Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 7 - 13, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 5

Savage Love

Make It Better

New Column!


Waiting for Superman: It’s a Polemic! Get Mad! Arrr!

It’s Kind of a Funny Story: And Only Kind of a Funny Movie

Blood, Bone, Metal, Ghosts, Rectums, Rapes

Gasper Noé Cannot Be Unwatched

Breathless Has the Most Beautiful American Actress of the 20th Century

The Freebie: Better Than Bad Rom-Coms!

Buried: It's Literally a Dude in a Box

Secretariat: Spiritual Horse Moments. Yeah.

Onion and Secretariat Made My Dad Cry

Jen Graves Interviews Her Father About the Rise and Fall of an Athlete He Loved but Never Could Interview


Never Let Me Go

I, Anonymous

That's What She Said


Mama Grrrzzly

The Carefully Negotiated Return of Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker

Ain't That Americana

The Moondoggies Are Not the Allman Brothers

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Reviews of Dirty Projectors and Das Racist

It's a Hit

New Singles from Friendly Fires, Azari & III, Falty DL, and More

Data Breaker

Drumsicle's Scratchy Beats, PotatoFinger's Live Video-Game Score

My Philosophy

Sportn' Life and Focused Noise's Deadly Duos

Sound Check

Steve Fisk: Inside Sounds, Fire Juggling


A (Not at All Depressing) Fall Playlist

Poster of the Week

Poster by Jon Cook

Party Crasher

Come Spill Beer with Me

The Homosexual Agenda

Beards, Lezbros, and Glitoris


"I Was a Little Bit Ashamed Every Night"

French Iconoclast Christian Rizzo on Clubbing, Non-Dance, and Basketball Shoes

Burlesque Box

Naked Boys Reading Judy Blume

Visual Art

Fascinated by Unusual Deaths

Amy Blakemore and the Diana Camera

In Art News

I Hate You, Money, and You're Driving the Arts


What It Feels Like for a Teabagger

Two Pollsters Try to Legitimize an Illegitimate "Movement," with an Assist from Their Leader Glenn Beck

Constant Reader

Sci-Fi Nerds and Literary-Fiction Fans Unite, Uncomfortably

Constant Reader

A Sexy Cruise and a Divorce That Chases a Boy to the Moon (Literally)

Food & Drink

Unlike Grandma Used to Make

Cheeky Cafe's Improvements on Old-School Favorites

Bar Exam

The Local Vine, Take Two

Chow Bio

Vuong Loc of June

Happiest Hour

Faire Gallery Cafe-Bar


High Court Hypocrite

The Troubling Double Standards of Justice Richard Sanders


Bikes Not Welcome

Truck Activists Fight to Keep Georgetown Roads Free of Cyclists and Pedestrians

Accounting Errors

Conservative BIAW Called Out on Money Mismanagement

Unfunny Money

Did DUI Attorneys Break Campaign-Finance Rules?

Booze Boom

For the First Time Since Prohibition, a Dozen Distilleries in Seattle


State Audit Criticizes Seattle School District

It Gets Worse

Homophobic Sleeping Bags

It's Still Baking Week in Questionland

Soft Power in Brazil: Hearts, Minds, and the Drug War

Scott Simon Keeps Telling Me That KUOW's Pledge Drive Ends "Just as Soon as They Reach Their Goal"

When Will We Reach The Tipping Point?

Meanwhile In Michigan

The Liberal Quandary Over the Booze Initiatives

NJ/NY Tunnel Canceled Due to Ballooning Cost Overruns

A Match Made in Heaven: Taiwanese CGI and Marijuana

A Review of (Driving and Parking in) Downtown Bellevue

Would It Help To Declare a National March On One High School?

Happiest Hour: Faire Gallery Cafe-Bar

I-1098 in Electionland All Week

You Could Say I'm Throwing a Little Tea Party in the Comments

Protect Our Communities Profits

Stupid Little Douchebags

Panic at the Bravo

A Harmless Asteroid Makes the Papers

Get a Book for (Almost) Free Today

Youth Violence Program Could be Gone Next Year.

