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Mar. 15 - 21, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 26

Savage Love

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I, Anonymous


High Art and Guillotines

An Elegant New Frog Film

The Thing Is....

I Can't Wait To Tell You All About "Panic!"

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Drunk with Tim Kasher of Cursive

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Burning Theater

A Sampling of Madness from the Seattle Fringe Festival 2001

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Days and Nights of Nostalgia

Everett True's Diary of Change, Grunge, and Shameful Self-Promotion

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Two Shows That Will Make You Wonder Who You Are


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Fierce Attention

Mark Doty Turns His Eye to Art

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The Death of a Question

The Importance of Not Knowing Anything Really

Shooting Off Their Mouths

Local Kids Talk School Violence

Spies for Hire

Corporate Espionage Conference Comes to Seattle

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Careless Cops, Beautiful Suspects, and the Meaning of Yesterday

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Cylons Can Suck My Wiener

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