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Sep. 7 - 13, 2006

Vol. 15, No. 52

Savage Love

Openly Skank


Hot for Crack Addict

Ryan Gosling Is a Walking, Talking Babe

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That Acid-Washed Feel


A Neo-Noir That Doesn't Quite Perform

I, Anonymous



Goodbye, Hello

Rocka Rolla

Gimme a Bullet to Bite On

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Classical, Jazz & Avant Plays Wooden Octopus Skull Pfest

Four Corners of Noise

Wooden Octopus Skull's Sophomore Thump

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Border Radio

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A Heavier Load

(The) Melvins Go Upscale

Party Crasher

No Mexican'ts Here

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

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Up & Coming

Rock and Wry

The Enigma of Silver Jews

It's a Jangle Out There

The Purrs Chime in Sweetly


Listen to Local Bands Playing This Week

De-evolution Is Real!

Devo Now for the Future


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Imagine There's No Action

A New Play About John Lennon Is All Talk

Unnatural History

WET Gets Dusty with The Museum Play

Visual Art

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First Day of School

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Be Awesome

Crawl Space Gives SOIL a Run for Its Money


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Everything We Know

Making the Plotters Real, but Leaving Them Incomprehensible

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Bar Exam

Bar Noir

Asteroid 2.0

Still on the Comfortable Side of Adventurous

The Happiest Hour

Bad Juju Lounge

Eatin' Out

The Beautiful, the Surreal


Charmed Life

Internet Porn by and for the Thinking Gay Man


Get Your HUMP Online

The Wait Is Over—Hump! 2 Is Finally Here!

Read Reviews of Every Film in Competition This Weekend

Meet the Pros

HUMP! Celebrates Seattle's Amateur Pornographers, but Seattle Is Home to Professional Pornographers, Too

The New Pornographers

Getting Off—for Money, for Free, or Just for Fun—in the Era of the Internet


In Other News

Murray Endorses Pedersen

Floating Options

Four Plans to Replace the 520 Floating Bridge


My Mea Culpa

Police Beat

The Science of Happiness



Wooden Octopus Skull Pfestival

'The Museum Play'

'Talk to Her'


'Lot's Tribe: Salt Witnesses'

Old Fire House Anniversary

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

I Love Television

The Kevin Federline Problem

Celebrity I Saw U

Crikey, Crikey, Kaboom!

Control Tower