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Jan. 6 - 12, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 18

Savage Love

No Choke

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Last Year's Mixtape

A Concise Review of 2010's Best Local Releases

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

It's a Hit

Glee's Take on Train's "Hey, Soul Sister"

Data Breaker

Pop Surgery, Illum Sphere

My Philosphy

Brothers from Another's Charming Two Weeks Vacation


Resolutions for the New Year

Sound Check

Jaytram and Prefuse 73 Rework Epstein

Poster of the Week

Poster by Ben Todd

The Homosexual Agenda

The Gleek Sing-Along and A Queer for All Seasons

Party Crasher

Focusing on the Family


Make Me a Woman

The Hunger Games Defeats Twilight’s Heartthrob Vampires in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Food & Drink

Matt's Meats

What You'll Find at the Sign of the Pig


Corruption, Violence, and Doom

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine, Part IV: Drug Prohibition, Human Suffering, and How One Act of Congress 100 Years Ago Set Us on a Global Road to Hell


Toxic, Cramped, and Falling Apart

Inside the Decaying Juvenile Court That One Judge Is Trying to Save

Metro's Ban on Political Bus Ads?

It's Illegal, Says ACLU

Legislators Leave McGinn Hanging

What They'll Fight For Instead of What He Wants Them to Fight For

Drunk of the Week

Uh-Oh, Mom's Drunk

I Love Television

Lose the Cape!


Last Days

The Week in Review



Seattle School District Says it has a Plan to Tackle Overcrowding

Gun-Crazy Country

Can Dorsol Plants Win with a Name Like "Dorsol Plants"?

Property and Fossils

Lunchtime Quickie: God Still Hates Fags, Now Also Applauds Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Local Author Writes in the New York Times About Preparing for Losing Her Virginity

BREAKING: Pot Sues Kettle!

Sen. Scott White Leads the Pack in Pre-Filed Bills

The Stranger's New Music Editor Is...

"If you cut corners on asbestos removal to save money, we will pursue and prosecute you."

Giffords Discusses Threats on MSNBC Last March

The Morning News

Flesh Muppet Is Watching You

Day Two Wrap Up: Officer Ian Birk Testifies on Williams Shooting

Snack Time at The Stranger

Government Subpoenas WikiLeaks Twitter Accounts

There Are Lots of Images Like This Online

One of Our Glenn Becks Is Missing...

The Sex Play of Spiders

Dueling Boehners

Screaming Birther Disrupts Reading of Constitution in the House

Stupid, Stupid Baby: "Chicken" and "Noodle" are NOT Funny!

What's for Brunch?

Gun-Crazy Country

Lucky Headline Writer Gets to Write the Headline "Urinal Explosion Evacuates Tacoma High School"

Required Viewing: Bill Maher on AC360

The State of Being Alive

Off to the Council Races!

A Seattle Vigil for the Tucson Victims

iPhone Coming to Verizon February 10


The Return of Scott and Andy at Laff Hole Tonight

The New Yorker Drops the Ball on E-Books, Ladies

Re: Superheroes

Vigilante Justice or Narco Hit? It Doesn't Really Matter.

No False Equivalencies

Jared Lee Loughner and the Dream of Pure Evil

Superhero Fails

The People's Choice...

Is the Police Union Bluffing?

NASA Names the Most and Least Realistic Science Fiction Films Ever Made

Hey, Saints Fans, Have You Seen Deez?

Dave Hernandez Added to the Line-Up Tonight at the Reading Party!!

Lunchtime Quickie: Sex On The Brain At Work Much?

Empire of Sameness: Humans or Penguins

"Widespread, Significant Snow Event" on the Way?

Reefer Madness

The Trouble With the Right Is...

Love Letter to Matt Luby

The Morning News

If You're Looking for More Positive DIY Dildo News...

Art Show Trailers: Best Idea of 2011

Today in WTF!?!: The Seahawks Are Leading the Saints in the Third Quarter

He Is about to Kill Lots of People...

How to Help Change the Terms of the Drug War

Traffic Report

Council Will Pay Consultant to Analyze Traffic Diversion Caused by Tunnel

Youth-Sponsored Police Forum on Jan 12

We Don't Allow Gay-Straight Student Alliances At Our Schools Because Vulnerable Gay Teenagers...

"Hold it, CALL THE COPS!"

