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Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 21

Savage Love

That Said


Working Girl

Mike Leigh on Middle-Class Perfection

Why We Don't Eat Swans

Birds, Bugs, Bollywood, and Boredom at the Children's Film Festival

Art House


The Final Countdown

Sylvain Chomet's Sad, Sweet The Illusionist

I, Anonymous


Dave Segal's Tweets

Seven Days on Dave Segal's Twitter Account

Album Review

Death: SpiritualMentalPhysical

Album Review

Shackleton: Fabric 55

Never Forget

Blake Schwarzenbach's War on Sentimentality


Too Many Hot Dogs, Pailhead, and Rock Box

Album Review

Say Hi: Um, Uh Oh

New Column!

God Only Knows

Up & Coming

Lose your pants every night this week!

My Philosophy

All City Chop 3.0, Mac Miller, and Macklemore

Sound Check

Fit for Hounds in the Sound Off! Semifinals

Data Breaker

Gadi Mizrahi's Suave Techno, Wallpaper's Hipster Hop, and More


All-Ages shows

Chuckletown, USA

Pop. Jokes

Poster of the Week

Poster by Brain Standeford

The Homosexual Agenda

Lily Tomlin and Dickslap

Party Crasher

Steamy, Punky

It's a Hit

M.I.A. and Brad Paisley Do Damage Control


Does Whatever a Spidercann

A Bootleg Superhero Musical Learns to Love Bono

Visual Art

There's No Home Like Place

If Iggy Pop and Gore-Tex Had a Baby, It Would Be Victoria Haven

The Ghosts of Children

Introducing Carolina Silva, a Spanish Artist Hovering Over Seattle


The Miserable Contortionist

Local Author's Yoga Memoir Is a Bit of a Stretch



Our Favorite Bowls


Eight Days

Inside the Courtroom During the Inquest into the Death of John T. Williams


Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna's Gang Bill Is Bad Policy—but Great Politics


Justice Department Unlikely to File Lawsuit Against Seattle Police

It's Pretty Today

Ava Is the Teabagger Walter Cronkite

The Morning News

Two Things that Happened at the Comet Last Night and Some Advice I Need about What to Do with this Ayn Rand Book

Rocky 6 7: Wing Chun Tonight

Don't Do the Crime, If You Can't Do the Time (Being Humiliated on YouTube)

About the Super Bowl and Its Reason for Being

Bill Would Alert Schools of Sex Offenders From Adult Detention Centers

Eight Days in the Courtroom

The A.W.A.R.D. Show! Starts Tonight

Remember: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

What Does Golf Have to Do with Gay Marriage?

Speaking of Floating Bridges

Because No Time Is Better for Convincing People to Adopt a Pious Lifestyle than When They Are Drunk, Watching Scantily Clad Dancers, and Seething with Competitive Rage

Yapping on KUOW Today

Morning News

Lunchtime Quickie: Kentucky Fried Obama?

Glenn Beckwatch: Little Glenny's Guide to the Middle East

The Sticky Fingers of Bing Strike Again

Good Afternoon, Justin Bieber!

The Latest from Egypt

Regarding the Questionable At-Largeness of Billy Chambers

The Council's Fancy Footwork on the Tunnel

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

State: New 520 Bridge Would Increase I-5 Congestion for One Hour Per Day

Just Words? As You Watch the Events in Egypt, Remember Obama's Cairo Speech

City to Withdraw Higher Parking Rates

Remember, We've Given Facebook Everything ...

Are You Terrified of Having/Attending a Dinner Party?

The Egyptian Death Star

Want to Watch Al Jazeera?

Milton Levine

Gun-Crazy Country

We Get "News" Tips

Today in Tall, Complicated Things Created for No Good Reason

Dept. of Stopped Clocks

Gallagher's Manager Weighs in on GallagherStormsOffPodcastAndIsTheTwitterThing RealOrFakeGate!

How Do You Feel About Your Health Care Lawsuit Now, Rob McKenna?

Ted Haggard: Yep, I'm Bi

When Citizens Do a Disservice to Their Cause

Fremont's Quirky Reputation Goes Global

Today's Protest at 4th and Pine

RE: Tunnel Critic Will Challenge Bruce Harrell on City Council

Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered

Man Charged in Lincoln Park Attack Linked to Additional Assaults

One Night Count Records Drop in Homeless Population

You Can Help Raise $250K For GLSEN

Enviro Groups Try to Sell Clean-Up Bill by Touting Jobs

The Hat Tip Daisy Chain Is Complete


The Evangelical Master Plan

Here Is a Thing That Exists (Military Horror Edition)

Chief Diaz Takes More Active Leadership Role at Local Crime Meeting

Coming Soon to Pacific Place...

