Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 8

Savage Love

Emission Accomplished

New Column!

Sheathe Thine Boner, Sire!



Well, It's 1979, Okay?

Gary Numan Erects The Pleasure Principle 31 Years Later

BOO! Halloween Parties, Concerts, and Events!

Looks Like the Real Thing

The Preapocalyptic Paradise of Gorillaz' Plastic Beach

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

What Makes a Festival?

It's a Hit

Willow Smith and the Limits of Nepotism and Cute

Data Breaker

Secrets, Onra, and Gel-Sol

Sound Check

Azure Ray: Heading Toward the Light

My Philosophy

THEESatisfaction's Black Weirdo Love Transmissions

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chris Rollins

The Homosexual Agenda

Halloween with Comeback, the Eagle, and Nark


What's Scarier Than Cattle Decapitation?

Party Crasher

Science Is Around Here Somewhere


More Guts, Please

ACT Neuters a Gallows-Comedy Masterpiece, a New Company Makes Zombies Scary Again

Visual Art

Keeping It Real

Gregory Schaffer Is the Photographer of the New Seattle

In Art News



(Steam)Punk as Fuck

Cherie Priest's New Novel, Dreadnought, Is Revisionist History with Zombies

Constant Reader

The Ghosts of Tintin and Charlie Chaplin

Food & Drink

What's Good Tonight

Happiness and Enlightenment at Sushi Kappo Tamura

Happiest Hour

Pied Piper Ale House


A Haunted City

Police Beat Visits Three Ghosts

Remember the Greediest

Washington State has the most regressive tax structure in the nation. Steve Ballmer, Jeff Bezos, and Paul Allen would like to keep it that way.


Stranger Election Endorsements Cheat Sheet

Now With SECB Four Loko-Powered™ Election Coverage!

Elephants in the House

What Republican Gains This Fall Will Mean Next Year for Washington State Politics

Bike Wreck

Under Timid New Leadership, the Future of a Former Political-Lobbying Powerhouse Looks Bleak

Vote for Liquor Reform—Vote Yes on I-1100

Don't Let Budweiser Choose the Inventory of Every Grocery Store in the State

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week


Public Editor

I Love Television

The Poop Inside My Pants

Last Days

The Week in Review


School District's Battle With Tree Huggers Nears Climax

This Will Keep You Busy For a Few Years

Rally to Restore Sanity, Seattle Edition

Washington Poll: Murray 49, Rossi 45

Currently Hanging: Jesse Sugarmann and Nathalie Häusler

Walking the Line Between Public and Private Space


For Colored Girls and Real Colored Girls: Last Night in Seattle

Nate Silver Forecasts GOP Picking Up 57 Seats

Overheard at the Red Door in Fremont

The Dino Rossi Pin Up Girl

Today in "Charlie Sheen Coke-Fueled Rampages"

Beyond It Gets Better

Trick or Vote (or Steal a Child*)

The Tea Party Was Born in the Confederacy

Death on the Night Before Halloween

Why Doesn't My Mail-In Ballot Envelope Have a Security Flap to Cover My Signature Anymore?

Deep Thought: Why Was George W. Bush Watching the World Series Instead of Campaigning for His Party?

Recount! (How We Get to One)

Another Roomy Patty Murray Rally

Dems Lose Senate Races in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Star Wars Travel Posters

NOM Supporter: We Used to Need Gay People... But We Don't Need Gay People Anymore

If the Children Are Our Future, Then Rossi Will Win This Election

New Poll Finds Rossi Up 50-48, Adds to Enthusiasm Gap Confusion

City Sets New Rules for Pot

Art History: The Gayest Science!

King County Ballot Drop Boxes Barfing Up Votes

The Real White House: The Senate

Dave Reichert's Brain

On Agreeing to Point My Eyes at The A-List

Currently Hanging: Harry Shearer (Yes, That Harry Shearer)

Last Night in Sporting Events: The Democrats Won the Election!

Today in ’90s Politics: Ew! Ew! EWWW!

Rallying, in the Rain, to Restore Sanity

Lunchtime Quickie: How Much For One O' Those Kittens With Myotonia Congenita?


