Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 4 - 10, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 9

Savage Love

Need to Know

I, Anonymous


The Dudes Abide—and Shred

Wah Wah Exit Wound's High-Flying, Down-to-Earth Prog Rock

Grown-Ass Man

Tim Kasher's Mid-Midlife Crisis

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Paper Tongues and the Compromises Major-Label Rockers Make

Data Breaker

Brian Eno, Matthew Dear, and Graintable

My Philosophy

Aloe Blacc, Mayer Hawthorne, and New Local Releases

Sound Check

The Glass Notes: Accrediting Juliets

Poster of the Week

Poster by Small Horse Studio


Hurry! Turn in Your 2011 Sound Off! Applications!

The Homosexual Agenda

Way Gay Sing Along, Bacon Strip, Lick, and Bearracuda

Party Crasher

The Ups and Downs of Halloween


The Momentum of Doom

Hamlet and Abraham Lincoln

Visual Art

In Art News

Nontalking Heads


One Desk, Slightly Used

Nicole Krauss's Great House Is a Haunted Novel

Food & Drink

Small Dishes of Delicious Things

Charles Mudede Discovers Tapas

Bar Exam

Drinking at the Very First Starbucks to Serve Beer and Wine

Chow Bio

Mike and Elizabeth Gordon

Happiest Hour

Quarter Lounge


The Cocaine Trade

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine, Part II: How It's Made, How It Moves, and Who Might Be Cutting It with a Deadly Cattle-Deworming Drug


Armed Raid by the SPD

Leaders Scramble to Explain SPD's Invasion of a Medical-Marijuana Patient's Apartment for Two Tiny Plants

State Tunnel Study Called a "Sham"

State Tunnel Study Called a ìShamî

Tunnel Bids Artificially Low

Drunk of the Week

Costume Contests

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Control Tower

I Love Television

Your Failure, My Success

Last Days

The Week in Review


Police Allegedly Target Pedicab Drivers for Helmet Citations

Murray Campaign Warns That Rossi Could Take the Lead Tonight, But Says Murray Will Ultimately Win

It Gets Better Project T-Shirts

Trouble at Intiman

The Morning News

Today in Gimmicks: Crowdsource Your Novel

Power Records Contradict Claims from Prosecutor Behind Pot Warrant

Welcome Back, Keith

Ask the Mayor and City Council to Save the Friends of the Library Sale

The Neverending Beauty of the Rings of Saturn


Time for the Times to Write a State Budget

Reading Tonight: Food, Vietnam, Trees and a Terse-titling Author

Wiggins Now Just 1,820 Votes Behind Justice Sanders, Likely to Take Lead Tomorrow

Nickelsville Plans Weekend Move to Undisclosed (and Most Likely Unauthorized) Location

Arts Funding Is A Red Herring

Week in Review

From Freeway Park

A Thousand People Live Under the Las Vegas Strip

Why Aren't There Any "Out" Kinky Celebrities?

Wiggins Takes the Lead, and Will Win the Race for State Supreme Court Position No. 6

Voters: No, No, No

The Democratic Comeback of 2010?

Urine on the Toilet Seat and Fruit Flies in the Underwear, or The Intelligence Road Dairy, Part II: The Midwest Edition!!!

Slog Wants YOU To Lift Your Luggage

Christian Mad Libs

Ceis Hit-and-Run Case Dismissed

Hundreds of Doctors in Juarez Protest the Violence

Reading Tonight: Cancellations and Endings

You Supply the "Funny"!

It Was Inevitable: Jones Soda and J&D's Introduce Bacon Soda

For Your Nerd-sideration

They Call It the "Wuppertal Schwebebahn"

Meet Australia's Constance McMillen: Principal Bars Lesbian Student From Attending School Dance With Her Girlfriend...

Scientist Creates a Bot to Argue About Climate Change for Him on Twitter

It Gets Better: BC/EFA, and Broadway Impact

"It Gets Sweater"

A Brief History of Burien: Get Ready to Die

The Morning News

Would You Like to See Pictures of a 10-Day-Old Dolphin?

A Letter to the Campaign of Justice Sanders

The Morning News

Americans Can Be Painfully Lazy People

ArtWalk Tonight: In the Sun!

Working the GOP Magic

Useless Books I Have Gotten in the Mail, Part 23: Sterling's Gold

Gorillaz's Escape to Plastic Beach Last Night at the Key Arena

Woah, Larsen-Koster

Right Now on Too Beautiful to Live: Ben Gibbard

Match Book: I Need Some Romance

Couch Fest Is Today!

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis: Nude Enough for Ya?

Pilot Books Needs to Raise $334 in 57 Hours

No Vote for Liza Murcowski

Tonight at Town Hall: Even More Election Talk!

