Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 16 - 22, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 15

Savage Love

Clay Time


The Fighter: The Hydras of Lowell Are Hungry

Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno: A Film About a Film

The Tempest: The Magic, the Music, the Colonialism

Queen of the Lot: When Is a Movie Not a Movie?

"What Happened to You, Tron?"

And Other Pearls of Blissed-Out Wisdom from Jeff Bridges's Digitally De-aged Lips


I Love You Phillip Morris

I, Anonymous


The Hiphop of Placelessness

How OC Notes Is Radically Opening Up Music and Minds

The Queen of Pain

How John Grant Turned Abuse and Loss into MOJO's Number One Album

Back to Basics—and Sick Bass

Electronic-Music Bastion Baltic Room Renovates and Innovates

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

Four Songs That Were #1 for Somebody

Data Breaker

Tricky: Call It Kind of a Comeback

My Philosphy

The Heartfelts, For the Love of Music, JusMoni, Khingz

Sound Check

Tendai Maraire: For the Love of Music Benefit


Have Your Rock and Help Your Neighbor, Too!

Party Crasher

To the Man Cave!

Poster of the Week

The Homosexual Agenda

Lip Service 2 and Rewind X

Visual Art

Make Your Public Space Safe

Seattle Art Museum can't decide whether to show the video that anti-gay bigots bullied out of the National Portrait Gallery. But there's nothing to decide. Do it already.


The United States of Twain

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 Is Just for You (Whoever You Are)

Food & Drink

Chow Bio

Ian Joyce

Return to the Sandwich District

Pioneer Square Becomes a Living Monument to an Extremely Tasty Art


The Hatchet

The Scariest Thing About the Alleged Capitol Hill Hatchet Murderer Is That a Lot More People Like Him Are Going to Be on the Streets—Without Help—Soon

The Life and Times of a Mediocre Band

What It's Like to Fail as a Musician in This Town


Ditching Town Houses

New Construction Rules Will Promote Row Houses (Like Brownstones, Only Less Expensive and Made of Wood)

If You Think the Recent Budget Cuts Are Bad, Wait Until January

Making Ex-Convicts a Protected Class

The Two Aims of One Anti-Tunnel Initiative

What's Taking So Long, Queer Youth?

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

The Original External Hard Drive

Drunk of the Week

I Love Television

Humpy's Millions


Last Days

The Week in Review


Mayor Endorses Chihuly Museum, KEXP, 12 Acres of New Green Space at Seattle Center

Today's DADT Developments

Obama's Latest Adviser: Bon Jovi

The House Committee on Un-American Activities, Take Two

The Morning News

I Want You Magazine Close To Its Goal

Thomas Kinkade Jailed for DUI

Why We Shouldn't Bike with a Helmet

I'm Pro-Choice (If You're Talking about Choosing to Punch this 12-Year-Old in the Face)

Art That Is A Prayer and a Hotline, Only A Phone Call Away

Lock Up All Mentally Unstable Citizens?

This Is One Reason (Of A Hundred) Why Art Commenters Rarely Comment About Art

2010 in Plagiarism

Merry Frakkin' Christmas: Cylon Snowflakes!

The Room... in 3D?!?

What She Said

DADT Repeal Could Pass This Weekend. If It Does, Are You Re-Crushed on Obama?

Tomorrow: Washington State (Maybe, Probably) Gets a 10th Congressional District

The Other Census

Tron: Legacy Was Not a Very Good Movie

Look at This Adorable Kid!

Anti-Gay Bullying Persists At School Where Seth Walsh Was Bullied to Death—ACLU Demands Change

Seattle Art Museum Will Show the Video!

Name This Band: Special Waterworld Edition!

Old Man Claus Kicks the Bucket at Christmas Party

RE: Kindle Pedophile Author Arrested (or, the Medium Is the Message)

"Another reason to hate phone books..."

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Unwanted Test Products

I Thought I Made Clear: No More Bad News

Ladies! Don't Have Sex with Leo! (You Know... Dude that Works at Chipotle?)

How Long Until We See a YikeBike in Seattle?

Airport Report

You Have Four Hours Left to Bid on Strangercrombie

Cliff Lee and Reliable Rail Service: Two Things Seattle Doesn't Have (and Why They're Related)

SL Letter of the Day: Masturbatory Aides

Psyops Seattle

The Morning News

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn Beck Didn't Save Christmas

Maj. Margaret Witt Headed East for DADT Repeal Signing Ceremony

Last Weekend, a Liquor Control Officer and I Cruised Bars Looking for Illegal Activity

The Smell of the Frye

Barney Frank Says President Obama Will Stop Defending DADT

Derek Erdman Art Show Tomorrow

Ma Savage's Christmas Cookies

Meat Nativity

Critics Wrap at the Frye Tonight

Don't Read, Don't Tell

Usually, When People Say They're Going to Take The Stranger into the Bathroom and Do Something With It, It's Not This

Guess Who Got a Cr-48 in the Mail Today?

