Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 23 - 29, 2010

Vol. 20, No. 16

Savage Love

An Affair to Forget

I, Anonymous

Fuck You, Santas


The Intelligence Toured America and This Is What We Saw

Or at Least Here Are a Few of the Low Points

It's a Hit

Single of the Year

My Philosophy

2010 Seattle Rap Wrap-Up

Sound Check

Jim Anderson: Slim's Phallus ExtensionJim Anderson: Slim's Phallus Extension


Help Whitney Ballen Release a Record

Poster of the Week

Poster by Brian Standeford

The Homosexual Agenda

That Warm Glow

Party Crasher

Where All the Dicks At?


An Actor Postpones

The Art of Playing Small Parts and Killing Time Backstage

Burlesque Box

Hosting with Jasper McCann

Visual Art


The state arts commission is set to be slashed. Does anybody care?


The Hiphop Bubble

How We Barely Survived Gangsta Economics

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Complications at Grim's

Meeting the Main Man of Maker's Mark

A Marxist and a Pole-Smokin' Deviant Sit Down with Kentucky's Bill Samuels Jr.

The Happiest Hour

Fu Kun Wu at Thaiku

Chow Bio

Johnnie Stroud


How to Be a Father

The sadness, the stupidity, the lies.


Council Leans on Chihuly Museum for One Free Night a Month

Washington Gets a New Congressional District

Our Growing Industry

Medical-Pot Outlets Are Proliferating in Seattle and Getting More Brazen Than Ever—Testing the Law and Daring It to Accommodate Them

Dear Science

What Does Radiation Do to DNA?

Drunk of the Week

Once Upon a Time

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


I Love Television

Rudolph Redux

Last Days

The Week in Review


The Return of Vito's

Did Pat Robertson Just Announce That He Supports the Legalization of Marijuana?

Richie Rich and the Birth of the Revolving Golden Dough-r

Today in Satisfying Early Winter Videos

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Two-Face—the Two-Faced Kitten"

Remember How the iPad Was Going to Save Magazines?

The City and Saint Paul

Watch Jeopardy! at Moe Bar Tonight

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: ICP's "Miracles"

Officewatch 2010: The Final Day/This Is What My Mind Feels Like Right Now


How to (and How Not to) Exploit Your Family on the Internet

Notes on a Few Days of Heavy Blogging

"Where do Capitol Hill condo and apartment dwellers dispose of Christmas trees?"

Where Has This Congress Been Hiding?

Officewatch™: My Eyes and Ears Betray Me

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Pants on the Ground"

Vintage Travel Posters

Officewatch 2010: The Final Night

The Morning News: South Korea Sends Warning, Bombs Go Off In Rome, and A Man Drives Onto Former President Bush's Lawn

Merry Chistmass Everybody!: The Angels and I Have a Few Things to Discuss

Currently Hanging... But Not For Long

Last Minute Christmas Shopping to Do?

Holiday Greetings from Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

Children and the Immortal Genes

Feminism and Porn and Zzzzzzzzzzz

Seattle Home Prices Continue to Fall

Sarah Palin Wins Something

Christmas Contest! [Updated!]

Bigger the Nigger Ape

Life Sentence

You Should Play Corporation Inc. Today

Officewatch 2010™: Day Two, Hangover and Plans

The Morning News: I Have Not Died, the Weather is Evil, Terror Is Abound in Europe, Jon Stewart = Murrow?, Teena Marie Has Died, and a Bunch of Other Stupid Things that People Did

Me and Mr. Maker's Mark

The Leading Republican Presidential Nominee Is...

Officewatch 2010™: The Crow's Nest

Want to Buy a Bookstore? Ophelia's Books Is Up for Sale

For Real This Time: Hollywood Is Focusing on Quality, You Guys

Say What You Will About Those Nazis... They Loved Their Jello

Today in Anonymous Living and Learning, DADT-Style

Day 3 on the Cr-48

Starring Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab

Officewatch 2010™: Day 8, There Are Dolls Everywhere

You Can't Do This with an E-book

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: The "Make Things Happen!" Guy

Traffic Report

This Is Going to Be INCREDIBLE

2010 Was Brought to You By Endurance

Four Sentences About Rap, Books, and the Economy

Fear of an English Planet

CSL: University of Texas Austin vs UW

The Inferno of Slinky Sex

The Dawn Before Christmas

Christmas Is a Time for Not Reading

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Christine O'Donnell Isn't Me"

Where the Money's At

The Face of Terrence Howard

Workshopping Tonight: Matthew Simmons at Pilot Books

How'd That Work Out for You, AOL?