Reading Today: Supremely Offensive, Supremely Disturbing

Old Column! Richard B. Sanders, Third Year Law Student, on Affirmative Action

Another Reason to Bike to Work

Paul Allen, Greedy Asshole

Labor Leaders Accuse Heavey of "Pandering" on the Economy

Cliches Of Our Lives

Our Bad. (Or: The Stranger's Ancient Endorsement of the Man Who Became this Week's High Court Hypocrite.)

The Seattle Times, Wednesday October 6

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Confidential to Christians Who Are Always Telling Me That You're "Not All Like That" And That "Not All Christians" Are Homophobic Bigots...

Is Anyone Else Unable to Turn Off the TV and Go to Bed Because the Recovery of the Miners in Chile?

He's Not a Very Good Writer, but He's Right

"Extend the Tax on Bottled Water"

Reading Tonight: Anton Chekhov and Paris Hilton, Sitting in a Tree

The Morning News

Flickr Photo of the Day

The Morning News

More Reasons Why an Income Tax Won't Reach the Middle Class

Mexico Round-Up: Sep 12

If you're in Chicago Thursday night

Woman Punched by SPD Officer Pleads Guilty to Assault

It Gets Better: Send the Marines

Old Column! Richard B. Sanders, Third Year Law Student, Will Not Be Boycotting Grapes in Solidarity With Striking Migrant Workers

Comment of the Day: Cressona

Picasso and Chihuly and Trickle-Down Artonomics

Seattle's Preferred Alternative Commute is by Public Transit

Biden in Tacoma: Stumping, Holding Babies, and Talking and Talking and Talking

Bring On the Lawsuit, Yellow Bellied Pages

Old Column Rebuttal! Tom Chambers, Third Year Law Student, on Migrant Workers

MoveOn's Aging Hippies Rally Against Corporate Spending

We Were Promised Jet-Books

Can You Recommend a Kid-Friendly Place in Seattle to Watch Sunday Football?

Used Bookselling Sure Has Gotten Depressing

Ben Brantley Goes Nuts for Gatz....

Chilean Miners Set to Be Freed Tomorrow

New Olympic Sport: Jail Cell Bunk Bed High Diving!

Another Benefit of Legalization in California: Arts Funding

The Gold Standard: Inflation, Wealth and Economic Growth

The New Leadership at Cascade Bicycle Club

Reading Tonight: More Twitter Followers than Jesus

Old Column! Richard B. Sanders, Long Before He Was a State Supreme Court Justice, Writing About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Suicide"


Currently Hanging: Francoise Gilot

Hearing Examiner Rejects Claims of Neighborhood Activists

Judge Issues Worldwide Injunction Against DADT

Northwest Noir: The Bodyguard and the Dog Trainer

Why Pay Another Regressive Sales Tax?

The Day Ain't Over...

Photographs That Don't Make Me Tired

Bar Exam: The Relocated Local Vine

Today Is the Big Day for Windows Phone 7

It's Lady Sex Week in Questionland

Heavey Hits Back (With the Most Polite "Fuck You" We've Seen All Election Season)

Picasso: Immediate Thoughts

Soda Is Not Food

Who Started the "Reichert's Brain" Rumor? Dave Reichert

Stay Classy, China

Glenn Beckwatch: Marching Orders

I Wrote this Post on my New Windows 7 Phone (While Giving Birth)

Lunchtime Quickie: RATS! They're Amazing Pets!

"Don't Tell When Asked": How Catholic Hospices Are Denying Patients' Rights to Death With Dignity

War Is Good for the Environment and Other Living Things

Tim Ceis Faces Charges for Hit and Run

Currently Sleeping: The CoCA Auction Artists

The Morning News

Performance Art Weekend

UW Daily, May 15, 1968

Cascade Bicycle Club's New Leadership Pedals On

This Is Why We Love the Frye

Comic Book Sales Are Way Down

Reading Tonight: Flotsam, the History of Desk Lamps, and Grrrrrrrrrls

Clearly I'm The Only Gay Person On Earth Who Is...

