Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 23 - 29, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 3

Savage Love

Give 'Em Hope


Broken Marriages, Fucking Around, and a Million Cigarettes

Charles Mudede Runs Out of Space Writing About the Festival of New Spanish Cinema

Heartbreaker: Pierrot le Meh

Art House

The Sicilian Girl

You Again: It’s Not All Bad—Some of It Is Worse

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole: Revenge of the Nerds


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I, Anonymous


Seventh Heaven

A Guide to Decibel Fest's World Series of Electronic Music

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Shabazz Palaces' Next Move

It's a Hit

New Singles from Model 500, Jee Day, the Crystal Ark, and More

Sound Check

Data Breaker

Seattle Talent Reps Hard at Decibel Festival

My Philosophy

Neema, Jon Jon, Dead Prez, and LaRue


Sound Off! Celebrates 10 Years of Making Young Musicians Famous

Poster of the Week

Poster by Invisible Creature

Party Crasher

The Drunken Oscars Were Hosted by a Clown

The Homosexual Agenda

Hanson, Cherry, Cabaret, and Tea Dancing


Theater Is an Inconvenient Business

An Interview with Kevin McCollum

Breaking the Code

The Tender and Harrowing Biography of a British Cryptographer Sentenced to Chemical Castration

Grandma in a Tube Top

Intiman's New Molière Production Is Both Creaky and Cloying

Visual Art

The Chihuahua Is Doing It Wrong

But the Martin Creed Show at Western Bridge Is Right Anyway

In Art News

The House That Is Colonized by Art


Child's Play

Room Gloriously Breaks an Important Storytelling Rule

Past Master

Jonathan Franzen Is the Greatest Novelist the 1950s Have to Offer

David Plouffe on DADT, Dino Rossi, and Slog Commenters

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

The Return of Vito's

Where Yat?

The World's Greatest Sandwich, New Orleans, and a Man Named Matt

Chow Bio

Ellen Kelly and Rick Weersing of the Noble Fir

Happiest Hour

Copper Cart Cafe


Great American Novelist

He's not the richest or most famous. His characters don't solve mysteries, have magical powers, or live in the future. But in his new novel, Richard Yates, Tao Lin shows us the way we live now.

Genius Unleashed

Booze, Art, and Phenomenal Headgear at the Eighth Annual Stranger Genius Awards Bash


Bar and Driver

DUI Attorneys Amass Big Money to Oust Judges They Dislike

Glass Knuckles

KEXP and Open Platform Hit Back Against Chihuly Glass Museum

School District Capitulates to Blogger

Schools Backtrack to Allow Bloggers at News Conferences

Washington’s Worst Recession

Budget Cuts Coming Across the Board

Murray Comes Back from Behind

Murray's Recent (and Surprising) Gains

Too Loud for College Kids?

New Bar on the Ave Makes Enemies with Students

I Love Television

You Will Watch This, You Won't Watch This

Public Editor

Critical Overview of The Stranger

Last Days

The Week in Review


State Auditor Says Wine Commission Misused Public Funds

New Poll: Murray Still Up, But Rossi Leads in the Under-50 Demographic

Joe Biden Coming to Help Patty Murray

Alleged Attacker on the Loose in Ballard

My Pledge to America

Permission to Call This Person a "Cunt"?

Control the Mic Like Fidel Castro

Re: Today in Novelty Slicing Devices

J’ai Testé Pour Vous: Belle Pastry

I Continue to Be Obsessed With Baking Things Into Other Things

Ted Haggard on Anderson Cooper

Did Holmes's Office Give Bad Legal Advice?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Better Call the Major Case Squad Because I Killed Sex and the City

Ho, Canada!

"What's wrong with Reichert's brain?"

The Morning News

Re: After Amanda Knox

Food at Her Fingertips

Mental Guns

San Quentin's Remodeled Execution Chamber

J’ai Testé Pour Vous: Café Besalu


We Finally Got the Slideshow Machine Started for the Stranger Genius Award Party Slideshow!

Comics Over Tea

Atheists Know More about Christianity than Christians

Now Open: So Many New Restaurants, You May Now Obtain a Crepe/Hot Dog Fusion

The Morning News

Do You Need Instructions on How to Take a Walk?

Council Will Withold Money from MOHAI, Ratify Conlin's Signature, and Alter the Mayor's Budget

Today in Obvious, but Fashionable T-Shirts

A Few Things That I Want to Tell You About!!!

United in Death

Broken Promises—The Remix

Angry And Confused Old White Bigot—The Remix

The Man-Mountain of Georgetown

"There Hasn't Been a Good Musical on Broadway in 15 or 20 Years, ThankYouForListening, Goodbye!"

