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Mar. 27 - Apr. 2, 2008

Vol. 17, No. 29

Savage Love

Swimming in Pussy

New Column!


On Screen

This Week's New Releases


High School Musical Party

I, Anonymous

Spooge Is Litter, Too


My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Bug in the Bassbin

Fun and Serious

The Score

Two Quartets

It's a Hit

All-Nashville Edition

Party Crasher

Eggs and Kegs

Poster of the Week

Fucking in the Streets

Spreading the Love

Velella Velella Want You to Feel the Funk


Stay What You Are

Interrogation: Matthew Caws

Nada Surf about Britney Spears, Hiphop, and Guitar World

Album Reviews

Up & Coming


Laughing in the Dark

Three Comedies

Theater News

Dance to the Death

Visual Art

Kader Attia Was Here

There Must Be Traces of Him in This Show Somewhere



Sex and Death in SeaTac

A Report from the Northwest's Biggest Sci-Fi Convention

Food & Drink

Nothing Gold Can Stay

A Requiem for Hooters

Chow Bio

Donald H.

Bar Exam

Mom's Place

Eat & Tell

Eat with Jennifer 8.

The Happiest Hour


The [Very] Thin Blue Line

There are complaints that Seattle cops are unreliable and incompetent. The solution? More cops—lots more cops—and better pay.


Water Damages

Fed-up South Seattle Residents Sue Housing Agency

In the Hall

Agitate Now, Campaign Later

In Other News


Vet Seeks Damages for Food-Bank Supplies Destroyed by Flood

End Games

At What Point Does Clinton Give Up?

Get Your War On

Dear Science

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Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Failure Is Indeed an Option (March 27)

Drunk of the Week

The Jewish Joker

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

I Love Television

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Letters to the Editor



Kelly Mark

Tod Wodicka

Le Loup

The Cribs, Ra Ra Riot, Jeffrey Lewis

'Answered Prayers and Other Tragedies'


Magma Festival's Volcano Explosion

Sonics Death Watch

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