Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 14 - 20, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 6

Savage Love

In Your Image

I, Anonymous


Stone: Come for the De Niro, Stay for the Jovovich

A Gay Old Time

Bullies, Bears, and Ballroom Dancers at SLGFF


Seattle Komedy Dokumentary

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: The Annual Woody Allen Rebrand

Nowhere Boy: A Lovely Film About Postadolescent John Lennon

Red: The Adventures of Bruce Willis's Wattle


Wrong About Love

What Happened to Belle & Sebastian's Brilliant Career

Maya Culpa

In Defense of M.I.A.'s Difficult Third Album

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Superchunk's Majesty Shredding

It's a Hit

Four Tet Remixes

Data Breaker

Peaced-Out: Teebs's Blissful Hiphop Fantasias

My Philosophy

Hot-Ticket Gigs: Wiz Khalifa, M.I.A., and City Arts Fest

Sound Check

Film School: About Fission

Poster of the Week

Poster by Shaun William Callahan



The Homosexual Agenda

Anita Goodmann, BearCity, and Hot Pink

Party Crasher

Not Wearing Any Pants


My Wife Is Not Well

Water, Sex, Murder, Suicide, and Music in Sextet

The One Who Writes It Down Wins

A Conversation with Tommy Smith, the Writer of Sextet

God of Garbage

God of Carnage at Seattle Rep Is a Well-Polished Turd

Visual Art

Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

Implied Violence and the Ardent American Resistance

In Art News

There's a Right Reason to Love Picasso, and to Cry Over the 2010 Arts Innovator Awards


Can the Internet Make You a Better Writer?

Writing Sites Typetrigger and 750Words Were Born in Seattle

The Science of Story

Scarlett Thomas Explains It All

Constant Reader

A Book Club It's Okay to Join

Food & Drink

Rebirth of a Room

Pork Rinds, Veal Sweetbreads, and a Banana Split at La Bête

Bar Exam

Getting Sauced: Cafe Nordo's Latest Cocktail Theater

Chow Bio

Vick Aroon and Nathan Tech of Octo Sushi

The Happiest Hour

White Horse Trading Company


Hire One of These People

The city needs a new—really, a new—arts chief. This will be a historic occasion for the arts in Seattle if you make it one, Mr. Mayor.

I Love Television

Mad Men Yourself

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week

Dear Science

Last Days

The Week in Review


What to Do When Your Offspring Is Shattering Everyone's Eardrums in a Restaurant

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Rick Larsen

Your Ballot Is in the Mail

Come to Slog Happy and Win (EDIBLE) Prizes!

Full Funding Secured for South Park Bridge Replacement

Bears-Seahawks Sunday

HUMP! Tickets

Superman's Sharia

And Another Thing About Local Televised Debates

SECB Endorsements: No on I-1082

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Ed McKenna

An Important Message from Amanda Lepore

Life and the Universe

Vote Yes on the School Levy: State Chops Schools—You Can Slow the Bleeding

Reading Tonight: Beloved by Julia Child

Get Smarter in Questionland!

What Is the Value of a Seattle Times Endorsement?

Obama Seeks Emergency Stay on DADT Ruling

Another Heartwarming Story

Candidate-palooza in Columbia City

Flickr Photo of the Day

TONIGHT: The Great Liquor Debate!

Why I Support Initiative 1098

Look! Up in the Sky!

SPD Releases Sketch of Seward Park Assailant

Correction of the Day

Bellevue Woman Stabs Other Woman in Anger Management Class!

That Is the Only Logical Conclusion: Jesus for President!

The Russian Traffic Cop and the Wolves

"For Bill, Who is a weasel-faced man."

The Morning News

Hitting Heavey (Or: The Wonk Fight Continues)

The Morning Report

Joe Fitzgibbon, Not Fully Returning Our Squeee!

