Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 24 - Mar. 2, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 25

Savage Love

Still Spreading


I, Anonymous

Your Cone of Stink


Enlightenment Through Suffering

Eight Swans Songs That Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Queen of the Lizards

In the Valley of the 14-Year-Old Hookers

It's a Hit

Singles from Apex Manor, the Death Set, and Destroyer

Up & Coming

Lose your night every night this week!

A Dialogue Between Gucci Mane and His Crazy Triple-Scoop Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoo

New Column!

Where's My Fork?

My Philosophy

Macklemore, Neema and Twista, and Waka Flocka Flame

Data Breaker

Jimmy Edgar's XXX Jams + [a]pendics.shuffle and 2562

Chuckletown, USA

Pop. Jokes


All-Ages Shows

The Homosexual Agenda

Lisa Dank and Kevin Kauer's Dark Tour

Party Crasher

Abraham Lincoln Brings the Punch

Poster of the Week

Poster by Justin Walsh

Gladiators Eat Fire Don’t Need VHS to Scare You


I Want My Three Pennies Back

One Review and Two Short Previews

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art

In Art News


Peaceful Cannons and Free Sandwiches

In Seattle Art, Bigness Is Out and Beta Is In

Food & Drink

Pork Belly Pancakes, Duck Meatballs, and Hangover Soup

Fremont's New Grown-up Dining Hall for Korean Food


He's Wrong

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Should Not Have Let Killer Cop Ian Birk Off the Hook


Will Tim Eyman Stop at Nothing?

Red-light cameras save lives. So why is Tim Eyman trying to kill them?

Rank and Vile

The Police Union Blames Gotcha Media for Its Own PR Mess

Outing "Lurleen"

LGBT Activists Expose Fellow Gay-Rights Blogger

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Control Tower

The Sexual Revenge of the Nerds

I Love Television

The FANCY Awards

Last Days

The Week in Review


Me and Tim Together Again

Dr. Susan Enfield, Seattle's Potential Interim Superintendent, Had Once Been a French Fry

The Bumpy Ride of the 4Culture Bill

re: Truck Fire Closes Lanes on I-5 at Cherry

Spotted on Broadway

This Is What Seattle Looks Like At Dawn...

The House of Saud Falls While Iran Rises?

East Precinct Officer Steve Pomper Gets Paid $96,695.57 a Year

Apple Tits Microsoft's Tat

How to Win an Essay Contest

New Poll Shows Wisconsin Voters With Buyers' Remorse

School Refuses to Recognize LGBT Group. Sound Familiar?

Gay High School Student Bullied By Classmates—And Teacher

And the Initiatives Don't Stop

What the Wisconsin Governor Said When He Thought He Was Talking to a Koch

The Reach-Out Artist: Tonight at Cornish

Stupid Heroics or Aiding a Theft?

What an African Leader Should Look Like

Morning News

A Field of Sad Men and Angry Women

Shorter Friedman

TSA: That Cafe Doesn't Actually Exist

The Latest in Mayor McGinn's Questionable Hires?

Will the Seattle Times Post Video of Its Meeting with the Drug Czar on Friday?

Statewide Student Walkout Planned for Tomorrow

Morning News: Pained and Charmless

Panda Cam! Panda Cam! PAAANDAAA CAAAAAM!

Glenn Beckwatch: He Really Must've Liked The Perfect Storm

2012 Candidate Round-Up

Nick Licata: Move Forward on the Tunnel

All Eyes On the Seattle School Board Today ...

Something Terrible Happened Ten Years Ago Today

Pork Belly Pancakes, Duck Meatballs, and Hangover Soup...

Who Needs a Well Educated Workforce, As Long As They Don't Raise Our Taxes?

Who is Silas Potter? Or Rather, Where is Silas Potter?

SL Letter of the Day: Three-Second Rule

She Wuz Robbed

But Really, Who Didn't Rent a Brothel in the '60s?

Apparently, Wii Want a Sex Game

Gold Star for Venomlash

The Racial History of Seattle

Audit Finds Seattle Public Schools Spent $1.8M on Contract Work That Was Never Carried Out Or Didn't Benefit the District

God-Crazy Pakistan

Rarely Is the Question Asked...

