Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 30 - Oct. 6, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 4

Savage Love

Boy on the Side


Liked and Unfriended

The Social Network Is Barely in English, but It Rocks

Let Me In: A Knockout Remake of a Vampire Classic

I Am Secretly an Important Man: Steven Jesse Bernstein Gets the Documentary Treatment


Thanks for the Tension Headache, Spain!

Freakonomics: Like 9/11, Only with More Sumo Wrestling

Art House

RIP, Pape Sidy Niang, Young Star of Police Beat

I, Anonymous


Top of the Class

The Best Electronic Musicians at UW and Beyond

The Smartest Dumb Guys in the Room

Did Going to College Make Das Racist Better Rappers?

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

The Head and the Heart's Stagey Sincerity

It's a Hit

A Roundup of Late-Pass Hiphop

Data Breaker

Rusko's Party-Monster Dubstep, Emeralds' Zen Ambience

Thomas Hunter: White China Gold

My Philosophy

Blue Sky Black Death, E-40, Das Racist, and Ladies First


Run Vera Run Is Right Around the Corner

Poster of the Week

Poster by Steve Quenell

Party Crasher

Supporting a Child's Education with Alcohol

The Homosexual Agenda

Working Girls, Lick!, and Choice—Ono!


Swords and Glass

Director's Choice at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Visual Art

Neighborhood for Lease

Storefronts Seattle Skims the Surface of the Deep, Dark, Empty Spaces in Pioneer Square

Step Up to the Joystick

In SuttonBeresCuller's New Work, a Giant Mechanical Arm Zooms In on Art


Where All the Money Went

Clinton's First Secretary of Labor Has a Bold Plan to Save Us

What You Did Last Summer

Darin Strauss's Grief-Soaked Memoir About Killing a Girl

Food & Drink

Delicious Senselessness

The Magic of Memo's at Two O'Clock in the Morning

Bar Exam

Island Time Without the Plane Ticket at 'Ohana

Happiest Hour

Mike's Chili Parlor

Chow Bio

Luis Rodriguez of the Station


Plotting a Revolution

A New Generation Plans to Take Over American Agriculture—and Make It Profitable

The Witt Standard

After Her Victory Over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Major Margaret Witt Talks About What's Next

Pay More, Get More (Infighting)

Budget Shortfall Pits Council Against Mayor

Police Beat

Men in Ski Masks

Vote for a Tax Increase or He'll Cut Us

Dow Constantine's Big Budget-Slashing Gambit

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

The Science of Happiness

Drunk of the Week

What Do You Do?

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

The Land of Spotted Dick


'The Social Network'

'Breaking the Code'

Sir Richard Bishop, Bill Orcutt

'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole'

Caribou, Emeralds

Das Racist

Smash Putt

Party at the Henry

Last Days

The Week in Review


Get Ready to Opt-Out of Yellow Pages Delivery

What Is "The Ultimate Elbow Against Families"?

Think You're So Smart? PROVE IT.

Name Glenn Danzig's Cat!

Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig)

Gay Oregon Teacher Reassigned to Teaching in Closet

Here Is What I Have To Say About the Recall and Subsequent Pulping of the UK Edition of Freedom, as Well as the Fact That Someone Stole Jonathan Franzen's Glasses and Then Put Them Up for 100,000 Ransom:

Sham Marriage

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! There's a Spider on my Rolodex!!!!

The Latest Murray/Rossi Poll

Sarah Kavage and 1,000 Bushels of Wheat

Lunchtime Quickie: Mmm, Mechanically Separated Chicken!

At Least His Taxes Were a Bit Lower Before his House Burnt Down

Congratulations, Brand New Obama Intern!

GOP and the Pledge of Nothingness

The Gates!

What Can Straight People Do To Help?

Birther Queen Backs Rossi

Picasso, I Am in No Mood for You

What Do You Think Is the World's Best Cookie?

Inside Marc Jacobs' Fashionable New Bookstore

The Morning News

The Best Legs in Seattle Are Leaving—Early?

Your Pro-KEXP/Open Platform Form Letter

The Morning News

Linda's Tavern Burglarized Early Sunday

You Win, Snickers! I Will Never Eat Your Candy Bar Again.

I Like to Think of Local Octopuses as Giant, Intelligent, Mystical Monsters...

The Calm Before the Storm

Jaime Herrera: Slamming the Other Washington from... the Other Washington

The Secret of Whether the Tree Will Break the Glass

The Morning News

Todd Palin Is Terrible at Writing E-Mails

College Freshman Commits Suicide After Roommate Uses Hidden Cameras to Stream Live Images of Him Having Sex Over The Internet

It Gets Better: You're Reaching Them

Broadway Meets Rock 'n' Roll: Too Little, Too Late

Obama's Speech Last Night

Who Killed Tyler Clementi?

Flickr Photo of the Day

"Student Lives Always Matter"

Did Anyone Else...

RIP, Greg Giraldo

Your Blue Cat-People Fantasies Come True

The Ghost of Dead Neoliberalism: Austerity

Seattle's Ladymayor!