A Very Tron Christmas

Do You Know Who Lee Brissey Jr. Is?

Do Not Succumb to the Cold, the Dark, the Pennilessness, the Chihuly Museum Decision, the Anti-Gay Bigotry and Censorship, and the Hatchet Murdering

Will Katie Couric Call It "Kinsexting?"

BREAKING: Dave Segal to Quit Drinking!

Today in This Is My Spirit Animal

Washington's Gain of a New U.S. House Seat Is... Someone's Loss

Seeing Picasso Repeatedly

Seattle Public Library Planned to Give Out Promotions and Raises to Three Upper Management Employees

SPD Searching for Up to Four Suspects Connected to Recent Mount Baker Attacks

Five Dolls No One Wants for Xmas. No One.

Nerd Trap!

"I'm With the Band."

Kindle Pedophile Author Arrested

Steve Wozniak on Net Neutrality

Zack from Saved by the Bell Eating a Gingerbread Penis

Come to Sex Trivia Tonight!

Dear Anti-Gay Bigots

Week in Review

This Week in Film: Tron: Legacy

Fun with Twitter

Good Morning, Political Nerds (Update: Washington Gets a 10th Seat in Congress!)

What's for Lunch?

Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew

The Morning News

"The Brothers Mario"


DADT: One Important Step Closer to History

SL Letter of the Day: Invite Ex?

Currently Hanging: Stacey Sanner's Police Photos

The Morning News*: Mistakes Were Made

Happy Holidays, From the Kardashians!

RIP, Blake Edwards

How's That Hatey-Crazy Thing Working Out Fer Ya?

Good News in the Amazon Story

Hurdler to Hurdles: "Fuck YOU."

FCC Caves to Industry, The End of Net Neutrality

Obama, Closing Strong (Again)

This Week in Film: The Fighter

Are You Unable to Know the Time?

SL Letter of the Day: Cautionary Tale

Hidmo's Closing on Jackson Street

Where Do You Take Your Nerdy Dungeons & Dragons Questions?

Do You Want to Know the Name of the WikiLeaks Task Force Set Up by the CIA?

South Seattle Safety Rally Tonight

Today in "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

Ladybug Plays with Sprinkles!*

The Video: The Shooting of John T. Williams

Jury Refuses to Consider Charges for Pot

Go On With Your Widgets, Census Bureau

Twenty-Five Memorable Quotes From Trent Moorman's Sound Check

Chihuahua Police Dog

89-Year-Old Woman Attacked in Green Lake While Exercising Alone

SL Letter of the Day: The Electric Company You Keep

The Anti-Israel Bus Ads Story Appears in Haaretz

Christmas, Pope Come Early at Vatican

The Car of Life

Live: Tunnel Debate

Literal TRON Trailer

Class and Car/Home Crashes

A British Man with a Cold Reads the Entirety of My Sex and the City 2 Review on YouTube

Driver in Pike Place Crash Charged With Vehicular Assault

Russian Hits Another Russian with Shovel (NOW TRANSLATED)

Obama, the Billionaires, and the People of America

The Latest Book-Banning Challenge: Nickel and Dimed

There Will Be at Least One Terrible Book Published in 2011

Best-Ever Last-Minute Art Lover Gift: Chinati

Lunchtime Quickie: If This Is How You Settle A Fight In Russia...

Restating the Obvious

King County Bans Water Vapor to Protect Us From... What?

Traffic Report

Is It Ethical to Warn That Mental Health Funding Cuts May Lead to Dangerous Outcomes?

This Round Goes to South Korea

Re: Speaking of Snowflakes...


Lunchtime Quickie: All I Want For Christmas is a Parrot That Sings Crappy Heavy Metal Songs

A Million Dollar Playground Ain't a Million Dollar Idea

The State History Museum Could Be History

KC Council Member Says Anti-Israeli Ads Will Incite Violence

Hypocrite of the Day: Peter King

Last Year's Menu at the Strangercrombie Art Collecting Dinner

AA Bronson Asks Smithsonian to Remove His Work from Hide/Seek

Can't Touch Me: Julian Assange

It Gets Better: Patty Murray

The Morning News

Do Not Kiss the Monkey

It's Almost Christmas Time: Remember the Neediest! (Including Scooter Libby?)

WikiLeaks and "Hurricane Anna Nicole"

The Chihuly Deal Is Good, but It Could Easily Be Better

So I Attended a Library Board Meeting

Free Will of a Fly

For Those Concerned About the Closing of the 619 Western Artists Building

Study Proves Your Feet Can't Drink Vodka

The Morning News

Because Nothing Puts Me in the Mood to Buy a $7,000 Panda Fur Cardigan Like a Grotesque Carnivale Mask of Noted Local Chef Ethan Stowell

Africa and the New Coke

Just Can't Get Enough of McGinn's Tunnel Chart and Cary Moon's Sense-Making?