Because Nothing Makes You Safer Than Keeping a Gun in Your Home

What Did One Former Seattle Police Chief Say to the Other Former Seattle Police Chief?

"Who is going to shoot President Obama?"

Of Amphitheaters and Damage

The Renting Democracy

Breaking! Jews Not Responsible for Jesus's Death, Says Pope

A Delicious Way to Wash Down Your Sausage Sandwich

If There's One Seattle Landmark I Could Vaporize Instantly...

Rick Santorum Was Right!

Next Up: GOP to Launch Probe of GOP Probe

Sublime Is Just Awful, Right?

Department of Corrections

Mayor's Staffer Leaves to Run Tunnel Referendum

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Burned by Broadstripe, Bop Street Records, and Fecal Fest Is Here

"Sound like any other species we know?"

Islamist Pizza Fuels Protests in Wisconsin!

Huckabee Bears False Witness Against Gay Families

Re: Income Inequality in the United States

Some Things, a Kindle Can't Do

Statewide Student Walkout? At UW, It Was More of a Washout

Stupid, Stupid Baby: It's Just Ripping Paper, You Stupid Baby!!

New Anti-Tunnel Campaign Will Buy Signatures to Make Ballot

President Hug-a-Bear

Slog Commenter Book Report: Enigma and Fame

A Critical Overview of This Week's Issue of The Stranger

Headline of the Day

"Guns Don't Kill People; I Kill People"

The Best Charlie Sheen Quotes!

Council Member O'Brien Proposes Legislation to Put Tunnel on Ballot

Because You Can't Spell "Morning" without Some of the Letters in "Porn"

We Now Return to the Gaddafi Show

Teats, Thrills, and a LaRouchie

Who Said It: Sheen or Gaddafi?

City-Sponsored Homeless Camp Slated to Open in September

"It's Been a Big, Brave Year for Us as Actors."

Have a Happy Weekend!

A Fag Hag Demands Payback

Man, I Love Pete Holmes.

Pope Sued

A Good Idea at the Time: Maple Whiskey Bacon Cupcakes

A Bill of Rights for E-Book Users

Free Pancakes, Dubious Dining Deals, and More

The Men Who Got Away: Rob Devor and Patrick Warburton

Farewell to Fremont Place Book Company

Pissing Match

The Crimes of Critics

Re: The Best Charlie Sheen Quotes!

Just Bought a Verizon iPhone?

The Seattle Public Schools: Where Superintendents Go to Die?

Campaign Will Run Referendum on Deep-Bore Tunnel

A New Ke$ha Video Pukes on My Brain

DESC Needs Your Love Tonight

Paul Constant Reviews the Crafty Lizard Wearing Ke$ha's Skin

Frommer's Declares Ivar's at Sea-Tac...

Anybody Wanna Watch Mike Huckabee Blow a Three-Day Load All Over His Wife's Face?

Now Is the Time to Celebrate Nancy Pearl

Today's Dinosaur News: Douchebags with Dino-Skulls

Today in God Damn Batman's Twitter Account

The City Has Just Activated Its "Emergency Operations Center"

God on Madison

Fear Can Be a Useful Thing

Truck Fire Closes Lanes on I-5 at Cherry

The Most-Pirated E-Book List Is Awful

Dear Dean Jordan

Morning News: Wisconsin Dems Ready to Vote, Julian Assange Ordered to Sweden, Mayor McGinn's Bike Stolen

Now Closed: Del Rey, Roy's BBQ, Noodle Ranch, and Lots More

The Morning News: Stuff That Happened Recently, in One Handy Post

Could There Be a Less Surprising Headline...

If You Can't Promote Your Agenda on Its Merits, Exploit Tragedy

Alan Keyes Equates Gay Marriage To Slavery. Really.

Week in Review

Do You Need Some Bras or a Paperback Copy of John Stanford's Eyes of Prey?

Spidermann Isn't the Only Piece of Seattle Going to New York This March

Santorum, the Man and the Meme

Two and a Half Douches

Um. Wrong Address?

