Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 18 - 24, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 11

Savage Love

Gray Rights Now!

New Column!

Wisdom from Whiskers


Client 9: The Unsolved Mystery in Eliot Spitzer's Downfall

Rock, Blood, and Bone

Danny Boyle Discusses 127 Hours

Vision: Sisters Doing It for Themselves

The Next Three Days: The Meaning of Love


Harry Potter, Bitchez!

I, Anonymous

I'm Ashamed of Us


Good Ass Job

Kanye West Caps a Mad and Maddening Year with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The Feel-Good DJ of the Decade

Hiphop Multitasker WD4D Wants to Break It to You Freshly

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Is That All You Get?

It's a Hit

Split Singles from Cee Lo Green, Band of Horses, School of Seven Bells, and Active Child

Data Breaker

Lorn, Shlohmo, Shigeto, and J.Phlip

My Philosophy

Kanye West's Beautiful Fantasy and Kid Cudi's Redeeming Rager

Sound Check

Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino: Horse Person

Poster of the Week

Poster by Irene Barber


All-Ages Movement Project Is Famous!

The Homosexual Agenda

Nark Goes Casual and Expansions Does Trouble Dicso

Party Crasher

Loko Karaoke


He, Himself, and Him

The Autobiographical Anguish of Edward Albee

Visual Art


Christopher Doyle's A Rose Photographed Is What a Rose Photographed Is


President Frat Boy

Tucker Max and George W. Bush Are Basically the Same Person

Food & Drink

The New Rich

Luxury, Greatness, and the Chicken Nuggets of the Wealthy at the Book Bindery

Chow Bio

Trevor and Chris of Royal Booze & Burritos

The Happiest Hour

Cooper's Alehouse


This Land Is False Land

Seattle is one of the most outrageous land sculptures in American history. No wonder Seattle artists respond to the earth so distinctly.


McGinn's Problem Now

City Council Members Balk at Mayor's Well-Intentioned but Vague Plan to Fund Nickelsville

How a Shoo-In Lost the Race

State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders Was Done In by His Own Hypocritical, Gay-Marriage-Thwarting, and Racially Incendiary Actions

No Groceries for Thanksgiving?

Police Beat

A City of Silent Thugs

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

I Love Television

The Ice Concussions Cometh

Last Days

The Week in Review


Storm's A-Brewing in CocaineLand, and Maybe the Production Market Is More Centralized Than Everybody Thought: Some Speculations

Today's Catch Phrase: "Then I See His Penis Out!"

Seattle Public Schools Closed Tuesday

Why Do Republicans Hate America?

Land Art Outtakes: The Most Amazing Land Art You've Never Heard Of (It's in Wendover, Utah)

What Some People Will Do to Get "Rock Star" Parking

The GOP Is Kicking Solid Economic Ass

OK, Guys, Seriously—Even If You Know Nothing about Art and Don't Care about Art You Gotta Read This Piece

Did CNN Cut Me Off Earlier Today?

County Agrees to Give Seattle $30 Million for Seawall

Seattle School District Cancels All Monday Afternoon Activities

Wesley Snipes Ordered to Jail

Demand and You Shall Receive

Bookstore Sales Continue to Decline

Lunchtime Quickie: The World's Youngest Fashion Designer

Would You Eat That?

You Know What Works Great in the Snow? Light Rail

8 Facts About Sarah Palin from Yesterday's New York Times Magazine Story

SPD Had Beating Video for Three Weeks and Did Nothing With It

The Morning News

Palin vs. Trump in 2012

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

Animated Studs Terkel on the Human Voice

The Pope Clarifies: Condoms Acceptable for Preventing STIs, Not Acceptable for Preventing Your 18th Mouth to Feed

Death of the Day: Karla Faye Tucker

Postcard from Spain

What Was a High Priority for Police at 9:30 p.m. on October 18 at 2nd Avenue and Pike Street?

The Cupcake Caper Continues

It Was My Desk. It Was My Goddamn Desk, Okay?

Mark Your Calendars: Tunnel Town Hall, Dec. 1

SPD Closes Some Roads For Safety Reasons, Crews Working Overnight

Seattle School District Used False Data To Show College Readiness

I Would Just Like to Draw Your Attention to David Schmader's Excellent Essay on Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Are You An Artist?