Do Not Laugh at the Non-Traditional Sportsmen

Ignore the SECB on I-1100... They're Drunk

Required Reading: Newsweek on Obama and DADT

Christine O'Donnell Allegedly Has Loud Sex, Doesn't Really Go to Church

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Adam Kline and Eric Pettigrew

What? You've Never Heard the True Story of the U.S.S. Titanic?

Dino Bingo!

Lost in New York: Day One

Crow, I prefer medium rare

This Week in the Books Section

The Europeans

SECB Endorsements: Approve State Constitutional Amendment 8225

Give It Up For Rabbi Levin, Ladies and Gentlemen, He's Here All Week (Barring the Messiah's Arrival)

A New, Fun Way to Pass Judgment on Your Friends

KING-5's New Day NW Showcases "Princess Boy" and His Amazing Family

A Few Theories on John Koster's Debate-Ducking

The Way Buying Liquor Ought to Be

SECB: Vote for Suzan Delbene

Flash Poll: Who Do You Want Strangercrombie to Benefit? UPDATE: Poll Closed

World's Record in Underwear

"ICU and It Makes Me Sick"

The Morning News

Un Dia en la Vida de Tampico

John Koster Backs Out of Televised Debate With Rick Larsen in the Race for the 2nd Congressional District

Hey Gamers...

It Gets Better: Bishop Gene Robinson Comes to the Defense of a Loving God

Because I Know You All Love Tao Lin...

Reading Tonight: Cunningham, Danticat, and a Bunch of Under-the-Influence Authors

Picking the Right Present for a Baby

The Throwdown on I-1100 and I-1105

Currently Hanging: Casey Curran

Endorsements for the General Election

Regarding Hipster Headdresses and So On

The Obama Administration's Unappealing Political Cowardice

First Murray-Rossi Debate, Tonight at 7 p.m.

Here Is Why Book Prizes Are Arbitrary

R.I.P. Barbara Billingsley

Gorilla Learns About Death

Microsoft Donates $75,000 to Oppose I-1098, Microsoft CEO Donates an Additional $325,000

SECB Endorsements: Yes on I-1100, No on I-1105

Did You Hear What Joey Arias Did to the Woman in the Audience Last Night Who Said "I'm in Marketing"?

Chief and Firearms Review Board Say Williams Killing Unjustified

Obama Must Try Upholding DADT in Court

For Your Stomach's Consideration: Handmade Pork Rinds at La Bête

The Video Is Always so Much Worse (Or: Congressman Dave Reichert Is Not Familiar with the Glass-Steagall Act)

Lunchtime Quickie: Vote Jimmy McMillan?

You Should Make a Comic Book in November

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Man Stares at His Own Vomit and Sees the Universe!!!


LiveSlogging the First Murray-Rossi Debate

For Your Stomach's Consideration: Lunch at the Berliner in Pioneer Square

“But that’s too far down for a clit—it’s like a big, weird ball.”

Lost in New York, Day 4: Look at This Fucking Food I Just Ate

Fact-Checking Eyman's "Screwed" Radio Ad

Lunchtime Quickie: Besoffener Idiot bedroht Polizisten mit Vibrator

Another Poll Puts Murray Ahead

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Karen Donohue

Art Walks: Good for Local Art Scenes or Not?

Gay Federal Employees Can't Purchase—Purchase—Health Coverage For Their Same-Sex Partners Through Their Federal Benefits Program......

Forthcoming South Park Bridge Thrills Neighborhood, Provides Exemplary Launching Platform for Numerous Pro-Murray Stump Speeches

Also Against I-1082: The Insurance Comish

Does Costco Have Your Attention Yet?

Reading Tonight: A Tinkers Damn, and a Literary Odd Couple

The Politics of Comedy

After Setback, Activists Consider Federal Fight to Declare Dilapidated Housing Projects Historic Landmarks

Required Viewing: Kerry Eleveld Grills Robert Gibbs on DADT

Yankees Shock Rangers, Bush

Hey, Gamers...

The Latest Pot Poll Says...

Got a Question About the 8th District Race?

The City of Seattle Will (Slowly) Roll Out a New Website

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Joe McDermott

Wow. WOW.

