Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 11 - 17, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 10

Savage Love


New Column!


Seattle Needeth a Maypole Stadiume!


Waste Land: Crime and Punishment and Reality TV

Morning Glory: You're Too Good for This Shit



Art House


I, Anonymous

To My Trashy Sibling


It Sounds Like Something at a Funeral

The Stranger Plays Delorean for Three Random People and Interviews Them About Their Feelings

Asymptotes Epic

Midday Veil's Oracular, Spectacular Psychedelia

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Data Breaker

Five (Mostly) Hot New Releases

It's a Hit

New Tracks from DFA

My Philosophy

Das Racist, Luck-One, and DJ Nphared

Sound Check

The stories about Seth Marquee sound like bullshit to me

Poster of the Week

Poster by Rock the Village


Seattle Rock Orchestra Does the Beach Boys (Swoon!)

The Homosexual Agenda

Straight and Kill the Lonely Hours

Party Crasher

Blowing the Super Bowl


Hearts and Bones

Three Newish Plays About the Perils of Desire

Visual Art

Appropriation Situation

What the Big New Show at the Henry Does and Doesn't Do


Show Me Something New

Jaded Ibis Press Is Dragging the Book into the Future

Food & Drink

Vegan Universe

Saving the World One Pig at a Time in the U-District

The Happiest Hour


Chow Bio

Jane Kim


How to Use the Levamisole Test Kit

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine, Part III


Liquor Officers Gone Wild

State Issues Violation to Gay Bar Showing Guys Gone Wild Video

What Does Patty Murray Owe King County?

A Complete List of Demands from the Voters Who Just Reelected You

Ending the Bus Rules That Punish Seattle

A County Task Force Has a Plan to Save Urban Bus Service


Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

The Mouth-Mind-Body Connection

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Welcome, New Tea Party Readers!


Araya's Lunch Buffet



Dean Wareham Plays Galaxie 500

Justin Spring and Wendy Moffatt

'Up and Out'


Das Racist

Last Days

The Week in Review


SPD's Wild Goose Chase

Happy 121st Birthday, Washington State

The Simpsons Predict: 9/11, Last Week's Nuclear Armageddon

It Gets... Backlash

Where Are You Going this Weekend?

You Are Not Reading a Blog Right Now

The Daily Show to John McCain: It Gets Worse—Eventually—For You, Asshole

Roadside Sobriety Test Failure

Reading Last Night: Daniel Handler and Sherman Alexie at Benaroya Hall

The Real Size of Africa

E-Bestseller List Coming from The New York Times

Eight Arms to Hold You

Goeie More Amerika

Comic Book Reviews: Three-Line Novels, Whirlwind Wonderland, and The Green Woman

PBS Edits Fey's Comments About Palin

Voyeurism and Cal Anderson Park

Support Trevor, GLSEN, and IGBP

State Officials and City Council Boycott Town Hall Forum, Claiming "No Need to Discuss the Tunnel."

Das Racist at Chop Suey: Brown Johnny Rotten, the '78 Pistols

Deep Thoughts from a Window Above Interstate 5

Cooks Source Speaks Out...Again

Antoine Dodson Is Ready for His Close-Up

Ideology Today: Poor America

"Eat your beard! I want to pay you $250 dollars for that lawnmower!"

SL Letter of the Day: Foreign Affairs


Can Do Better

Tonight's Urination Nightmare... TODAY!

Bill Nye 'the Science Guy' Collapses at USC

"You're 83 Years Old, Would You Say Delorean are More Proto-Chillwave or Post-Bloghouse?"

Will Poetry Survive E-Books?

Derek Erdman's Caperin': What's Worse, Tom Waits or Roller Derby?

Dead Pigs

SCAN's Dying Cry for Help

Glenn Beckwatch: Meet the Puppet Master

Ciao, Zao

The View From My Window

Facebook to Launch E-Mail Service on Monday?

The Morning News

This Week in Film: Unstoppable

Welcome to the 2012 Race for Washington State Attorney General

Vodka, Ego, Prison Tattoos

Wiggins's Lead Widens to Over 5,000 Votes

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In SEXY!

Murray Hill Backs Susan Sarandon and Glee

Wiggins's Lead Now at About 6,300 Votes

Gun-Crazy Country

Back-to-School Comics

Pod of Pushy Porpoises Protects Poppins Player

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Mother

It Gets Better: Even For Ex-Gays!

The Morning News

An Exciting New Publisher Moves to Seattle

New GOP Congressman Who Ran Against Socialized Medicine Now Supports Socialized Medicine...

It's Time For... Guess Whose Desk!

King County's List of Demands, as Delivered to Sen. Patty Murray in This Week's Paper

More Details about Intiman's Money Problems

Garage, Interrupted

Enough for Government Work?