UPDATED: Video Shows Seattle Cop Kicking 17-Year-Old Boy in the Groin Even Though His Hands Were Up; SPD Begins Misconduct Investigation; KIRO Says SPD Had Video for Some Time But Did Nothing

It's Cocktail O'Clock in Questionland

Embrace the Snow

Come to Think of It, You Never See Tucker Max and George W. Bush in the Same Place at the Same Time...

Temple Full of Fetuses Discovered in Thailand

Okay, Okay, Okay.

Death of the Day

Advice to Chopp: Give the Republicans What They Asked For

In Court Documents Related to the Capitol Hill Hatchet Murder Suspect, a Poem

Why Drive When You Can Cuddle?

Raw Chinese Capitalism

What He Said

I Do Not Know What These Words Mean, but I Assume That This Is Good News

The Endangered Cougars

Comic Book Review: Thunder in the Building #2

Chow Bio: Trevor and Chris of Royal Booze and Burritos

Reading Tonight: Still Not Over the Election

Jesus [hearts] Slavery

Leeches, Trances, Shakers: Talking About Art and History at the Frye Sunday

Punk the TSA

What Happened After Glenn Beck and I Decided To Go Get Pregnant

Slog Happy Is Tomorrow!

Seeing Star Cities

No DADT Discharges In Last Month

Against Health

What the Hell Are You Doing Tonight?

Do You Believe the Latest SPD Investigation Is Going to Change Anything?

Make Your Voice Heard

Poll: Which Stranger Staffer Makes Too Much "Sex Noise"?

Would You Like to Know When the Liquor Store Will Open Again? Fuck You for Asking!

SPD Kills a Man on Beacon Hill

Porno-Scanners Idle at Sea-Tac

The Pleasure Principle: Man Allegedly Fights for His Right to Steal Ice Cream

Cupcake Update (Or: Cupdate.)

SL Letter of the Day: Milking It

Also Delayed by the Snow: Election Results

Snowpocalypse 2010: Some Photos of the City at Night

Local Hero

I Can't Believe We're Talking About Banning Brave New World at a Seattle Public High School, But Since It Came Up Repeatedly on the Radio this Morning: No, No, No, and Are You Serious? Really?

Today in GAH!!!

Trading Marxist Revolutionaries for a Cocaine Kingpin

The Conservative Michael Moore Picks on Hero Special Ed Teacher

Great West Coast Newspaper War Update: California Supreme Court Declines to Hear SF Weekly's Appeal

Meanwhile on the Korean Peninsula

Man Killed With Pickax Near 15th and Union, Suspect in Custody

Beyonce Smells Too Good for British Daytime Television!!!

I Am Bringing Free Books to Slog Happy

In Soviet Russia, Penis Severs You!

Register for a Culture Gabfest Now

Happy Thanksgiving!

City Won't Ticket Cars Today

Last Call for Later Bar Hours

QFC Just Asked Me to Cross the Picket Line

Required Viewing: Jon Stewart Breaks Out His Beck Specs

'I love this child, though she'll grow up to treat me like her mother does.'

Are Bristol Palin and Murphy Brown Our Only Choices?

Currently Hanging: The Other Side of Kelly Mark

Uh, North Korea Attacks South Korea?

Man, the Church Never Wants Us to Have ANY Fun

The Pope: Condoms Acceptable In Certain Circumstances...

Reading Today: Adventures in Reading

Cocaine-Levamisole Test Kit Results, First Drop

Rasmussen on Tunnel Study: "I Have Only Read the First Page"

Lunchtime Quickie: Drunk Girl In A Dryer


Morning News: Snow, Pirate Trials, Taylor Swift Gets a Haircut

Will Willow Palin Call Joe Biden a "Faggot" Now Too?

This Week in Film: Client 9

Finally! A Magazine for Pole Spinners Like Me!

What's Really Good in Seattle Right Now


Reading Tonight: It's Magic!

America's Native Prisoners of War, Photographed

Simmers in the Hands of an Angry God

School Board Infuriates Teachers, Gives Job Advantage to Teach for America

Donate to Strangercrombie Today!

What Lunch-Money-Stealing Punks Do Later in Life

Dear Everyone in Seattle with a Car: Do Not Go on I-5 North

Beecher's Cheese Wins the Oprah Lottery

The Tricky Business of Selling Porn to Latinos

The Replacement of the Left

American Jews Emotionally Breaking With Israel

Jail Weddings: America's Answer to the Pogues?

