Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 2 - 8, 2000

Vol. 10, No. 7

Savage Love

Spunk Trouble


Submit to Me, Your God Cinema

Kieslowski's Religious Miniseries

Hot Flashes

Feasting on Firecracking Feminist Film Fantasies

True to Form

A Faithful but Flawed Take on J. G. Ballard

This Week on TV

Gratuity Included

"Requiem for a Dream" Assaults Us with Useless Images

Movie Times

Film Shorts


Just Ignore the Hippies

Terrastock IV Hits Seattle

Up & Coming

Music for Lonely Losers

Broadcast Lovingly Explore Their Genre

That Time of the Month

The Cramps Are in Town

Live Music Listings

CD Review Revue

DJ Listings

More Up & Coming

Club Directory

All Ages Action


More Music Listings


Greek Whitewash

Zimmerman's "Odyssey" Is Pretty but Dumb

Smart Actress, Muddy Shakespeare, Bloody Opera

Theater Listings

Visual Art

End of Flight, Please Disembark

R.I.P. The Rocket

Pollock, Plato, and New Sheets

The Adventures of an Art Critic at IKEA


In Arts News

Visual Arts Listings


What the Ass Says

Comics' New Humanity

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Baron Manfred von Vierthaler

A Disneyfied Taste of Bavaria

Where To Eat, What To Eat


Election 2000!

Gore, Cantwell, monorail...we'll shove you in the right direction for next week's big decision.

Labor at the Ready

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney Crashes Tacoma Company's Shareholder Meeting

Keeping It Real

Activists Inject Pragmatism Into Steinbrueck's Politics

Police Beat

Seattle Law: The Judge, the Lawyers, the Cops

In Other News...

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Our Stoopid Democratic Process

It's My Party

Tough Guys

I Bet You Didn't Know...

Rick Levin Courtside

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