Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 13 - 19, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 19

Savage Love

The Crying Game


The Dilemma: Vince Vaughn Is Like Cilantro

The Green Hornet: What a Dick!

And Everything Is Going Fine: Spalding Gray's B-Sides and Rarities

Hiroshima: What the Fuck Is a Job Lottery?


Giant Robots Fighting! Girl with Blue Hair Having Feelings! Why Does My Scientist Father Ignore Me? Penguin Reads the Newspaper!

Art House

Daisy Kenyon


Guns and Drums

Jail Weddings Are America's Answer to the Pogues

Biblical Belters

He Whose Ox Is Gored's Name Is Pretty Weird

Dave Segal's Tweets

Seven Days on Dave Segal's Twitter Account

Up & Coming

Lose your notepad every night this week!

Sound Check

Crypts and Their Custom CR-8000

Data Breaker

Techno Stars Saunderson and Stavöstrand Heat and Chill Re-bar


This Week's All-Ages Action

It's a Hit

A Song to Download this Week

The Homosexual Agenda

Breeders Are the New Fag Hags

My Philosphy

The Hood Internet, Nate Diggity Johnson, JusMoni, and Potluck

Party Crasher


Poster of the Week

Poster by Sasha Barr


Where's the War At?

In The Strong Man, War Is Language and Language Is Hell

Food & Drink

Our Lady of Vegetarian Indulgence

St. Dames in Columbia City Is Pretty Damn Good

Bar Exam

Showa: Back to the Future

Chow Bio

Julie Malcolm, Owner, Here and There


Killing the Colony

Meet the hundred artists the tunnel bureaucrats don't care about displacing.

Crosshairs and Consequences

The 2012 Presidential Campaign Officially Begins


Five Beautiful Ways to Balance the State Budget (and One Ugly One)

A Few Things State Legislators Could Do to Fix Our State's $4.6 Billion Budget Hole, and What They'll Actually Do

What Some Seattle Cops Think the Problem Is

They Think the City's "Socialist" Agenda Has Gone Too Far in Protecting Racial Minorities, Curbing Coarse Language, and Scrutinizing Officers Accused of Misconduct


Drunk of the Week

What Do You Do?

Control Tower

"Real" vs. "Fake" Rape Fantasies

I Love Television

Not My Idol

Last Days

The Week in Review


Dino Boneyard!

California Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Washington Congressman Jim McDermott

The Morning News

You Won't Get Rid of Justice Sanders That Easily!

And They Did It Without Glocks

"When It's Hot Outside I Cook Grilled Cheese on the Street."

Supersize Me II: The Starbucks Incident

Supreme Court: No, We Won't Hear Your Bigoted Challenge to DC's Gay Marriage Law

Monogamy Is Natural

Bonus Dinosaur Prehistoric Creature News!*

It's Been a Weird Rough Stretch of Days

The Most Beautiful Way to Balance the State Budget

Gun-Crazy Country

Constantine Stands By Political Bus Ad Ban

You Decide if it's Funny!

There's an Election in Three Weeks?

Comment of the Day

Weekend Seminar on Censorship: How Political Can Art Institutions Be?

Parking Rates Increase in Nine Neighborhoods; Meters Extend Until 8:00 p.m. in Eight Neighborhoods

McGinn Lets Police Oversight Director's Term Lapse for Eight Months

Colonel Mustard, In the Grocery Store, with the Scissors

Lunchtime Quickie: Amanda Palmer Makes About Song About NOT Waxing Her Hoo Hoo

Brave New World of Genetic Engineering

Today's Dinosaur News

A Glimpse into What Some Seattle Cops Are Telling Each Other

Go Ahead With the Oscar Nom Already for Banksy

At This Time in 2007, There Were 14 People Running for President

Oooohkay... I Guess Some Cats Just Don't Like Justin Bieber

The New York Times Laments that Washington State Won't Pick the Number One Most Beautiful Way to Balance Its Budget

More Bad News for the Palin

What the New Dental Cuts Mean for Our State

I Am An Insane Robot Rogue AI

Obama's Speech at the Arizona Memorial Service

Art Inspired By Not-Art

Well This Puts Everything in Perspective

A Spine Alignment

Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin: Petty Woman

Bonus Dinosaur News!

Glenn Beckwatch: But How Does He Feel About Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?

Today in Lame Conservative Arguments

Online Comic Book Retailer on Giffords Shooting: "1 down, 534 to go."

Blind Date with Picasso

The Men Who Paved Martin Luther King Way

The SECB Endorses: Will in Seattle's Turtleneck Sweater

Williams Inquest, Day Six: Williams's Knife Had Faulty Lock

Today's Dinosaur News*

Save Dolphins!

More in "Archival" Gay Photos

Meet the Absolute WORST MOM IN THE WORLD

Government Takes Jackass Teabaggy Comic Book Retailer's Guns Away

Happy Fossil Day!

The Voice Mails of Charles Habermann, the Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Congressman Jim McDermott

Glory Be! One Reel Announces Fourth of July Celebration is "Here to Stay"

It's a Big Day for Movie Superheroes

Sorry, the City's Parking Study Doesn't Convince Me

Where was I . . .

