Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 21 - 27, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 7

Savage Love

Double Trouble

New Column!

Things Could Be Worse

I, Anonymous

Times Are Tough


Digger, Please

A Survey of Sampling Maestro DJ Shadow's Greatest Snips

Big Boi Steps into the Spotlight

Sir Lucious Left Foot Puts His Best Foot Forward

Sentimental Heart

In as Few Words as Possible, Zooey Deschanel Talks She & Him

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

The Endearing Joke of Die Antwoord

It's a Hit

New Releases from El Guincho

Data Breaker

Sammy Dee, Sub Swara, Show and Bonk

My Philosophy

Big Boi, DJ Shadow, and Janelle Monáe

Sound Check

The Vaselines: No Qualms, Have Toast

Poster of the Week

Poster by David Gallo


Friends Don't Let Friends Listen to Blood on the Dance Floor

The Homosexual Agenda

Cat Power, Sarah Rudinoff, and Trannyshack

Party Crasher

Dance Party with Occasional Crabs


Soft Power

Pat Graney's Faith Triptych, a Homegrown Dance Masterpiece

Drag Queens and Epictetus

In Defense of Leaving at Intermission

Burlesque Box

Kittening and Stage Combat at BurlyCon

Visual Art

Mystery and Strangeness

A Seattle Painter Makes It

In Art News

Good Terrorism and Ironic Squatting


Eileen Myles on the Origin of Eileen Myles

Constant Reader

The Death of the Living Novel

Portrait of the Artist as a Young, Drunken Cartoon

Food & Drink

Filipino Fabulousness

Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine Is All That

Chow Bio


Happiest Hour

Shipwreck Tavern


Dave Reichert's Brain

The whispering about what may or may not have happened to Congressman Dave Reichert's brain during a freak wood-chopping accident misses the point. Doesn't anyone remember what his brain was like before?

Eight Graphs About My Feelings About Things


Shut Up and Feed the Meter

Why Increasing Parking Rates to $4 an Hour Downtown Will Encourage People to Shop More and Help the City

Red Dawn

How Republicans Could Take Over Most of Washington State's Congressional Delegation This Fall

Crying Cops

City attorney Pete Holmes sees a way to save more than $150 an hour on legal fees by not letting cops hire private lawyers. But the police guild promises legal action against the city if he goes through with it.

Police Beat

Being Nice to a Stranger

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

The Semantics of Polyamory

Drunk of the Week

Haunted Georgetown

I Love Television

Zombies: Oh, Die Already!

Last Days

The Week in Review


City Defends Family Services from Budget-Slashing School Board

Thumbs Down

Want to See Your Art on MoMA's Walls?

State Gives Away Millions of Dollars More to Retain Tunnel Bidders

"What are some good recipes for a Halloween party?"

Future Unemployed Critics of America

Sex Until the Break of Dawn

Our Farce Advocate

It Gets Better: Barack Obama

"Voices of NPR"

Rich People Things

Kiki Smith: The Older Woman and Her Glorious Hair

Tonight! Tonight!

National Media Abuzz, Local Media Asleep, Over Bullshit Illegal Immigrant Story

Get Personalized Book Recommendations from Experts

Currently Hanging: Ellen Lesperance

Adventure Buddies: Episode 3 at the Sunset Tonight!

Vote Yes on I-1082: A Monopoly by Any Other Name… Still Stinks

The Winner of the Stranger's Liquor Initiative Debate!

Should You Need a Permit to Cut Down Your Own Tree?

The Morning News

Want to See Of Montreal for Free?

Echoes of the Dream of the Red Chamber

I Cannot Wait for Haruki Murakami's Next Book

TBTL: Megan Seling on Cupcakes and Me on Leaving at Intermission

SL Letter of the Day: Fucking Loyalty

For Your Stomach's Consideration: Dinnertime at the Varsity Inn

What if the "Pilgrims" were Muslim instead of Christian?

The Parts They Left Out of Driver's Ed.

