Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 17 - 23, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 24

Savage Love

Safety Valve

New Column!

#1 You! by Constance McCue


Cedar Rapids: Can Anyone Else Smell the Comedic Desperation Coming Off of Ed Helms?

Barney's Version: A Maddening, Joyful Mess

I Am Number Four: A Million Little Bullshit Clichés

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Of Sanctum, Brendan Fraser, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Maybe Say Maybe?

Justin Bieber Expands Your Mind (and Network)

Just Go With It: Poor Adam Sandler’s Nuts

I, Anonymous


Cave Reviewers

A Bunch of People Who Don't Normally Write About Music (and Some Who Do) Listen to the New Cave Singers Album, No Witch

Up & Coming

Lose your hope every night this week!

Dave Segal's Tweets

Fourteen Days on Dave Segal's Twitter Account

Sound Check

Absolute Monarchs: The Answer to the Tunnel Problem

The Homosexual Agenda

Juanita More, Noddy, Earth Girls Are Easy

God Only Knows

In Which God Answers Your Music-Related Questions

Data Breaker

Konrad Black, Pendulum, Monsters of Bass, Beans

My Philosophy

Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction, and 206 Zulu

Poster of the Week

Poster by Dale Metteer

Chuckletown, USA

Moshe Kasher, the Ahamefule J. Oluo and Mike Show, and Adventure Buddies: Episode 6


All-Ages Shows

Party Crasher

Testing the Limits of Brunch


Rest Easy, August Wilson

Black American Theater Is Here to Stay

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art


Milking It

The Drama of Keeping Bees and Churning Butter on Vashon Island

Wrestling Seth

How Swamplandia! Is Like Florida

Food & Drink

The Spirit of the Independent

A Pizza Joint in Madison Park


Six Pregnancy Tests in One Week

I visited Christian pregnancy centers that lure women in with false promises of medical care. Here's what they told me about abortions, breast cancer, shame, and death.

Levamisole Test-Kit Recipe

How to Make Your Very Own Levamisole Test Kit


Cash Clowns

Local TV stations raked in a record $47 million last year from political ads (a lot of them misleading), but they rarely report hard political news. What's their excuse?



Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Chicken and Hamm's

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

A Very Special Episode

Last Days

The Week in Review


Seattle Schools Will Take 80 Buses Off the Street to Save 45 Teaching Jobs

The Great Teabaggy Hope?

Lunchtime Quickie: Today In Drunk Babies

The Possibility That Bahrain May Break Saudi Arabia

More Protests in Iran Today

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a Robbery.

SPU Vice President: "I ask your forgiveness."

City Invests $1 Million to Improve Central District, Other Neighborhoods

Roll Call: Reichert Used Staff as Movers

Axing the Middle Class

T-Doug's Campaign of World Domination Continues

And by the Way, if SPU Really Wants to Talk About Sex...

Thune Out

Winter Storm Warning!

Choose Between Two Awesome Women Tonight


The Nerd Internet Needs a New Hobby

Tomorrow: Blackberry Removal at Magnuson Park

Lunchtime Quickie: Tourette's Ministry! No, Really...

A New In/Visible! The Multifarious Ben Davis of Artinfo Talks

Wisconsin Senate Dems Seek Political Asylum in Illinois

Wisconsin Dems to Walk Out Until Governor Sits Down

An American in Yemen

No More Mr. Professional Athlete

Mayor Mike McGinn's Favorite Words

McGinn to Cops Union: Stop Your Insolence

Gizzards and Livers for Lunch...

SPU's President Responds. But What, Exactly, Is He Saying?

Catch the Mayor's State of the City Address Today

Luke Esser, Union Shill

McGinn Contemplates Replacing Police Accountability Director

McGinn Vetoes Tunnel Contracts

Amtrak (Allegedly) Hates The Stranger

Eating Bugs

The Morning News

Aw, Shucks Times Two

What You Can Do Right Now to Help Preserve *Federal* Arts Funding in Washington State

They're Not Even Human Anymore

Did Mayor McGinn "Flip Flop" on the Tunnel?

It Gets Better: The Book

Today in Anonymous Job Interview Tips

Birk Resigns

Dr. God, M.D.

