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Sep. 14 - 20, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 1

Savage Love

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Gushing with Talent

The Stranger's Amateur-Porn Contest Comes a Long Way

The Sex Appeal of Big-Ass Dogs

A Conversation with James Ellroy

Psychobilly Freak-out

STIFF Presents 'The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell'

Haunted and Aggrieved

A New Crop of Veterans Against the War

In Film News

Seattle Films Go North

On Screen

'Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles,' 'Gridiron Gang,' and 'Everyone's Hero'

Shadow Boxing

The Black Dahlia Can't Deliver a Knockout


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The Possibility of an Island

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(Just Like) Starting Over Misses the Mark

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Cream Rises, Shit Floats

Is SketchFest a Prelude to a Fringe Festival?

Identity Axiom

A Bite-Sized Play About Cloning

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The White Stag

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Profanity, Testing, Explosion

Galleries Full of Stuff You'll Regret Missing


Tomiko Jones Marks Her Territory

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When the Photogs Come Marching In


I Love Jew

But I Hate Daniel Silva's Stupid Bestselling Spy Book

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'A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines'


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Heartwarming Ambiance and Okay Food at El Sombrero

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The Paragon


Dying & Killing

Three Rounds with Daniel Carroll, the Hardest-Working Prick in Local Comedy

Burned Out

Five Twentysomething Dudes with a Rented RV Invited The Stranger to Send a Writer to Burning Man with Them. We Sent Our Worst Enemy™.


In Other News

Pedersen’s Night

Gay-Rights Attorney Pulls Ahead in the Race in the 43rd District

Easy Mark?

Eastern Washington Democrats Eye U.S. House Seat

Fatal Error?

Witnesses Accuse SPD of Negligence

Knocking the System

Underdog Candidate Stephanie Pure Goes Door to Door in 43rd

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The Human Condition

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