art

Dave Segal's Nocturnal Emissions!

Mayor McGinn Is Answering Your Questions Right Now in Questionland

When Marc Maron Met Ken Mehlman

Retaining Affordable Housing Requires More Construction

Driving Billy Lucas to Suicide Wasn't Enough

Spoiler Alert

Roberto Maestas, R.I.P.

Reading Today: Dragons and Whiskey

Ask a Genius!

"Why Don't You ______________?"

Oprah's Next Book Club Book is Freedom (for a Dollar More)

What's the Best/Worst Entertainment You've Ever Witnessed at a Wedding

Currently Hanging: John Bankston

Panel Leader Defends Chihuly Museum Recommendation

KEXP Objects to Chihuly Recommendation

Garfield High Overcrowded Under New Assignment Plan

Murray Hails Passage of Small Business Bill, Laughs at Rossi's Opposition

GOP Blocks DADT Repeal

David Plouffe on Dino Rossi: "He's lying."

Being Gay In Indiana Kinda Sucks—But Should It Suck Harder? Let's Vote!

Beer Sends More Bucks to Block Booze

Guns and Butt, Er...

Panel Recommends Chihuly Museum for the Seattle Center

America Is Not Heading Toward Soviet Socialism but Chinese Capitalism

Chihuly Museum Advocates Are Making Their Support Known... How About You?

Mayor Makes a Final Case for MOHAI Money

Thanks, Grandma

It Sucks to Be Me

Chief John Diaz Shuffles Police Command in Response to Outcry Over Williams Shooting

Will City Try to Borrow Millions from MOHAI?

The Morning News

What Happens Next with the Chihuly Museum

J'ai Testé Pour Vous: La Boulangerie

Something Like Seppuku in an Anchorage Park: Given Afterwich Give

The Specter of Pornography at Calvin College

Watch the Senate Debate DADT Repeal Live

Will the Council Override McGinn on MOHAI?

Sarah Palin Drinks Obama's Milkshake

Seattle Center Might Withhold Panel's Recommendation for Fun Forest Site

The Betty Bowen Goes to Ellen Lesperance

Fierce Advocacy Watch

Lunchtime Quickie: Does the World Really Need Tourettes Karaoke?

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn Beck Declares Victory

Stay Classy, KFC

SAM's Unintended Stealth Marketing Campaign

Pend Oreille v. Seattle and the Triumph of Socialism

Redefining Corn Sugar

The Thoughts, Actions, and Marks of the Artist Versus A Piece of Pristine Foamcore: The Story of Tim Hailey's Noelle's Tara Donovan

For Slog Readers in Illinois...

Sales Tax and the Internet

Williams Protestors March on City Hall, Deliver List of Demands to Mayor

Seattle Libraries May Get Anonymous $500,000—On One Condition

Reading Tonight: The Creator of Dexter

Forecast: State Revenue Down $1.4 Billion

Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars

Today in News That Makes Me Want to Vomit

Roma and Burqas: Out(laws)!

The Basket Case for Marriage

So Long, Buckaroo

A Toast: Seattle's First Distillery Since Prohibition Opens Tomorrow

School District Refuses to Let Blogger Ask Questions at Press Conference

Mayor Says MOHAI Loan Is a Bad Deal

Human Rights Commission Calls Citizen Review Panel for SPD

Don't Call Me, I'll E-mail You

Reading Tonight: Not Eating Animals, Not Writing Novels

Open Platform Fights Chihuly Recommendation

The Morning News

Elizabeth Warren

Using Washington's New Revenue Shortfall to Argue Against Five Ballot Initiatives

Murray, Rossi, and Cantwell on DADT

On the Enthusiasm Gap

The Rise of the Tea Women, Part Three

Lunchtime Quickie: Japanese Vagina Bubbles

Don't Look Down

Where's the iWatch?

Meanwhile in Spokane/Headline of the Day

Female Writers, Commercial Writers, and Book Reviewers

Part of the Problem

The Morning News

The Morning News

The Tiniest Piece of Meat and the New and Very Famous Vegan

More Doda Busts in Canada

Fuck Those Guys

Overheard on Intraoffice Email

Mayor on Chihuly: I'll Do What the Public Wants

Thought you'd want to know

British Surveillance and the Dog With a Limp

Asked and Told: Senior Obama Adviser Responds to Angry Slog Commenter's Question

SL Letter of the Day: He Gets His Kicks Below the Waistline, Sunshine

"Hey There, Stranger" on TBTL

Spider of the Day: Dock Spider

Overheard in the Office: See? All You Had to Do Was Ask

I Oprahfied Myself!

"Lovable Little Fluff Balls"

On Earmarks, Plouffe and Murray Disagree

A Few Things That I Want to Tell You About!!!

Three Kinds of E-Books

The Rise of the Tea Women, Part One

Screaming Oprah—Now Auto-Tuned for Your Pleasure

Seattle, Meet Your New Archbishop

The Market Arms in Ballard: Pro or Con?

Majority Says: Gay Families Are Families

So... How Was Your Flight?

