Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 10 - 16, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 23

Savage Love

She Will Not Be Ignored


Tragedy Averted

A Cheap Ceramic Knockoff of a World Literature Classic

Penis Penis Penis

And Something About The Eagle or Whatever

The Taqwacores: Everything a Revolution Should Be


Marxist Punk Funk and the Xbox Paradox

Gang of Four Capitalize on Their Legend

Atrophy Ceremony

David Schmader’s Motherfucking Grammy Predictions

Up & Coming

Lose your virginity every night this week!

Sound Check

People Eating People: To Love, Hate, and Belt


The Black Eyed Peas and Sasquatch! Launch Party at Showbox at the Market

It's a Hit

Social Distortion, Steven Tyler, and the Roots

The Decemberists' The King Is Dead Is Much Like Cienna Madrid's Aunt's Blowjob Stories

Banjo or Freakout's S/T Sounds Like a Valium/Bong-Hit Spaceship

The Dirtbombs' Party Store Converts Techno into Garage-Rock Gold

Phil Manley's Life Coach

Seefeel's Self-Titled New Album Recaptures Their Old Magic

Campfire OK's Strange Like We Are

Pigbag's Volume One/Volume Two

My Philosophy

Bell Biv Devoe, Busdriver, and Parker


All-Ages Shows

Chuckletown, USA

Pop. Jokes

Data Breaker

From 0-1 Techno Showcase, Mark Farina, Santiago & Bushido

The Homosexual Agenda

Lezbro and My Funny Valentine

Party Crasher

A Night of Many Disappointments

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chelsea Conboy


Different Ways to Lose Your Marbles

Two New Postcards from the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Visual Art

The Fear of Accents

Ming Wong Puts Words in People's Mouths


O Pioneers

West of Here Points a Wide-Angle Lens at Washington's Smarmy History

Constant Reader

Barack and Hillary Go Camping

Food & Drink

Uneeda Eat This Immediately (If Not Sooner)

The Glory of the Heavily-Adjectivally-Modified Beef

Happiest Hour

Darrell's Tavern

Chow Bio

Peter Duane, Owner of Pau Hana


Brutally Honest

Straight Advice for a Troubled Police Department

Welfare State

Washington's Republican counties depend on Western Washington's money. How can they survive the state budget cuts they demand?


Tim Burgess's Elephant in the Room And What He Wants You to Do About It

Mubarak Out?

Run, Donald, Run!

Another "Pedophile's Paradise"

For Lindy

Zombie Bookstores

Lunchtime Quickie: Why Are High Heels So Funny?

A Complete List of Borders That Are Closing

Some Laffs from Better Book Titles

Meanwhile in Iran

SL Letter of the Day: Annoyances

Spend Your Borders Gift Cards Now

Isn't It Romantic

Dear Dean Jordan

They Would Rather See Seattle Fail than the State Succeed

SPD Good News Story: We're onto You, Would-Be Bicycle Thieves!

Seattle Times Opposes Recycling

Comprehensive Analysis of Last Night's 53rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony!

Has Conservation District Transformed Nation's Most Stupidest Election into Nation's Most Frightening?

The Big Balls of Chimps

SL Letter of the Day: The Sit & Spinster

Introducing the First Videogame Comedian

Cock of the Walk

Urinal of the Day: Pissed In Centralia

The Dark Side of Sunflower Farmers Market

Magic Baby

Seattle University Does Good Work

Violent Lefties Attack Seattle Bank!

'He Is Burning Our Country Down'

Murray Introduces Gay Marriage Bill on—Swoon at the Mooo-oon, You Guys—Valentine's Day!!

Questionland Is Going to the Chapel

Live From Iran

ACLU: Amazon Privacy Lawsuit Settlement Will Protect Customers' Free Speech Rights

Good Old "No Apology" Romney Edits His Own Book to Appear Tougher

Robot Jim

Yellow Pages Publishers Seek Preliminary Injunction Against City's Phone Book Ordinance

Hello, I'm Not the Enemy

Seattle Public Library Has Camera Work

Today's GOP: Just Not That Likable

'On the Edge' Is On Hold

Neil Gaiman Comes Out Swinging for Internet Piracy

Could Bike/Pedestrian Overpass Construction Derail Hempfest?

Rock Of Ages at The Paramount

Lunchtime Quickie: Only in Washington! The World's Politest Robber

Palin Wipes the Floor With Santorum

The White Rabbit Opens Tonight in Fremont

Probably Not an Equal Opportunity Employer...

