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Jan. 20 - 26, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 20

Savage Love


New Column!

Rick Tyner Is a Lying Dickshit


Our Part of the World

Cosmic Sensuality on Whidbey Island

There and Back Again

Eliaichi Kimaro's Hard Truths

Art House


An Unholy Mess

The Inane, Nonsensical Season of the Witch

No Strings Attached: Refreshingly Nonsucky

The Company Men: Like Good TV, but More Middling!

Undertow: The Ghost of a Good Idea

I, Anonymous

My Forever Fantasy


Album Review

The Thoughts: I Won't Keep You Here

Dave Segal's Tweets

Seven Days on Dave Segal's Twitter Account

Up & Coming

Lose your shit every night this week!

Data Breaker

Broken Beats and Molten Bleeps


This Week's All-Ages Action

Sound Check

The Time Darwin Met George W. Bush

Poster of the Week

Poster by Tyson Pickerel

Party Crasher

Adulthood Gone Wild

Robust & Bodacious

Megan McConnel's Raw, Operatic R&B

My Philosophy

Malice & Mario Sweet, Shaprece, and More

The Homosexual Agenda

Glass Candy, Pee-Wee, and Pucker Up

Chuckletown, USA

Week of Fun and Nick Cannon


Into the Future with Scot and Scotto

Two Seattle Playwright Stars

Visual Art

The Stubborn Loves of Catherine Ellis

A Painter Expresses Her Guts, Her Conflicts, and, Occasionally, Her Peace


Real Artists Ship

Scott Berkun Demystifies and Democratizes Innovation

Food & Drink

Pizza Paaaaarrrr-tay

Primo Delivers Its Deliciousness Directly to Your Mouth

Features Is the Premier Site for Lesbian Everything

A Look Inside "the Facebook for Lesbians"—Where Everyone Is Welcome, Except Dudes


Meet Governor Eyman

Chris Gregoire Has Thrown in the Towel, Leaving One Man Really Running the Debate in Olympia: Tim Eyman

No Way Out

John T. Williams's Final Moments, as Described at This Week's Police Shooting Inquest

A Place for Nomads

People Who Could Work Anywhere Choose to Work Here


It Takes Balz

Crap. Guys... I've Been Handed Over to Satan!!

You Asked for it, America! Now You've Got it!

The Morning News

Crispin Glover at Northwest Film Forum

Pope Gives Half-Blessing to YourStrangerFace

And Now for a Moment Brought to You by Money

Cisgender, Able-Bodied, Thin Privileged, Class Privileged, White Male Body

Lunchtime Quickie: And Now, On Masterpiece [Subway] Theater

You're Going To Get Around to Creating Jobs Any Time Now, Right, Guys?

A Bill Against Agenda-Driven Pregnancy Centers

Unity in Levity

What Should Obama Say on Tuesday? Dan Savage Has Some Ideas

The Last Airbender! Sex & the City 2! Cher!

State of the Union: It's a Trap!

I Resent That Netiquette Requires Me to Place This Adorable and Slightly NSFW Photo After the Jump.

We'll Be Talking About Cops on KIRO Radio

The Yellow Pages Folks Want To Be My Friend!

The Curators at the Official Bad Art Museum of Art...

The Morning News

Watch an an Hour-Long Stevie Wonder Documentary

Get a Job!

The Morning News

Mail Carrier Burns Mail Instead of Delivering It

Dear Fellow Nerds: Here Is the Tunnel Contract

Kirby Wilbur Trounces Incumbent Luke Esser for State GOP Chair

Maybe Jesus Wants a Good President First and a Good Christian Second?

Local Author Wins 3-Day Novel Writing Contest

Dear Henry, SAM, and Frye, Can We Have This?

Big Week in Seattle Art: Steve Davis, Eric Eley, 'Beneath the Picture,' 'Light in Darkness'

Dow Constantine: Ballsy, Chickenshit, or Just Wrong?

Japanese, Narration, Beauty, and the Central Dogma

Bipartisan Buddies: Who Cantwell, Murray, and McDermott are Sitting Next to for the State of the Union

Here Is a Thing That Exists

Currently Hanging: Keith Murakata

Sound Check This Week: Trent Moorman Interviews Darwin of Mad Rad About Throwing Raves in the Hull of Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln and Meeting George W. Bush Minutes Before the "Mission Accomplished" Speech

Ask for a Natalie Portman/Brendan Fraser Mash-Up and Ye Shall Receive. Twice!

Can You Quantifiably Prove That Balls Are Droopy?

My Daughter Is in the News Again

Business Leaders Say City Unjustified in Raising Parking Rates

New Public Art Installation at Olive and Bellevue

The Return of 12,000

House Votes to Repeal Health Care Reform

Hey! No More Watching TV While Driving!

Catholic Church to Italian Prime Minister: You're Doing Child Rape All Wrong!