Local Political Blogger Wins Extremely Prestigious Journalism Award

A Very Good Idea for Reading and Plane Travel

Portland and New York Are Better Than Seattle

Who's Underneath This Fake Mustache!?

Why Does Marijuana Cost More in Seattle?

Packed House for City Council's Hearing on Williams

Man Reunited with Birth Mother!

DADT Battle Comes to Washington

Now You're Just Tormenting My Phobia

School District Changes Policy To Include Bloggers At News Conferences

Honorary Genius: Tim Harris

Acerbic Council Says MOHAI Will Get All the Money

Re: Sex Can Sell Anything

The True Spirit of Christianity

DADT: Today In Farce Advocacy

Lunch Date: The Tree


God 1, Fat Daniel Baldwin ZEROOOOO!

Did Captain Marvel Just Call Me a Homo?

Bill Gates (the Younger) Will Vote for I-1098

Will Seattle's Next Archbishop Be an Anti-Gay Doctrinal Conservative?

Leaked Anti-1098 Script Decries "Tax on the job creators"

Where Are You Reading Slog?

What He Said

SL Letter of the Day: Share And Share Alike

Police Beat: The Living and the Dead

Conceptuel: The French Project

It's Just Raining Here

Defeat 1098 Spokesman on Leaked Ad Script: "It's factual."

Pot Use Is Up; Pot Arrests Are Up

Tomorrow Is a Brighter Day: Enter the Future of Salmon

I Sat Through Three Hours of Waterfront Presentations So You Didn't Have To

Meanwhile in Mexico, the Only Newspaper in Ciudad Jurez That Has Continued to Cover the Drug War Is Now Pleading with Drug Gangs

New Poll: Every Single Ballot Measure Under Fifty Percent

Three-Alarm Fire Consumes Abandoned Sunny Jim Plant in SoDo

Survey Says...

Rossi, on the Catwalk

Bethany Storro Attacked Herself with Acid

FLOTUS Is Coming to Town

What He Said

New in Booze

Maybe Apple Will Get Newspaper Subscriptions Right, This Time

Oh, Goody.

If It Happened to a Democrat...

Mike Nipper Recalls the Trauma of Seeing a Screeching Weasel's Penis!


Blockbuster As You Know It Is About to Go Away

Reading Today: A Hot-Sauce-Addicted Poet

Giant Lazy Snake Needs a Bath!

Welcome to the Book-Reviewing Business, Kid

SL Letter of the Day: In a Word...

J’ai Testé Pour Vous: Belle Epicurean

Obama Stare Down

For These Small Business Owners, Choice in Rossi-Murray Race Is Clear

SL Letter of the Day: Consumed With Guilt

Best Buy CEO Says iPad Sales Have Cut Laptop Sales by Half

Town Hall in North Seattle, Tonight!

Hello Storm, Obama Calling

There Are No Adults on Craigslist Anymore

All I Can Say Is

Who Put the Shot-Up Copy of Dianetics on My Desk Over the Weekend?

Maher on O'Donnell: Come On My Show Or I'll Show More Clips


Sometimes I Fear That I Have Lost My Ability to be Shocked by Anything

"All Faggots Must Die"

Second Poll in a Week Puts Murray Up by Nine

Council Raises Parking Taxes, Creates Citywide Tax District

Give 'Em Hope

Seattle Wants to Be America's Copenhagen

Ice Cream, Santa Cruz-Style

Morning News

Good F-ing Design Advice

Licata and Activists Trying to Save Waterfront Trees

Worm In Man's Eye Dodges Laser

Plouffe on DADT: "We are on a clear pathway, here, to repealing it."

Reading Tonight: A Real Live Journalist, a Good Novelist, and Important Local History

Regarding My "Feeble Attempt at Class Warfare"

Wit's End

The Genius Awards in Photos

It's the Middle Class, Stupid

Win Free Passes to Decibel Festival!

Where Are You Reading Slog?

Clinton on the Tea Party

This Tea Party Is Canceled

A Little Riddle

City Chooses James Corner Field Operations For Waterfront Redesign

I Believe the Children Are the Future

Shabazz Palaces at the Stranger Genius Awards

The Rise of the Tea Women, Part Two

Is Anything Counter-Intuitive Anymore?

2010 New York Tornado: The Video

Drafting Superman

The Morning News

Angry, Snipping, Factually Inaccurate, Certain of Himself John McCain Is Back

Currently Hanging: Roger Shimomura

Cougar Robs Bank

Unfinished David Foster Wallace Book Gets a Release Date

The Big Political Controversy in Germany?

What She Said

Youth Pastor Watch

Week in Review

SuttonBeresCuller Free Talk Tonight

Big Shakeups at DC Comics

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

Lady Gaga's Repeal DADT Speech from Portland, ME

Yet Another Poll Shows Murray Leading Rossi

A Word on Getting Into the Genius Awards


Pantha Du Prince

Stranger Genius Awards

Oktoberfest at Pair

'The Lady with All the Answers'

The French Project

White Hills

'I'm Still Here'

Martin Creed