Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 2 - 8, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 26

Savage Love

All About the Benjamins

New Column!

#1 You! by Constance McCue


They Shoot Lady Leaders-of-Muslim-Countries, Don't They?

A Slick, Energetic Documentary About Benazir Bhutto

Rango: The Best Movie About a Sheriff-Lizard with No Genitals You’ll See All Year


"It's Been a Big, Brave Year for Us as Actors"

Carbon Nation: Even Greed Can’t Save Us

I, Anonymous


On Beats and Sensitivity

10.4 Rog and The Good Sin's Late Identifies with the Listener

PJ Harvey Reinvents Herself Again

The King of Limbs: Periphery to the Epic

Up & Coming

Lose your week every night this week!

Sound Check

T. J. Cowgill takes Questions for Christians

Data Breaker

The Knowgooders, OC Notes, Lords of Acid, and Three Years of Dug

Chuckletown, USA

The Homosexual Agenda

Lick! and RuPaul's Drag Race

My Philosophy

Malice & Mario Sweet, Vitamin D, and Hi-Life Soundsystem


All-Ages Shows

Poster of the Week

Poster by David Gallo

Cult of Youth Sneak You out the Window

Earth's Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

K-Holes' Self-Titled Record Is All Sax and Chaos

Party Crasher

A Fucking Bacchanalia, with Star Wars and Dominatrices

Chikita Violenta's TRE3S Is Almost as Good as You Forgot It in People

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 2


"That's Fucked"

Pulitzer Winner Next to Normal Comes to Seattle


Building a World

Mike Mignola on Fairy Tales, the Paranormal, and Ignoring Buses and Shopping Malls

Food & Drink

Happiest Hour

Bad Albert's Tap & Grill

Cookie Bread and Tons of Butter

European Forms, Japanese Flavors, and Star-Quality Baked Goods at Fuji in the ID


Could Washington Be the Next Wisconsin?

A Sneak Peek into the Anti-Labor Administration of Governor Rob McKenna


Federally Offensive

White House Tries to Bully the Seattle Times for Publishing Pro-Pot Editorials

Behind the Boobs

The Owner of Jiggles Strip Club Is Overturning Prudish City Rules One Lawsuit at a Time—While Making a Tidy Profit


Dear Science


Michael Showalter

Emerald City Comicon

Quail Eggs

The New Mastersounds



Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

Drunk of the Week

I Heart Poetry

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Ten MORE Reasons to Dislike Miley Cyrus


Savage Love Episode 229

Last Days

The Week in Review


Today in Fashion, Faux-Fashion, and Nerd-Faux-Faux-Fashion

Re: Jews Not Christ-Killers

Tonight: Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke Bribes the Audience

Mike Huckabee Goes After... Natalie Portman?

Because the Week Is Almost Over and Sometimes You Just Want to Watch a Drunk, Naked Idiot Fall Over

Boeing's Secret Weapon in Tanker Competition? Organized Labor

What's for Breakfast?

Today in Poorly Targeted PR Efforts

They Say It's Not the Dog, It's the Owner

Re: Re: iPad 2

Bobby Jindal Cares About Louisiana's Children

Wisconsin Senate Republicans Authorize Use of Force Against Missing Dems

Go Read Ask an Abortion Provider—Now.

Somewhere Kathy Griffin Is Masturbating Furiously to This Clip

Glenn Beckwatch: Plagiarizing the King of the Truthers

Sen. Tom: Not Stealing $500K from Toxics Account Would Be Like Stealing $500K from K-12 Education

Hear a New Single From Beth Ditto and Simian Mobile Disco

"Alarming" Free Speech Violation in Attempt to Ban Pot Ads, Says UW Professor

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

Dog Train!

Re: Gary Locke Is the New U.S. Ambassador to China

Wisconsin Farmers to Bring "Tractorcade" to Capitol in Solidarity with State Workers

The Removal of Mubarak Did Not Solve All of Egypt's Problems

Re: iPad 2

Every Time a Story Like This Gets Published An Angel Gets Online and Downloads a Barely Legal Anal Gangbangers 3

Our State Song, by Sir Mix-A-Lot?