A Helpful Hint for Scam Spam Authors

The Happiest Hour: Copper Cart Cafe

Seattle School Employee Charged With Selling Crack Cocaine

Rub One Out For Freedom!

Do We Need Serious Literature? Do We Need Serious Readers?

Nice Little Ritual You've Got There, Bishop Long

Toys Are All of Us

Tao Lin's Feature: New York City Gets It! (Except When New York City Doesn't Get It)

The Return of Vito's

Headline of the Day

AIG and Initiative 1082

Find This Car!

Does This Plank in the Montana Republican Platform Make Me Look Gay?

Another Thing You Could Do Tonight...

It Gets Better

Royal Booze and Burritos Responds to Neighbors' Complaints

Morning News

You Be the Unlicensed Doctor!

I Hope They Don't Start Buying Used Candy

Ideology Today: Zuckerberg's $100 million

SL Letter of the Day: Getting Past That Burning Sensation...

Gay Teenager Kills Himself In Wisconsin

Seattle Could Have Body Camera Pilot by Next Year

Mayor Says Conlin Broke Law, Conlin Says Lawyers Told Him It Was Okay, City Attorney Still Hasn’t Issued an Opinion, and the World Clings in Suspense As City Hall Turns

Rad Woman Directs Mad Men

SL Letter of the Day: If You Really Loved Me...

Lunchtime Quickie: Behold, The Jaw of The Gods!

Rossi and Giuliani, Conferencing

Go to This Comedy Show Tonight

Sesame Street's True Mud

Reading Today: The Stranger's Cover Boy

Morning News

Sister Wives: It's the Polygamiest!

Amazon's Been Very Busy

They're Screening Cthulhu Tonight at Northwest Film Forum

Teachers Union Votes to Support School Levy

The Spirit of the Spaniards

It Gets Better: Video Mob Planned for SF This Sunday

Lunchtime Quickie: Check Out These Kick Ass Shoes!

Mary Cheney Can Suck My Dick

City Atty: Conlin Didn't Impede Mayor's Authority

They Shoot Stone Mayors, Don't They?

The Most Delightful People Are Coming to Capitol Hill

Juice Boxes Make You Gay. OH! So Do Chips.

Vampire Weekend Last Night at the Paramount

Reading Today: To Kill a Mockingbird Doesn't Look a Day Over 45

Lesbian Air Force Major Margaret Witt Wins DADT Case, Military Must Re-Instate Her

Don't End Up on an Episode of Hoarders

What the Fuck Is Going on With This Election?


Mental Retardation Is a Thing of the Past...

"Misery," by Dino Rossi

The Owner of the Segway Company Rides a Segway off a Cliff and Dies in a River

The Biting Bandit

FOX News Poll: Murray 48, Rossi 47

War, History, and Tourism

Chow Bio: Ellen Kelly and Rick Weersing of the Noble Fir

Lunchtime Quickie: French Pussies

More Bad News for the GOP

Pretty Young Women Dragging Mascots Around On Leashes

Does Breaking the State's Liquor Store Monopoly Hurt Small Businesses?

It Gets Better: Up From 10th Grade

Naked Men Will Read to You This Sunday

The New Contract with America

Cal Anderson Park Surveillance Cameras To Go

Washington: Still in Line for a New Congressional Seat

The Morning News

Are You Ready For Five Days of Decibel Festival?

Plouffe Enough

Is This the Year a State Legalizes Marijuana?

Gay Donors Unwilling to Throw Good Money After Bad

The Belltown Messenger, in Print No More

Bullied Thirteen-Year-Old Gay Boy In Texas Takes His Own Life

Christian Caught Acting Like One

It Gets Better

Six Shot, Four Dead in West Seattle Shooting

Will Amazon Make You Pay to Preview a Book?

The Bishop Eddie

Required Reading: Taibbi on the Tea Party


"Hey There, Stranger" on TBTL

It Gets Better: It's Not Just Students Who Live In Fear

Fourth Time's a Charm

GOP Gov Nominee in NY Supports the Ultra-Super-Sacred Sanctity of Opposite-Only Marriage

The Morning News

Vote No on Initiative 1082

A Conversation with One of the Only Broadway Producer Making Shows Worth a Crap

Where Are You Reading Slog?

A Tiny First Step for Digital Comics

California Pot Watch

Harlan Ellison Did Not Die Onstage at a Sci-Fi Convention

SF Says: It Gets Better

The New Orleans Ghost Dinner

Reading Tonight: Local Food, Local Writers

New Murray Ad Hits Rossi Over Boeing Remarks

Happy Gray Friday

LIVE: The City Budget Speech

Don't Be Such A Fucking Dick, Faggot

On Bullied Kids and Contentious Cunts

ACORN Pimp Hilariously Misjudges His Own Sex Appeal

Dino Rossi: Careless or Carefree?

