Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 2 - 8, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 13

Savage Love

Macho Drama

I, Anonymous

Drive-by Douchebaggery


Laughter and Screams

Buy Toy Story 3 for Your Anti-Socialist Children

The Warrior’s Way: Wang Dang, Sweet Wu-Tang


A Friend Indeed

On October 24, Sub Pop's Andy Kotowicz passed away following a tragic car accident, leaving behind a wife and daughter—this week, the artists he worked with remember him.

He's Gained Control

Peter Hook Is Overjoyed to Bring You Unknown Pleasures

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Let's Have a Toast to the Mad Rads

It's a Hit

Six (or Five) Songs from the Vaults

Data Breaker

Pop Surgery, Josh Wink, and N-Type

My Philosophy

The Best Weed Rap Currently Available, and Mad Rad

Sound Check

John McLaughlin: Miles Davis Raga

Poster of the Week

Poster by Jonathan Horn


My Current Musical Obsession

The Homosexual Agenda

The Dandy Warhols, Lick, and Just Another Wasted Christmas

Party Crasher

Of Course You Realize This Means War


Pagan Christmas

John Osebold's Mountain and Seattle Rep's Dancing at Lughnasa

Visual Art

Epics and Ghosts

The Big, Great Landscape Sculptures and Stories You've Never Heard Of


Between Two Poles

A New Translation Adds to Walter Benjamin's Duality

Food & Drink

Primo for the People

Stromboli Under a Crystal Chandelier

Happiest Hour

Taqueria Tequila

Chow Bio

Campbell's Limited-Edition Harvest Orange Tomato Soup


Five Rough Drafts

A Few Articles I Tried to Write That Didn’t Pan Out

Meet This Year's Strangercrombie Charities

Childhaven and Downtown Emergency Service Center will split the money. Here's why we chose them.


Declaring War on the Liquor Board

Our State Liquor Rules Are Ridiculous, Inefficient, Prudish, and a Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

Last Call for Later Bar Hours

Governor Quietly Kills Seattle's Push to Extend Drinking Hours Past 2:00 a.m.

Control Tower

Snagging the Elusive Hot Bi Babe

I Love Television

Hassling the Hoff

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Last Days

One Day at a Time


Now Open: Showa, Din Tai Fung, More Street Food, Etc.!

Morning News: U.S. Loses World Cup Bid, Willie Nelson Allegedly Smokes Pot, SPD Twitters like a Teen

Bear Jew vs. Bear Jew

A Fair from Afar, Seattle Edition: Pictures of Aqua and More!

Tron: Legacy, Celebration, and Disney's Knack for Pervasive Fakeness

A Good Sign from the 9th Circuit?

So You Say You Want to Buy an E-Book Locally?

Seattle Responds to Smithsonian Censhorship

Re: Today Is World AIDS Day

Snow Brings Racist Snowmen to Idaho

John McCain: Bigot, Liar, Asshole

Scott Brown Goes for DADT Repeal, Republican Heads Explode

It's Hard Out Here for a Tourist

"That is not compromise. It is capitulation."

The Protester Banned for Life for Wearing the Video Around His Neck in Protest at the Smithsonian

D.C. Director Says, Well, It Wasn't Really Censorship. (?!??) Go Tacoma Art Museum. And Will the BLATANT Censorship Be Reversed?

I Fondled a NookColor

Reading This Week: Comic Books, Dueling Teddy Roosevelt Readings, and Some Excellent Small Press Authors

You Get a Dickens! You Get a Dickens! Everybody Gets a Dickens!

Assange Speaks Out

Aberdeen School District Says Harrassed Student "Feels Safe in Our Schools"

Today Is World AIDS Day

The Would-Be Robber Who Cried "Rape!"

Too Early?

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Judging the Bodies

This Week's Caperin': People Yell at Derek Via the Internet!

Do You Make Delicious Cocktails? Do You Like $100 Bills?