The Morning News

Dear Dean Jordan

This American Life Unveils the Secret Coca-Cola Formula?

Dear Dean Jordan

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

Ten Most Overrated Artists in History

Obama's Tear Down This Wall Moment

'I'm white. White! White!'

Hooray for Hidden Meanings!

The Haves and the Half-Nots

A (Selfish) Call For More Political Corruption

Fancy Free In Washington D.C.

Seattle Schools Puts 97 Jobs on the Chopping Block to Fight Massive Budget Deficit

Overheard in the Office

Dear Dean Jordan

Study: Living in a Red State Can Drive You Crazy

Apple Announces New Subscription Rules; What's Amazon's Next Move?

AI vs. IA

Judge Orders Investigation Into State's Tunnel Shenanigans

Shorter Egyptian Army Statement

Wall Street and Ahmadinejad Cheer Mubarak's Fall

An Interview with Intiman's Board President: "Can One Man Bring Down an Entire Theater?"

Where a Pack of Smokes Is $13.25

Weird Weather Warning

As Unrest Spreads, Tyrants Resort to Force

Grocery Shopper Accidentally Calls Cops on Himself

Ban Fat Marriage

Julian Assange Finally Goes Too Far

"Get Your Action Packed Movie, Movie, MOVIE!!"

"This is a revolution across the whole Arab world”

"Hey Jonny, He's So Fine, He's So Fine I Wanna Fuck His Behind—Hey Jonny!"

What the US Is Saying on Its Farsi Twitter Feed

The Morning News

Urinal of the Day: The Promised Gland

Criminal Investigation Launched Against SPD Officer After Kicking Suspect in the Head

Mubarak Is Out!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Trailer for Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

Today's Dinosaur News

Me and Obama Hooked


A Justin Bond Musical, a Plea from a Playwright

Behind the Walls of Language

And the Next President of the United States Will Be...

The Last Full-Time Art Critic at a Daily Newspaper in the Northwest

The Curry Angel of History

Wisconsin's Jasmine Revolution Grows. Will the Troops Back the Corrupt Regime or the People?

Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw

Hosni's Not Talking Yet, But Barack Is

Dear Dean Jordan

Dear Dean Jordan

Earthlings are Earthlings

The Broken Heads and Hearts of Hollywood

Billy Ray Cyrus: Scared, Destroyed, a Moron

But if You Tax the Rich They'll Leave Our State!

Audit Raps Ferry District for Not Counting Water Taxi Fares Properly

South Dakota Considers Law that Would Help Legalize Killing Doctors Who Perform Abortions


Would the '80s Version of Zep Sucked?

Those Tax-and-Spenders on the Seattle Times Ed Board Are at It Again

A CPAC Moment

Chow Bio: Peter Duane of Pau Hana

New Poll Shows Strong Support for Ditching State Tax Breaks to Save Basic Health

Radiohead: The King Of Limbs It's a Newspaper Album?

My Cheap-Ass TV Just Got a Whole Bunch Classier

Glenn Beckwatch: Not the Slavery

Mubarak Speaking

"The platforms of social media are built around weak ties."

Morning News

The four most beautiful words in the English Language

Our Welfare State

What's In It For Us?

SL Letter of the Day: Pull Up a Chair...

Today in My Stupidity

Hello, I Am Fine with That

Run, Mike, Run!

Unchain My Heart

An Inexplicable Morning Interest in Octopuses

Re: Ban Fat Marriage

The Best Return on All Those Billions in U.S. Military Aid to Egypt: This Moment

Musicians Are Reading Books Right Now

Hello, They Are Fat

The Revolution

I Feel Obligated to Tell You This.

Urinal of the Day: Pissy Beer Snobs

"You need to shave the USB ports every couple days."

Bad News from Intiman: The Theater Needs $1 Million in the Next Few Months or It Will Close

KC Councilman Bob Ferguson Announces Run for Attorney General

New York Times Calls Out Seattle Times on Its Pollyanna-ish Real Estate Reporting

Who's Really Paying for Seattle's "Gold-Plated" Tunnel?

Washington's Smarmy Roots

RE: Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw

Shadows of a Fleeting World, Seattle's Original Camera Club

Scientology: It's About More Than Alleged Physical Assault and Alleged Child Labor™

The Latest on Egypt

re: "This is a revolution across the whole Arab world”

Radical Consumerism


Places I Have Been in Google Art Project, Part 2 (of 2): Panoptos Autopsy*

Have You Read Cienna Madrid's Review of the New Decemberists Record?

