Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 30 - Jan. 5, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 17

Savage Love

Love Is...


Bore Me, Michael Cera

I Regret That PR Departments Murdered the Interview as an Art Form

Anatomy of a Joke

I Regret Agreeing to Write 400 Words from the Perspective of Kim Cattrall's Vagina


The Only Thing I Don't Hate Is Hating

Art House

My Regrets

I, Anonymous


My Personal Year in Music 2010

If the Thought Strikes You While Reading This "Why Should I Care?" Congratulations!

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

The Year in Regrets

It's a Hit

No Regrets About the Wealth of Great DJ Podcasts

Data Breaker

Regrets? Not So Much

My Philosphy

The Year in Local Hiphop Regrets

Sound Check

2010 Regrets: The Spirit of Eazy-E

The Homosexual Agenda

New Year's Eve!


Je Ne Regrette Rien!

Except for French Playwright Yasmina Reza, Queen of Mediocrity

Visual Art

In a World Ruined by Massive Action

The Art Book of 2010 Is Failure


Reading Regret, Writing Regret

Jonathan Safran Foer and Michael Chabon Map the Pain of Abandoned Worlds

Food & Drink

Reader Review Regrets

RIP or Don't Let the Door Etc.: Stranger Readers on the Departed Restaurants of 2010


What They Really Think of Us

Subjects of The Stranger's News Coverage Regret a Lot of the Things We've Said About Them in the Last Year

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger



Control Tower

2011: What's In, What's Out

I Love Television

The Dumbest Things I Wrote All Year

Last Days

The Week in Review


Survey Finds Support in Seattle for Later Bar Hours, But McGinn's Path Remains Blocked in Olympia

Interview on WTTW

Raw Calling People Shows a Lack of Taste

Lunchtime Quickie: Move Over Shake Weight...

What Women Do When Alone With A Salad

Every Sea Monkey Needs a Mother and a Father

Flickr Photo of the Day

If I Had a Top Ten List for 2011, This Would Be On It

Ho ho ho, oh wait . .

The Next Reading Party at the Sorrento Is Wednesday Night

Man Takes a Picture of His Killer

Woman Killed By Clothes

Color of the Year

More Popular Than "God"

Which Books Will Save You from a Bullet?

John Boehner, Size Queen

Kids Say the Most Face-Punchiest Things

The Horror! The Horror!

Fuck Hamas! Fuck Israel!

The "High Tuition/High Financial Aid" Model Only Works If You Provide High Financial Aid

Versailles to Become A Luxury Hotel

Color Spit Group

Oh, Gay Paris

Shorter Michael Medved: Lesbians Make My Dick Hard...

Important Question: With Maharaja Closed, Where Will All the Kids Who Can't Get Into the Hunter Gatherer Lodge Hang Out and Cause Trouble?

Nerd Cred: The Reckoning

This Old Phone Number

How Many More Children Must Die to Keep Crosscut Alive?

Traffic Report

Sharks, Cocaine, and Dousings of Gasoline

"Where can I recycle my old cell phone and iPod?"

Dreaming the Imperials

Mormon Underpants Central

SL Letter of the Day: Soldiering On

"A Large Fox Tends to Have Great Confidence."

Senator Kohl-Welles Backpedals on Her Promise to Repeal Tunnel Cost Overruns Language

Good Black People Deserve Good Chicken!

This Cat Seems to Think It's an Otter

The Morning News: North Korea vs. South Korea, Facebook vs. Google, the Winter Classic vs. Rain, and You vs. 2011

Newsflash: God Is a Teabagger

Prop 8 Ruling from 9th Circuit—Back to State Court, for Now

Have You Read Paul Constant's Essay on How PR Departments Murdered the Interview?

Gun-Crazy Country

Illegal Immigrants, Black Presidents, Showering With Homos, Islamic Community Centers, Blacks Who Aren't Presidents, Americans Having Access to Health Care...