The Gigabyte Cache of Secret Documents

Tonight Is Art Walk

Do You Want to See and Hear Michael Cera Play Bass for Mister Heavenly?

Lunchtime Quickie: Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

Today in Elegant Neologisms

A New Site to Micro-Fund Individual Artist Projects

Amazon Drops WikiLeaks

A Fair from Afar: So Much Art His Face Hurts

Morning News: Army Vet Allegedly Stalks Religious Freaks, Christmas's War on Trees, and Job Skills for Drop Outs

Dear Democrats...

The Morning News

Robots are Taking Jobs Away from Hard-Working American Meth Heads

Why Are Bartenders Always Fucking Up Your Vodka Soda/Tonic?

Bishop Eddie Long: The Plot Thickens...with Mediation!

Love and Other Drugs: Jake Gyllenhaal Naked, You Guys!

Newt Gingrich's 12-Step Plan

My Public Stigmata

Justin Bieber's Hot New Pedo-stache!

Man Arrested for Giving White Facial on Thanksgiving Day

They Haven't Found the Gay Gene Yet

Someday, Slog, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me...

"Good place to view decked-out holiday houses?"

What Does it Take to Get You to Go Out on a Sunday Night?

This CNN Reporter Is So Cringeworthy, She Makes the Artist With the Camera IN HIS HEAD Look Normal

Michael LaRosa, in Court on Murder Charges, Gets Sent for a Competency Evaluation

Iran's Lady Problem

Titus Tonight at Central Cinema

The Special Relationship Between Censorship and The Gay Thing

Mad Rad's New Album The Youth Die Young

"I never said that and I don't believe it." (Or: Justice Sanders Contends His Race Comments Were Taken the Wrong Way)

Turn the Lusty Lady into the Next ConWorks?

Charles Mudede on Translation

Here is John Waters Giving Justin Bieber a "Reach Around." That is All.

Lazy Blogging: Girls in Underwear Edition

Required Reading: Andrew Sullivan On the Smithsonian's Cowardice and Bill Donohue's Hatred

Tonight on KCTS: Biking Across China

Lunchtime Quickie: Traffic Report, The Spokane Washington Edition

History Art: Gloria's Cause at On the Boards

Mudede on Toy Story 3: The Battle Rages On!

U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011

Another Person Gets Shot by a Seattle Cop

Today in Conservative Compassion: Disinviting Islam, and Against AIDS Relief

Megashark vs. Crocosaurus vs. Urkel... ON WHOM DO YOU WAGER?!?

WSDOT and Rasmussen Will Respond to Recent Tunnel Forum

Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson Is “Dead Serious” About Legalizing Pot Next Year

Here Comes the Google eBookstore

Empire Strikes Back

Elizabeth Edwards

Here's Your Chance to Grill the Mayor on the Tunnel

The Birds of Seattle

Look Who's Publishing!

Marvin Zindler, We Hardly Knew Ye

Is Legal?

Bring it On: Hackers Attack Swiss Bank that Froze Assange's Account

SIFF's New Home

Tunnel Cost Overrun Initiative Will Be Filed Thursday

"Favorite cheap and easy craft projects?"

Capitol Hill P-Patch Needs YOU!

Week in Review

Mayor Will Announce Chihuly Decision by End of Year

Swiss Bank Attacks Assange

Rome Started Falling Right About the Time The Romans Stopped Feeding Christians to Lions, Right?

To the Critics of My Critique of Toy [Tea Party] Story 3

Sarah Palin = Michael Vick?

Solomon Georgio to Headline the Comedy Underground!

The Town That Disney Built, Take Two

The Morning News

E-Comics to Follow the Google Books Model?

Battle Over Skyscraper Signs Today

SL Letter of the Day: Just Walk Away

SL Letter of the Day: How Do I Get Mom To Come Out?

Seattle Wins National Novel Writing Month Again

University in Tennessee Fires Coach for Being a Lesbian, Having a Partner, Starting a Family

Just Wanted to Let You People Know...