Morning News

Marxism and Human Milk

In Which Goldy Actually Pays for WiFi

Lunchtime Quickie: Little Boy Burlesque

"Question about Capitol Hill 'Gay Mafia'"

HarperCollins Is the Worst Publisher in the World

The Great Republican Obesity Debate

My Cap Hill Brunch Recommendation

The Latest Revolt: Iraq

Income Inequality in the United States

School Board President Calls Alleged Financial Fraud "Outrageous," Pledges to Change Policies and People if Necessary to Ensure it Doesn't Happen Again

Seattle Ethics and Elections Can't Quite Wrap Its Mind Around Virtual World

Art Fuels Design: Eric Fischer's Maps of Cities According to Tourism and Race

Many Horrible Things Have Happened Since the Nisqually Earthquake

Lunchtime Quickie: Wells Fargo "Sucks"?

For Those of You Wondering about the Status of the 4Culture Bill Down in Olympia

Leonard Maltin and Mike Tyson on the Oscars!

Your Next Great Book

The Return of Something that Was Completely Forgotten

Council Chambers Packed for Veto Override

You Can't Fight City Hall. (Unless, of Course, You Are City Hall)

Washington's Tanning Salons, Soon to Be NR-17?

Our Socialist Eyes

It's a Shame That No One on Amtrak Will Be Able to Read This Post

Why Westerners Are So Full of Shit

Sheen Family Circus

Dorley Rainey

For Your Stomach's Consideration

The Morning News

New Maru Video!

Life Goes by So Fast... Oh, and by the Way, YOU'RE DEAD!!

Now We Just Have to Find That Goddamned Whale

HarperCollins Tries to Defend Their Stupid, Stupid Policy of Destroying Library Books

Queen of the Self-Published

New York Times Finally Catches Up with Slog

Innovative Fiction and the Man Who Illustrated Harry Potter

Dino Rossi's New Career

Seattle Isn't Growing as Fast as Its Suburbs

That Fucking Opening Song for Weeds and Yogis Are Trying to Kill Off the Beatles!!!

Tom Rasmussen Is Not Campaigning for Reelection

SL Letter of the Day: Lie-Curious

Killing Zombies with Hugo Mishkin and Camille "Sauce" Valentine

Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse (But It Can Be Pretty Damn Good Politics)

Hippie Has Sex in a Cave: The Movie!

The Republican Primaries Are Already Messed Up

Scum and Scummer

Tonight's Nightmare Today

If We Legalize Same-Sex Marriage We Will Go Extinct!

Good Ol' Charlie Sheen

Boeing Gets Its Tanker Contract

State Auditor's Office Releases Names of Vendors Who Received School District Money Currently Under Investigation

No, Celine Dion

The Best Thing I Read this Weekend

Sullivan Jumps to the Daily Beast

"Mary and Marilyn aspire to be the next Lucy and Ethel."

SPU Reverses Itself, Will Now Recognize LGBT Student Group

The Morning After

For Your Consideration

The Smoking Popes Have Lost Their Goddamn Minds

If Henny Youngman Were Reporting From Wisconsin...

Lunchtime Quickie: Move Over Charlie Sheen, It's John Galliano's Turn...

Winged Pigs Are Bobsledding in Hell

Montaigne and the Ice Child

Lunch Date: Everyone Loves You When You're Dead

SPU Faculty Call for a "Rich and Gracious Dialogue" on Sexuality

Today in Oh, That's Rich

A Fat, Fat First Thursday

If a Certain Relatively Set Percentage of Infants Grew Up To Be Black...

Washington Rallies in Support of Wisconsin Workers

School Board Investigation Says "Hush Money" Was Not Paid to African American Community to Appease Them

Lunchtime Quickie: Make Sure You Wear a Clean Thong When You Go Out For Pancakes

Hot Tigers, Hot Curry, Hot Damn!

Still On the Fence About a Woman's Right to Choose?

School Board Makes No Decision Regarding Superintendent At Tonight's Meeting; Will Vote On Whether to Terminate Her Tomorrow

Glenn Beckwatch: Stepping Back

Qaddafi, Remixed

What He Said

Domestic Partnerships Are Not Enough

New iPad Next Week

Today's Dinosaur News: Terrifying Prehistoric Plant-Creatures!

"It's like his soul had been scooped out of his head and taken away."

