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Feb. 8 - 14, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 21

Savage Love

Stinky Slimy Hairy



Why Film Critics are Obsolete

Take Me to the River

Being a Treatise on the Death of Children and the Dream of Life

Filipino Flesh

Burlesk King's Nekkid Ambitions

Ghosts and Butterflies

Good, Bad, and Boring at the Madcat Film Festival

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North by No More

Keep Your Useless Festival out of Our City

Bio: Music

Asking for the Water

Ryan Adams Will Break Your Heart

The Ugly Truth

We Need Arlo Guthrie More Than Ever

CD Review Revue

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Suburban Heartbreak

And Some Snappy Dialogue and Fine Acting to Carry it Along

Old But Not Golden

Crass Humor Defeats Good Actors

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Visual Art

Honk My Tonkas

Talking Dirty at Toys in Babeland

Bio: Art

Channeling the Television

A Show in Tacoma Questions the Cognitive Vacuum

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Look at My Thumb

Is it Art? Is it a Postmodern Hoax? Or Both?

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

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Food & Drink

Turntable Restaurant

Rock 'n' Roll and Crème Brûlée

Where To Eat, What To Eat

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Sex Survey 2001 Results

The Stranger Reader Valentines

The Magic's Gone

Massive Layoffs Redefine Amazon as Plain Old Economy Company

Amazon Dot Bomb

Recent Casualties Offer Closing Thoughts

Amazon's Fortune

Crystal Ball Predicts Profits!

Taking the Offensive

Sex Offenders Change Tactics After Losing in U.S. Supreme Court

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The Killers

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