SPD Shooting Victim Was Driving Stolen Car; Pointed Weapon at Himself

Closed Roads and No Garbage Pick Up

A Scene From Seatac

BET Is the New Terror Network

New Video Shows SPD Officer Apparently Hit Witness Who Had Video Camera

MatchBook: Brautiganian or Brautiganish?

Today in Amazon: Holding Stephen King Hostage, Making Movies

Police Say Capitol Hill Hatchet Murderer and His Victim Were Strangers to Each Other

Former High-Ranking Catholic Theologian: Church Overrun With Homosexual Homophobes

Look at This Stupid Fucking Hipster Snowman

I Heart Wine Writers

It Gets Better: The Prime Minister

Lunchtime Quickie: Make Your Own Four Loko

Depressing Headline of the Day

Snow Likely on Thanksgiving

A Midwesterner's Snow Shoveling DOs and DON'Ts For Clueless Seattleites

Deep Thoughts from a Window Above Interstate 5

It Is Heartening to Know That Rupert Murdoch Can Lose

Tonight: KCTS Kicks Off Local Film Series with Wheedle's Groove

Someone Wants to Ban Brave New World from Seattle Schools

Currently Hanging: Timea Tihanyi

Hey, Liquor Store—Fuck You!

Another Train Death on a Sunday

Finally, a Towel for Teabaggers!

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Opt Out of 'Backscatter X-ray' Whole Body Scanners

Going to Western

It's Going to Be Icy Again Tonight

Meet the Possible New Head of the Energy and Commerce Committee

Happy Gingerbread Village Day!

Get Your Ass off the Couch

SL Letter of the Day: Nuts and Chews

Reading Tonight: Nora Ephron, Portraits of Seattle, and Issues

Did You See the Journalist Who Conducted the 60 Minutes Interview with the First Living Soldier to Win the Medal of Honor Since the Vietnam War?

Deep Freeze Shuts Down Seattle Schools Again

Kabul Is Safer for Children than New York City

Cambodian Panic Ends 300 Lives

Art, Not the Art World

Correcting the Record

Girl, Resurrected

Tonight! Teachers Vs. Teach For America

It's the Busiest Travel Day of the Year!

Flickr Photo of the Day

Hopes Dashed for Fragile Angry Birds Peace Accord

The Morning News

It's Official: Metro Union Approves New Three-Year Contract with County

It Wasn't All a Waste

No Dope for the Tourists?

Whedon-less Buffy, WHAT?!

Plane Slides Off the Runway at Sea-Tac—Or Does It?

It Is Most Definitely Snowing in Downtown Seattle Right Now

MSNBC Management Was Wrong to Suspend Olbermann For Making Political Donations...

In Love With Artifice: Land Art Outtakes

We Knew Turnout Was High, But... Wow.

And Now... the Winner of the "Best Acting Ever Acted by an Actor" Award... NICOLAS CAGE!!

I'm From Michigan, and All I Wanna Do Is Whip Some Shitties

Today in Headlines I Never Thought I'd See

Tonight in Art

SPD Sat On Video of Cop Kicking Suspect and Didn't Seek Investigation; ACLU Calls for Federal Civil Rights Probe

The Morning News

I, Anonymous: "I'm Ashamed of Us"

Baby Tiger and Piglet Spooning: SCREAM

Man Enters Own Country With Dignity

Something to Consider This Holiday Season

Hey Guys! I Just Turned My Iron Man Slurpee Cup into a Tissue Dispenser!

Oops, the Recession Did it Again

The Cast of Harry Potter Learns to Speak American

"Dean Wareham Plays Galaxie 500" Last Night at the Crocodile

New Bus Stop Next to Freeway Park

Marxism and Insects: The Ultimate War Economy

So Pretty, and: PREPARE TO BUNDLE!

Why Prince William Shouldn't Marry a Common Person

Week in Review

"We're asking this court to say: 'Whoa, Mr. Attorney General.'"

Homo for the Holidays

Traffic Report

RIP Bill Cumming

Either Someone at Google Has a Mean Sense of Humor and a Dislike for Karen Carpenter

What Republicans Say About Sarah Palin When...