Reading Tonight: Iran Is a Scene

Reagan Dunn Complains His Ideas Were “Not Taken Seriously,” Gets the Smackdown He Deserves

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Oxycontin Clowns

The Business Community's Non-Argument Against a Permanent Homeless Encampment

Those Cards That Fall Out Of Magazines Are Called "Blow Ins," Aren't They?

While America Sleeps, Google Sells Us to the Muslims

From the "Well, What the Fuck Did You Expect?" Department

"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Lunchtime Quickie: Tons of @#$#-ing Sequins


Mike Tyson, Restaurateur

Double Happiness

State Legislators Pressure City to Find Nickelsville Winter Housing

By the Way: Rick Larsen Won

Who Gives a Shit What Cindy McCain Thinks?

Mayor's Office Moves Nickelsville to Lake City

Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson on TV ...

Get Ready for Thanksgiving With Cooking and Baking Tips From Local Experts

Marcia Gay Harden and Peter O'Toole, What Were You Thinking?

Boeing 787 Test Flight Evacuated in Texas

Michelangelo Signorile on "Tranny"

Blood-Rate Tests Reveal John T. Williams Was Peacefully Asleep at Time of His Fatal Shooting

Driving While Under the Influence of Old Age

Where can I buy a button maker in Seattle?

Today Is Dow Constantine's Birthday

Public Meetings on Nickelsville Planned for Thursday

Did You Watch the 60 Minutes Interview with the First Living Soldier to Win the Medal of Honor Since the Vietnam War?

Obama's "Bipartisan" Debt Commission Recommends...

Overheard in the Office: Veteran's Day Edition

Is It Just Me, or Is This New Winnie-the-Pooh Trailer FUCKING TERRIFYING?

City Council's Budget: Victim Advocates, Community Centers, and Shelters

Arizona Becomes 15th State to Allow Medical Pot

Lake City Business Leaders Grumpy With Nickelsville Move

Chinese Experts Insist That You Can Tell If a Kid Is Going to Grow Up to Be Good at Soccer By Looking at His Penis

So I Can't Marry Prince Harry Then?

Seattle Times to Endorse Income Tax?

Week in Review

Read About Fun Wacky Tour Hi-Jinx on Your Saturday Morning!!!

Sanders-Wiggins: Closest State Supreme Court Race in Washington History?

Bicycling Not So Good For You

Just Another Day at the Library

U.S. Federal Appeals Court Judge Calls the Drug War: Governments Lost, Stoners and Narcos Won

What are YOU Happy For?

SL Letter of the Day: Why Don't You Do It In the Road...

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

The TSA vs Your Junk, Sanity

Auto Joust Goes Bad in Riverview

Three Seattle Librarians Are in Questionland, Waiting to Recommend Books to You

The Morning News

The Morning News

Tonight's Nightmare Today

Did Schmader Post This?

Democratic Leaders Say They'll Still Keep Control in Olympia, Even With Smaller Majorities

The Four-Loko Ban Shouldn't Stick

Reading Tonight: Letters to the Author's Mom

A Critical Overview of This Week's Stranger

Glenn Beckwatch: The Puppet Master Is Puppeteering Sarah Palin?

Something Relaxing for Sunday Morning

Campaign Filed to Challenge Tunnel in 2011

Man, This Spectacular Animation of Driving Through the Deep-Bore Tunnel Almost Makes You Forget About the Project's Tenuous Financing and That It Will Dump 65,000 More Cars a Day onto Gridlocked Downtown Streets

The Loneliness of the Online Commenter

What's Worse Than Being Stranded on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

Council Keeps Parking Rates Low, to the Chagrin of Bike and Ped Advocates

Write Your Principal

The Playwrights Think They're Newspapermen

Urban Decay Officially Consumes All of 23rd and Union

And Now... An Extended Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Gun-Crazy Country

A Review of Center-Cut Ham Dinner Night Slide Show

Sheriff's Office Hit Hard by King County Budget


U.S. Military Training vs. U.S. Military Training: Who Will Win?

Here's Your One Chance to Tell the State What You Think About the Deep-Bore Tunnel

SL Letter of the Day: Gay Guy Prefers Web Cam To Hot Boyfriend

How Was My Lunch?

Dino De Laurentiis

Time and Language

Remember That One Time Adam from Chromatics Called Chop Suey Seattle's "New Racist Hotspot"?

I, Anonymous: Drama Everywhere

The Morning News

Today in E-Books: The Race for Color, and Here Comes an Immense Tablet

In South Downtown, a Dilemma Over Height

Grocery Union Kills Contract

Reading Today: Toy Cameras, Fake Hit Men, and That Novel You're Writing This Month

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Currently Hanging: Amanda Ross-Ho

Bragging Rights to Barreto, Whose Poll Most Closely Called the Murray-Rossi Spread

A Quick Story of Down-On-Their-Luck Bigots

Death of the Day

The Eagle Is the Only Bar to Get an Official Violation for Lewd Conduct in the Entire State Within the Last Year

It Gets Better: Jewish Queer Youth

Here's to Dads

The Politics of Back and Forth

Fried Chicken Is Health Food

City Says Nickelsville Site Doesn't Need Hazardous Cleanup

No One Ever Went Broke Underestimating the Insecurities of Gay Consumers

How Justice Richard B. Sanders Lost It

A Very Special Episode of Glee

"Bohemian Rhapsody": Queen or the Muppets?