Arizona State Legislature Provides Comfort and Aid to Future Jared Lee Loughners

Morning News

Monogamy Rocks!

The Moment of the Rebel

Amazon to Give Kindles Away for Free?

Thousands of Characters, Only Four Cars

Time Is Running Out to Cast Your Ballot in America's Stupidest (but Still Important) Election

Wisconsin Bloggers Have All the Fun

"Will Seattle voters be on the hook for [tunnel] cost overruns?"

Who In Seattle Thinks the Sale and Trafficking of Marijuana Should Remain in the Hands of an Illegal Market?

One Angry Mother

Silas Potter Says He's a Scapegoat in Schools Scandal, But is OK With Serving Time

We Live in a Universe that Contains an Opera About Anna Nicole Smith

Seattle: One Taco Closer to Becoming a Real City

Jobs Numbers Up, Prospects for American Workers Still Down

Japanese Kittens in Bowls

Lunchtime Quickie: Today in "Mom, Quit Making Me Do These Jesus Videos"

Evan Emory Is Not a Child Pornographer

Watch Our Senators Verbally Beat Down Those Who Think Pap Smears Cause Joblessness

SL Letter of the Day: Everything But

The News Has Reached Charleston, S.C.

What the State Senators Said When They Talked About Banning Medical Pot Advertising

Walker's Budget Would Repeal Wisconsin Law Requiring Insurers to Cover Birth Control

Born This Way Blog

Why Seattle Should Pass on White Center

The Morning News

Iran Secretly Holding Ex-FBI Agent?

Wisconsin "Use of Force" in Action

Morning News

The Last Time I Saw My Grandmother

It Gets Better: Jennifer Finney Boylan

UW Basketball Player Charged with Buying Alcohol for Minors

Tim Burgess Comes Out to Legalize Pot

"I want you to free me, America. I want you to love me."

Destroy Sam Arora

Have You Read Trent Moorman's Interview with T.J. Cowgill Using Questions the Stryper Wouldn't Answer?

The Human Earthquake?

Curious If You're Fertile, Guys?

Kids Read the Darndest Things

An Anonymous Resident Goes to Bat for SPD

Kirby Wilbur Goes Fishin'

Seattle Times Live Pot Chat

A Message From the Past

Colonel Qaddafi, A Life in Fashion

Internet Comments Minus Anonymity Aren't Very Interesting

A Theory About the Disparity Between the US Response to the Iranian Uprising(s) and the US Response the Libyan Uprising

Notes from the Prayer Warrior

People Are Getting Robbed Like Mad Downtown

Betrayal in Maryland: Sam Arora

3D Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to Be Released Next Year

Drug Czar Kerlikowske on Marijuana Legalization (He's Opposed) and His Meeting With the Seattle Times (It's Happening Today)

More on That Proposed Ban on Medical Pot Advertising, and Why It's Probably Unconstitutional

Disgraced Republican A Go-Go

Hey Drunky: Need Some Help Making Your Own Beer and Wine?

Love for Smarty Seattle

East Precinct Crime Rate: Lower Than Last Year!

Meet Dr. Susan Enfield, Seattle's Interim Superintendent

Newt Gingrich Tentatively Announces He Might Possibly Be Thinking About Running for President One Day. Maybe.

Lying Sack of Judas Shit Assumes a Convoluted New Position

No Signature Fraud in Washington? It's Hard to Find What You Don't Look For

Have You Seen Marizela Perez?

Seattle Schools Picks Interim Chief Financial Officer

Lunchtime Quickie: A Slow Loris With Tiny Umbrella?

Have You Ever Inspired This Kind of Vitriol, Brendan?