Reading Today: Get Your Steampunk On

More Evidence for Evolution

I Found Your Phone

Land Art Outtakes: Boeing 2 Aerial Camouflage

Capitol Hill Murder Suspect Booked into Jail, Friend of Victim Stunned

Still Not Over Seattle's Newspaper Strike

What To Do With the Uptown Now

The Cupcake Mystery Is Solved (and It Wasn't Grant)

Tomorrow at the State Supreme Court: Everyone vs. Rob McKenna

Girl Geeks Unite!

Hey Seattle, Whatcha Drinkin' Tonight?

Super Space Power: America Launches a Mysterious Satellite

UW Girls Do Dirty Dishes!

Hey Megan, You Might Want to Look in the Most Obvious Hiding Spot in the World

Do Not Miss Kyle Kinane, Please!

Get Your Ass Off the Couch

Lars Finberg on Touring in Hell (the South), Derek Erdman on Prank Phone Calls, and Michael Jackson Drinking Vodka from the Bottle with Little People Sitting on His Lap!!!

The Morning News

Will Cantwell Face as Tough a Challenge in 2012 as Murray Did in 2010?

High French Ducks

7-Year-old Colton Burpo Proves There's a Heaven, Guys!

Required Reading Before Tonight's Meetings on SoDo's Permanent Homeless Encampment

A Dog Will Tell You How to Make Bento

Vegan Blogger Eats Meat, Gets Threatened by Vegans

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Reading Last Night: Bushwick Book Club

The 2010 HUMP! Awards

Five Things You Should Know About the City's Plan for a Permanent Homeless Camp in Sodo (Feat. Kottonmouth Kings)

The 3rd I

High School Students Caught Allegedly Burglarizing Home on Lunch Break

Gay Teacher Gets Marriage Proposal On School Sign, Gay Teacher's Gay Boyfriend Proposes On School Grounds, Gay Teacher Shows Off Gay Engagement Ring to Third Grade Students

What Did Frizzelle End Up Drinking Last Night? The Exciting Follow-Up!

SL Letter of the Day: Your Cheating Part

SL Letter of the Day: Twelve Questions

Today in Reviled Beverages

I Gather We Are a Soup City

Senator Murkowski, Ra! Ra! Ra!

Conservatives Are Outbreeding Liberals

Traffic Report

The Morning News

Seattle Has Real Life Superheroes

In Love With Artifice: Land Art Outtakes

Today in Four Loko: New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz Chases the Artificially Colored Fairy

"False Imprisonment"

Seattle Snow Carnage

New Jersey Pastor: Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw!

This Week's Answer of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

What Would You Like to Know About Rick Springfield?

What Are Today's State Supreme Court Hearings All About? And Why Do They Involve Rob McKenna?

Why Don't We Know Who Won HUMP! Yet?

Also on the Unicorn's Menu: Dick Jokes!

It Gets Better: Love, Pixar

Seattle Super Hero Fight!

Mayor McGinn Announces His Nominee for the Library Board

This Is the Person Who Ruined Poetry Forever

The Nazis Who Run NPR...

Deaths of the Day: Dyatlov Pass Incident

SL Letter of the Day: Pedo Or No?

Daily Pill—Taken Without Fail (No Screwing Up)—Reduces HIV Infection Rates By 90%

Lunchtime Quickie: Tajazzle Your Vajazzle

The Most Beautiful Kitchen in the City

Acknowledging the Existence of Straight Families ≠ Talking About the Mechanics of Straight Sex


This Week in Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

The Morning News

The Rich Are Different From You And Me

It's An Emergency ... But Your Garbage Will Still Be Picked Up at the Same Time

A Fossil for Lunch

Reading Tonight: A Puppeteer, an Internet Expert, and Steampunk's Delight

Freedom Isn't Free

Name This Band: Special Frontman Won't Look at the Camera Edition!

The Ghosts of Snow City

The Chief Marketing Officer Speaks

You! Better! Take! The! Money! Or! Else!

Autographing E-Books

Judge Says School District Can Cut Down Trees At Ingraham High

Prop 8 Arguments Will Be Televised



Bushwick Book Club

Fête de Beaujolais Nouveau

'Will Be Snaring Meteorites'

'Hearts Are Monsters'

The New Harry Potter at the New Cinerama!

Mother Knows Best

High Places, Soft Circle