SL Letter of the Day: Peace On The Side

Bomb Found Along Spokane MLK Parade Route

Dorn Says He was OK with Eliminating State Schools Chief Position When He Ran for Office, But Not Anymore

Hey, Gamers...

Born This Way

Tiny Solar-Powered Cinema

Walmart Has Everything a Killer Needs

Today in the History of American Imperialism

Name This Band: Special Band-Album Cover Combo Edition!

Today in Dinosaur News: Tiny Tyrannosaurs!

Today in People Noticing Things

Gun-Crazy Country

First Photo of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

I Am Still a Fish, You Are Still a Whatever, Astrology Is Still Probably Made Up But WHO CARES BECAUSE I AM A FUCKING FISH AND THAT'S THAT

Seahawks vs. Bears - It's Over Already

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Vigil Planned for Missing West Seattle Man and Allegedly Gay Scam Artist Terrorizes U-District

Breaking News...

As a Pole-Smoking Faggot...

Today's Dinosaur News

Have You Been Following Cienna Madrid's Outstanding Coverage of the Williams Shooting Inquest?

Day Four into Williams Inquest: Civilian Witnesses Say Williams Was Not a Threat

Tonight's Big Reading: Matt Briggs at Ravenna Third Place Books

Inquest Day Five: Williams's BAC was Twice the Legal Driving Limit

Free Tix: The Judgement

Get Your Ass Off The Couch: Owls, Motherfuckers!

The Hamburger/Murderous Rampage Connection: A Letter to the Editor

Paleontologists Join Conspiracy to Destroy My Childhood

It Is Time to Celebrate Girl Genius

Black Sunday and Obama's Speech

County Health Dept. Lays Off 123 Employees

Elevating the Discourse: Three Examples of What Needs to Stop

Morning News

Cascade Bicycle Club Board Resigns After Failed Coup

Joe Lieberman to Retire?

Seattle Cop Punches a Handcuffed Suspect; Investigation Begins

Today's Dinosaur News

"I Readily Admit I Have Waaaay Too Many Rats"

Ang Lee Nearly Created a Giant Hulk Robot

Speaking of Knives and Police and the Law

$50,000 a Year to Rot in Hell

America, the Rand Paul Way

Wacky New Venue/Art Space, Fred Wildlife Refuge, Opens Thursday on Capitol Hill

The Kindling Effect

Some Seattle Principals Unhappy About Not Getting a Raise

The Long-Overdue Death of the Universal He

Adding Insult to Grievous Injury

If This is How They Settle Traffic Disputes in Romania...

Free Tix: And the Winner Is...

Michelangelo Signorile Attempts to Reason With Palin-Worshipping Moron

Today's Dinosaur News

Today in Things I Didn't Even Know to Wish For: 3-D Animated Chick Tracts!

Dorsol Plants Withdraws from Council Race; Michael Taylor-Judd Steps In

Week in Review

Sarah Palin's Next Speech

Conservative Blogger Confuses Closed Captioning for Evil Liberal Mind Control

She Who Must Not Be Discussed (According to Paul)...

Typetrigger Is Open, Ready to Party

Nibbus Maximus

"You can't even write racial abuse in excrement on someone's car without the politically correct brigade jumping down your throat."

The Guardian: "City Sponsored Racial Profiling?"

Did You Know the Daughter of the Man Who Invented Spaghetti-Os Owns and Operates a Seattle Food Truck?

Anti-Gay Religious Attitudes Create Gay Families

Today's Dinosaur News

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

Science? This Time You've Gone Too Far!


Situational Pro-Life Ethics

Betrayed by a Kiss

The Morning News

Thank God There Is No God...

Seattle Public Schools Cancels All After-School Activities Today

SAM Is Open Until Midnight Tomorrow Through Monday

Mad Rad, Champagne Champagne, and Trent Moorman Pulled Over and Searched By Drug Hounds

Your Star Wars Flotsam of the Day

Today in Justin Bieber

Did Will in Seattle's Turtleneck Sweater Win Last Night?

Last Week's T-Rex News

Too Soon?

Traffic Report

Flickr Photo of the Day

Lunchtime Quickie: The Importance of Anal Breathing

We'll Dump 'Em But We Won't Pick 'Em Up

White House Music!

Natalie Portman Totally Thinks I'm Hilarious

Today's Dinosaur News

Sarah Palin's "Blood Libel" Libel

Breathtaking Palin

You Should Attend The Bushwick Book Club This Sunday

SL Letter of the Day: A Less Unhappily Married Woman

Today's Dinosaur News

OMG You Guys MORE Dino News!

Lunchtime Quickie: Cwazy Christian Week Continues...

The Unacceptable Mullet at Mullets Sports Bar

Today's Dinosaur News

The Final Solution to the Conservative Problem

Seahawks vs Bears - Non-Cynical Edition

Dorn to Testify That Governor's Proposed Cuts Will Lead to Overcrowded Classrooms

Why Really Did the Right Like The Dark Knight?

Our Geist

Today's Dinosaur News

The 2012 Presidential Race (Officially) Begins

New Study Suggests Comic Sans Is Good For You

Day Five: Cop Says Closed Knives Are Grounds for Shooting

You Should Eat Something Delicious This Weekend!