The End of Words and Wine

We Won't Have Dino to Kick Around Anymore

Liquor Inspectors Issue Violation to Gay Bar for Showing “Guys Gone Wild” Video

"...this game is not a joke. It is nothing more than a Brothel Simulator using Marvel characters."

Sucks to Be Alberto Martinez

Dear GLAAD: Leave Susan Sarandon ALOOOOOONE!

Vacant Lot on Pine Street Slated for Development By March, Source Says

SL Letters of the Day: Mommy & Daddy Issues

Looks Like The Gay Vote...

Book Events This Weekend: Suzanne Collins at Elliott Bay Book Company and Third Place Books

City Shuts Down Porn Festival

How to Blow Off the Rest of Your Day

Seattle School Reports Now Online

"You can't unsee that hat."

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Pearl Jam Auction, Fraud on the Hill, and Health Inspectors Gone Wild

"The Beautiful Dawn of Dino Rossi"

Murray's Lead Widens, Larsen's Lead Widens, and Sanders Stays Ahead as King County Counts More Ballots

Seattle School District To Unveil Report Cards To Flag Failing Schools

The Rainbowing of Campbell's Tomato

Does KUOW Newsreader Derek Wang Work For Richard Sanders?

Don't Do It, Alec Baldwin!

Renton Pastor Rebukes Anti-Gay Bullies

Peter Fonda Made A Record?

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Girls I Love, Part II

Reading Today: Come Hear the Jack Straw Writers Read

Fuck You, Coke and Pepsi

Lunchtime Quickie: "Intelligent" Christians

Slog Happy Is NOT This Thursday

What He Said

Don't Expect Flood of New Ballot Results from King County Until Tomorrow

Guess Who's Running for President?

Charles Mudede Discovers Tapas...

U.S. News & World Report

Secure the Border!

Mayor Accepts $233.26 Invoice for Door that Cops Broke

Today in GAHHHHH! For the Love of Christ HOLD ON, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!

Four Loko, Other Caffeinated Alcohol Drinks, Banned in Washington State

You Could Have This

Maddow on the FOX News Lie Machine

Can Dems Hold Exurbs? Goodman Takes Lead in 45th

In Bookstores Tomorrow: George W. Bush's Book, a Protest Against George W. Bush's Book

Slog Poll: Savior or Squatter King?

SL Letter of the Day: Girl Sees Marriage, Boy Sees Red

Sometimes It Gets $50,000,000 Better

Re: King County Voting Beats Expectations

A Critical Overview of This Week's Stranger

“Joel Can’t Blame Anyone but Himself for an Act of Stupidity That Will Haunt Him for the Rest of His Life.”

The Catcher on the Aurora Bridge

What To Expect When You're Expecting

Lunchtime Quickie: Trouble In The Sky

Who Will Collect the Nobel Peace Prize?

Good Thing California Voted Down Prop 19

A Rare Warhol for an Unbuilt Ando: Seattle Swap of the Year

Sarah Palin's Alaska

The Twinkie Diet

Come Watch Wayne's World with Me Tonight!

The Morning News

What Does Patty Murray Owe King County? Only a "You're Welcome."

For Your Stomach's Consideration: Panino Rossi

Guess Who's All Butthurt Over the Election?

Four Things You Should Know About the Cops’ Meeting on Pot Raids Today

Would You Like to Donate to Strangercrombie?

"Cats Morph into Croissants"

San Francisco Officials Plot to Destroy Happy Meals

How Many Times Do We Have to Tell You?

Poles Building a Giant Jesus

Wiggins Closing In on Sanders After King County's Latest Ballot Drop

Knife of John T. Williams Was Closed When Recovered After Shooting

A Newspaper Extinction Timeline

Today in Sandwiches

Sex and Terrorism

Keith Olbermann Suspended for Making Political Beliefs Clear

Re: Wiggins Wins (Plus a Special Message from Justice Richard B. Sanders, Who Seems to Be Preparing to Challenge the Election Results)

Than Brothers Have Added a Trace Amount of Sliced Carrots and Chopped Broccoli to Their Pho Chay

Approximately 2,430 Pieces of Toast...

Marijuana Will Never Be Legal Because Old People Don't Want It to Be Legal

Teachers Union Spars With Teach For America Over Jobs

King County Is Going to Save Patty Murray. Now: What Does Patty Murray Owe King County?

The Morning News

Andrew Sullivan Calls Dead Cats A "Mental Health Break"

E-Books Are a Billion Dollar Market

Wiggins Wins

And They Say Reading Is Dead

And... With King County's Latest Count In, Murray Still Leads

Don Draper Says "What?"