We Are Spirits in an Ether World

Richard Lewis LIVE This Weekend

They Shoot Mayors, Don't They?

Lunchtime Quickie: Finally, Proof That God Really Exists

Today in Novelty Slicing Devices

Reichert to Voters: "Fuck You!"

Mayor Won't Reveal Budget Before City Council

Joaquin Phoenix Explains I'm Still Here on Letterman Letterman Talks a Bunch

I Watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ALL THE WAY THROUGH

Where Are You Reading Slog?

The Original Tea-Partier?

The President Is a Fierce Advocate of LGBT Equality

A "Little Black Box" App Designed for iPhone

Seth Walsh

Ex-Seattle She-Hunk Falls in Love, Makes the NYT

Newsflash: The Suits at NBC Are a Bunch of Dumbasses

Week in Review

Spam Never Sleeps

Mayor’s Budget: Hundreds of Layoffs, Higher Parking Fees

Lazy Americans Would Rather Watch TV, Collect Unemployment Than Pick Fruit, Vegetables

It Was Inevitable

Rabidly Anti-Gay Christian Pastors with iPhones

Is This the HP Slate?

Status Update of the Day

Trans Homecoming King Dethroned

Gawker Doesn't Get It: Part 167

Dems Gone Wild?

The First TV Ad Against I-1098 (the Income Tax Initiative)

"If you are as lazy as I am, you may not finish the reading of the feature article by TAO LIN."

Did You Hear What Justin Bieber Said??

The Reality of Demon Possession

After Amanda Knox

There's Poetry in Those Westboro Baptist Church Press Releases

We Are Screwed

Speaking of Cinematic Masterpieces...

She Knew Before Her Period Was Regular That There Was Something Wrong With Bishop Long, A Wig-Wearin' Man

Sam Lipsyte Must've Played Dungeons & Dragons When He Was a Kid

This Is What a North Dakotan Democrat Looks Like

George Lucas is a Monster

Hari Kondabolu Gets His Own Comedy Central Special


The Morning News

American News

A Peace Anthem For Palestine

Meanwhile in France

SL Letter of the Day: The Best Man...

Activists Heckle the President on AIDS and DADT—And What The Seattle Storm Can Do To Help

The Dreamy Phone of the Future

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Lake Union Park, Broken Windows in Maple Leaf, and the Capitol Hill Crane

War of the Nudists

What He Said: Gutsy Journalist in Mexico Edition

This Week's Cover: Tao Lin, Great American Novelist

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About GoodFellas but Were Afraid to Ask

Question of the Day

Magazine Roundup: They Still Make The Old Famer's Almanac

Defining Courtesy Down

If This Boehner Story Is True...

Oldies = Goodies

Ever Want to See Bill Gates Sr. in a Dunk Tank?

SL Letter of the Day: You Joined 'Em Together, You Can Put 'Em Asunder

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial On the It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better: Who Feels Bad About Themselves Now?

County Budget Would Eliminate 500 Positions

Electionland Launches Today—Check It Out

The Trojan Force

Going Over Mayor's Head on Tunnel, Conlin Signs Off on State Impact Study

Popping the E-Book "Bubble?"

Reading Tonight: Bonobo Surprise

New Coen Brothers Trailer: True Grit

Lately When I Come Out of My Building in the Morning...

My Gaydar Is Pinging

Give 'Em Hope: It Gets Better

Council Committee Supports Citizen Involvement in Firearms Review Board Deliberations

LIVE: McGinn's Presser on Conlin's Half-Cocked John Hancock

Another Bullied Gay Teenager Attempts Suicide

The Past Is Prologue: Publishing Edition

Making It Simple on Initiatives

Bicycle Lobby Strikes Again: Bike Boxes Hit Seattle

Album Cover: Manowar: Anthology: High Five or Dollar Bin?

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

Time After TIME

Christine O'Donnell Has a Secret Plan to Stop the Whole Country From Having Sex

It Gets Better: One Day You'll Be Able To Say...

And He Wanted to be the President of a Very Poor, Very Needy, Very Difficult Country

"Best Place for Lunch on the hill?"

Dave Reichert: Brain-Damaged or a Pussy?

On the Facebook Phone Rumors

Your Opportunity to Train Like an SPD Officer

Reading Tonight: From Light to Nude

It Gets Better: We're Waiting For You On the Other Side

TIME On The "It Gets Better" Project

Reading Tonight: Hopefully, They'll Leave Their Guns at Home

It Gets Better: We're Reaching Them


Arcade Fire

John Bankston


Joe Boyd and Robyn Hitchcock

'The Town'

Decibel Festival

Brunch at La Bête

NEPO House

Drunk of the Week

"Maybe I lactate!"