Fable 3: Heroic Deficit Spending

Since Elections Are Primarily About Selecting One Douchebag Over Another....

Meanwhile in California

I Used an Emoticon for the First Time in My Life Last Night

Warrant Shows Cops Knew Pot Grow Was Tiny, No Other Crimes Involved, When Deciding to Conduct Armed Raid for Two Legal Plants

Where Is McGinn on Busting the Sick and Dying?

A Tale of Two Headlines

Giving A Care About Grant Wood

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

When an Election Cheat Sheet Isn't Explicit Enough

Wakes Can Be Fun

People for Patty Murray

The Finished Product

Tonight's Nightmare Today!

Kelly O Has Never Heard of Motorboating Before

Amazon Is Not a "Cigarette Company"

Did You Ever Think Oregon Trail Needed More Zombies?

Pushing Back Against That PPP Poll

The Morning News

Election Night Bar Scene

The Municipal League Party at TWIST

SECB Literally Thrown Out of Rossi/Reichert Party at Bellevue Hilton

Lady Snake Denounces Males, Gives Birth to Clones

Headline of the Day, With a Potato-Based Poll

The Greek Tragedy of the Seattle Police Department

Arkansas School Board Bigot Clint McCance Resigns

McGinn Says Bids on Tunnel Are Artificially Low

The Kwazy Quaids in Action

Joe Fitzgibbons Victory Party at the Skylark

The Curation of Money Shots: Art Porn in Destricted

"They Sinned And Killed Thereselves"

Apparently There's Some Kind of Baseball Game on Tonight?

How Do You Tell a Dinner Host About Food Allergies Without Being a Jerk About It?

"People smokin' weed over there. They don't care."

There Are Literally 8,000 Things to Do This Halloween Weekend

Where Was This Video Six Months Ago?


Won't You Join the SECB for Election Night?

NY Gov: Carl Paladino Defeated

Blabbermouthed Polyamorous Nazi Impersonator Getting Clobbered in King County

What The World Needs Now...

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Halloween Costumes

Lawyering Up Will Not Save Journalism

A Concert for Patty Murray

The Full Washington Poll

The Morning News

You Say You Want to Read a Book About Wordy Tattoos?

The Absent Profundity of Tron: Legacy

The Results from Here

All Hail Dark Helmet

Judge Rules Amazon Doesn't Have to Hand Over Customers' Names

Decrying "Outrageous October Surprise," the Campaign of Justice Richard B. Sanders Asks for Emergency Donations

Lunchtime Quickie: Ever Seen a Real Live Bear Orgy?

Reading Today: Siberia Is Scary

Your New Favorite Sushi Place

Monday Morning Failfest

Rossi: "This is about getting your freedoms back!"

Currently Hanging: Kim Van Someren

You and Picasso

Watch Dino Rossi Lose

Don't Expect Any Action on ENDA, DOMA, or DADT

Time Traveler Caught on Film in 1928?

Reading Tonight: The Great Cookbook Battle of Ought-Ten

Week in Review

Glenn Beckwatch: Fighting the Culture of Death

San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers: Waz Gonna Happen?!?

Where the Party At? Election Night Remix

A Look at the World of Tomorrow

McRib: McBack

The Deliciousness of Progressive Doom

Seattle Lobbies County for Seawall Replacement Money

Bar Association Says Presiding Judge Broke Rules During Campaign

Haphazard Coalition Plans Initiative on Tunnel

Reading Tonight: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

The Beauty of Mammals

Final Day for a Pre-Election Trip to Electionland

"One Day, We'll Stand Before Him, and He'll Say, 'What'd You Do With That Vote I Gave You?' and We'll Have to Answer"

Keyboard Cat Sells Out... for Pistachios??

Hurry Up and Wait (Literally the Message from King County)

Nights of Triumph Call for Humongous Drinks

The Morning News

I Love This Man

Republican Sex and Marriage Advice

King Street Station To Get $18 Million Facelift Subsidiary Will Not Let Self-Publishers Write About

Morning News

That Woman Is Not Making Comics in Order to Be Sexually Attractive

RE: What Should I Do with My Ballot?

