Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 12 - 18, 2001

Vol. 10, No. 30

Savage Love

Lately Lesbian, Part II

New Column!


The Dumb Sisterhood

Hollywood's Single Girls and the Jerks Who Wreck Them

Short Ends

Letter from England

Intenso Imaginerià

A New Breakthrough Thriller from Mexico

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A Time to Grieve

With Canyon, Brandon Butler Leaves a Boy's Life Behind

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No Tears

The Proud Return of the Psychedelic Furs

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The Works of Beckett, Shakespeare, and Miskowski

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Brand on the Run

Josie and the Pussycats' Gleeful, Awful Sellout

Cliques & DingDongs

Back to the Future with the "S.M.S Project"

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Food & Drink

The Viking Tavern

Down-Home Ballard


Three Hours North

The Literary Life in Vancouver, BC

Radio Ga-Ga

With Paul Allen's Money at Its Disposal, Does KCMU—Wait a Minute—KEXP Really Need Any More of Your Money?

White Fright

P-I Ducks Race Issue Again

Care-Free Prisoners

Medical Lawsuits Against Department of Corrections Add Up

The Compton Retreat

Jim Compton Reneges on Light-Rail Campaign Promise

City Coughs up Money

The Monorail's Big Payday

WTOhh, Canada

Seattle Activists Head North to Protest FTAA

Police Beat

Crimes from Around the World

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I Love Television

Of Donkeys and Sitcoms

It's My Party

The Dumb and the Restless

Rick Levin Courtside


I Found It!

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the curley burley

Book Supplement: Three Hours North

Through the Glass

Vancouver, BC, Gets its Due in a New Book by Douglas Coupland

Suicide in the West End

Flat's Subtle Architecture

Orpheus in Vancouver

Or: The Radio That Told Me About the Death of Jack Spicer

Convergence Zone

What Dopey and the Monkey King Did in Vancouver

Bordering on the Dream World

North of Vancouver, You Can Find Eden

Tour of Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver, BC

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The Fountains of Vancouver, BC