Sounds Like Belarus Free Theater Snuck Away From Their Home Dictatorship and Made It to NYC

Another Way to Help Erase Washington's Budget Shortfall: Legalize and Tax Marijuana

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn Beck Recommits to Being Glenn Beck

Any Idiot Can Write

What They Regret About Us

Bo Diddley Was Born 82 Years Ago Today

Three for 2011

Great West Coast Newspaper War Settled

Amazon Drops Book About How to Become an Amazon Bestseller

The Quotable Bieber

What I Did Over Xmas Vacation

Kevin Smith Had a Big Couple Days on Twitter

Jamie Kilstein Is Funny

What Is the Deal With that Annoying Band/Couple on the Hyundai Commercials!?!

Religion Poisons Everything

Local GOP Operative Todd Hermann Puts the Twit Into Twitter

Lunchtime Punditry: "It's like Marrakesh over there."

A Newspaper Is Not a Christmas Card

The Last Poll I Will Publish in 2010; the Most Important Poll I Will Publish in 2010

A Map of 2011 in Books

Republicans Don't Read

The Reading Party's Special Guests Tomorrow Night

Mayonnaise Drinks

Goodbye Forever: Dead Restaurants 2010

The Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: A Quick Answer

Lunchtime Quickie: Can Someone Please Hire This Homeless Man

The Morning News

The Morning News

Gregoire Calls on Legislators to Let State Universities Set Higher Tuition Rates

Seattle Should Support New York's Ali Forney Center

Disgust = Virtue

It's Not Just Seattleites Who Freak Out on Their Mayor When the Streets Aren't Plowed

The Two Most Self-Defeating Things That Washington Voters Did in 2010

Dept. of Ridiculousness: Everything Old Is New (and Stupid) Again

There Goes Health Care Reform?

Washington State Is Not Like Most of America

How Political Was Picasso?

Those Rodents

Nerds! The Time Has Come For You To Judge Me!

What Is Innovation?

"Portland Is Where Young People Go to Retire"

More From the City of Portland

2011: The Year of 7 Billion

Apple and Google Continue to Fight Over Newsstand Bragging Rights

'Nibbus Maximus'

Currently Hanging: Troy Gua's Pissing Contest

Goodnight, Spaaaaaaaace!

Hello I Love You: New Restaurants 2010

Those Naked Scenes

Scalia: Women, Gays Aren't Citizens Who Deserve Equal Protection

Stupid, Stupid Baby: Little Doctor No

This Lady Has More Mouth than My Ex-Wife

The Continuing Trials of Belarus Free Theater

That Debt Ceiling Thing?

Justin Bieber in Vanity Fair!

Putting Up

The True State of Capitalism

I Was Having a Shitty Day Until I Received This Text Message

The Fun Forest: In Memoriam

Gun-Crazy Country: The Boy Who Shot and Killed His Own Mother

My Top Ten Films for 2010

A Private E-Book Lending Library

Christine O'Donnell Is Not a Witch

Jones Soda Gets Inappropriate

Grim's on Capitol Hill: Is It or Is It Not "Steampunk"?

Get Your Ass Off the Couch: Foreign Films, Scientists, and Basketball Teams

Fuck Tuition, It's "Net Cost" That Really Matters

Penguins These Days!

The Morning News

No, You Are Not Entitled to Free Parking Spaces, Free Streets, Free Traffic Lights, Etc. and So Forth

Move, Run, Win

It's Official-ish

Does Sarah Palin Support DADT Repeal?

Another Reason for Seattle Theater Artists to Hate New York

Stupid Budget Tricks, or Why Our State Government Can't Afford to Become Addicted to Gambling and Alcohol

Park Talk Will Be Super Interesting in 2011, I Swear

"Arsonists Posing as Firemen"

Bill Would Allow Legal Pot Stores, Licensed Growers

We're #7!

