Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 3 - 9, 2008

Vol. 17, No. 43

Savage Love

Canned Hams

New Column!

New Column

Pride Awards 2008


On Screen

A Review of Hancock


Patriotic Youtube

On Screen

A Review of Brick Lane

On Screen

A review of Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

On Screen

A Review of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

I, Anonymous

I Peed in Your Wine


Poster of the Week

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Bug in the Bassbin

The Return of Kate Simko, Kode9, Low B

Party Crasher

Sangria, Maki, and Machetes


Christopher Frizzelle Questions D. Crane of BOAT Over Mushroom and Pepper Pizza at Piecora's

The Score

SCMS Summer Festival

Band of the Week

Fucking In the Streets

Life Is a Magical Joke

Add It Up

Ratatat: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

It's a Hit

Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80, Lightning Head, Orchestra Baobab


DIY: No Pain, No Gain

Believe the Hyperdub

Kode9's Musical Program

Album Review

Matmos's Supreme Balloon

Up & Coming



Sheila Daniels Takes on Intiman Theatre, Tennessee Williams, and

Visual Art

Five Stars

Portland Art Museum Declares Itself Art Capital of the Northwest


Humor Isn't Funny

But Steven Seagal Is. (Kind of.)

Constant Reader

Courage Ain't Nothin' But A Six Figure Book Deal

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Drinking the Water

Chow: Bio

Hector Pelayo

Mawadda Means Love

On Success, Difficulty, and Seasoned Lamb

Eat & Tell

Gorging for Sport

The Happiest Hour



United States of Anxiety

The floods, the California wildfires, and the violence in Chicago are nothing compared to what the slow-motion disaster of a crumbling economy is doing to us. A personal account of a breakdown.


Pie in the Sky

The Building Bust Could Kill Some of Seattle's Most Ambitious Towers

Side Effects

Plan for New HIV Pharmacy Irks Pharmacists

In the Hall

Out of Reach

Arrested Development

Seattle May Not Need a New Jail After All

Oversight Under Wraps

City Refuses Protection for Police Watchdogs

How Do You Like Him Now?

Barack Obama Moves to the Center

Dear Science

Paternity Tests

Crossword Solution

Putting the Uzzle in Puzzle (July 3)

Photo of the Week

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Putting the Uzzle in Puzzle (July 3)

Get Your War On

Drunk of the Week

Jenny Crank

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Public Editor

I Love Television

America: Why I Love Her—the Sequel

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor


'Alloy of Love'

'My Winnipeg'


Big Business, Akimbo


Naturalists at the Beach

'A Streetcar Named Desire'


Sonics Death Watch