A Premeditated Assassination

Congressman Jim McDermott, a Former Psychiatrist, Talks About Jared Loughner and the Arizona Shooting

Gregoire's State of the State Address

Currently Hanging on the Streets of San Francisco

Amazon's App Store

Do You Remember What You Were Doing When You Heard That Ricky Martin Had Come Out?

Another Edition of Sexy Star Wars Junk

Live Video of President Obama Talking About the Shooting

We Am Not Number-1 Most Littrate Sitty No Mo :(

The State of the State Is ________ ?


Now Closed: Vessel, the Beacon Pub, Rizzo's, and More

Comic Book Writer Fight!

Atheists Are Fat

I Really Think You Should Go See Black Swan on the Big Screen

Light Sunday Reading

"My wife is 6-foot-3 and weighs 300 pounds. If there is somebody that thinks they can control her, have at it. I have tried for 11 years and haven't been able to."

America, You Can't Have Everything!


New High Score For Child's Play

Am I a Disgruntled Factory Worker Who Hates Rich People?

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Dummys

When a Man in Yakima Threatened to Shoot Sen. Patty Murray in the Head, Guess Who He Sounded Like?

Snow, But Not Much

I Sat Through Eight Hours of Inquest Hearing So You Didn't Have To

Williams Inquest Day Two: No Witnesses Report Aggressive Behavior From Williams

The Morning News

Supreme Court Justice Charlie Wiggins

In All Fairness to Alan Grayson

What They Said

Thunderstorms Send Antimatter into Space

The Morning News

Please Stop Writing About Real-Life Superheroes

Group Says It Has Enough Signatures to Run Tunnel Inititative

Teach the Controversy

Meanwhile In Arizona, GOP Paradise

What Your City Council Wants to Do With Its Year (If You Live in Seattle)

SL Letter of the Day: Lady Seeking Ladies

In Which Goldy Puts a Number on the Actual Amount of "Waste and Fraud" in State Government

Where the Big Bookseller Chains Stand Right Now

This Year's Primary Colors?

The Best Cosby Show GIFs!

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Free Music and Mustache Fests

Long After WaMu

Lily Tomlin Is God

Qwest Field on Beergate: Oops! You Got Us. We Served You Too Much Beer.

So Much Trouble in the World

Mugshot of the Day

This Is a Trailer for The Simpsons—The XXX Parody

It Gets Better: Rebecca Drysdale

Columbia City Cinema "Not Out of the Woods Yet"

Playing With Fire

Since Nobody Else Seems to Want to Go There...

Air Traffic Report

It's New Starbucks Logo Day!

Women Can Castrate Men With Their Tears!

Roy's BBQ Closes Forever After Tomorrow

SL Letter of the Day: Start With George Clooney... Finish With Creepy Dad...

Tweet of the Day

Dear City Council: You Have the State by the Nuts. Won't You Please Give Them a Squeeze?

What's With Governor Gregoire Sounding Like Tim Eyman?

Today, the Constitution Will Be Read in Congress

Rep. Santos Pleads Guilty to DUI

Currently Hanging: Carolina Silva

The Politics of Jared Loughner

Politics and the Shooting

The Vampirism of Big Bad Banks

Parking Rates Changes Coming in February

The Censorship Complex: Reminder About Sunday

Sarah Palin

Signs of Progress

Palin Deletes Comments Critical of Palin, Leaves Up Comment Celebrating Death of a Child

Hanford Nuclear Artist James L. Acord Died Saturday

Lunchtime Quickie: FINALLY! All The Mass Bird Deaths Explained!

Study Showing Link Between Autism and Vaccines "An Elaborate Fraud"

Prick Presents Ex-Girlfriend With Pipe Bomb Dildo

Smells Like a Cliche

RE: The Shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

For Your Consideration... Cool Dog!

The Morning News

Neighbors Try to Cut Off Third Day of Capitol Hill Block Party

Our State Is $4.6 Billion in the Hole. How About Not Digging a Multibillion Dollar Hole Under Downtown Seattle?

New Starbucks Logo: CONDEMN OR ALLOW??

The Heartbreak of Lowered Expectations: Boehner Edition

If You're Going to Soften Huckleberry Finn...

Just Sitting Around This Gray Sunday?