Marc Maron Interviews Gallagher

What Are Jackson Place Residents Running From?

Bisexual Reluctant to Date Bisexuals

Our ADD-iest President

The Morning News

Keep Charlie Sheen In Your Hearts

House Republicans: You Can't Rape The Willing... 13-Year-Old Girl?

The Morning News

Victory (or, a Victory) for the Protesters in Egypt

Bing Caught Cribbing Search Results from Google

Next Up: Yemen

Bar Lovers and City Officials Scrap with Residents Over Outdoor Seating at the 5 Point

Enviro Groups Plan to Clash with Waterway-Polluting Oil Refineries

City Files Lawsuit to Close Jiggles Strip Club

SPD Investigation of Williams Shooting Deemed "Thorough" and "Unbiased" By Peer Reviewer

WORN OUT: The Stranger's First Ever Fashion Show

African Americanization Month

Remember Tunisia

The Off Hours Makes Some Noise in Sundance

Rumor: Tunnel Contracts Face Complications, Delay

Saigon Vietnam Deli Is Back

UK to Deport Lesbian Asylum Seeker—To Uganda

Morning News

If I Ever Write a Book

Bobby Forch Will Run for Council (Again), this Time to Challenge Jean Godden

The Otherness of Female Nudity

Amazon Announces Kindle Singles

Seattle City Council Members: Who's Slacking on the Job?

Pence Is Out

AA Meeting: The Complaints of Plastic Head Icons and Ozark Noir

And Here I Thought the Purpose of the Op/Ed Page Was to Promote Debate, Not Crush It

The Morning News

Mubarak Is Speaking

That Should Settle It

"The Pegged Boyfriend"

The Most Heartwarming Story About Military Bureaucracy You'll Ever Read

Florida Judge Calls Health Care Reform Unconstitutional

Mayor Says He'll Veto Tunnel Agreements

SL Letter of the Day: Cut Him Off Already

An Open Letter to Twilight's Kristen Stewart

Events for Two Different Kinds of Book Nerds

Kinect is Microsoft's Latest Savior

The Lit-Nerd Rapture Finally Has a Date

Quote of the Day?

Council Drops Phone Book Recycling Fee in Response to Lawsuit

Lunchtime Quickie: More Naked PETA Girls

This Is Your Brain on Soup

Belgian Boy Growing Up In Ukrainian Orphanage Because Belgium Won't Let His Fathers Take Him Home

Who Is the Front-running Republican Fundraiser?

The State Should Create Gay Families, Punish Gay Families

Our Man in Mexico City Update

Humans Love Objects


Pledging for Harper's

Human Ideology: Chimps and Us

A Collaboration Between Songwriter and Novelist

'I am planning to return like Christ in the temple...turning over this conceptualism!"

Thank You for the Gigantic Box of Garbage, DreamWorks Publicists

Melissa Darby Joins Eli Anderson as Co-Talent Buyer at Crocodile

Required Reading: Johann Hari

Council Says Tunnel Deal Will Evade Public Vote

Q: How Do You Know When A Vegan Is Coming Over For Dinner?

Pot Legalization Initiative to Be Filed Today

Poland's First Black MP

Amazon Announces Phenomenal Quarter

Glenn Beckwatch: The Unlikely Feminist

Northwest Noir: Murder in the Prison Chapel

Hunter Gatherer Lodge Space Changing Hands?

Apple to Amazon: Give Us a Cut of Your E-Book Profits

Apple and News Corp's iPad Newspaper Launches

What's that Gray and Burgundy Logo in All the Ad Slots on Slog Today?

O, It's That Guy?

India's Terminator Makes Our Terminator Look Like Poopinator

Mubarak Finally Speaks

"A Stupid Thing to Do"

Barbara Bush—George Bush's Daughter—Supports Marriage Equality!

How to Sell Pot

Reading Party Lineup for February 2: Lynn Shelton, Megan Griffiths, and Lindy West!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wm. Steven Humphrey

Egypt Today

A Man Attempts to Bomb a Mosque in Detroit

Gallagher's First Five Tweets

Get You Laid or Sex Blockade?

