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Aug. 24 - 30, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 50

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Hey Nah

OutKast’s Idlewild: Only Slightly More Touching than “November Rain”

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'The Illusionist,' 'Heading South,' 'House of Sand,' 'Conversations with Other Women,' and More...


A Headache This Big


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Freaking the Frequencies

A Reasonable Plan for Freeform Programming

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Classical, Jazz & Avant Plays Der Rosenkavalier

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Why All-Ages Venues Are Crucial


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Political Song for Darcy Burner


From Bed Hopping to Backstabbing

Drunk Puppets, a Mysterious Gypsy, and a Soap Opera Satire

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Mewling and Puking

Visual Art

Dust and the Promise of Water

Maryhill Museum of Art's Insane, Longing Mirage

Art Listings

Goodbye Hoss, Another Loss

With Consolidated Works Closing, the Valuable and Beloved Barry McGee Graffiti Mural Leaves Town

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Sunshine, Please


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(I Couldn't Come Up with Anything)

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'The Left Bank Gang'


Love and Death

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Breakin' 3: Drunken Spree

The Happiest Hour

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A Not-So-Happy Hour at Umi Sake House


War Crimes

Last Week, in a Small Hearing Room at Fort Lewis, a Young Soldier Put the Iraq War on Trial

Base Hit

Senator Maria Cantwell Has Finally Found an Antiwar Message, but What Is She Saying... Exactly?


Sphere of Influence

City Pushes UW to Discipline Off-Campus Students

Unhappy Customers

Nickels's Nightclub Clampdown Unpopular with Council, Clubs, and Neighbors

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Conflict Resolution

Police Beat

Your Money or Your Life


Get Uncomfortable

(COMEDY) An Interview with Mary Lynn Rajskub

Prophetic Words

(LITERARY STUFF) Greil Marcus vs. America

One Actor in Search of Nine Characters

(PERFORMANCE) Troy Miszklevitz’s One-Man Show

“Awesome” vs. Time Itself

(PERFORMANCE) A Shorter, Better noSIGNAL

Feeling Radical, Punk?

(MUSIC) Gossip vs. Erase Errata

Shteyngart vs. Stereotypes

(LITERARY STUFF) The Stealth Missiles of Absurdistan

A Primer to the Pre-Event

Introducing John Hodgman, Smoosh, Stephin Merritt, Sarah Vowell, Colin Meloy, and Dave Eggers

TV on the Stage

(COMEDY) Trapped in the Closet and Best Week Ever Live! Mine Pop-Culture Crap for Comedy Gold

Charles vs. Chuck

(LITERARY STUFF) What Would Happen if the Black Hole Guy Decided to Beat Up the Fight Club Guy?

Digital Divide

(VISUAL ART) Handcrafters of Needle and Thread vs. the Art of an Online World

Bummer in the Summer

(LITERARY STUFF) D’Ambrosio vs. the Short Story

The Flight of Originality

(PERFORMANCE) Degenerate Art Ensemble’s Cuckoo Crow

Jamie Lidell vs. Your Boyfriend

(MUSIC) How Britain’s Blue-Eyed Soul Mechanic Is Stealing Seattle’s Hearts

On the Road

(LITERARY STUFF) Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour vs. Who’s That Girl Tour

Sean vs. Sean

(LITERARY STUFF) Wilsey Meets Nelson on the Train of Privilege

Western Mashups and an Irish Bloke’s Naked Mom

(FILM) Highlights from the 1 Reel Film Festival

Bumbershoot vs. The Stranger

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

(PERFORMANCE) Eight Facts About Spin the Bottle

Quest Verses [sic] West

(MUSIC) Can Tribe Kick It? Yes, They Can

Icon in the Flesh

(MUSIC) Blondie’s Rapturous Return

Blue Scholars vs. Common Market

Tied Up in Crazy

(LITERARY STUFF) Mary Gaitskill and George Saunders vs. Ayn Rand, George W. Bush, and Control Issues

Goth, Damned

(MUSIC) AFI Have the Cure for Black Hearts

Mike Daisey vs. Matt Smith

CocoRosie vs. Cocoa Puffs

3 Inches of Blood vs. As I Lay Dying

Badass Slug vs. Pussy Slug

Slovin and Allen vs. Abbott and Costello

Battle of the Au-Courant Solo Artists: Jerry Quickley vs. Vijai Nathan

The Can't See vs. The Invisible Eyes

Sparta vs. The Fall of Troy

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Three for the load

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'A Small Pool of Time'

The Clientele

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'Heartbreak House'

'The Iron Mask'


Impeachment Teach-In

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Murder Me Not!

Control Tower

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Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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