Hollywood White Males and the N-Word

Meanwhile at the Red Door in Fremont, SECB Interviews Supporters of I-1100

Protect Our Communities Party at FX McRory's in Pioneer Square

There Is One Four Loko Left in the Refrigerator

Vote to Approve R-52: Win, Win, Win!

State Tunnel Study: Tolled Tunnel Would Increase Street Traffic by Nearly 40,000 Cars Per Day in Parts of Downtown

So, It's Pretty Much Halloween All Weekend

Reading Tonight: Current Events and Fannie Farmer

The New York Times on Four Loko

The Daily Show Lets Andrew Shirvell Hang Himself

Who's Going to Win: State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders or Challenger Charlie Wiggins? (Also for Bragging Rights, People!)

BREAKING: SECB Physically Assaulted By Pretty Young Republican at Bellevue Hilton!

Sen. Maria Cantwell

Vote NO on Tim Eyman's I-1053

Private Prison Companies Drove the Development of Arizona's Immigration Bill

Publisher Withdraws from Amazon-Sponsored Book Award

The Happiest Hour: Pied Piper Ale House

One of the Strangest Music Videos Charles Mudede Has Ever Seen

The Longest Caperin' Ever!

What Should I Do with My Ballot?

Paywall = Sad Trombone

A Little Touch of Rooney in the Night

Bill Gates Sr. Concedes the 1098 Fight, Governor Gregoire Shows Signs of Life

In Other Political News: George W. Bush Calls Kanye West's Post-Katrina Outburst "one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency"

From the Washington State Archives: Hard Times

Today in Intelligent Political Discourse

This Just In: Alcohol More Dangerous than a Crack Addict Holding a Knife to Your Throat!

Democrats Decry a Last-Minute Homophobic Hit on Rodney Tom

Follow the SECB's Election Coverage on Your Phone

Prop 1 Trailing Behind (And A Beef Wrap Costs $9 At The Nabob!)

Murray: "We are going to win this race."

And Another Thing about 1098... Crosscut Cuts Anti-Microsoft Paragraph from Its Editorial on the Subject

What Photography (and Art) Is and Should Be: Gregory Schaffer in Seattle

SL Letter of the Day: Butt Secks!

Geocities Will Soon Be Available for Torrent

Morning News

What She Said: Kim Cattrall's Aging Vagina Edition!

The Indian Afterlife of God

If This Republican Wins a Seat in the State Senate, You Have Labor and the Teachers Unions to Thank

Wanking on Christine O'Donnell's Grave

The Rossi/Reichert Party: We Have Some Happy Memories

Shit Happens. (Or, Don't Look For Meaning in Yesterday's Elections)

What the Fuck Should You Be For Halloween?

PETA Offers to Pay Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Bill If She Goes Vegan

The Morning News

I Was Just Wondering if the Kids Were Doing Any New Dances

I Wish This Had Been My Jack-o'-Lantern

Curious Where Your Mail-In Ballot Is?

DelBene's Bash in Bellevue

Reichert Wins

Eternal Happiness

Impeach the Washington Potato Commissioner

Tom Douglas Will Cook Your Child's Public School Lunch

Honey, I've Shrunk the Government

Art and Ecology: Drama Queens, Iceworms, Peace Parks

BREAKING: Some Trick or Treaters are Dicks.

Patty Murray's Roomy Election Eve Rally

What the Fuck Has Obama Done so Far?

Adult Babies Reelected to the US Senate

Currently Hanging: Joe Park

Willow Smith on Ellen!

Gender Discrimination: Totally Eradicated in Kentucky

People Do Not Like This Superman Cover

Truck Hits Four Pedestrians in SoDo

Naked Quaid Pictures and Pot Busts

What John Roderick, The Young Evils, and Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway Will Be Playing at Tonight's Concert for Patty Murray

A Peek at the Grant Cogswell Biopic

Overheard at the I-1100 Party at the Red Door

Never Underestimate the Life-Enhancing Powers of Goodfellas

Tony Perkins, Vile Piece of Shit, Opens His Foul Mouth

More Christopher Ryan

Oil Spill Commission Says Halliburton Blew It

Homeless Citizens To Seattle Residents: "Come Face Your Fears."