The Morning News

AA Meeting: Hyperbolic Blowhards and Hilarious Kids

This Weekend: Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival

Fence is Up At Green Lake Elementary School

Saturday! City Hall Brings You Political Transparency, Bacon Jam, and Puppies

Goes Great with... Everything

Jobs of Our Future

In the Words of An Egyptian Just Now By Landline

Currently Hanging: Steve Davis

About the Men's Bathroom at the Downtown Library

Today in Albanian Picnics

Sarah Palin: She's Good For Something

Is That a Four-Pointer, Then?

Is Facebook Trying to Take Over Comments?

Twist and Pout

Jesus Roves the Rittle Childlen

Lunchtime Quickie: Meat Water? The World Might As Well Just End Now

Joe Bar Transformed!

Do You Appreciate a Singlet Boner?

Couples, Divided By War and Advice Columns

Mormons on Top

Sled Dog Slaughter at Whistler

Three Histories of the Current Revolution in Egypt

It's Recovery Week in Questionland

SL Letter of the Day: A Piece of Cake

RIP Gladys Horton

American Solipsism

The Mall Is Weird.

For the Cat Who Demands Privacy and High Quality Furnishings...

Do You Have Two Books to Spare? Do You Want a New Book?

This Week in Film: Another Year

Another Picture of Fog and the City

Voted Off the Island

Lunchtime Quickie: Baby Lu-Lu Sings About Jesus

The Future of Princess Leia's Hologram

Rob McKenna: Gangbanger

Boeing Plant #2 Being Demolished

Possible Gallagher Meltdown in Progress

Your New Superman

AA Meeting: The Stammering King Rules with an Iron Fist

This Will Not Save Publishing: Special Beddy-Bye Edition


Tens of High School Students Protest Police Brutality with Walk-Out and Rally

LinkedIn Files To Go Public ...

Ayn Rand Secretly Took Government Money and Health Care

Private Sex Tape Lands Indonesian Pop Star In Prison

Talk to Your Kids About Sex!

Egypt Now

The New York Times Is Set to Release an E-Book on WikiLeaks Next Week

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Crappy Signs

The Color of Yemen's Revolution?

A Paragraph Hiding in Every Stanza

The New Google Art Project

The King of Stutterland

Traffic Report

Behind Closed Doors at Google's Power Summit

In the Words of An Egyptian Just Now By Landline: 'Just Make Sure Everyone Knows We Are Cut Off From the World'

Caperin': Who's Zoomin' Who?

Robbery in South King County becomes 9-1-1 nightmare

Today in Anonymous Art Thievery

Egyptians for Mubarak? Not Exactly

Like Stuff White People Like, Only Useful and Intelligent

Geri Jewell Continues to Rule

Catholic Bishops to Straight Marrieds: No More Oral, No More Handjobs, No More Anal

What Percentage of Male Pee Actually Makes It Into the Toilet or Urinal?

Get Your Ass Off The Couch: The War On Cars, Police Accountibility, and Booze and Books!

The United States of Somalia

Size Matters: The High Cost of Maintaining Small Rural School Districts

Today's Dinosaur News

Please Don't Sue Me, Chuck Palahniuk

Israel Wants Mubarak to Stay in Power

Audit Says Seattle Schools Could Have Managed Construction Projects Better

Could've Told You Thats

Straight Kid With Gay Parents Testifies At Hearing In Iowa During Debate Over Banning Gay Marriage

Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Governor Gregoire

This Could Eat Up the Rest of Your Day

Has Borders Evaded Death Again?

Dozens of Attractive Apocalypses

It Doesn't Get Much Stathamier Than This

The Current Cost of a Jaywalking Ticket in Seattle?

Latest in Smithsonian Censorship Flap

Tunnel Critic Will Challenge Bruce Harrell on City Council

In Other Waterfall Art News: Peter de Lory


After Long Court Battle, Ingraham High School Trees Finally Come Down Today

Two Words, People: Drug Catapult

What Does Prince's Candy Bar Taste Like?

Valentine's Day Is Right Around the Corner—Don't Fuck it Up!

Shorter Conlin: "The Mayor Is an Idiot"

Now You Can Finally Play Games On Your Phone!

Not Everything Needs to Be Social, Netflix

City Scales Back Higher Parking Rates; Estimates Losing $3.5 Million in City Revenue

American Company Sells Internet Blackout Program to Egypt

Live: Council Advances Tunnel Contracts

Half a Cinnabun Is Better Than One




Drunk of the Week

Blueberry Blast!

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

TLC: Best/Worst Network Ever!


Steve Davis, Alexander Kroll

Soup & Bread

Meat Beat Manifesto

Lily Tomlin

'The African Queen'

Lonely Christopher


Brian Greene

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 224