Follow the Prop 8 Hearing Live at 10 AM

Required Reading: Clay Shirky on WikiLeaks

Do You Want to Hear All of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Played at the Same Time?

Gird Your Loins for Strangercrombie!

Hey, Richard Conlin, You Cowardly Piece of Shit

Connecting the Dots Between the Capitol Hill Hatchet Murder and State Budget Cuts

Rudolph the Skull-Punctured Reindeer

Christopher Frizzelle Hates Freedom!

Kentucky's Batshit "Creation Museum" Is Subsidized By Taxpayers

What You Missed at Last Night's Tunnel Talk: Transit Options and a Cost Overrun Initiative

Required Reading: Krugman on the Moral Collapse of the Obama Administration

Shorter Dominic Holden: Tom Rasmussen Is a Coward and a Liar

Last Night in Ballard, an Angel Band and a Stunning Voice

Christmas Tree Kitty Cat? Yew are Sooo Ba-yad!

So Let Me Get This Straight, City Council: Street-Level Stickers are an Illegal Eyesore, But Billboards on Skyscrapers are a Beautiful Moneymaker?

Wikileaks Spurred by Homosexual Agenda

An Eloquent Call to Action, With Email Addresses

Your New Favorite Curry Shack

Today in Bad Ideas That Are Sure to Annoy Me One Day

And it Just Keeps Getting Worse...

Tunnel Debate On—Are The Stranger’s Fee-Fees Hurt?

Gift Cow

Reagan Dunn, Budget Whiz

Hide Your Kids From the TSA

Super Meta Boy

The Sky Over Seattle Is Beautiful Right Now

The End of Obama

Catching Up with the Quaids Is Down Right Now

"You Be Like, 'Maury, I Am Not the Father of That Baby,' and Post-Structuralism Be Like, 'You Are the Father of That Baby'"

Big Week for the Big Dead Man

Amazon Under Fire for Dropping WikiLeaks

Please Ignore the Human Spam

George Lucas Is On the Way to Becoming the Evilest Person in Cinematic History

Bad Shit's Going Down in Texas

The Thomas Kinkade Census

The Town That Disney Built

Memo to Anyone Who's Thinking of Resting Their Weight on the Back of One of Those Sturdy-Looking Chairs at Town Hall and Leaning Forward

The Man of Our Hour: Julian Assange

The Morning News

Silence Equals Death: Will the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, and the Frye Join In the Protest?

Colbert Offers Relationship Advice to the President

DADT Developments

Tell the Smithsonian to Stop Censoring Art

Flyover Videos of the Stadiums for Qatar 2022

ACLU and More than 30 Organizations Formally Ask Federal Prosecutors to Investigate SPD for Misconduct

A Rampage on 2nd Avenue

Message Received. But What Does It Mean?

The Big [Surprise] Payback

No Discipline for Officer Who Punched Jaywalker

Police Back Plan to Let Felons Withhold Criminal Records on Rental, Job Applications

Under Sharia Law All Gay People Get Ponies

For Some Reason, I Watched Skyline

Name This Band: Special Guy-Playing-Bass-in-a-Swamp Edition!!!

My Favorite Things At This Weekend's Urban Craft Uprising

Nate Silver on the Bush Tax Cuts

Lieberman Suggests Prosecution of New York Times, Too

Not Finished Yelling About Brave New World and the Seattle Public Schools?

And on World AIDS Day, A Gay Portraiture Show Is Censored in D.C.

Dear Steve Martin, Please Stop Talking About Art Please!

Another Reason Justin Bieber is Better than You...

Burgess Bill Would Declare Stickers Grafitti

Wikileaks Poison Pill

The Morning News

Nicely Done, Reuters, Nicely Done

Lunchtime Quickie: And Now, A Very Special Song About Strangercrombie

The Downtown Tunnel Will Cost $2.8 Billion, but Will Move Fewer Cars Than the Ballard Bridge

Toy Story 3 Is Anti-Socialist Propaganda

Hey, Seattle! Move In!