This Librarian Needs a Merch Table

I Don't Care What Anyone Says, Ricky Gervais Is My Hero

Dang It...

I Can't Believe I Haven't Posted This Important Dinosaur News

Picasso: Biggest Show Ever at SAM

Green Something Seen in Space

Got a Question for Candidates in a Race of National Importance?

Free Tix!!!

"Statement Regarding Zodiac Signs by the Washington State Astrological Association"

"I'd like to dedicate this to the Tea Party and all the patriots."

End of the Williams Inquest: Williams's Brother Takes the Stand

Avatar on the Moon

Today's Dinosaur News

Today in Diving Board Comedy

Calling Ai Weiwei A "Conceptual Artist" Now Seems Twee

Required Viewing: The Tea Party's True Colors

Is Washington State Wasting Taxpayer Money on Higher Education?

...A Good Idea at the Time

Confidential to Students at the University of Maryland

Attention, Internet: Mashup, Please?

It Could Be Much Worse, Library-Lovers...

Let's Play Compare and Contrast!

Is SPD's Civilian Oversight Program Effective? Are Changes Being Made to Police Accountability? What's Broken and What's Working at SPD?

Currently Hanging: John Grade

Michael Steele Is Out...

Satire and Obscenity

I Just Want One Really Good Scientology Tell-All

Required Viewing: Colbert on Palin

Today's Dinosaur News

Meatheads Be Warned! The City Is Going After Your Ass Starting Feb. 1

Good Afternoon, Justin Bieber!

The Morning News

What's a Pressing Issue for Central Washington Legislators?

Caperin': Derek Tries to Take Over One of Charles Mudede's Beats!

You Can't Divorce Your Siblings

The Proposal to Build the Deep-Bore Tunnel

Richter in Pioneer Square

Parking Commission Would Study Rate Hikes and Give City Advice

Lunchtime Quickie: The Angry Internet Ginger Wishes You a Happy MLK Day!

New iPad Rumors and Today in E-Books

The Morning News

Today's Dinosaur News

Season of the Witch

Sad All Around

Seattle Memorial Tonight for Tucson Victims

"Fucking someone who's wearing your high-school track hoodie is pretty damn weird."

Chris Colfer Wins a Golden Globe...

Gay Teenager Bullied At School Commits Suicide, School's Anti-Bullying Program Does Not Cover Anti-Gay Bullying

Sebelius and Gregoire Speak Out Against Health Care Repeal Efforts

Bonus Dinosaur News!

Did You Know That Rick Springfield Played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital

Now Playing on a Tucson

The Obama Straddle

Nietzsche and Loughner

Mid-season form!

Today's Dinosaur News: Baby Sauropods!

Dear Diary

Day Three Wrap-Up: Video from Responding Officer's Car

Good Afternoon, Television!

Yellow Pages Publishers Declare War Against Phone Book Ordinance

The Morning News

WGBH Call for Submissions

Sargent Shriver

Williams Inquest, Day 1: Supporters Pray Officer Faces Charges for Manslaughter or Murder

Five Beautiful Ways to Balance the State Budget (and One Ugly One)

Today the Stranger Suggests

Wm.™ Steven Humphrey vs. American Idol

Reince Priebus Is the New RNC Chairman

Today's Dinosaur News

Day Three: Birk Defied Training, Never Warned Williams He Would Shoot

Crime and the Youth of Today

Today's Dinosaur News

Do You Hate Sarah Palin Because of Her Record, Policies, Rhetoric... Or Is It...


The Twilight of the Goodtimes

Stop the Child Sex Trade in Seattle

Glenn Beckwatch: "Comedy is comedy."

Today's Dinosaur News

Saving the Best Public Art Agency We Have: 4Culture

Officer Straw Man: It's a Matter of Free Speech

What the World Needs Now Is a Pac-Man Reality TV Show

Mayor: No "Room in This City" for Cops Opposing Race and Justice Programs

When People Say, "Marches and Rallies Don't Do Anything."

I'm One Step Closer to Meeting Martha Stewart

Lance Lundsten: Not a Suicide?

MOAR Dino News, You Guys!

Don't Eat the Schnitzel

Sarah Palin: Troll

Gather Round the Old Mailbag

Clear Channel Removes Limbaugh Billboard

Morning News

"Your Japanese '80s Pub"

Meet the Men Who Will Redistrict You

And the Villains in The Dark Knight Rises Are...

Today's Dinosaur News

SL Letter of the Day: In a Word

Artificial Intelligence Wins Jeopardy!

More Required Viewing: Jon Stewart on Criticism of Tucson Memorial Service

City Hits Back Against Yellow Pages Companies in Federal Court

. ? Or . ?

And Now a Little Something for the Ladies

This Week in Film: The Green Hornet and The Dilemma


Savage Love Episode 222


Wang Huaiqing

'In the Solitude of Cotton Fields'

Kurt Timmermeister

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV

'And Everything Is Going Fine'

Andy Kindler

Expansions X Trust MLK Celebration

'Blue Valentine'