Angry Birds Just Got Weird

The Morning News

High School Kicker Booted from Team for Wearing Pink Cleats

State Senator Plans Better Liquor Ballot Measure for 2011

Required Reading: Andrew Sullivan On "The Big Lie"

Bloodbath and Beyond

Glenn Beckwatch: If You Wanna See Me Do My Thing, Baby, Pull My String

BREAKING NEWS: Ben Gibbard Wore a Dumb Hat

NEWSFLASH: PETA Is Having a Protest And They Will Pose For Photos

Currently Hanging: SuttonBeresCuller

It's Just Wrong

Our Valued Customers

Scientology Caravan Comes to Capitol Hill

POLL: On What or Whom Will Dino Rossi Blame His Defeat?

Licata Says MOHAI Money Is Spent, Suggests Bond for Magnuson Building

Reading Today: The Hunger Games Author Will Sign Your books

Somehow I Missed This Story When It Broke

The Most Awesome Football Play Ever (Middle-School Edition)

Reading Tonight: Everything Happening All at Once

Belated Jubilation

Thank You, Sloggers

Man Pleads Guilty to Pimping Pregnant Teen

What Was Dow Constantine Reading at the Reading Party? The Answer

Want To Tell The New Congress Something?

Change Coming to Lake City's NE 125th Street

Puget Sound's Appetite for Child Prostitutes

Rand Paul Was Against Earmarks...

W Has the Self-Awareness of a Bison

Bad Dogs and Bar Fights

Teachers Union Says Teach For America Is Not Welcome In Seattle

Reading Tonight: Empire Wears Boots?

Jill Clayburgh

Do You Like Making Noise?

The Myth of the Kamikaze Pilot

Giant Gummi Worm!

Ed McKenna Does Victory Lap, Tells Edsonya Charles to Eat His Dust

It Gets Better: Canada

The Big Business of Coca Fumigation in Colombia

And For Slog Readers In Spain...

Olbermann Back Tomorrow

Construction Workers Find Lost, Sexy Art Condemned by Nazis

Headline: "Streaking Object Has Officials Stumped"

Cooks Source "Apologizes" for Saying the Internet is "Public Domain"

SL Letter of the Day: Latter Gay Saint

Permanent Homeless Encampment Slated for Georgetown SODO

Operation Bullshit: FBI "Rescues" Teenage Prostitutes

Constabulary Notes From All Over

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine, Part II: How It's Made, How It Moves, and Who Might Be Cutting It with a Deadly Cattle-Deworming Drug

Mother Love

Magazine Steals Articles, Claims the Internet Is Public Domain

One Set of Rules for Fox News...

Big Daddy GOP

What'd You Do This Weekend?

Star Wars Propaganda Posters

It Exists!

And Now a Rap About Internet Safety

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

GOP Is Going to Repeal Obamacare!

Headline of the Day: "Crack in the universe"

The View from the Underside of the Bus

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Girls I Love

King County Voting Beats Expectations

A Woman on the Roof of the Courthouse Is Threatening to Jump

Lunchtime Quickie: This Man Love-Love-LOVES Pokemon. No Really...

Chile's Marathon Man

It Is My Pleasure to Inform You...

Zadie Smith on Facebook, The Social Network, and Everything Else

No Style Seattle

I'm Thinking Classical Music for Tonight at the Reading Party—That Sound Good?

Mayor Proposes Using MOHAI Money to Save Magnuson Building

Be Careful Who You Invite on Election Night

In Honor of Jackass 3D

Art Students Talk Tonight!

School Levy Approval Gobsmacks Teachers' Union

Today in Unsubstantiated Rumors: Trouble at Intiman?

Keeping Up With The Palins

Stabby Son Attacks Mom for Kiboshing His Bieber Costume

Wiggins Wins?

Derek Erdman Goes Caperin' in South Carolina!!!

Conan Opens with a Bang (Actually, a Lot of Bangs)

It Got Better For Kurt Last Night On Glee

Is This a Live Conference Call with Barack Obama?

How the Secret Kenyan Stole Christmas

SL Letter of the Day: Dan Blows Chaste Married Men

Dick's House is the New Disney World

Hungry Yet?

The Morning News

Deputy Mayor Smith Calls on Faith Leaders to Host Nickelsville

Can Wiggins Win? The View from His Westin Suite, Plus Some More Math

How Do You Pronounce ABBA?

State Needs to Respond Quickly to State Stores' Close Brush with Death

A Woman Has Needs

A Few Things I Want to Tell You About!!!

Marxism and the Social Insects

Anderson Cooper on the Firing of Andrew Shirvell

You Should Watch This: Sherlock

"I just told Hank about the words 'Speaker of the House John Boehner.'"

Reading Tonight: An Embarrassment of Riches

Today in SAD: Vet Soap Actress Struggles with Product Placement

Look at This Stupid Fucking Hipster Tree

What She Said

Seeing a Miscarried Fetus Floating In a Jar...

Which Do You Switch the Quickest?



Nicole Krauss

Jesse Paul Miller

Apple Fritters


'Craneway Event'


'Naked & Bloody'