The Mendacity of Hope: The Frothing Left Wing

The End for the Miners

Eli Sanders on the Troubling Double Standards of a State Supreme Court Justice

Republican Poll Shows Republican Dino Rossi Winning

Reading Today: Two Classics and a Sure-to-Be-Not-Classic-in-the-Making

Traffic Report

MythBusters: Dino Rossi Did Not Write the 2003-2005 State Budget

Chow Bio: Vuong Loc of June

SL Letter of the Day: Leave It Alone

The Back of the Head Of The Person Sitting In Front Of Me On This Flight

The Bunny-Man Cometh

Another "Best" Listzzzzzzzzz...

Are Gay People Already Boycotting Walmart?

How Did You Meet Daddy, Daddy?

Who Are the 20 Non-Fiction Writers Under 40?

Leo Berk and Margie Livingston Each Win $25,000 for the Inaugural Chihuly Foundation Innovation Award

Week in Review

“Don’t kill yourself—please? Because you might be a future significant other for me!”

Were You Wanting to Hear Two Recordings of Englishmen Saying the Word "Yoghurt"?

Vote Yes on Prop 1: Stop the Bleeding

Toxic Sludge from Outer Space

It Gets Better: Gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

DUI Lawyers Say Stranger Coverage Misses Mark

Rossi Outraises Murray in the 3rd Quarter

Lunchtime Quickie: Friday Is Pizza Day

Europe and the Devolution of the Car

The Morning News

Lunchtime Quickie: If You Think You're Having A Bad Day...

But Hey, We Did Try to Give the Guy Advice About His Nazi Uniform

The Morning News

Fall Weather and Winter Coats.

It's Time to Talk About Halloween!

Bill Clinton Is Coming Next Week

Murray Up in New Elway Poll

Old Column! The Farewell Address of Richard B. Sanders, Third Year Law Student

Newsflash: Computer Proficiency Required to Become SAM's Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Another Small Press Heads West

Five Questionable Archie Panels

John T. Williams: The Buck Stops with Nobody...

Dogs and Madrid

Currently Hanging: Lead Pencil Studio

The Inhabitants of Spain

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

Mike Nipper Knows Everything About Music

Flickr Photo of the Day

Lunchtime Quickie: The Game Face

The President of Mexico Opposes California's Prop 19... Because He Likes the Drug War Just the Way It Is?

The Innumerate Opposition to I-1098

Reading Today: Anti-Americans, Great Americans, and Drowning Americans

Today in the Painful Lessons of Physics

Goodloe-Johnson Resigns from Board Amid Criticisms of Conflict of Interest

Are Fox News Reporters the New Catholic Priests?

Tomorrow Night: Joey Arias at the Triple Door

Forecast for November: Best Voter Turnout in Decades

Schmader's Right, You Should Go See Joey Arias Tonight—Especially If You've Never Seen Him

Gay Dudes Aren't Looking for Straight Dudes, Lesbians Like Drugs More than Straight Women, and Other Revelations from OkCupid

Facebook's New Photo Viewer

The Morning News

Flickr Photo of the Day

How Should You Vote on the Liquor Initiatives?

Why Is Dino Rossi Advertising on Glee?

Who Will Protect Us From the Roving Used Book-Buying Gangs?

9/11: Well, That Settles It

What They Named Their Restaurant

The Silent Reading Party Is Tonight

Tonight: I'm From Driftwood's Fifty-State Story Tour Comes to Lobby Bar

Glenn Beckwatch: Here's What's Wrong with Glenn Beck

It Gets Better: A Video and a Letter for a Sunday Morning

I Will KICK YOUR ASS at Air Hockey

Amazon Is Developing "Kindle Singles"

Pick Your Favorite Liz Phair Poem...