Late-Night/Early-Morning Thoughts on "Jackass 3-D"

Remember the ’70s? (Or: Jaime Herrera's New Commercial)

Dave Reichert's Glass-Steagall Jaw

Tebelius, on Message Despite Sign Slasher

TED Honors Street Artist Whose Photographs Sometimes Double as Roofs

SECB Endorsements: Approve King County Proposition 1

The New Dick'szzzzzzzz....

Reading Friday Night: Under the Influence at the Hugo House

A Man and His VCRs

Reverend in Missouri Fatally Attacked by 17 Beloved Pit Bulls?

Teachers Union Angry About Plan to Cut Family Support

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Frank Chopp

Jail Unions Waive Raises—Metro Union Has Yet to Budge—to Help County Budget


Currently Jumping: Ed Wicklander

LiveSlogging the Second Murray-Rossi Debate

The Future of the Book (In Handy Video Form)

Obama Is All That

SECB Endorsements: Approve State Constitutional Amendment 4220

Anti-Gay Bullies Arrested in Hicksville

Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares: Implied Violence at the Frye

Flash Poll: Who Do You Want Strangercrombie to Benefit?

I Spit on Your Squad Car

Jesse + Alec = TRU LUV

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Baby Flamingos, Dedicated Thieves, and a Broken Lock

SECB: Vote for Eileen L. Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon

Slog Happy! Tonight! Prepare to Be Pulverized on the Air Hockey Table!

Slog Has Spoken About Babies Screaming in Restaurants

Name This Band: Special Annoying Frontman Edition!

Not At All Confidential to Chicago Fan

Christine O'Donnell Is Curious About This Constitution Thingie

Lost in New York, Day 5: Hollister

Why Is Washington Senate Race Polling All Over the Place? Nate Silver Weighs In

Ideology Today: No Sense of Shame

Worried About the Tax on Bottled Water?

Reading Today: The End of the Living Novel

"Nannee du Chonky Troy..."*

This Is the Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

Hungry? Hungry for Knowledge? Hungry for Nachos? Hungry for Vibrators?

It's Hump Day! You Better Have Your HUMP! Film... Finished

Surprise Party

This Week, Mexico's Drug War Dead Topped 30,000

Today's Washington Poll Finds Voters Happy With Murray, Pissed About the Economy, Against the High-Earners Income Tax, Against Liquor Privatization, Excited About Extending the Bush Tax Cuts, and for Repealing DADT

Re: "Black Devil - Moscow Ride..." etc.

California Pot Watch

Flickr Photo of the Day

SECB Endorsements: No on I-1107

State Skews $60,000 Tunnel Poll

Lunchtime Quickie: Does She Get a Break Because She's 90?

Week in Review

Not Another New Condo in Ballard...

HUMP! Tickets Update

Benoit Mandelbrot Has Died

Sexual Healing Crackdown at Rainier Ave Massage Parlor

Chefs Are Getting Sweaty and Burned Making Your Dinner, But They're Not Getting Rich

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Denny Heck

Your Woman and Our Woman

More Mudslinging in Muni Court Judge Race

I-1098 in Electionland: Why Raise Taxes?

Old People Behind Wheels

The Morning News

Commenter Letter of the Day

SL Letter of the Day: More Advice—Better Advice—For SUB

SECB Endorsements: Yes on I-1098

The Morning News

The Jig's Up, Yasmina Reza

The Morning News

Flickr Photo of the Day

Derek Erdman on the Seattle Freeze!!!

Billionaire Offers College Students $100,000 to Drop Out

Every Female Character Stereotype Ever, in One Handy map

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Patty Murray

Reading Tonight: Greed, a Genius, and an Anthology of Great Seattle Authors

Die Antwoord at the Paramount: WE GET IT!

Washington Poll: Murray 50%, Rossi 42%

The Morning News

Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Guy on the Side

It Gets Better: Hillary Clinton

Guest Op-Eds This Week—Next Up: Bill Gates Sr.

