Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 3 - 9, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 22

Savage Love

Raw Dog

New Column!


The Hustlers

Iñárritu's Biutiful Is Great Global Cinema

The Mechanic: It Doesn’t Get Much Stathamier Than This

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster: Everybody Wing Chun Tonight

Nénette: A Lifetime of Doing Nothing

I, Anonymous


(Almost) Everything You Know About French Rock Is Wrong

And High Wolf Is the Latest Immortal Import from France

Sound Check

Ononos: Sacrifice to the Wolf Moon

If I Have Ever Driven Drunk, I Was Not Apprehended

The musician and performance artist the Blow on working with her girlfriend, drunk driving, growing up on Queen Anne, Lindsay Lohan, Sting, and other stuff.

No Goddamn Son of a Bitch

The Godfather of Metal Is Actually a Nice Guy

Up & Coming

Lose your cookies every night this week!

Data Breaker

Victory Rave, Bassnectar's Wompitude, White Rainbow's Soul Jams

My Philosophy

Scribes and DJ Jacks Green

Chuckletown, USA

Pop. Jokes

Poster of the Week

Poster by Max Nordile

The Homosexual Agenda

Girlyman and Bacon Goth


This Week’s All-Ages Action


Multiple Personalities and Excessive Flatulence

The K of D (and Notes on Intermission) at Seattle Rep

Duel of the Linguist Mages Is Long on Ideas, Short on Poetry


It's Electric

The Stranger's Books Editor Finally Buys an E-Reader

Food & Drink

Save Your Fork, There's Pie

Seattle Welcomes the Hot New Dessert Trend™ with Open Mouths


Warm Corpse

I Got There Too Late


Chief Slams Police Union's Newspaper

Feds Scrutinize Seattle Cops (But Don't Expect a Lawsuit)

Council Stumbles Trying to Close Tunnel Deal

Holy Crap!

Religious Right Outmaneuvers Progressives in the Fight over "Pregnancy Centers"

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Dear Science

I Love Television

Super Bowl: A Decade of Hate


Last Days

The Week in Review


What Part of 1935 Does Gov. Gregoire Not Understand?

Currently Hanging: Light in Darkness

A Relationship, Arranged Alphabetically

How Do You Feel About Kate Bush?

So Many Ledes, So Little Desire to Write Any of Them

The Stupor Bowl XLV Half Time Show

This One's for the Sports Fans

Powell's Lays Off 31 Workers

Cops Say Attack on Jogger—Allegedly by a "Broad Shouldered, Darker Skinned" Man—Never Happened

Most People Think Pit Bulls Are Safe in Residential Areas

A Note to Wannabe Cucks

Intimidation and Threats Against Mexican Journalists: Not Just for Narcos Anymore? (Or, Is Any Large Mexican Instituation Truly Free of Narco Influence?)

One of the Bush Twins Is Totes for Gay Marriage!

I Hope This is Gladwell's Tipping Point

State Spends $31,000 on Useless Liquor Poll

An Algonquin Round Table

More Star Wars Flotsam...

The Morning News

A Letter to the Editor that Came in Over the Weekend

'Everybody Is Raced in Some Way': The History of White People Author

A Birthright Israel Trip in a Book

Republican Lawmakers Delay Public Testimony to Attack Pregnancy Center Bill

One Crazy Teabag Lady Isn't Running for President

Police Accountability Forum: Panelists Call for More Transparency; Crowd Calls for Diaz's Head on a Pike

"Two or more an indication of actual civilization."

UK Court "Bans" Man with Low IQ from Having Sex

Das Racist vs. Hari Kondabolu

You (May) Only Think the Adderall Is Helping

The Morning News

McGinn: "There's been a lot of misinformation spread about this health care bill."

Today in Mangled News Copy

Brian Jacques

The Morning News

Conlin: The Kids Must Have Their Salmon

The Latest in Egypt

The Prime Minister's Empty Apology

Stop the State From Raiding Student Aid

Where Should I Go Watch The Super Bowl This Sunday?

The Morning News

SL Letter of the Day: Soft Focus

The Drug War: Not Just Screwing Up Lives—Screwing Up Ladies' Golf!

Ban Poor Marriage

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Suicide Fence Debate and Seattle's White Southern Pal

Name This Band: Special Superhero Edition!

Too Soon, Too Fucking Stupid. Also, Fuck You.

Today in Lady Parts: "Forcible Rape" Stricken from Anti-Abortion Bill, Stinging Planned Parenthood

Not Everybody, Golliver

Today in Digital Media: Bigger, Better, Faster, More

A Very Belated Date With the Kochtopus

SL Letter of the Day: A Sexual Reflects On Nearly Asexual Ex

Lunchtime Quickie: Is Rihanna Really Into S&M?

A Little Stupor Bowl Counter Programming

"Our vampires should stay in Washington State."

The Case for Legalizing, Taxing, and Regulating Pot in Washington State

Have You Read Mudede's Piece about His Dad's Corpse?