How the Kvetch Stole Chanukah

Woman Barricades Herself In Roosevelt-Area Apartment

Traffic Report

The Hill That Was Saved Just to Tell You A Story: Duwamish Hill Preserve

Savage on Olbermann

The Forrest Gump of Crown Hill?

Life on Earth

MMmmmmmm Chocolate Milk....

The Ball, the Boys, and the Big Dogs

Today: Arraignment for the Accused Capitol Hill Hatchet Murderer

The Weirdest Book News from Yesterday

Stupid, Stupid Baby

Currently Hanging: Roy McMakin

Don't Be a Selfish Jerk This Holiday Season

The New Head of the Republican National Committee Will Probably Be White

Susan Philipsz Won the Turner

Michael Cera Play the Bass in a Real Band! Bret Michaels Shaves His Armpits! Burl Ives's Detached Head! The Intelligence Makes it Back From Tour Alive!

Glenn Beckwatch: George Soros Probably Caused His Indigestion, Too

Chinese High-Speed Train Breaks World Record

Twittering to the White House: Ron Paul Is Right?

The Great Wall of Shame

Rasmussen Will Debate After All

Wunchtime Qwickie: Andwoo The Wittlest White Supwemissist

Glenn Beckwatch: Credit Where It's Due

We Don't Need More Vitamin D? Even on a Day Like Today?

Lunchtime Quickie: Ch'Arms, Like Spanx for Your Arms

Is Polaroid About to Meet the Digital Age?

GOP Hack Tells Starving American Kids to Eat a Banana

Guernica Tonight!

A Fair from Afar: Today in Miami

You Should Go See John Layman at Comics Dungeon This Sunday

Where Are the Democrats on That Pledge to Let the Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

Seattle Is Ignoring Its Biggest Redevelopment Project, Which Could Replace Dozens of Three-Story Buildings with Skyscrapers

Hitchens on the TSA

Glenn Beckwatch: Terrorist Math

Lemurs Eat Thanksgiving Dinner!

Finally, Somebody Has the Balls to Defend the Rights of Money

Cornish Has A New President

SL Letter of the Day: Do We Invite The Daughter's Ex For Christmas?

Today in Mug Shots

A Critical Overview of This Week's Stranger

An X-Mas Present for Mr. Whiskers!

Civil Unions Approved in Illinois

Christianity Today

A Few Minutes with the New Cornish President

Last Night's ArtWalk Was Great. Tomorrow Looks Good For Art Too.

WikiLeaks Hysteria

WikiLeaks Donations

Manhattan Man Complains of Vandalism

Empire and the General Intellect

It's Cocktail O'Clock in Questionland

Life By Other Means?

It's Time to Give Rural Republicans the Government They Demand

What He Said

Our Man in Mexico City

Make Straight Marriage Compulsory

Mistreating WikiLeaks

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: GGW, Free E-Books, and Soulless Thieves

Sometimes Bigots will pay a political price

Nigeria Charging Cheney With Corruption

Get Your Ass Off the Couch: Historical Soliloquies and Punk Rock Flea Markets

God Damn, That Mad Rad Show Last Night Was Fun

Special Session Coming This Month

New From FCKH8: "You bully your kid, you bury your kid."

The Morning News

Matt Briggs and the First Iraq War

The Corruption of Afghanistan

Bristol Palin Urticates Olbermann

Sometimes You Just Crave a House the Size of Your Armpit

Would You Pay a $5 Toll to Cross the 520 Bridge?

Who's More Popular than Barack Obama?

Obama's Talking to You, Slog. You Hate His Compromises? Here's What He Thinks of Your Complaints


In/Visible: The Exit Interview with SAM's Contemporary Curator

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Dear Science: Nuclear Energy

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Savage Love Episode 1


Hot Buttered Rum

'Vs. the Matador'

Benefit for the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation

'Guernica' Talk


'Die Hard'

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension

Chris Hedges

Drunk of the Week

Turkey Gravy