These Are Coming to Slog Happy Tonight...

Sexy Teens: Christians Really Hate Them! (And by "Hate" I Mean "Get Horny About")

Now That DADT Has Been Repealed...

The Best Rhymes to Come out of Limerick

Speaking of Snowflakes...

I'm Still Trying To Work This Out

Tomorrow Is the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Reusable Bags Are Not Just for Groceries

Humans are Animals

Gregoire Won't Speak to McGinn Because He "Demeaned the Office of the Mayor"

Ghost Stabbing at Second and Pike Street

Today Is the Shortest Day of the Year

A Great West Coast Newspaper War Prediction

Currently Hanging: 'Vs. the Matador'

Live Slogging Tonight's Tunnel Debate

Amazon Drops Another Book for Objectionable Content

Seattle Bike Carolers Allegedly Attacked By Car on Pike Street

The E-Cigarette Ban That Launched 1,000 Angry Words

Meet My Arch-Nemesis

The Bargain Hunter

A Step Up

The Hatcheted State Budget, the Capitol Hill Hatchet Murder, and What Worries Mental Health Professionals Now

DADT Repeal Vote Scheduled For Saturday

Hari & Aham Tonight and Tomorrow

Theater Arrests in Belarus

Will We Be Able to See the Eclipse Tonight?

Kids Assassinate the Darndest Things!

Open Platform Not Dead, Just Dormant (And Why Goldy's Bitching About the Chihuly Playground Is Premature)

Art That Chihuly Did Not Make: Your 2011 Calendar

The Stranger Is Still Wrong About Everything

Apple, Apps, and WikiLeaks; Apple, Apps, and Ants

A Bit of Joy from "Sorry I Missed Your Party"

The Estate Tax

Confidential to the Sloggers of Azeroth...

Group Petitions for Criminal Charges Against Officer Who Shot John T. Williams

And The Chinese Character of the Year Goes to...

Caperin': Derek Turns in His Column Really Late After Trying to Get Other People to Write it for Him!

The Other Great Ape

What It's Like to Move to Town Full of the Best Intentions About Making Music and—Uh, Well, Totally Fall on Your Face

Dashboard Video Taken From Williams Shooting Released Tomorrow

Did You Watch the Daily Show About 9/11 First Responders? It's Required Viewing

Family of Thieves Caught at Tacoma Mall

The Next Two Issues Have Been Put to Bed

And Now, the Governor's Plan to Cut $4.6 Billion

Everything About This Is Wonderful

Live: Tunnel Debate Video

We've Had a Lot of YouTube Videos Up on Slog Today...

Orszag: Greed Is Good

KC Executive Calls Anti-Israel Bus Ads a Waste of Time and Money

Have You Read Brendan Kiley on The Autobiography of Mark Twain Yet?

Thank You for Making Strangercrombie a Success!

A Homeless Man Remembers His Friend John T. Williams

Come in Harry Potter's Funhouse!

Does Anyone Besides Me Get Really, Really Excited When They Find a Bicentennial Quarter?

Lunchtime Quickie: Russian Baby Drives a Car

Mr. Seattle Art Museum, Show That Video!


Mapplethorpe Foundation Joins In: The Last Victim of the Culture Wars Stands Up for the Current Victim

Lunchtime Quickie: Christmas Trololo

Ricky Gervais: Why I'm an Atheist

When to See the Censored Video at SAM

"Who makes the best hot chocolate in Seattle?"

Why Not Buy The Stranger for Christmas?

The Preferred Underwear of Slog

Today Is the Final Day to Get Your 2010 Strangercrombie Donor Badge

Overheard on the Bus: Christmas Edition

An Update on O'Brien's Campaign Against Unwanted Phone Books

World Applauds UW Graduate's Development of a Prosthetic Tentacle Arm

New Art Center at 519 South Main Street

The Washington State Arts Commission Stands to Be Gutted

Yet Another Video of a Bus Attack

"stop tearing terring ripping my posters down"

"Fuck you, The Stranger."

"Gang Rape Is Strictly Prohibited."

A Very Beverly Hills, 90210 Christmas

Lunchtime Quickie: The "Learning" Channel

Lunchtime Quackie

But You Know What? You Deserve It!

Seattle Times State Budget Coverage: A Retrospective

The Morning News

Coming Sooner Than You Thought: Elimination of Basic Health, the Disability Lifeline, Education Funding, and More

Attention Council Member O'Brien (And All Other Crusaders Against Unwanted Phone Books)

Scientists Discover Barbie's Ancestor

Meanwhile In San Francisco


Savage Love Episode 218


'The Tempest'

Hari and Aham

Maki Tamura

'For the Love of Music'


'Bad Santa'

The Bushwick Book Club

The Eagle