Reading "Savage Love" Can Be Hazardous to Your Relatonship

Grant Brissey May Be Losing a Substantial Amount of His Marbles

Cops on Roids

Move Over, Climate Change Deniers

Patton Oswalt Makes a Good Point

Barney Frank on the Radical Homosexual Agenda

2015, as IBM Sees It

The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

My Books of the Year

The Morning News

Koreans and Ants

"Bezos declined to answer questions for this profile"

Congratulations, Jon Stewart

City Librarian Is Moving on Up

Christmas Isn't Officially Over Until...

Five Youth Die Young in a Florida Hotel Room

The Classical Tradition Is Huge and Awesome

A Heartfelt Season's Greetings from Slog

Officewatch 2010™: Last Night and Christmas Eve

Glenn Beckwatch: We Admire Him Just As Much as We Admire the Pope

Why Are Pot Stores Popping Up All Over Town?

Wm. Steven Humphrey's Unfuckwithable Rules for Secret Santa

My Top One List

The Absence of Science

Natalie Portman is Engaged and Pregnant

Superhero Comic Books Are Still Dying

Department of Trollery

The Morning News: Placebos Work! Shoppers Spent a Shitload of Money! And SANTA IS COMING!

Getting Rid of Pages

It's Time For... Guess Whose Shelf!

University of Phoenix Vs. Obama

Amazon Is Allegedly Selling Quite a Few Kindles, Thank You Very Much

"It's a personal matter and I don't really want to discuss it."

Another Roadblock to Dismantling the Drug War

Republicans Will Vote for Mitt Romney If They Have No Other Choice

"...which proves blondes do have a brain."

Officewatch 2010™: Images from an Empty Office

What You Should Watch Over the Long Christmas Weekend: True Grit

You Have Four Days Left to Make New Year's Eve Plans

Lunchtime Trailer: Now in 3D

Attention, People of the Internet! We Are Interviewing for News Interns.

DADT Is History

Lunchtime Eternity

Christmas Day Has Always Been Here

How I Learned to Read Again

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Gahh! Fucky Crab!"

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: Scooty Girl

Stephen Baldwin Is the Real Victim of the BP Oil Spill

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "The Surra De Bunda"

No Beauty in this Beast

The Other Storm

The Obama Moment

Speaking of Father Christmas

Officewatch 2010: The Crow's Nest Infiltrated

Nipple Crime!

Is It Just Me...

Kids Sing the Darndest Things

Can They at Least Keep the Dalmatians?

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Making Love to a Unicorn"

They're Building a Simulated Earth

My Day as a Deputized Search and Rescuer

"She was tired."

Washington's Minimum Wage Will Go Up to $8.67 Next Month, Unless These Guys Have Their Way

"What is the best Christmas gift you've ever gotten?"

In Praise of .GIFs

"Best Christmas ever thanks to you Dan!!!"

Eight Homeless People Die in a Warehouse Fire

SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You

Baking Christmas Cookies and Listening To "Storm"

Derek Erdman Has Lost His Mind

Racist Comic Book Fans Do Not Take the Holidays Off

Bonus Advice for Brother of the Bride

Fox News Finally Declares a Winner of the Holocaust

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

The Morning News: I Still Have Not Died, the East Coast Is Still Buried, and Other Happenings

Officewatch 2010: T-Minus 18-20 Hours Until the End

The Problem with Political Reporters

Our Lady of the Dark Roots

I'm So Jealous of the East Coast Right Now

Hello, Delicious Chocolate-Covered Cracker of My Dreams

Overheard in the Office

He's the Reason for the Season!

Tom Nissley's Jeopardy Blitz Continues!

Officewatch 2010™: Success!... and Defeat

SL Letter of the Day: Only For Now...

Curse of the Spider-Man?

The New Cinerama Is Awesome and Nerdy

Does Slog Look Like This to Anyone Else?

Will Facebook Rule the World?

The Dream of a Fisherman's Housewife

Alaska Hates Miller

What the President Said Today as He Signed the Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Words to Warm Your Holiday Season: The 2012 Presidential Race Has Begun

WA State Ferries Will Start Selling Web Ads

The Top 20 Cease-and-Desisters

Are the Seahawks a UFL Caliber Team?

Ideal Gifts for the Stephen King-Lover in Your Life, Part 264

The Four Rules

Please Enjoy the Latest Installment of Caperin'

Welcome to the BlackNet

"This is done."


Savage Love Episode 219


'True Grit'

Pique-nique and 'Henri-Georges Clouzout's Inferno'

Holiday Cheer

Ann Powers, Sean Nelson, Chris Estey


Paper Hammer

'The Fighter'