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Apr. 17 - 23, 2008

Vol. 17, No. 32

Savage Love

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I, Anonymous

Tweak Off and Die


Beyond the Pale

Hot Chip, No Kids, and Why Indie Rock Isn't Too "White"

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Bug in the Bassbin

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Ballard Jazz Festival

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Do It Yourself, Do It Together

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Death in the Details

Why? Sweat the Small Stuff

Fucking in the Streets

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Lowbrow Bar Theater

Ten years ago, Chas Roberts made a list of goals. Being the host of a boozy variety show wasn’t one of them.

The Shrieking Greek

Seattle Rep's The Cure at Troy Involves Accidental Adult Contemporary Singing

Visual Art

Event Horizons

Why Jeffrey Simmons Is a Name You Should Know

Foster in Seattle

The Making of a European Block

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Horizon Event


This One's for You

Finding Robert Jamieson's Ideal Reader

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New in Books

New in Books

The Man from Knockemstiff

Donald Ray Pollock on the Toughest Part of Writing

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Whistling in the Graveyard

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An Incredible Story (with Incredible Burgers)

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Mae's Phinney Ridge Homemade Cinnamon Roll

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The Happiest Hour



Why we love to watch others fall.


Artistic Differences

Booted Tenants Claim Landlord Retaliation

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City Dump

GOP Event Shut Down

But It's a Pyrrhic Victory for Liberal Students

In the Hall

Wish Fulfillment

Put Down the Wineglass

Liquor Board Cuts Off Beacon Hill Culinary School

Traffic Jam

Nickels Merges Popular Proposal with Controversial Mercer "Fix"

Rossi's Road Map

GOP Candidate Pushes Pavement

Get Your War On

Crossword Solution

38 Across Might Be 'ATL' (April 17)

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This Week's Puzzle

38 Across Might Be 'ATL' (April 17)

Sonics Death Watch

Vol. XIV

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

Childhood Porn

I Love Television

Gossip Goebbels

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Linton Kwesi Johnson

Metal Makes Change

Hot Chip, Free Blood

'Chop Shop'

Why?, Mount Eerie

Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon

Art Klatch

Worn Out

Worn Out 2008

Lila, 19

Xin, 27

Kali, 28

Taylor, 29

Sev, 21

Nate, 21

Worn Out Hats

Worn Out Bags

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Worn In

What They Wear to Bed

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More Fashionable People on the Streets of Seattle