University District Twice Sold Tales to Go Online-Only

Here Is a Video of Two Corgis Playing Tetherball

The Latest in Egypt

Star Trek: The Next Generation Porn

Valentine's Day Is One Week Away—Are You Celebrating With a Divorce?

County: People Threatened Violence if Buses Ran Ads Critical of Israel

Urinals of the Day: Detroit, Michigan

The Game's Oldest Rookie Settles In

Remember the Mysterious Graffiti Installation in Sodo?

Live on the InterTube: Tonight's SPD Forum

A Good News Story from SPD!

Stupor Bowl II

Lunchtime Quickie: The Creepiest Monkey Waiter In The Whole Wide World

Elway Poll: Stranger Staff Totally Out of Touch With Public On Liquor Stores (Except for Me)

At SPU, It Gets Worse

With Health Care Repeal Vote Looming in the Senate, Mayor McGinn Weighs In Doesn't Look Like Anymore

You Can't Be Against Dense, Urban Development and Consider Yourself an Environmentalist

The Monster Who Wrote the Books

Council Votes Today on Tunnel

Walking Down the Side of A Wall, Burying Yourself Until You Are Lost, A Slightly Smaller-Than-Life Homemade Thrift Store

You Can Walk, but You Can't Hide

Stephanie Syjuco on Counterfeiting Art

Parents Worry that Federal Grant Could Make Alternative School More Mainstream

Today in Counterproductive Advertising

Fake-Indie Starbucks Reverts to Regular-Starbucks Starbucks

Steve Harvey Paperback Book Drama!

Some People Will Be Live-Slogging the Superbowl Today

Superbowl for Nerds: A Poll

From Full Civil Equality to Anti-Gay Jim Crow In Less Than Five Years

The Harlem Globetrotters Are at Top Pot...

Lunchtime Quickie: Leavenworth, Washington. A Place For... Hip Hop And Nuts?

Standoff at Broadway and Pine

Are You a Lesbian? Part of a Couple? Been Together More Than Five Years?

Ronald Reagan: Beyond Thunderdome

The Free Market at Work

Good Friends Weren't Good Witnesses

For Your Valentine's Day Consideration

The Latest in Egypt

You Have Only 24 Hours to Submit Your Stranger Valentine!

Currently Hanging: The Mysterious Content of Softness

Programming Note

Urinal of the Day: University of Maryland Dining Hall

The Tennis Team

Washington Asparagus Growers Against the Drug War

Did Crib

Don't Do It, Mitt!

NALTs Speak Up for Marriage Equality In Maryland

Lancing the Boil

The Reagan White House Responds to AIDS

Meanwhile on Queen Anne

Pay for the App, but the Guilt Is Free

Health Care Reform: The Funny Book

Licata, Tenant Advocates Say Landlords Are Misrepresenting Facts About New Inspection Bill

Polyamorist? Or Slut?

Kemper Freeman: "I'm Taking My Bellevue and Going Home!"

Seattle Times Should Stick to Serious Business

The White Stripes Officially Break Up

McBain: The Movie

There Is No Morality Without Religion

Gregoire Gives Up on Columbia River Crossing

AOL Buys HuffingtonPost

Caperin': Derek Goes to Port Townsend!

SL Letter of the Day: Mr. Republican Comes Around

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

When In Canada

Iceland Will Digitize Their Books

Police Accountability Forum, In Photos

A Book of a Show, a Show of a Book

Suckle on This

Today in Slightly Unfortunate Headlines and Pink Dollars

Now This Is What "Smaller Government" Looks Like

A Sit-In at the State Capitol?

The Piecycle Will Bring You Fresh Pie in the Middle of the Night

Why Do So Many Groups Oppose the AG's Gang Bill?

Mayor's Office Insists Tunnel Contract Can Go to Ballot

Hey, There's an Unofficial Slog Happy This Week!

And FYI... $31,000 Isn't So Much to Pay For a Poll

Have You HEARD that There's a Police Forum Tomorrow?

Unfortunate Nerd Controversies Come Two at a Time Now

I'm With the Terrorists

You Have One Hour and Eighteen Minutes Left to Submit Your Valentine!

Concerning Washington's Motion Picture Competitiveness

Sunny Jim Site Presents "No Major Concerns" as Site of Future Homeless Encampment, Enviro Study Finds

A Living Legend Reads Tonight

Health Care Repeal Fail

"Reject the cynical tactics of the ACLU of Washington."

Justin Bieber Switches Bodies with Jon Stewart: WHO GOT THE BETTER DEAL??

Be-Bop Bamboozled

Run, Jeb, Run!

It Gets Better: E.M. Forster

Hey, Dummies

The Seattle Times Wouldn't Know "Smaller Government" If It Bit Them In The Face

Get Your Ass Off The Couch: Bingo, Birds, and Taxes

The Morning News

A List of Every RKCNDY Show Ever

May I Ruin Your Lunch?

Flickr Photo of the Day

Lunchtime Quickie: Grandma! Look Where You're Going!!