SECB Endorsement: No on I-1053

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Charlie Wiggins

Who's More Wrong on the Liquor Initiatives?

Playdate of the Dead

Liquor Initiative Debate Next Tuesday

Vote No on the School Levy: Reject Incompetence and Mismanagement

The Slow, Ignominious Death of the Editor

Currently Hanging: Gregory Schaffer

Britain Is a Bitch

City Braces for “November Surprise”

The Story of Fnarf and Will in Seattle

SL Letter of the Day: The Wicked Grandmother

Apple Announces Mac App Store

Presiding Judge Asked DUI PAC President for Money

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Phyllis G. Kenney

Currently Hanging: Noah Davis

Not Forgotten

A Comprehensive Article About Grant Cogswell

The Morning News

Drug Buy Gone Bad: Two Undercover Seattle Officers Injured

The New Weird America: Luke Haynes

SECB Endorsements: Approve King County Charter Amendments 1, 2, and 3

Tonight! The First Murray-Rossi Debate (and LiveSlog)

Some Great Books Are Coming to Slog Happy

Apple Made More Money Than God Last Quarter

It Gets Better: An Email From a Mother

Thank You, Mrs. Thomas

National Book Awards Finalists Announced

SECB Endorsements: Vote for Jeanne Kohl-Welles and Mary Lou Dickerson

Joy and Whoopi Walk Out On Bill O'Reilly

Who's Going to See Jackass 3-D Tonight?

Questionland Will Make You Smarter!

Buttsore Bible College Student to Dan: Hurting My Feelings Is Unconstitutional!

Reading Tonight: Killing Robert Frost, Again

A Song For Wednesday Morning

SECB Endorsements: Approve R-52

Why I Slog

Hey, Seattle Times, Something Tells Me These People Don't Wish to Keep Receiving the Seattle Times, Not That That's Going to Stop You

Reading Today: Small but Awesome

SL Letter of the Day: Pie Hole

Lunchtime Quickie: Yoga Is a Gateway to Demonic Possession

Internal Campaign Emails Released Today Add Evidence to Formal Complaint Alleging that a DUI PAC Illegally Coordinated with a Seattle Judge Campaign

For the love of god.

Straight Edge Question: If You Take Xanax, Are You Straight Edge?

America Is Gadget-Happy but Not Yet Tablet or E-reader Happy

Tonight! The Second Murray-Rossi Debate

Radical Snakes

What Was Supposedly Going to Be Kanye's Next Album Cover

Approximately One Third of Downtown Traffic: Cars Looking for Cheap Street Parking

This Sunday: Pandora Boxx at the Egyptian!

Just A Cool Thing Out in the World, and a Great Day: Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project

I Am Sorry, or Reckless Whiteness Rides Again

Major Layoffs at One Reel

This Year's Strangercrombie Charities Are...

RIP Tom Bosley

State Offers $230 Million in Concessions for Tunnel Bidders

Stop Complaining About Parking Hikes Downtown

SECB: Vote for Jim McDermott

Glenn Beckwatch: Against Anti-Gay Attacks

Bedbugs in Lincoln Center

Is Apple Failing as a Bookseller?

Black Devil - Moscow Ride on R1, or One of the Most Insane Things You May Ever See a Human Being Do

Traffic Report: Special Insomnia Edition!

Um... DADT Appears To Be Dead

The Stranger Strongly Suggests Seeing Belle & Sebastian, Even Though It's Not in This Week's Stranger Suggests

SECB Endorsements: Vote Yes on Seattle School Levy, Proposition 1

Why The Stranger Is Wrong About Everything

Wacky Sports Blooper!

Snowshoeing Canadians Sentenced in Pot Smuggling Case

That's the Spirit

It Gets Better: The New York Times Checks Back In

Great Cake Wrecks of Literature


The Gaslamp Killer

TV Dinner with '30 Rock'


Olive & Sinclair's Salt & Pepper Chocolate Bar

Under the Influence

'Never Let Me Go'


Michael Cunningham

Illustrated Comment of the Week