Local Hip Hop Guy Macklemore Just Sold Out Three Upcoming Shows at the Showbox

From the Mailbag: Jared Loughner Is a Progressive

Most Commented

However! More TV Watching from the Passenger Seat!

On MTV's Skins, Kiddie Porn, and the Promotional Power of Outrage

Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: Real Or No Real?

Join Us for the State of the Union Live-Slog Tonight!

Did This Make Slog Yesterday?

'Art and Politics Now': A Book and a Call to Action by Susan Noyes Platt

The Imitations of Emperor Yongzheng

Guess Who Didn't Think Federal Health Care Mandates—the Feds Requiring You to Buy Health Insurance—Were Unconstitutional

Comic Book Reviews: A Troubling Misstep, and a Crazy-Romantic Epic

AA Meeting: Nominees for 2011 Academy Awards Announced Tomorrow

This Is What A Seattle Steampunk Exhibition Looks Like

Nutritional Information Coming to Booze?

SPD Accountability Forum, February 3

Evlyone's a Ritter Bit Lacist

TV News Discovers Trolling

Um, Okay, but Then You Republicans Are Going to Get Started on Creating Jobs, Right?

Here's Waldo

Postal Service Desperately Trying to Close Thousands of Branches

County Prosecutor Considers Running for City Council

Who's Accusing a Seattle Cop of "Intellectual Sloppiness, "At Least Implied Insubordination," and "Compounded Distrust"?

McKenna's Gang Bill Gets a Hearing

Reading Tonight: A Party, Celebrated Authors, Cheap Beer, and Son of Reagan

SL Letter of the Day: She Who Will Not Be Ignored

Parents Emerge Victorious Over Boundary Wars With School Board

Fact Fight! The ACLU vs. Rob McKenna's Gang Bill

Buy a Kindle's Worth of Books

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Ritualistic Satanic Homicide...

Two Lunch-Related Things I Learned Yesterday That You Might Want to Know

Happy Birthday from Schmitty the Asshole Weather Dog

Do Prisons Deserve Art During a Recession?

The Bright Side of Tropical Deforestation

That Wasn't So Bad, Was It?

Comment on These Mesmerizing Mock-Ups of the Seawall!

Hate: Theory & Practice

Today in Tech: "Let the hacking begin!"

This Weekend Only: A Musical Called Spidermann

Internet Superstar May Sue Those Who Made Her a Star

Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

Lunchtime Quickie: TGIF! Don't Eat Too Much Couch This Weekend

Today the Legislature Will Learn How Limited Service Pregnancy Centers are Endangering Women's Health

Currently Hanging: Eric Eley

Next Thursday

Name This Band: Special John Hughes Edition!

Your Pen Pal Will Return in a Few Months

How Many Planes Has "The Gay Activist Left" Hijacked?

"Slickled," she thought. "I'm slickling his peeny."

Republican Senator Wants to Repeal Protections for Pocket Gophers

The King's Shit All Over the Academy Awards

The Writing on the Stall

I Hope This Doesn't Undermine My Pro-Choice Cred...

Do Not Feed Donuts To Your Obese Children

Washington Has the Nation's Highest Minimum Wage, and House Republicans Want Employers to Pay Less

Hearing to Hold Christian-Powered Pregnancy Centers Accountable to Patients

Happy National Pie Day!

House Budget Could Increase Class Sizes, Slash 2,000 Teaching Jobs

King County Settles with Family of Brain Trauma Victim for $10 Million

Arkansas Grocery Store Deploys "Family Shield"...

Williams Inquest Day Seven: … And Nothing’s Happening Today, Folks

Sometimes It's a Good Idea to Discuss a Bad Idea

Something's Terribly Wrong With This Picture

State of the Union Live-Slog

...the Darndest Things

Spike Lee, Folks, Has Been Tweeted

A List of the 100 Programs Republicans Want to Abolish or Cut

The Romney Stratagem

Film Question: True Grit

Qwiki Is Live

A Dark Matter at Town Hall Tonight

The Morning News

Shut Down!

The Realm of Perfect Cinema

Week in Review

Reading This Weekend: Brunch for Self-Described "Brilliant" People, Twilight, and Cameras

Who Would You Pick for Washington's Cartoonist Laureate?

Williams Inquest Day Eight: Jurors Doubt Birk's Version of Williams Shooting

Spokane to Lose Its Art Museum

Co-founder Larry Page to Become CEO of Google

Today's Dinosaur News

They Were There

Dorn to Push Math And Science Bills in Olympia Today

A Sign From God?

It's Not About Free Speech

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

"Mild Speech Doesn't Need Protection"

The Lord's Our Shepherd Says the Psalm...

Overheard in the Office

Seattle Times Picks Up Coverage on Seattle Police Union Newspaper

Art You Didn't Know Was Art: Sound Transit's Installation for the Blind

Williams Inquest Day Seven: The Jury Deliberates

Double the Vic Haven

Chinese Women Are Noisy

The Military and the Dead

SL Letter of the Day: The Rules of Cheating, Cont.