Meet Polly: Today's Daymare

No One Could Have Predicted

Today in Old Memes That Are Stuck in My Head

Dog Eats Baby

Something to Contemplate While You're Voting Yes on Initiative 1098 (the Tax-the-Comfortable-and-Spend-the-Money-on-Education-and-Healthcare One)

Glenn Beckwatch: The Apocalypse Will Be Freeze-Dried

Two Different Views on Book Piracy

State Tunnel Study Assumes No Tolls, Doesn't Account for up to 45,000 More Vehicle Trips Per Day on City Streets

Christian Christian Pastor to Non-Hater Christians: Speak The Fuck Up, People

The Origin of Evil

Two-Thirds of Americans Say: Churches Contribute to LGBT Teen Suicides

Cops Threaten Legal Action that Would Cost the City Big Bucks

Today in Posthumanism: The Death of the Man With the Robotic Arm

Global Warming Is a New Boogeyman Cooked Up by Liberals

Eat Candy, Live Forever

The Closer: Suzan DelBene's Ad for the Last Campaign Days

Radio Goldy

DelBene Invests in 8th CD Race

Ken Schram Agrees with Me

For Mudede or, the Case for Conservatism

You Can't Teach Kids To Be Gay

Track Election Results on Your iPhone

This Weekend: Our Lady J's "Gospel for the Godless"

Today in Public Art: HOOTIEMENT!


Two Narratives of the Drug War: the Junkie vs. the SEAL

Supreme Court Candidate Charlie Wiggins Says Justice Richard Sanders' Race Comments and Personal Life Raise Questions About His Judgment

Two Shows at the Top of My To-See List: Curtis Erlinger, Annie Bissett

Tim Eyman Rocks

The Return of the Uppity Nigger

Reading Tonight: Your Day of Eileen Myles

If You Think We Have It Bad for Joe Fitzgibbon...

Urban League Calls for a Special Commission Because of Justices' Remarks

The Morning News

Barnes & Noble Unveils a New Color Nook

City Council Balks at Securing Funding for South Park Bridge, Ped Improvements

The BIAW's Erin Shannon Makes a Good Point: Vote No on I-1100

A Checklist for E-Readers and Magazine Apps

Safeway Is Trying to Cure Breast Cancer

Urban Ecology: The Roof Birds

Neal Pollack Discusses My Very Negative Book Review

Submachine Guns Drawn, Seattle Police Break Down Door of Medical Marijuana Patient, Push Him to the Floor, and Raid His Home—for Two Tiny Pot Plants


The Morning News

The Happiest Hour: The White Horse Trading Company

Dan Savage and Jim McGreevey, Together at Last...

Sub Pop's Andy Kotowicz Has Passed

Lawyers Spend $75,000 to Boot City's Presiding Judge

My Reaction to the President's IGBP Video

There's a Storm A-Brewin'...

Lunchtime Quickie: Incurable Hiccups Can Lead to Murder

One Death for Every Ton of Seized Marijuana

An Earmark for a Rainy Day

Vote No on Both Liquor Initiatives

Brendan Kiley Gets Caught Looking at Ani DiFranco Porn

Minecraft Is Ridiculous

Is Pro-Rossi Violence a Sign of Things to Come?

Currently Hanging: Jeremy Shaw

Why Footbinding Disappeared But Female Genital Mutilation Hasn't—Yet

Currently Hanging: Maggie Carson Romano

Captain Korean Whiskey

Thanks, Russia!

Win $1,107 Debunking the Soda Lobby

Obama Asks: What Enthusiasm Gap?

Nothing Stirs My Nostalgia for Childhood Like Seeing a Kid Fed Ding Dongs™ in a Cage.

The Limits of American Democracy

Dogs in Costumes

The Horrors of an Unmarried Child

Nobody Is Poisoning Halloween Candy

Here Come the Book Pirates

Dry Fly Urges No On Liquor Initiatives

The Morning News

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Drunk (and a Big Mess by Local Writers)

Nobody Seems to Be Buying Comic Books Anymore

Got a Question About the 8th District Race?

Why Justice Sanders' Comments on Race and Crime Are Stunning

Seattle Times Withdraws Endorsement of Richard Sanders

It Was a Big Weekend for Nerd Sequels and Prequels

Saturday Night's Dreams

Obama Administration Announces It Will Send Visual Artists Abroad to Work

Reading Tonight: Everything's Better with Deranged Hockey Fans!

Amazon's Third Quarter Sales...

Local Sandwich-Man Saves Little Girl From Fiery Car Wreck

It Gets Better: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

The Lamb That Roared

The Best Scary Zombie Story You Will Read This Year

School Board President Does Damage Control in Response to Fierce Levy Opposition

Obama Meets the Fosses (and their Neighbors, and Jody Hall of Cupcake Royale, and a Cold Seattle Morning)

What Should You Do if a Stranger Offers to Help You with a Task that You're Doing Alone Just Fine?

California Pot Watch

It's Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Wednesday.

Pageviews Are Kind of Stupid

Fuck These People

Texas High School Kicks Cheerleader Off Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist

Reading Tonight: Fish Town and Car Talk

The Fine Print: Herrera Backers Endorse Heck

Antoine Dodson Pitches the Sex Offender App

I'm just sayin'...