Tiger Breeding Ground Gains Traction in Fight for Seattle Center Site

ABC News On The "It Gets Better" Project

Man with Dementia Threatens Housemate with Handgun

Hey There Stranger on TBTL: Cienna Madrid on Nubile Farmers (!), Lindy West on Some Prison Guard Named Juan (!), and Dan Savage on the It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better: A Different Bridge

City Council Voting on Conlin's Signature on Tunnel Study

[Insert Hand/Twilight Pun Here]

Today in Anonymous Fury Directed at Seattle Streets

Fuck You, Scentless Internet

It Gets Better: Thank You, Old Marrieds

The Morning News

The Michael Moore Plan for Democratic Victory in November

Reading Tonight: Michele Norris, The Daily Kos, and the Company Store

You Don't Know Me

Smart Money's on McCarthy

Reading Last Night: Last of the Living Spankstra and Friends

Colombia Sues Drug Traffickers—the Makers of Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, Etc.—for Criminal Racketeering

50Cent Tells Gay Men to Commit Suicide?

Reading Today: Right-Wing Radicals Are America's Taliban

Don't Ask Dino Rossi about DADT, Because He Won't Tell

Alyson Books to Go E-Only

Slog Poll: King Mayor for the Day

An Example of Wasteful Government Spending

Sentence of the Day

White Papers and Foot Soldiers

Man, How About that Arcade Fire?

The Times Are A-Changin': Moe Tucker, Drummer for The Velvet Underground, Is a Teabagger

Spider of the Day: Cthulhu R'lyeh edition

Caption This Photo: Dog Poo in a Dollar Bill!

Steven Jesse Bernstein Was An Important Seattle Man

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Hey! Come to Sex Trivia Tonight!

Audit Finds King County Is Not Complying With Federal Grant Requirements

This Should Be Interesting

For Your Stomach's Consideration: The Magic of Memo's

Lunchtime Quickie: A Boy And His Crocodile

What's Taking Google Editions So Long?

California Pot Watch

Xerox Brings Us Closer to a Redbox for Books

Reichert's Schedule Just Got Less "Filled Up"

Open Studio Sale at the Washington Foundation TONIGHT

Chow Bio: Luis Rodriguez of the Station

Right Wing Radio Duck

First Murray-Rossi Debate Set for Oct. 14

Flickr Photo of the Day

Judge Says Candidate Switched to Get "Financial Support" of Attorney Group

Week in Review

These are the Flight Attendants I Want to Die With

This Week in Film: The Social Network

Heeee's Back

My Favorite Chimp Goes to Chimp Heaven at 52

An Interview With Maj. Margaret Witt, Slayer of DADT

Man Blows Up Own Mailbox to Prove Street Cred in Ponzi Scheme

BIAW, Main Backer of the Workers' Comp Initiative (And This Insane Rap Video), Found to Have Mishandled Member Funds

Today in Twitter Wisdom

American Kids Eat 40% Junk Food: "Staggering"

Non-Profits, Business Groups Oppose Yellow Pages Opt-Out Bill

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

That Hood Canal Story Is Depressing

SL Letter of the Day: Don't Santorum Me!

Bus Rapid Transit Is Basically Just Like Bus Transit

The Happiest Hour: Mike's Chili Parlor

Saturday Nights Live

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Gordon Ramsay Is a Fucking Blowhard

"How Do I Have Sex with That Thing?"

It Gets Better: Take It From Some Card-Carrying Members of the ACLU

How "Christian" Parents Kill Their Gay Children

Expansion of the World's Most Wonderfully Weird Museum

Lunchtime Quickie: The McDonalds Un-Happy Meal Deal

Seattle's Tunnel Will Be a Magical Tunnel That Won't Have this Happen

Mmm, Polygamy Bus Tour

Derek Erdman Meets Goddess Kring

Blog Commenter Fired for Offensive Remark

"There's No One in This Platoon That Agrees This Is Wrong."

SL Letter of the Day: Does It Count?

New Twitter Design

It's HUMP Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

We Are Not That Far Away from Mass-Market Quantum Computing

So, I Finally Got Around to Watching The Book of Eli Last Night

An Email

Three Short Notes on Movies About Sluts, Facebook, and Vampires

Today in Novelty Throw Rugs

The Godfather on Vashon Island, for a Good Cause

You Can't Take Light Rail to the Airport

Slog Poll: What Should the Mayor Do with Seattle Center?

A Sister Lists the Advantages of Dating a White Man and the Disadvantage of Dating a Black Man

Attention, Hank Fans...

Advice for McGinn, from the Man Who Built Bellevue

"How on earth can someone else’s simcha cause anyone 'pain and consternation'? If it does, that person needs therapy."

Complaint Says DUI Lawyers Broke Rules by Coordinating With Judicial Campaign

Belltown Gets Its Own Melrose-Project-Type Thing

Name This Band!: The Four Asian Dudes Edition!

Reading Today: A Tragic Bicycle Accident

Went For a Walk

A Correction about the Plot of The Great Gatsby

"Our Justice System Is Not for Sale," Assert Anti-CJE Lawyers

Sorry, Liberals, the Initiatives Are Not Going Your Way

Fuck with Elmo? Elmo Fucks with YOU.