The Bob Behind the Boobs

The Bible is Bootylicious

Eagles Falling From Sky

My Week in Pictures

The Morning News

Free Books Promote Bookselling

Flickr Photo of the Day

RE: Hollywood Really Wants to Figure Out How That Goose Is Laying Those Eggs

Today in Parts of News Stories That Deserve to Be Made into Short Films

A Message From the Future

Attention Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race


Pregnancy Center Bill Dies in House

That's My Grandma!

Five Times Faster, Five Times Most Furiouser!

Bunnies in a Blender. And Babies

Is There a Media Double Standard on Roads vs. Transit ROI?

A Perfectly Good Explanation for This?

We All Live in Mike Huckabee's Media Laboratory

Today's Republican Party Is All About Jobs

Robots Are Creeping Me Out

In Defense of J. Michael Bailey, Academic Freedom, and Live Sex Demonstrations

New South Park Bridge: Cheaper than Expected

The Gay-Hating Capitol Hill Condo Owner Responds...

Super Trailer: "SHUT UP, CRIME!"

"The Other White Meat" No More

Good News for Everyone Except Battered Women

Maria Goodloe-Johnson Says She's Sorry

Governor Rob McKenna?

A Ban on Advertising Pot in Newspapers and Magazines?

Comic Book Memoirs About Kissing Boys and Shaving Legs

Delights for Nerds of All Types

The Drug Czar Comes to Town and... Nothing Much Happens

Today: Funding for Inventing Human Gills, Teleportation, Etc.

The Big Brain Drain

I Am What A Feminist Looks Like

Tickle Your Pickle!

Gawker Traffic Way Down Since the Redesign

Dominic and Ryan, Sitting in a Tree...

SLLOTD: The Third Way

Michael Showalter Wants to Be the Neil Young of Dave Eggerses

The Morning News

Get Your Oatmeal Signed at University Book Store Tonight

Headline of the Morning

Here Is a Thing That Exists: People Are Scared and Scary Edition

Reading Is Fundamental Dead Due to Budget Cuts

A Few Brief Notes on Costumes and Nerd-Ladies

The Adjustment Bureau: King of the Island of Misfit Movies

The Morning News

SLLOTD: Not My Best Work

The Hunger Games Movie Gets Off on the Wrong, Underfed Foot

Is Amazon's Sales-Tax-Free Status in Peril?

Mike Nipper Thinks Dolly Parton Looks Like Milton Berle!

See Ya Later, Clown Town

Question of the Day

Magic Underpants, Inc.

How Much Should You Tip for Drip?

Packed Room Waits For School Board's Decision On Superintendent

HarperCollins Continues to Be Stupid: Librarians Strike Back

The Morning News

The First Day of Emerald City Comicon Is Almost Over

Tonight: Collide-O-Scope at Central Cinema

Good To Know

Too Bad that Aggressive Panhandling Bill Failed Last Year

Re: Re: Re: iPad 2

This Week in Pastors Getting Sexy

Goodnight Dune

He Will Love You Violently

Meanwhile in Mississippi

Remember This Post in 25 Years, When We're All Speaking Hong Konganese

Medical Marijuana Activists May Try to Kill Their Own Bill

So Much for the Will of the Voters

Sundquist Tells Times Editorial Board that School Board is Considering Firing Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson

Weather Report

Lunchtime Quickie: Question: What Do Snakes Think of Breast Implants?

Hillary Clinton Loves Al Jazeera

You Are Going to Be Glad You Watched This

The Cream of the Republican Crop Will Kick Off the Campaign Tonight

It's Happy Hour Right Now!

City Hall Stinks of Weed, Again

Cienna Madrid on Dead Cats and ABBA!

A New Generation of Vertigo Comics

Justin Bieber to World: I'm 17, So Now I Can Do This

"Jee-SUS! Jee-SUS! Jee-SUS! Jee-SUS!"

It Is Time for Liberals to Arm

It Gets Better: Michael Cunningham

Before the Social Network

The First Battle of the Long War for the Republican Candidacy Is Over...

