Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 22 - 28, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 23

Savage Love

Growers & Showers


Short Change

The Transcendental Short Cinema of Jay Rosenblatt

Opus of Marvels

Madness and Mothers in the Documentary "Alma"

Dick Boy

Back in the Realm of the Senses

This Week on TV

Avoiding the Smell of Pee

A Mixed Bag at the D.FILM Festival

Film Shorts

Movie Times

I, Anonymous


Young and Dangerous

Exbestfriends Singe More Than Just Ceilings

What Feels Right

Conor Oberst is Not a Liar

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CD Review Revue

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All Ages Action

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True Lies

An Examination of TV Fraud Is Fraudulent Itself

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Visual Art

The Fag and the F├╝hrer

Eminem Plus Elton Equals Progress

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More, Please

Three Shows of... Stuff

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Failed Experiment

Does Difficulty Make Good Art?

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Earth & Ocean

Damn It, It's Good


Gory Stories

A Tour of Capitol Hill Crime

Mayor Schell to Run for Second Term

Nickels Quickly Bows Out; Schell "Mayor for Life," Says Sidran; Only Clearly Deluded Chong Remains in Race

Uneasy Access

Free Internet Terminals Dry Up

Fiber-Optical Illusion

New and Improved Monopoly

Mail Chauvinist

Heidi Wills Uses City for Questionable Mailing

No-Way House

Reluctant Lawmakers Try to Design a Transitional Plan for Released Sex Offenders

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Police Beat

Cops and Nothingness

Letters to the Editor

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I Love Television

The Topic of Sexual Intercourse

It's My Party


Rick Levin Courtside