State to Sign Tunnel Contract on Thursday

Dept. of Less Successful Holiday Displays

RIP Medina the Sloth Bear

Here, Let Me Solve the Entire Washington State Budget Mess in Three Easy Steps

Sprouts: Not Actually Good for You

Where the Former Seattle Post-Intelligencer Employees Are Now

It Gets Better: Rebecca Drysdale


Only One Seattle Legislator Is Vowing to Take on the Tunnel Cost Overruns Language: Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Drowning Our Sorrows?

God Hates Turds

You Know What This Winter's Been Missing?

ACLU Says Metro Ban on Political Ads Is "Illegal"

Dear Person Who Sent Me Officewatch Facsimile Salutations: Thank You

Scenes from Sunday

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Bieber Fan Scorned

Bowdlerizing Huckleberry Finn

The Leaders of Sad Pakistan Can Learn Something From Robert Mugabe's Wife

In Case You Missed It

Deep Thought

Lunchtime Quickie: Update: The Man With The Golden Voice

The Last Woman Standing

Flickr Photo of the Day

The Morning News

Caperin': Derek Erdman Stops Making Sense and Starts Giving Relationship Advice!

Shocker: Hollywood Had a "Dismal" 2010

January Art Walk, Folksz

Gary Larson's Kids Look Funny

Today from the Random Art Gallery of the Internet

Beebs and Gomez Sittin' in a Tree...

Guess Who Might Be Running for President*

SL Letters of the Day: Grateful Readers/Listeners

Playing Bill Clinton

Bill Donahue! To the Batshit Mobile!

As Publishing Improves, Borders Keeps Digging a Hole

Flickr Photo(s) of the Day

Slade Gorton, Still Redistricting After All These Years

Virginia Textbooks Claim Blacks Fought For Confederacy, Slavery Not Cause of War, Riddled With Other Factual Errors

Police: Middle Schooler Fondled!

Jobs for the People!

Musical Crime in Alaska

Jesus's Body Had Hepatitis A

Scenes from the Beautiful Struggle

It Is Not Almost Two Thousand and Eleven

Downtown Hotel Fire, as Seen from 7th Ave

Another Reason for You to Dislike Me: I Didn't Think Toy Story 3 Was All that Great

The Many Animated Emotions of James Van Der Beek

SL Letter of the Day: A Few Things...

A Tea Bagger's Regret

Borders Is Delaying Payments to Vendors

Water Leak Closes Seattle Elementary School

The Morning News

When Tron Met Tourette Syndrome

How Not to Kick Someone's Ass

A Terrible Idea for a Bookmark

What's Ahead in 2011

Police Beat: "It's a Crack Thing"

Open Homosexual Dances With Little Boy...

New, Non-traditional Books from Jonathan Safran Foer and Michael Chabon

How Did Moving Work Out for Elliott Bay Book Company?

Train Offers Revelers 38 Minutes More Drinky Time

Who Doesn't Know Frogger?

Iraq and the Ban of Toy Guns

Seattle Partly Responsible for Ginned Up Yakkers' Talking Point: "The War on Cars"

The Art I Saw On My Winter Vacation

No More Drama for a Table Tennis Star


Savage Love Episode 220



Neurosis, Wolves in the Throne Room, Black Breath

Dick's Burgers for Luck

Nine Nation Animation

'A Fire in My Belly'

'Tiny Furniture'

'The Room'

Chungee's Drink 'n Eat


We Regret These Errors

A Year of Blatant Inaccuracies, Stunning Lapses, Errors, and Obvious Oversights

I Regret Those Girls in Roslyn

(I Mean, Fer Fuck's Sake!)

I Regret Nothing

(Except My Chaffed Genitals—That's Just Irritating)

What You Think About When You Think About Chile

(You're Thinking of the Trapped Miners, I Can Tell! Stop It!)

A Guide to the Jokes in This Issue for the Staff of Gawker

(Because Gawker Had Trouble Keeping Up with Our Jokes This Year)

Hands Off My Leeks

I'm Just Trying to Make a Living Over Here