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Jan. 25 - 31, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 19

Savage Love

Eat It Right!


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Director Steps in the Shadow of Hollywood

Day of Perplexment

Ups and Downs on the Golan Heights

Live-Action Anime

Korean Thriller Has Style to Spare

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I, Anonymous


The Death of Rap Rock

Chester Bennington's Bathos is Embarrassing

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Behold Me

Superdrag Doesn't Need Your Sympathy

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Disquieting 'Monster'

Dael Orlandersmith Will Kick Your Butt All Over Town

Theater Review Revue

A Rare Seattle Feat: Multiple Plays About Race and Politics

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Things Never Meet

A Handy Explication from the Sublimely Weird Jim Woodring

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Red Light District

The Sex Workers Art Show Exposes More Than Just Flesh

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Ezell's Fried Chicken

Authentic Seattle 101


Seattle's Pragmatic Populist

Two years ago, Judy Nicastro was a pissed-off renter who couldn't name a single Seattle City Council member. Today, Nicastro is Seattle's most effective council member--regularly pissing off landlords, Jan Drago, and occasionally her own allies. Tomorrow?


Raising Rents and Tempers in Rainier Valley

Viva Vera!

City-Funded All-Ages Club Kicks Off

The Pergola Precedent

Can We 'Accidentally' Get Rid of the Convention Center Canopy?

Police Beat

Crime and the City

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Hump Will Smash!!

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