Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 28 - Sep. 3, 2008

Vol. 17, No. 51

Savage Love

Sexphobes and Sextras



For the Ladies

On Screen

Constantine's Sword

Bruce Bickford's Psychedelic Animation

On SeaTac's King of Disco Castles and Titless Ladies

On Screen


On Screen

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

I, Anonymous

Daddy's Li'l Drug Scam


Up & Coming

This Week's Notable Shows and Parties

Poster of the Week


Party Crasher

Total Fest VII


Christening the Josephine

It's a Hit

Singles, Remixes & MP3s

Memory, Morality, and the Wu-Tang Clan

The Dead Science's Mad Villainy

The Score

Secret, Closely Guarded Treasures

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Bug in the Bassbin

Emptying the Bin

Surrealistic Billow

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound's Elevating Escapism

Album Review


Album Review


Album Review

Immortal Technique


Theater Review Revue

Plays About Gays, Greed, and the Bourgeoisie

Visual Art

The Lunatic Is on the Grass

Pink Floyd, a Crashed Corvette, and Brutalist Architecture at the Henry: Capturing the Angst of an Era


Constant Reader

The Real Outrage

The Guts of Great Sentences

James Wood and Zadie Smith on How Writing Works

Food & Drink

The Cake Lady

A Posthumous Tribute to the Sweet Queen of the Kingfish Cafe

Bar Exam

True Crime

The Happiest Hour

Bill's Off Broadway

Chow Bio

Rachel Anne Herman


The Surge

The Meaning and the Meat of Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech


Don't Worry, Ladies (and Gents)

Hillary's Strongest Supporters Will Not Vote for the McCain/Palin Ticket

Red Carpet

"Nonpartisan" Initiative Would Help Stealth GOP Candidates in King

Crash and Burn

Asteroid Cafe to Close

Ladies First

A Report from Denver

Coming Down

New City Planning Director Needs to Transform the Waterfront

In Other News

Richard McIver's Fine, New Rules for Pot, Car-Free Sunday

Get Your War On

Dear Science

Crossword Solution

This Week's Solution

Annie, Are You OK?

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Annie, Are You OK? (August 28)

Drunk of the Week

Soap Lake Sandy

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

I Love Television

9021-Oh HELL No!

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

Bumbershoot Guide

TV Pilots vs. Baboon Attacks

A Transglobal Q&A with Nick Thune

Monsters of Alt

Bumbershoot vs. the '90s

Rock, Chunk, or Rule

Superchunk's Jon Wurster vs. Radio Comedy, Tour Fare, and Memorial

Pay No Mind

Scientology vs. Beck vs. Barb's Bars

Utopian Dream Boy

Final Fantasy vs. the World of Spectrum

A Groove Supreme

Darondo vs. Orgone: Funk-Soul Brothers from Different Mothers

Talking Turkey

Dan Deacon vs. the Bad Sandwich

Anarchist Dreams Deferred

The Weakerthans' Songs of Youthful Idealism vs. Time


Del the Funky Homosapien vs. Hiphop

Garage Rock Arsonists

Monotonix vs. the Flammable World

Bobos and Blood Sport

A Mini Fringe Festival at Bumbershoot

The Electronic Ether

William Gibson vs. the Death of the Afterlife

Ego and Literature and Hall & Oates

The Stranger vs. Common Decency

The Diplomat on the Ground

Daniel Smith vs. American Ignorance and Fear