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Aug. 17 - 23, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 49

Savage Love

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I, Anonymous


Movie Times

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Serpents on an Aeroplane

It's Exactly What You'd Expect

Terror and Bathos

The Exquisite Poetry of Snakes on a Plane

On Screen This Week

'Accepted,' 'The Oh in Ohio,' and 'Lower City'

Baby on a Board

Like Snakes on a Plane (Except Without the Snakes... Or the Plane)




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The Death and Life of Don Caballero

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The Last Waltz

Party Crasher

Weirder Homes and Gardens


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Encouraging Sprawl

A Silver Mt. Zion's Emotional Wringer

The Kids Are Not UK

Manchester: So Much to Answer For

Border Radio

Roots & Americana

The Best of Times

Styx Would Really Like to See You


Real World, Fake Twins

7 Strangers Is Medically Inaccurate

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Pretty Girls Make Graves

Three Plays That Start in Lust and End in Death

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Clay Body

Naturalized Citizen

Cat Clifford Acts Like a Deer and Makes Birds Fly Across Paper


Mud and Guts

Doug Nufer and the Return of the Double Novel

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A Wannabe Writer’s Guide to Rejection


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Bar Exam

Ahoy, Tonic Water

The Happiest Hour

The Sitting Room

Edible Ideals

Beautiful Dreams, Marginal Grub at the Healthy Hedon

Chow Bio

Derek Shankland

Eatin' Out

An Incredible Feast, Plus Wines


Monumental Victory

Seattle May Lose a Historic Temple Downtown, but the Fuss Raised by Preservationists Helped Save One on Capitol Hill

Shopping Spree

How to Get Free Books, CDs, and Movies from Focus on the Family—Thereby Taking Money out of the Pockets of Anti-Gay Bigots—in 12 Easy Steps


In Other News

A Tale of Two Studies

Unreleased State Report Contradicts City, Predicts We'd Be Fine Without Viaduct

At the Buzzer

Stalwart Fans Cling to Sonics

The Bare Facts

Nickels Turns Down Strip-Club Attorney's Offer to Reveal Books

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In Play

Police Beat

We Work For Our Cigarettes

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Pointing Out Our Imperfections

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The Week In Review



The Spits vs. Don Leonardo

Eastlake Avenue

Rebirth Brass Band

Wolf Parade

'This Is Gallery'


I Love Television

Life: It's No Fairy Tale, Bitch!

Celebrity I Saw U

Celebrity, I Saw You

Au Revoir

Control Tower

No Love for the Haters

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Drunk of the Week

Mindy P.