Narco Guns in Mexico Aren't Saturday Night Specials: They Come from the U.S. Military

A Weekend in Wisconsin

When Sen. Patty Murray Speaks to Local Gay Leaders on Thursday, Will She Say What They Want to Hear on DOMA?

Amazon/Apple Showdown Set for June?

A Christian Doing the Christian Thing


The GOP Nation

"Hundreds" of Teabaggers to Rally in Wisconsin, FOX News to Fawn Breathlessly

Warplanes, Helicopters, and Foreign Mercenaries Fire on Libyan Protesters

Should I Review the Sarah Palin Tell-All?

Obama Declares DOMA Unconstitutional

Having Trouble Keeping Up with All the Revolutions?

It Took a Dead Dog for the City to Beef Up Streetlight Inspections

Q: How Many Anarchists Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

And Meanwhile in Iran

The Morning News

Cliff Mass Says SNOW!

McGinn Pledges to Deliver Light Rail Package to Council This Summer, Among Other Things

Like the Book of Revelation, with More Breasts

TV Has Its New Wonder Woman (Whether You Like it or Not)

The Morning News


Lunchtime Quickie: There's A Lot of Bad News on The Internet, and There's Also This Guy

Reagan Picks Barbour

It's Official: Mercer Island Is Region's Wussiest School District! Region Just Plain Wussie!

Teacher Unions Lash Out Against Bill Seeking to End "Last In, First Out" Rule

Your New Arts Guru, Vincent Kitch, Shows Promise—and Raises Some Questions

Report from Yemen: Happy Land Not So Happy

Hempfest and City's Stupid Lawsuit on Hold

And Now China Tries to Get in on the Action

I Went to an Incredibly Boring Capitol Hill Block Party Meeting So You Didn't Have To

SPD: Shooting Unjustified, Discipline for Birk Coming by Mid-March

The Morning News

"Homosexual Content" Not Allowed on Vashon Island

Holy Smokes: Seattle Times Calls on Legislature to Legalize Pot!

Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Five-Year-Old Goes, Girl!

The Mayor's State of the Weather Address

You Will Still Pay More for Kindergarten, Just Not 50 Percent More

The Return of the (Dead) Pig

Morning News

Raging Bull: An American Death

The Caravan Is Leaving 4Culture HQ and Heading to Olympia

Kids Do the Vomitest Things

Puget Sound Region Is Rich in the History of the Space Program that Cost the US the Space Race

Glenn Beckwatch: Beck's War on Google

To the Police Union's Credit

Dean Jordan Speaks About His Refusal to Recognize SPU's Gay Student Group

Four Ways You Could Die: Witchcraft, Terrorism, as an Alcoholic Writer, or from Old Age

"Mr. Eyman, you may have talked the rest of the state into destroying what we hold dear, but we are drawing a line around Seattle"

Dear Dean Jordan

Tonight: West Seattle's Future

Tonight: Backyard Beekeeping 101

Dog Show Winners


Williams' Family Attorney: Birk Can Be Prosecuted for Murder Under State Law

You Can Lead a Cuban to a Vegetarian Diet...

Planned Parenthood Out, NASCAR Still in the Game!

The Colonel Qaddafi

The Madman of Libya

The Only Good Thing About the City Hall?

This Week in Chow: An Idiosyncratic Gem in Schmancy Madison Park

"Lotus Flower," the First Single From Radiohead's New Record, King of Limbs

Hate the Unions? Time to Put Your Money Paid Vacation Days Where Your Mouth Is

Why You Will Never Be the Northwest's Premier Marching Band

Harrell Condemns Decision to Decline Charges

Birk: "He's a Murderer No Matter What Clothes He's Wearing!" Screams Protester

Tonight: Bullying, Gender, and the Church

Baby Ocelot Cam!

Renting Socialism

Wisconsin Unions Preparing For a General Strike

The Morning News

Tunis Cairo Tehran Madison, WI

Spider-Man: Rewrite the Bad

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Self-Interest

I'm Guessing the Night Shift Will Be Right on This With a Live, on-the-Scene Report

Tonight: Tunisia, Egypt, and The Force

The Most Interesting Dead Bill in the State Senate

Fight at the Tehran Art School

In Midst of Struggle to Close $4.6 Billion Budget Gap, Legislators Introduce Millions in New Tax Breaks

Wisconsin Democratic Senators Walk Out, Denying GOP a Budget Quorum

Independent Alternatives to the Closing Borders

What's "Major News" at KIRO TV?

Are You Watching This?

"'We're Killing Everybody We Can,' Seattle Police Declare"

Protestors Overtake Mayor's Press Conference, Demand He Show "Courage" and Call on Birk to Be Fired

The Revolutions

Facebook Recognizes Civil Unions

Department of Oops I Fucked Up

The Smithsonian Is Having A Video Game Art Show in A Year

Veroli the Virtual Philosopher

Money or Democracy

No Surprise: Birk Won't Face Murder Charges

Vote for Your Local Beekeeper

A Mother Lovingly Pecks Her Boy's Penis

Alligator Wrestlers Battle Hell-Themed Amusement Park in Florida

Plant Peas on Presidents' Day

Excuse Me, Princess...

Spider-Man vs. Spidermann vs. Spiderman

Montana Senate Committee Preserves Right to Aid in Dying

Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father

"Want a baby on 11/11/11?"

Judge: Ban on Anti-Israel Bus Ads Was Reasonable

Good Work, America!

Spider-Man vs. Spidermann

Rahm Emanuel

Re: Tunis Cairo Tehran Madison, WI

AA Meeting: On Why Failing to Nominate Leonardo DiCaprio for Acting Awards Cannot Be Construed as a Snub

Life Is Complete! There Is a Musical About Hockey!

The Return of D Spine

It's Reporting Like This That Makes Me Want to Shoot Somebody in the Head

Dwayne McDuffie

Remember the Anthrax Mail Attacks?

Does Satterberg Actually (Heart) Killer Cops?


Here Is a Thing That Exists (Farrelly Brothers Preview Edition)

Three Minutes in Heaven of the Atlas Shrugged Movie

U.S. Supreme Court Confirms Pro-Lifers are Drama Queens

McGinn Slams Cop Union

Congrats, Savage Lovers

A Demand for an Open Forum on Sexuality at SPU

Latest Issue of Police Union Newspaper Defends Birk, Blames The Stranger for "Frenzy"

Cash Clowns

Garfunkel & Oates

Today's Dinosaur News

The Best Thing I Read this Weekend

Remember This Post in 25 Years, When We're All Speaking South Korean

Today's Dinosaur News

Why Birk's Not a Criminal

Dept. of Disappointment

Ken Hutcherson: As Lame at Political Commentary as He Is at Godliness

Overheard in the Office

Lindy West on All the Jokes Fit to Be Told This Week

Mayor McGinn Comments on Birk's Resignation

Do You Have Questions About the Lunches They Serve at Public Schools?

House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funds

Ladenburg Signals Run for Attorney General

Santorum Goes International

The Secret Love Lives of Noses

Is Sasquatch! now basically the Chateau Ste. Michelle Summer Concert Series East?

Lunch Time Read: Lady Plumbing and Christian Pregnancy Centers

That Ball of Fire in the Sky

Morning News

Ron Paul's Getting Crazier

Google Has a Flawed Subscription Platform, Too!

Hawaii Legislature Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions

Nerd Fight!

Rumors About Anna Wintour

Iranian Protesteres Keep On Keepin' On: Plus, a Joke

Meanwhile in New Zealand

And It's Snowing ...

"[T]he Chef gets a machine gun - destroys the kitchen - the Chef is happy"

Downtown Development the Federal Way

The Beeping

Jump Into the Waterfront, You Guys!

Why Women Belong in War Zones

Tonight: How to Construct a Vegetated Roof

Tripoli In Recent History

If You Can't Be Charged for This, then Was the "Inquest" a Joke?

Bainbridge Island Is Planning an Art Museum

Tunnel Supporters Protest Tunnel Veto

TONIGHT: Bitch with the Choir About SPD

Teachers Are Important

A Few Things I Want to Tell You About!!!

A Moment With Tracey Heggins

Movies Will Be Apps

Do You Like Questions? Do You Also Like Answers?

RE: "Want a baby on 11/11/11?"


Hey Seattle Times... I Dare You to Editorialize on Wisconsin!

Seattle Rock Orchestra Played Two Radiohead Albums at the Moore on Saturday Night

A Win for Obama's Health Care Law

4Culture: Time to Move

The Levamisole Test-Kit Recipe