Why Are So Many Gay Kids Killing Themselves?

It Gets Better: We're Giving Them Hope

Ethnic Media Feels Ignored This Election Season

The 'Ack!' Fades to Black: RIP Cathy

It Gets Better: A Programming Note

First Thursday Is Here

The Myth of the Killer Instinct

Yellow Pages Lobby Makes Final Plea to Run Its Own Opt-Out Registry

Utah Poised to Criminalize Miscarriages

Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Contract

Your Friday Pit Bull

What's New for You Under the Health Care Reform Act

Vigilantes Kick Out Cops in Mexican Town

Reading Tonight: American Gothic, American Singer/Songwriter, American Afterlife

Lunchtime Quickie: Spike's Patented Protein Shake-Shake

Reading Tonight: It's Ladies Night!

Dads? Try to "Out-Dad" This Dad.

About That Creepy Assistant Attorney General from Michigan Who's Stalking An Openly Gay Campus Leader at His, the Creepy AAG's, Alma Mater

Wasted Tax Dollars? Prove It.

Shhhhhhhh! The Reading Party at the Sorrento Is Back! Now Once a Month and with Special Guests!

Are Washington Voters About to Give Away the Store?

"Any ideas to help get motivated to organize?"

Today in "What? WHAT??? BOOOOO!!! BOOOOO!!!"

Reading Tonight: Gigantic

Ready Your Gut: 12 Distilleries Soon Operating in Seattle

A Rant (Sorry): It's About Money, Not About Art

Strangercrombie Wants to Know: Who Is Your Favorite Local Charity?

The Morning News

Are You Thinking About Playing the Lottery?

The Return of the 20th Century.

Library Fines for Kids Nothing New

And Now a Word from a Concerned Commenter

It Gets Better: A Theological Response

America Saves England's Ass AGAIN

It Gets Better: Tim Gunn Made It Work...

Final 520 Report Shows Conflict Over Feasibility of Light Rail

Vive Airbus!

Reading Tonight: A Plan to Save Our Economy, a Steampunk Event

Local Man Starts Fund to Pay Weezer to STFU!

Currently Hanging: Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe

Tony Curtis.

The Look of Hate

Between Two Ferns / The Social Network Mashup!

Hey, Frizzelle... Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

"No More Dithering, No More Time for Divisiveness"—City Council Moves Forward on Tunnel

The Amateur Gourmet Says "It Gets Better" With Braised Short Ribs

Your Design Eye-Candy of the Day

Not Registered to Vote? You Have Five Days

The Buzz in the Space Community

A God of Love

Required Listening: "You don't follow the Bible! You're a liar!"

Re: Advice for McGinn, from the Man Who Built Bellevue

You Can Now Pay Hot Women to Play Video Games with You

So Much Local Art It Hurts: Fourteen—14!—Shows

Are Your Apps Spying on You? And Can Amazon Save Us?

Let's Go to the Bay: Seattle vs. San Francisco

The Morning News

"What is your favorite kind of pie?"

Restaurantsplosion Continues on Capitol Hill

Autopsy Shows John T. Williams Wasn't Facing SPD Officer When Shot

What Would Ewe Do?

Gliese 581-g: A New Planet to Destroy (Maybe)

That Cocaine, Officer? It's Not Mine.

Required Reading

The Zooms


What Recession?

Lunchtime Quickie: God Sperm?

It Gets Better: This One Goes Out to All the Teenage Musical Theater Queens

SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry

Now You Can Pubit On Your Nook!

Slower Than a Falling Spartan and Other Thoughts on the Superman Movie

Second Murray-Rossi Debate Set for Oct. 17

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Beacon Hill Gets Another Farmers Market, Crime Is Down in CD, and the Weather is a-Brewing.

Today in Awesome: Explode Slog!

ABC News On Tyler Clemente and IGBP

Marijuana Decriminalized in California—Totally Legal by Next Month?

Currently Hanging: Gerri Sayler

The Passion of South American Presidents

For Those of You Calling on Democrats to Hit Hard...

James Ensor Is a Pisser

What Does It Take for a Student to Get Suspended From a Middle School in the Cy-Fair Independent School District?

City Received Ineligible Federal Funds For King Street Station Project

But Isn't Song of Bernadette Playing on AMC This Week?

Lower Queen Anne Sports Bar Celebrates Grand Opening With Free Food

Woman Sentenced for Gross Counterfitness

Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Baking!

Good Lord.

This Friday: Jennifer Coolidge at the Triple Door!

There Will Be a Cutting-Edge "Flash Mob" Tomorrow at Noon

Currently Hanging: Connie Watts

The Putsch in Ecuador Continues

The Morning News

Why We're Screwed

Mayor Calls Council Resolution Meaningless, Plans Meeting with Governor

Back To School 2010

The Stranger's 2010 Back to School Guide

What No One Else Is Going to Tell You About Drugs, Drinking, Sexual Positions, Stupid Majors, What the Music in Your Dorm Room Says About You, and More