East Coast Elites and Conservative Bloggers Mock a Distinctly American Art Form

In Case You Missed the Academy Awards on Sunday

Gaddafi's Female Bodyguards


A Conglomeration of Comic Book Reviews

Mayor's Homeless Camp: Set Up for Failure?

SLLOTD: Anger Mismanagement Issues

Spoiler Alert: Andy Rooney Doesn't Like E-Books

Lowe for Carlos Estevez

New Stephen King Book This November

I Just Spent a Week In Canada...

About that Ban on Advertising Pot in Newspapers and Magazines

Oh la Vache! Airbus Won't Appeal Boeing Tanker Contract

One Observation on this Year's Emerald City Comicon

Breaking: Tunnel Opponents Exposed as Opponents of Tunnel

GOP Strategy: If You Can't Woo Young Voters, Disenfranchise Them

Because the Private Sector Always Operates More Efficiently Than Government

Man's Best Friend

Council Member Sally Clark Gets an Election Challenge—Sort Of

Gary Locke Is the New U.S. Ambassador to China

"Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!"

Who Raised These Guinea Pigs?

Hi, Pai's

Star College Athlete Admits Having Premarital Sex...

School Board Doesn't Want City Providing Financial Management

Some Things

Too Big to Fail

Memories of Emerald City Comicon

Prey Love Humans

Hollywood Really Wants to Figure Out How That Goose Is Laying Those Eggs

Traffic Report

Was It Something We Said?

Every Elected Official at City Hall Wants Pot Legalized

Now You Know the Tiger Has Got It Like That

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Confidential to Jon Stewart

Lunchtime Quickie: Ole Charlie Is Still Bi-Winning the Internet Meme Game

No Bonuses for BP Vampires

Defend Planned Parenthood, Defend Choice, Defend Women

My goodness.

Light Rail / Dark Rail

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Bike Wars, Aurora Commons, and Wallingford Turtle Envy

"One of the Most Important Ethicists in America"

A Firing Offense: NPR Fundraising Exec Says Tea Party is 'Scary' and 'Racist'

It's Amazing...

Celebrity Hair on the Cheap

Cupcake Rage

Memoirs of a Creepy Middle-Aged Man

Even Fox Thinks Beck Is Nuts

Urban League Defends Alleged Involvement in School District Scandal, Says "It Did Nothing Wrong"

School Board Terminates Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson From School District, Appoints Susan Enfield As Interim Superintendent

SLLOTD: Here's to You Some Advice for You, Mrs. Robinson

Week in Review

The 4Culture Bill Passed the House

Joseph Bernstein Does Not Own a Fucksaw

So Compassionate, You Could Throw Up

How to Scrub the Internet of at Least One Spoiled Wife-Beater

McGinn: City Offers to "Partner" with Beleaguered School District

Ideology Today: Superintendentgate

Seattle, Meet Your 2011 Sound Off! Finalists

Joni Balter, You Won't Get an Apology from Me

Protect Seattle Now

Hope For America

That's My Grandpa!

Is Utah Going Back to the Gold Standard?

White House Requests Meeting with Seattle Times to Bully Against Pro-Pot Editorials

The Seattle School District: "A Hotbed of Scandal and Political Intrigue"

For Lovers of the 1980s

The City Knows Not Its Light Rail

TGIF! Thanks For the Weed and the Cheeseburger

"We Are Going to Block Streets"

Two Things That Are Happening!

Good Sportsmanship

Seattle Channel Does Our Very Own Jen Graves

Saif Gaddafi Is A Painter

Seattle Times Editorial Board Will Livestream Interview With School Officials

Lunchtime Quickie: Tacoma 6th Grade Fight Club!

Random Brooklyn Graffiti

Warner Bros. Fires Charlie Sheen From Two and a Half Men

Rick Santorum on Being Reaganesque

Have You Read Charles Mudede's Article on 10.4 Rog and The Good Sin?