Initiative 1098: The Wrong Tax at the Wrong Time

Three Thoughts on Last Night's Depressing Sounders Match

It Gets Better: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The Vis-A-Vis Society Would Like You to Consider How We Came to Be Here

Confidential to Alan Grayson

BREAKING: Mayor Accosted By Pretty Young Four Loko Drinker at Seattle Westin!

Small Comforts

A Volunteer Would Like to Give Himself to You, Arts Organizations

You Want Statistics on Race and Washington's Criminal Justice System? Supreme Court Candidate Charlie Wiggins Has Some


For Your Stomach's Consideration: Oyster Frenzy

Have a Little Twink

Dodgeballers Prevail Over Tennis-Playing Fascists

The Way Life Should Be

Council Asks SPD To Pursue Federal Funding For Body Cameras

A Moment's Silence for Alvin Greene

Two More KC Unions Waive Raises to Preserve Public Services

Running Is the Worst Hobby to Undertake Nude

Vote No on R-52: Builders Will Profit, Not Schools

Two Things to Freak You Out This Fine Halloweeny Morning

Shorter: The Anti-Tax Campaigns

You Never Know What's Going to Happen on Election Night (But You Can Be Sure the SECB Will Be There to Tell You About All the Results, Parties, and Walrus Penises)

What Did Three-to-Four Nights of Halloween Do to YOU?: A Poll!

Special Guest Confirmed for Tomorrow Night's Reading Party at the Sorrento: King County Executive Dow Constantine!!

The Lesson of Ohio: Dress as a Nazi and Lose?

The Reichert Camp Orders the SECB to Stay Fifty Feet Away from Them

Good Riddance to Blue Rubbish

More Proof that the Tea Party is NICE

The Economics of Pain

What Do Narco-Capitalists and America's Drug Czar Have in Common?

IGBP's vast reach

Seahawks vs. Raiders: Waz Gonna Happen?!?

The National Media Descends

More on Those Yemen-Sent Bombs

Charges Filed Against SoDo Driver Who Struck Pedestrians

Sorry, Charlie

The Mood at the I-1100 Party

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Yesterday Evening, I Peeled the Outermost Layers Off a Red Onion and Cut a Few Thin Slices

Rasmussen: Rossi's in the Lead

Washington's State and Local Governments Can't Afford I-1100

Remember the Greediest

Cherie Priest Explains Why She Has a Day Job in Questionland

SL Letter of the Day: You Must Meet His Wife

Me 'n' McGinn 'n' the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

Looks Like We Won't Have Christine O'Donnell To Kick Around Anymore

Don't Freak Out About These Early Senate Race Results. Yet.

One More Dispatch from the Bellevue Hilton

The Closer: Dino Rossi Attacks, and Outlines His Priorities

Today in Pants

KC Metro Union Agrees to Forgo Raises

What Are the Best Halloween Songs?

Mark Ames Sums Up Everything I'm Dreading...

Currently Playing: "One of These Nights"

How It's Going to Go Down Tonight (Or: What to Look for When It's All Over But the Ballot Counting)

Pearl Jam Auctions Off Autographed Guitar

Dow Constantine Gets Up On A Table To Support Prop 1

California Pot Watch

The Death of the Tea Party

The Other Poster of the Week

Underwear? Dirty Mattresses? Teeth Whiteners? Abdominal Workout Video?

Intiman Managing Director Brian Colburn Steps Down

News from a Random City of the Day: Cuernavaca, Mexico

May I Just Say...

A Chance Encounter at the GOP Victory Party at the Bellevue Hilton

The SECB Is Undercover And Scared At The Rossi Party

Celebrity Peen Revisited! Now With Prizes!

The Morning News

Overheard in the Office

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

Deep Thoughts from a Window Above Interstate 5

Cabbies Say Seattle Customers Will Languish Without More Taxis

Cellphones, Robopolls, GOTV Efforts, Groupthink...

Early IGBP Contributors Profiled By Hometown Paper

Grandmas In Support Of Prop 1!