What Is Mubarak Thinking?

Best Laid Plans

Why Doesn't This Exist in Seattle?

The 8-Bit Gatsby

Life Imitates Art: Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hannemann Contracts Flesh-Eating Virus Problem From Spider Bite

Headline of the Day, Now With Santorum!

These "Pencil Chompers" Remind Me of Something...

Charles Mudede Is Not At Work This Week

The Morning News

Confidential to Kate Middleton

Back to Jail for Art Dealer Kurt Lidtke

They Couldn't Do Worse

Love for Open-Facedness

The Morning News

The Statistics of Love

A Cornucopia of Slutty Books Are On Sale

Morning News

Get Your Ass Off the Couch: Love, Money, Otters

The City Hires An Arts Director: Vincent Kitch

NPR Goes to Portland

China Takes Lead In Fake Rice Production

Egypt Now

Week in Review

A Headline Says Six a Thousand Words

White American Children and their Parent's First Name

There Are No Tyrants in the Office

Sasquatch Officially Sold Out

One Reason Egypt's Military Might Honor Its Promise to Honor the Demands of the People: Money

Lunchtime Quickie: Do Nutter Butters Give You Cavities? and/or Happy Valentines Day!

Hello, Fatness Is a Poor Way to Measure Unhealthiness

Borders Bankrupt, Gift Cards Safe (For Now)

Q: What Is This? A: It Is Art.

Harry Potter Pole Dance!

Republican Stools. . .

Obama on the "Moral Force" of the Egyptian Protest Movement


At the Fall of Night

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Tolling Bells, Electronic Tolls, and Local Films

I Guess This Is Just How the World Works, But I Thought I'd Share Anyway

Mubarak Speaking

Dancing the Protein Synthesis

What Makes a Cheesesteak Cheesy?

Mubarak's Most Impressive Accomplishment

The Briny Kiss of Death

Embarrassed by Seattle Pacific University

i miss you every day

Lunchtime Quickie: Police Accountability, Moscow Style

America Is a Socialist Nation...

You Call That a Spider-Man?

KC Prosecuting Attorney Rumored to Make Announcement Regarding Officer Ian Birk Tomorrow

Prop 1 Fails, Pierce Transit to Slash Service by 35 Percent

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Bee Stung Lips

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

You Know What Else, You Guys?

Elway Poll: 92 Percent of Eastern Washington Voters Don't Read The Stranger

Let's Start Placing Bets On When the First Lady Will "Reveal Her Position" On Gay Marriage

Republicans Are Having a Party

Jiggles Owner Says He Has Permits for Strip Club Across from U-District School

No Room In the Big Tent for the Libertarians

New Art on the Walls of Egypt

County Prosecutor Telegraphs No Criminal Charges for Killing John T. Williams

Today in Cinematic Nostalgia and Fantasy

Wait, You Republicans Do Care About Creating Jobs, Right?

"Craigslist Congressman" Quits After Scandal Over Shirtless Photo

Today's Dinosaur News

We Could Have Done This To Bush

Go, Book-Lover, Go!

Whatever, I Don't Even Care About Robbing This Bank

Iowa Grandma Speaks Out for Gay Marriage

Roger Shimomura's New Tattoo

Yet More Evidence of Rural WA's Ruggedly Independent Self-Sufficiency

What He Said: Mistermix on the Craigslist Congressman

Ab-so-fruit-ly: Dan Savage on the Censored Smithsonian Show

Hello, I Am Fat

Tonight's Grammys

Tealy & Orangey

A Pynchonesque Talent, Without All the Reclusiveness

Why Wisconsin Matters

Smear Tactics

Dear Dean Jordan

Republicans Are Eating Themselves

"Bikini Baristas Create Quite a Stir in Seattle"

Grammy Meltdowns

The Mid-Morning News

Fremont Place Books to Close, Ophelia's Books to Stay Open

A Call to All the Juvenile Delinquents in the Arab World (and Persia)


Gang of Four

David Alan Grier


The Piecycle!

Bushwick Book Club: 'High Fidelity'

'The Lowdown'

Sebadoh, Quasi


Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

A Lesson in Love

Control Tower

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week


Savage Love Episode 226