Should Liberals And/Or Democrats Appear on Fox News?

Surprise! The Seattle Times Hates the Idea of Raising Parking Rates

It's Ursula K. Le Guin's Birthday, You Guys

Rossi's Rodeo

Re: "The Silence of the Lambs"

Amazon Sells an Even Bigger Mysterious Number of Kindles

Seattle Restaurant Week: Worth It?

Trent Moorman "Live Blogs" an Article about the "Four Loco Incident"!!!

Gay Marriage Is Legal In New Hampshire

Week in Review (Also: Check Out What Justice Sanders Said This Time)

Big Oil Pours Money into Local Races

Electionland a Go Go

Michelle Obama, in Bellevue, Casts Patty Murray as a Problem-Solving Mother

I'm Losing My Mind Trying to Think of This Architectural Term

For Jerry Garcia

Vote No on King County Prop 1: It's a Tax on the Jobless

TNT Says Seattle Better Pay Tunnel Cost Overruns

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Reading Tonight: One of Dan Savage's Favorite Books

Now Open: The Book Bindery, the Berliner, the Bourbon Bar, Buns on Wheels, and MORE

The Morning News

Confidential to Blag Hag: I Don't Get Fashion Either

What Legalizing Marijuana in California Will Mean for Senator Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, the White House, Democrats in General and You and Me and Everyone We Know

Reading Tonight: We Are Concerned About Our Fragile Ecosystems

Panel: Mayor Should Give Nickelsville Permanent Home

The Closer: Patty Murray's Wrap-Up Commercials

Governor Gregoire Weighs in on Those Effed-Up Roslyn Partygoers

Red Dawn (Or: How Republicans Could Take Over Most of Washington State's Congressional Delegation This Fall)

Permanent Homeless Camp Looking for Roots

Willow Smith (Will Smith's kid) Has a Song...

SL Letter of the Day: When It Rains...

Touche, Bad Actor Productions

The Chinese Future of Africa

SL Letter of the Day: Mom, Dad—There's Something I Don't Need to Tell You...

Pop Philosophy of the Day: Kanye and the Phoenix Against the Douchebags

In the (Actual) Back Yard with Obama

This Glee "Controversy" Is So Stupid

Seattle's Rally Against Police Brutality

Re: I'm just sayin'... (Or, Rand Paul Supporters Are Anti-First Amendment to the Point of Engaging in Mob Violence)

Vote No on I-1107: For the Sake of Seattle and the Rest of the State

And Who Teaches Straight Teenagers That Being Gay Is a Choice?

Lunchtime Quickie: Even More Fun With Pit Bulls

That Gay Teen Suicide in Lakewood, WA

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Fake Walmart, Safety Surveys, and Capitol Hill Killjoys Redux

Kwazy Quaids Kwiz!

Attention Design Nerds

Only Self-Described "Liberals" Support King County Sales Tax Hike by a Majority

DelBene Is Answering Today—Will Reichert?

The Kwazy Quaids Never Fail to Bring It

Effed-Up Roslyn Partygoers Weren't Drugged...

Republican Woman

If You Like Hot 24-Year-Old Actresses, You Are a Pedophile

Lunchtime Quickie: Uh-oh! Ukrainians Teach Pit Bull How to Fly

Legalize Pot And It Will Be Harder For Kids To Get Pot

Re: California Pot Watch

Have Time for a Qwiki

Publicity Machine of Death

Reading Tonight: Jimmy Carter

In the Back Yard with Obama

Vote Yes on I-1100

It's Not Too Late for Filipino Fabulousness at Inay's!

Unions to Mayor: Too Many Low-Wage Layoffs

Here Are Some Videos I Just Watched, And You May Enjoy

The Internet Is a Horrible Place

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Capitol Hill Killjoys, Blow-Up Cat Burglary, and Owl Attack

Real or Spoof?: Zach Galifanaikis Interviewed by Gordon Keith on WFAA-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

The Morning News

Madhur Jaffrey in Questionland

How Do You Dress Up Like a Deep-Fried Sandwich?

The Morning News

Seattle, Alaska

Reading Tonight: Sleepwalking, Teabaggers, and Soliloquies

Amazon Will Let You Share Kindle Books

Sierra Club Leans on City Council to Uphold Its Commitments by Passing Parking Increases

But Wait! Have You Read the Second Installment of Derek Erdman's Caperin' Yet?

Er'ybody Be Sick Right Now



'Faith Triptych'

Big Boi

Christopher Ryan


'Nowhere Boy'

The Northwest Chocolate Festival

Escalator Fest II

Illustrated Comment of the Week