Tom DeLay Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Sneak Preview of the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Created by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

What Happened to Saigon Vietnam Deli?

Matt's Meats: A Review of Locosho

Tunnel a "Done Deal"? Good One.

Comments on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

A Pakistani Hero

Dave Hernandez, Sean Nelson, and Jason Finn File Book Reports about the Books They Read at the Reading Party Last Week

Have You Read the Last Piece in Brendan Kiley's Series on the Secrets of the Drug Trade?

Whiting Tennis Wins a Joan Mitchell

100 Shows For Haiti, One Big Worldwide, 10-Day-Long Benefit Show, Starts Today

Against Parents 1 and 2

Palin Panics

Man Gets Justin Bieber Tattoo on His Thigh

In Which I Finally Read The Hunger Games

China Is Getting All Stealthy

SL Letter of the Day: Your Outer Dan Savage Disapproves

Today in Douchebags

Because He Did So Well Last Time

Palin: She Can Scrub, But She Can't Hide

An American Hero


Moby Dickinson

Loughner Linked to Anti-Semitic Hate Group?

Paula Deen's English Peas

Re: How to Help Change the Terms of the Drug War

Sarah Palin Crawls Out From Under Her Rock...

Now Open: Revel, Thai Curry Simple II, Shawn Kemp's New Lounge, and Tons More!

Cease! Desist!

Of Penis-Enhancing Underpants and Freak Belly Buttons

Congresswoman Shot in Arizona

President Leads Moment of Silence for Arizona Shooting Victims

Glenn Beckwatch: As Sarah Palin Goes, So Goes the Nation

SL Letter of the Day: Asshole Boyfriend Not Interested in Boyfriend's Asshole

Criminally Minded

SL Letter of the Day: The Best Revenge Is Living Well (Second Best: Pounding Your Bully's Ass)

Senate Majority Leader Says Seattle Responsible for Cost Overruns on Tunnel

Trouble Every Day for Palin

Evidence That the Answer to Gun Violence Is Not More Guns

Those Bono Glasses...

I Love a Cordial Invitation

Stella Chao Leaves Dept. of Neighborhoods

"Country Strong": Painfully Weak

Was Jared Loughner Mentally Ill or Politically Influenced?

Photographs from the John T. Williams Inquest Hearing


What Triggers a Bonobo Orgy?

Preaching the Prosperity Gospel—Or, Running a Tax-Exempt Pyramid Scheme That Never Collapses Because You Never Have To Pay Back Your "Investors"

Think You Can Balance the State Budget Better Than Me? (Or State Legislators?)

Marshawn Lynch Runs, Seahawks Win

Anonymous on the Internet No More?

Dorn Questions Gregoire's Proposal for a Unified Dept. of Education

Today in the Cycle of Life

Jewish Leaders Ask Dow Constantine to Reinstate Anti-Israel Bus Ads

Because What This Place Really Needs Is Another Horse's Ass

Howard Kurtz...

Bristol Palin Calls Out Sarah Palin on Twitter

Hugo House Cuts Budget, Changes Personnel

The Vaccine - Autism Connection? An Elaborate Fraud.

I'm Taking My Ferry System and Going Home!

Uh, Gawker, I Think You Meant Salmon-Infested Forests Packed with Programmers and Fishermen

Rhetoric Has Consequences

January's (Unofficial) Slog Happy Is Thursday!

Elway Poll: 71 Percent of WA Voters Are Total Fucking Idiots


On the Intersection of Black Swan and Showgirls

"The Most Dangerous Idea of 2011"

The Best Documentary About a Comic Book Writer You Will See in Seattle in January (Probably)

Is Will in Seattle About to Lose His Power Base?


It Gets Better: Microsoft Employees

Stop Being So Goddamn Lazy!

How Do You Not Call This Violent Rhetoric?

The Stranger Will Sponsor a Police Accountability Forum on Feb. 3

Those Inexplicable Tides

The Daily Show Explains the Facebook/Goldman Sachs Problem

"My Final Thoughts: Jared Lee Loughner"

A Serious Problem for the NFL to Address

What He Said

Judge Upholds Top-Two Primary


Savage Love Episode 221


Siddhartha Mukherjee

Eprom, Take

Drinking Liberally


Hail to the Sandwich District

'Hit the North'

'Black Swan'

Teengirl Fantasy, Pictureplane, U.S.F.