Wizard Magazine

Council Consultant: Tunnel Tolls Will Cause "Significant Diversion of Traffic" and Risk to "Vulnerable Roadway Users"

My Thoughts on the State of the Union

Berlusconi's "Bunga Bunga" Bashes

Mysterious McDonald's Ad

Good Ad, Bad Ad

Tonight: Karaoke at the Paramount

Gun-Crazy Country

Just Sayin'

Seattle: You're Doing It Wrong

County Sued in Federal Court for Banning Political Bus Ads


Let's Help Freep—Re-Freep? De-Freep? Freep-Freep?—This Poll

Seattle Times Should Recuse Itself From Covering the 2012 Gubernatorial Race

Anti-Tunnel Campaign Ready to Turn in Signatures

The Things You Learn from Gawker...

The Volcano Done Did It

National Preservation Group Chides State for Plans to Destroy Western Building

SL Letter of the Day: One More Time... It's a Relationship, Not a Deposition.

Goodloe-Johnson Discloses Positions On Two Boards

The Uncomfortable Shame of Rectal Itch

Abraxus Books Is Closing

Gonna Have to Start Watching Football

Anti-Abortion Activists Pack Hearing on Pregancy Center Bill

I'm the Jaguar, You're the Monkey

"The dead get petty. And selfish."

Holmes Asks Olympia to Allow Legal Pot Stores in Seattle

Obama the Socialist

Glenn Beckwatch: The Smoking Gun

Confidential to Alex Blaze

High School Student Comes Out At MLK Day Assembly

Welfare State

Daily Beast's Best and Worst Health Care Cities List

The Free Market Does Not Exist

The Price of Discrimination

Want Light: Brazilian Regimes, Swimming Pools, Muhammad Ali

Dear Chicago Fan

The S&P for A&E

It's Almost Lunchtime!

'Rage Is A Terrible Thing to Waste'

Nick Licata: Forget About Surface/Transit

Today in Awesome Mini-Golf Shots

Economy of Washington State = Greece...

Flickr Photo of the Day

Hippies Go Home!

A Proposed Letter to the President (and Tons of Other People), from the Washington State Legislature

"It's Been Too Long Since Slog Had a Cat"

Farty Farty Fartcast

Morning News

Never Been to An Art Fair?

Texas Is a Welfare Queen

She's No Sarah Palin

Today's Dinosaur News

Williams Inquest Day Eight—The Verdict is In: I Have a Face Made for Blogging

Why Not Feed Donuts To Your Obese Children

Listening to Victoria Haven's Drawing

A New Beginning

Meet Governor Eyman

What He Said: Michael Kinsley on the Tucson Shooter

Chocolate for Choice

Overheard in the Office

Any sloggers know a guy named Ben Burns?

Rahm Can't Run

AA Meeting: The Nomineezzzzzzzzzzzz

Something to Help Us Wake Right Up

Dick Cheney Has No Heart, but He's Growing Common Sense

A Lack of Acceptance of Mental Illness Is the Real Cause of the Arizona Shooting

The Internet or the Washing Machine?

The Best McDonalds Idea Ever...


A Musical Genre You May Not Have Heard Of

Newsflash: Rick Santorum Says Something Stupid About Abortion and Black People

Invictus: Total Piece of Shit (Late Pass)

The Crystal Meth Hallucination Championships

Keith Olbermann Quits MSNBC

Dept. of Justice Begins Review of Seattle Police

Since Red Counties Enjoy a Disproportionate Share of the State Budget, They Should Expect a Disproportionate Share of the Cuts

Only In America

Today's Dinosaur News

Today the Legislature Considers Overhauling the State's Dysfunctional Rules for Medical Cannabis

Lazy Fire-tending Mailman!

After the Block Is Busted: The Director of SAM on Post-Picasso Life at the Museum

Traffic Report

Sic, Sic, Sic

Whoa, This Is What Is Happening in Egypt Right Now

Lance Lundsten: Cause of Death Still Undetermined

Biggest Show Ever at SAM Got Bigger

And Now For Something Completely Diffident

Mass Animal Deaths: Maps and Legends


Lunchtime Quickie: Why Don't You Just Go Play On The Train Tracks

Older Than Seattle?

SL Letter of the Day: Good Working Order

Hooliganism 101

Air Break

Reynolds Price

Yoshi Is Dead! Long Live Yoshi!

The Morning News

Winning the War on Drugs

Today in Sticking to Your Guns



Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Let's Go Nowhere


Joketeller's Union

Orally Fixated

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

'Adventure Buddies: Episode V'

Super Mega Art Show

Celebrity Open Mic

Bloody Weird

Male Hello Kitty Appreciation Day

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 223