The City of Pot Smoke

HarperCollins Will Destroy Library Editions of E-books After 26 Checkouts

Wrong Answer... But I Like the Way You Think!

Outraged Child Killers to Protest Against Bill Gates For Calling Them "Child Killers"

Re: Nick Licata: Move Forward on the Tunnel

The Morning News: All the News that's Fit to the Internet

Say Hello to Justin Bieber's Little Friend

Academy Awards Time

Waiting For My Ship to Come In

Lobbyists Will Have No Place in the Obama White House?

Local Restaurant Bans TSA Agents - UPDATE

Supreme Court Upholds Right to Hate Fags at Military Funerals

Bloomberg Out

Today in PR That Makes No Sense

Council Makes 11 Pointed Recommendations for Police

Murray, Speaking to a Seattle Gay Business Group, Says It's Time to End DOMA (Which, By the Way, She Helped Begin)

Meet Peter the Mechanic

They Said She Was Part of "Gay Inc."

What Happens When You're Seattle: Galleries Move to LA

Congratulations, Cash Clowns!

Critical Mass Riders Mowed Down by Automobile

AA Meeting: The Stranger's Official Oscars' Open Thread*

Dinosaurs and Other World-Conquering Creatures

A Game For Your Post-Lunch Coma

Update on the TSA-Banning Restaurant That May or May Not Be, but Probably Is, Imaginary

Poll: Seattle Disapproves of Police Conduct

Gawker Declines Story Accusing a Gawker Writer of Being an Informant for the Church of Scientology

Think of the Children!

Sound Check: Trent Moorman Gets Crazy With Gout and the Giant Ice-Cream-Cone-With-Lightning-Bolts-Coming-Out-of-it Tattoo on Gucci Mane's Face

Please Pick Up the Phone and Call Frank Chopp: (360) 786-7920

Today's Dinosaur News

Today's Dinosaur News

No Canadian Fox News Network

People Falling Down: February 2011 Edition

The Academy Award People Did the Right Thing

Baby Ocelots!

Murray Silent (So Far) On DOMA

Finally! A Beautiful Chest with Zero Distance!!

Don't Forget, Tomorrow Night Is the Reading Party! With Special Guests Rebecca Brown and Heather McHugh!

Frank Rich Leaving NYT

Caperin': Derek Gets Thrown Out of Smarty Pants

How Is Vietnam Like Your Mom?

Jon Stewart Personally Injures Camel

Yet Another Example of Violent Left-Wing Rhetoric

Can a Seattle Cop Afford to Live in Seattle on a Seattle Cop's Salary?

Beebs & Gomez Kiss; Die in a Hole

Superman Is Not a Union-Buster

Three Cheers for William Fichtner!

School Board Will Consider All Options, Including "Firing Top to Bottom," to Restore Public Confidence

Chimerica in Chinatown

Three Famous Men and a Poet

My Little Nerd College Made the Sports Pages!!!

Republican Senator Taunts Wisconsin Protesters for Lacking "the Guts" to Beat the Crap out of Him

Lunchtime Quickie: Ever Wonder What Falling Down the Side of a Mountain Looks Like?

I Just Called Silas Potter in Tampa, Fla. ...

Ronald Reagan Defends Wisconsin Workers From Beyond the Grave

From Cheese-Heads to Koch-Heads

A Joke from the Egyptian Uprising

Overheard in the Office...

iPad 2

Name This Band: Special Airborne Pollutant Edition!

Mu'ammar Qaddafi: Get Out While the Getting Is Good

Goldy's Post-Oscars Coverage

I Want Charlie in Charge of Me

Windows Phone 7 is Actually Pretty Awesome

Today in the Middle East

What He Said

Republicans Partying Like It's 1899

Dramatists Guild to Enforce New Fines on Playwrights

One Day Later, Republican Congressman Finally Condemns Obama Assassination Joke

And This Is Why You Should've Paid Attention in High School French

I'm Still On Vacation But I Just Gotta...


Savage Love Episode 228


T. C. Boyle

Call in Sick

The Benbow Room

Cris Bruch

'King Lear'

The Reading Party

'The Brothers Size'

Carl Craig, Jon McMillion

The Lights