Go Ahead, Check Our Math (Please!), But Looks to Us Like Charlie Wiggins Has a Plausible Path to Beating Blabbermouthed Polyamorous Nazi Impersonator (and Supreme Court Justice) Richard B. Sanders

Reading Tonight: The Cure for Your Four Loko Hangover


Electionland Races Down to the Wire


Tech-Savvy, At-Risk Spooks

Party Crasher Goes to the Harry Potter Exhibit at Pacific Science Center

Rand Paul Wins Kentucky Senate Seat

Statistically Republicans Almost Certain to Take Over House, Democrats Almost Certain to Hold Senate

"Dino Rossi Just Gave A Speech And He's Not Coming Back"

Here Come More Avatars

Us Do Opposite of Earthly Burglars!

The Shifting Seattle Times

'Tis the Spooky-Scary Season...

Black Men Ski

Harry Mulisch

California Pot Watch: Cue Sad Trombone

City Council Seeks to Restore Victim Advocate Positions

Three Hour Wait to Vote at Union Station

It's Over For King County Prop 1

Who Handed the House to the GOP?

What Republican Gains This Fall Will Mean Next Year for Washington State Politics

Battle of the Sci-fi Nerds: Charles Stross Vs. Cherie Priest

"I am chaste."

You Want More Statistics on Race and Washington's Criminal Justice System? The Loren Miller Bar Association Has Some More Statistics for You

"I Guess You Could Call It Greed"

Jean Godden's Election-Night Predictions

The AP Calls Nevada for Harry Reid

Poor People Don't Have to Make Do with Candles

Overheard in the Office

The Tunnel Bids are In!

Liz Cohen's Car Is Finally Finished, and Showing

Mayor Speaks on SPD Pot Raid

Did You Know You Can Vote By E-Mail?

The Taste of Freedom (Fries!)

Who's Going to Win: Patty Murray or Dino Rossi? (This Is for Bragging Rights, People!)

The SECB Is Watching Christine O'Donnell's Concession Speech While the SECB Tries to Eat

Pete Holmes Reacts to Judicial Races

Who Saved the Senate for the Dems?

This Is the House Where a Grandmother Dressed in White Shot and Killed Her Son-in-Law, Shot and Killed His Two Daughters, Shot at and Missed His Son and Wife, and Then Shot Herself

Anderson Cooper On Illiterate Bigot Clint McCance

Council Member Apologizes for SPD's Pot Raid

Gregoire: Both Tunnel Bids Come in Under Budget, Will Veto Any Bill that Makes Seattle Liable for Cost Overruns

Sufjan Stevens Last Night at the Paramount Theater

Let Her Be Born & Handled Warmly: Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls on Seattle Minds

Slog Poll: Predict the Best Party of the Night!

SL Letter of the Day: Stop Being Such a Girl

Winter Is Right Around the Corner

Who Feels Like Watching Barack Obama's It Gets Better Video Again?

SL Letter of the Day: Brotherly Love Update

Got a Road Complaint? Talk to These Guys

Reading Today: Charles Burns, Zombies, Revolution, and a Novel-Writing Class

Obama: "A Credible Terrorist Threat"

Meanwhile, Pilot Books Continues to Kick Ass

Is It Jinxy to Hold a "Victory Rally" Before the Ballots Are Counted?

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Living Cats

The SECB Four Loko-Powered™ Election Coverage Begins

Republican John Koster Winning in the 2nd

The Meaning of Last Night's Results, Washington State Edition

The Nerdiest Question Ever Asked by Nerd at NerdCon Nerdfest Nerd Nerd Nerd... Like EVER!

The Evolution of Democratic Presidents

Dress Up and Win Big (or Not So Big)

Last Night I Saw Twenty-Three Minutes of Tron: Legacy

Sounders vs. Los Angeles Galaxy: Waz Gonna Happen?!?

A Political Conversation on the Streets of Seattle

Reading Tonight: Last Call for Cherie Priest

Amazon Is Giving Money to Kenyon Review's Short Story Competition

Marcelas Owens, Still on Message

DelBene Pulls the Plug


'Party and Party and Party and Fuck and Party'

Madame K's Last Night

Mail Your Ballot

Sufjan Stevens

'Inside Job'

Cheeky Cafe


Kary Wayson