Seattle Schools Show Record Enrollment, Over-Crowding Problem Continues

Saudi Arabia, Mariah Carey, and Photoshop

Behold This Gorgeous Plate of Macaroni & Cheese

After Tweaks for Local Interests, City Council Set to Pass Yellow Pages Bill

Someone Is Writing a Novel Right Now

The Liquor Initiative Debate

Some Things I Have Seen While Riding a Bicycle in Seattle

Slog Poll: How Thirsty Are You for Booze?

Here's What I Want For My Birthday

What's the Difference?

Why Do the Homos Have Public Sex During the Day and the Hets Have Public Sex at Night?

Trick or Vote: Your Only Chance as An Adult to Compete with Children for Candy and Not Feel Stupid

Reading Tonight: Alex Ross, an Author I Missed, and a Fundraiser to Document Readings

Don't Forget: Slog Happy Is Thursday at Highline

The Hipster Headdress and Other Tribal Fashions

All That and an Environmentally Friendly Bag of Chips

Can You Make a Better Ad than This One?

The Prime Mover in E-Book Technology Is the Screen

The Silence of the Lambs

Civilization and Its New Contents

Dora the Explorer: Can You Say, "Litigation"?

Culture of Poverty

Old Column! Richard B. Sanders, Second Year Law Student, on the 14th Amendment

Confidential to the White House

MythBusters: Dave Reichert Did Not Catch the Green River Killer

Woman Attacked in Seward Park

Dear Washington Post...

Those Amazing Headsculpturethings

U.S. 9th Circuit Upholds State's Ban on Felon Voting

The Mayor of Paris Doesn't Let Teenagers See Larry Clark's Pictures of Teenagers

Hippies Should Totally Join the Tea Party

Scoreboard, Baby: A (Seattle-Based) Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity

Let's All Judge the New Gap Logo!

Ted Hughes Posthumously Acknowledges Sylvia Plath's Suicide

A Recent Ruling Found It Was Legal to Place a Tracking Device on a Suspect's Car Without a Warrant

Another Sci-Fi Fetish I've Never Considered...

Why (For Fuck's Sake) Should I Care?

Even More Money from the Soda Lobby?

Who You Gonna Believe?

Pilot Books Would Like Your Help

SL Letter of the Day: Finding Dad's Porn

Update: The New Gap Logo

I'd Rather Kiss a (real) Wookiee

The Morning News

Latest Details on that Horrifying Gang Gay-Bashing in the Bronx

More Depressing Environmental News: Hungary's Flood of Toxic Sludge

Mario Vargas Llosa

Glenn Beckwatch: Something Happened

Weekend Reading: Vargas Llosa, Ted Hughes, and Bodily Fluid Slapstick

Save the Date: Come See Me Talk About the Future of the Book on Wednesday

KC Exec Orders Inquest into Williams Shooting

Wacky Re-Interperetation of "Come Together"

Man Charged in Ballard, Covington Assaults

The Most Annoying Brit in the World

This Week in Film: Never Let Me Go

Read "Bacon's Man"

Killer Rescue

SL Letter of the Day: You Don't Love Him

Flickr Photo of the Day

The Seattle Times Dumps Dave Reichert

Yellow Pages Lobby Says O'Brien Is Trying to Tax Newspapers

Tourism Matters (and Tourists Love Glass Brittle)

Against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

SL Letter of the Day: Don't Listen To Your Mother

Dueling Narratives: Steak Knife Edition

Obama Coming Back to Seattle for Murray

While We're Talking About the Income Tax Initiatve...

What Should This Dog Be for Halloween?

Get a Book for (Totally) Free Today

Lunchtime Quickie: Gay Porn Star Makes Statement About Sexual Discrimination... With Juggling

Christian Rizzo: Holy Mercy!

This Doesn't Sound Good: Insider Selling To Buying: 2,341 To 1

Clearly, Catherine Keener Should Play Mommy

British Rugby Hunk Ben Cohen Joins the "It Gets Better" Project!

Seven Different Versions of the Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale"!!! Listen to Them All at Once!

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