Pentagon Report: Repealing DADT No Big Fucking Deal

Justice Sanders, While Not Quite Conceding, Says He Sees the End of the Trail

Hey There, Stranger (In Which the Grossest Things Are Discussed)

Sexphobia Is A Non-Partisan Issue

Mark Twain Reanimated, Makes Sexist Comments on Public Television

So, it Turns Out There Were a Bunch of Four Loko Hidden in the Crisper Drawer

How Do We Break It to Texas Governor Rick Perry?

City and State Have No Plan—Nor Money—for Flood of Downtown Traffic Caused by Tunnel Diversion

In Case You Don't Already Want to Stab Your Face Off, There's This

School District Employees Call Plan To Cut Family Services "Stupid"

Tonight: The Playwrights Think They're Newspapermen

College Prof Bans Enthusiastic Yawning from the Universe!

He's Not a Bully, But He Plays One on TV

Dave Niehaus, Voice of Mariners, Dead at 75

Taking a Look at the World's Simplest Cell Phone

Seattle: You Will Pay for Cost Overruns on Tunnel

Beck, Devendra Banhart and Trent Moorman Are All Hanging Out Together and Hitting Drums!

Are You a Woman? Have You Spontaneously Climaxed During Exercise? Do You Like Science?

Four Seconds to Gunfire and Witnesses Who Say the Cop Was Never Threatened

77 Cat Breeds in 4 Minutes

Christopher Frizzelle Forgets to Smoke Drugs Before Watching Stomp!

Is Racist, Homophobic, and Providing Comfort and Information to Terrorists?


It Gets Better: From Quantum Leap to Glee

Fix the Damn Deficit Yourself

These are the Product Placements of Our Lives

Leonardo Da Vinci on the World's Most Famous Penis

A Death Panel Convenes...

Today in Anonymous Hot Tips

Facebook Wants to Control Your Communication

And Now, a Small Earthquake

Today in Holy Shit Fuck

Amazon Makes the Right Move on Pedophile Kindle Book


With Justice Sanders Exiting, What Happens to Undecided Supreme Court Cases?

A Libertarian Perspective on Health Care

Nickelsville Still Camped Out in U-District

James Frey Is the New Stan Lee

John McCain vs. John McCain

The Bad Luck of the Irish

This Week in Film: Jolene

Microsoft Might Claim that Office 2010 Is Revolutionary ...

Poetry and Consciousness

No Rest for the Political (Or: First Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Set!)

Backscatter Backlash

RE: How Justice Richard B. Sanders Lost It

Confidential to the Daily Collegian

That Old Fleabag Falling-Down House Next to the Seven Gables?

City Council Votes to Boot Cars with Four or More Outstanding Parking Tickets

Vigilantes Kick Out Cops in Another Mexican Town

Turn Off the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Starting Next Year, Your Phone Will Be Your Wallet

Sarah Palin's Alaska Offspring

Matt Hickey's "Holy Shit!" Account of an Emergency Landing

On the Catwalk

The Morning News

Mayor Calls Council's Budget (Mostly) Responsible

The Almost Big Sleep

SL Letter of the Day: Best Opening Sentence Ever

GawkerTV Showcases Oprah's Monsterism

End the Bus Rules that Punish Seattle

Reading Today: The Secret Histories

GGG Plates

Council Members Balk at Mayor's Vague Plan to Fund Nickelsville

Royally Screwed?

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Re: So, it Turns Out There Were a Bunch of Four Loko Hidden in the Crisper Drawer

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Chief Sealth Trail, Magnolia Market, and Shenanigans on Maury Island

Disappointing Sale for Barney

Did George W. Bush Plagiarize His Book?

PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters

Yellow Pages Publishers Sue Seattle Over Phone Book Ordinance

New Italian Cinema

Reading Tonight: Pitch Your Book or Come Hear Me Talk About Readings

The State of Our School District

How Useless Is HRC?

EPA's Plan to Clean Up Duwamish River Isn't Enough

Reading Tonight: New Orleans Comes to Town

Fuck Cindy McCain

Daniel Radcliffe Geeks Out, Bites My Steez

Reading Tonight: Zombie Mark Twain

Re: Backscatter Backlash

In Light of the Four Loko Ban, We Have No Other Choice

Something That Has Been Bothering Me Since 1993...

Death of the Day

Letter to the Editor: He Said/She Said!

The Morning News

Where's Slog Happy? I'll Tell You!

Boeing Brings Two 787s Back to Seattle

Currently Standing: Donald Fels, Joe Feddersen, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith