Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 25 - Oct. 1, 2008

Vol. 18, No. 3

Savage Love

Boy Trouble

I, Anonymous

You Vegan Fuck



Mostly Ghostly

On Screen

Review of XXY

On Screen

Choke the Movie: Just as Bad as Choke the Book!

On Screen

Review of Humboldt County

On Screen

Review of Eagle Eye

On Screen

Review of Year of the Fish

On Screen

Review of The Lucky Ones

On Screen

Miracle at St. Anna


New Column!

Fuck Electronics, by Monotonix


The Raggedy Anns

Poster of the Week

Patrick Mahoney

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

The Score


Data Breaker

Beat-Seeking Missives

Give the Wonky Electronics Wiz Some

Tussle's Funky Krautrock, Brought to You by the Norwegian Government

Party Crasher

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

It's a Hit

Singles, Remixes & MP3s


Donte Parks Interrogates Techno Legend Carl Craig

Up & Coming

This Week's Notable Shows and Parties

Album Review

The Bug: London Zoo

Album Review

Sian Alice Group: 59.59

Album Review

Astronautalis: Pomegranate


Listen to Brendan Kiley Interview Twyla Tharp

American Dancer

Twyla Tharp: The Cranky Grande Dame of American Dance

Visual Art

In Art News

Ruffles and Rip-Offs

The New Guy

Matt Browning's Massively Promising Debut About Men and Sports

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

In Hooverville

The Happiest Hour

The Northlake Tavern

How to Eat a Bug

David George Gordon Wants You to Embrace Entomophagy


Broken Bank

Eight Writers on the Meaning of the Washington Mutual Meltdown

Shut Up... No, YOU Shut Up!

Nonpartisan Advice for the Upcoming Presidential Debates: An I Love Television™ Special Report


In the Hall

Shuffling the Deck

Auto Immune

Light rail should've made MLK walkable. Instead, It’s As Car-Oriented As Ever.

Repeat Offender

Reprimanded 11 Times, Sheriff's Officer Evades Demotion

Sound Off

Retired Newcomers Don't Like Ballard's Noisy Nightlife


Savage Love Web Extra

Readers Respond to Reconsidering In Toronto

Crossword Solution

Miriam Says Here I Am

Dear Science

Oil Is Tough to Leave

Get Your War On

Drunk of the Week

April and Katie

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

I Love Television

Got a Betamax I Can Borrow?


Leslie and the LY's


Couch Fest

'Mister Foe'

Carrie Brownstein

The Cave Singers

Alec Soth

Carl Craig

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

Crossword Puzzle

Miriam Says Here I Am (September 25)