"Empty the Clip"

What Are These Friggin' Annoying Things Doing Outside My House Even Though I Opted Out Like 6 Months Ago?

"Lindsay Lohan Quizzed About Missing Necklace"

Secure Yer Facebook

Report: Seattle Heiress and Obama Contributor Turned into a "Bully" as Luxembourg Ambassador

Slog Super Bowl Primer (for Slog)

Personal Responsibility

Name That Ism

WARNING: Dude in Utilikilt Has Been Playing Video Gun Game for Two Hours

This Is What Snowmaggedon Looks Like

Speaking Of "Too High, Too Confusing"...

SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Dilate That For You

Mayor McGinn's Charter Schools 101

Tonight: Collide-O-Scope at Central Cinema

The Cheerleader-Free Stupor Bowl XLV

FCC Wants to Stop Subsidizing Rural Landlines... and Start Subsidizing Rural Broadband

Jim Webb to Retire

Merry Groundhog Day, Everybody!

FAQ About Two Books Enter, One Book Leaves

That Old Amnesia Trick

The Morning News

"I have a tie. You don't have a tie."

"The American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who's clearly in over her head."

Kiss Means Yes (Kiss Means No)

Am I the Only One Who Can't Stand Brazil Nuts?

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

How Did a Rainbow Flag Wind Up On NOM's Website?

New York Times Seeks New Ethicist

Screw as I Say, not as I Screw

Help Save SPD's Most Popular Unit—the Horses.

Would You Like to See the Design Handbook for All of Nazism?

SPU Won't Comment on Its Refusal to Recognize GLBT Student Group

This Bird Loves the Green Bay Packers

Boehner Gone Wild

The Abortion Wars Are Back!

Teabaggers Furious Over Captain America

It's the First Wednesday of the Month—That Means the Reading Party Is Tonight

This Week in the Music Section

Things I Learned From Watching Charlie Rose...

Depressing Fact o' the Day

Sasquatch Lineup Announced

What Arianna Huffington Is Telling HuffPo Bloggers About AOL Merger

In Which I Finally Get an E-Reader

FBI Investigating Scientology

Bridesmaids: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

The Literary Glass Ceiling

Jiggles-Gate Gets Even More Meta-er

A Good Year for Gary Locke

Places I Have Been in Google Art Project, Part 1 (of 2)

Take That, Gertrude Stein!

The Morning News "Jiggles strip club pleads its case in Stranger ad"

Hari Kondabolu Gets Some "Help" from His Comedy "Friends"

Parting Thoughts

Glenn Beckwatch: Glenndalf the Gray

Speaking of Spiderman....

Gentleman for Hire

The Children's Film Festival Is Still Going On

Burgess: "Something is clearly wrong."

Today in Crazy Internet Brilliance

Cantwell Gave a Glowing Reference for the "Bully" Boss of the Luxembourg Embassy

Surface/Transit Is Still the Best Alternative for Replacing the Viaduct

Pregnancy Center Bill: After Talking It Over with God, I'm Siding with the Heathen Sluts

An Egyptian Gets Internet Back: 'Our heart is broken'

Lynn Shelton, Megan Griffiths, and Lindy West File Book Reports about What They Were Reading at the Reading Party Last Night

Today in the Most Illegal Wrestling Move, Like, Ever

Stupor Bowl XLV

Blacks Hit Hardest By HIV/AIDS in King County

Because Teabagger Monthly Was Already Taken

The Demolition of Boeing Plant 2, In Pictures

Today's Dinosaur News

Lunchtime Quickie: Sexy Week Continues With... Pole Dancing

The Biggest Loser, a Gigantic Hamburger, and Olympic (and Other Kinds of) Gold

AA Meeting: Consolidating Your Catch-Up

Justin Bieber's Here... You Can Die Now, Ozzy.

"I will hit your car"

Now Open: Piecycle, Dope Burger, Le Bon Ton Etc., and SO MUCH MORE

Re: Jim Webb to Retire

Dorn Opposes Bill That Would Turn Schools Chief Job Into Non-Elected Position

Artwalk Tonight!

Well, We Wouldn't Want That to Happen

More Than Two Books Entered, More Than Two Books Left

Stupor Bowl

Did Everyone But Me Already Know that Eric Clapton Used to Be into Dope But Now He's into Racism?

On a Colorblind Spider-Man

The Arsonist Is Real

SL Letter of the Day: Another Satisfied Customer

Short Review of The Daily

Does This Family Look Like a Threat to Marriage?

An Open Letter-Threat to Paul Bobby Constant

Prosecuting Attorney Files New Charges Against Green River Killer

Do We Have a Lawyer in the House?

Do You Guys Like My New Poster?

AA Meeting: Horn-Tooters and Maternal Hellcats


Savage Love Episode 225



Police Accountability Forum

'Ming Wong: Life of Imitation'

The Tony Williams Tribute Band



'The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour'

Two Books Enter, One Book Leaves