Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 9 - 15, 2011

Vol. 20, No. 27

Savage Love

Total Recall


Battle: Los Angeles: Claptrap from Space

Vanishing on 7th Street: This Film Makes No Fucking Sense

This Spring We Suggest

You’ll Be Dreadfully Sorry if You Miss These Upcoming Films

The Last Lions: Single Mother Lionesses Struggling for Survival in Africa

Welcome Back, Jar Jar!

Mars Needs Moms: Blame Robert Zemeckis


Red Riding Hood: Get in the Elephant, Clod

The Feminine Wiles of Catherine Deneuve: SIFF's Disappointing Series

Precious Life Is the Best Thing in the Seattle Jewish Film Festival

Cold Weather: Double Meh

Elektra Luxx: One of the Worst Movies Lindy West Has Ever Seen

Beastly, Indeed

A Cautionary Tale About Terrible Tween Movies

I, Anonymous

Coke Adds Suck


Bring a Codpiece

Travis Morrison of the Reunited Dismemberment Plan Talks About Playing Seattle and Punching People in the Groin

Up & Coming

Lose your will to carry on every night this week!

Sound Check

PS I Love You: The Muff Factory

Overwhelming Is Their Default Mode: This Is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Music's Not for Everyone: Ian Svenonius Doesn't Give a Shit Anymore

Data Breaker

Noise for the Needy Goes Shinjuku, Big Bully Beats You Up

It's a Hit

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Shows You Gotta Go to (and Bands You Gotta Start)

Kurt Vile's Smoke Ring for My Halo: No Jamming

The Lonely Forest (Almost) Hit the Mark with Arrows

My Philosophy

Poster of the Week


All-Ages Shows

The Homosexual Agenda

Brown Derby's The Shining, SAM Remix, and Trouble

With Beyond the 4th Door, Eternal Tapestry Follow Hirsute Hallucinogentlemen Before Them


Slow News Day

Hardball Drags Ass

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Theater You Cannot Miss or You’ll Wish You Were Dead

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 9

Visual Art

Dislocated Screws

Claire Cowie at James Harris

Glamorous Edges

Mitzi Pederson at Open Satellite

Unspeakable Leaking

Humaira Abid at Artxchange

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Visual Art You Must See or Your Eyes Will Be So Mad at You


Short Cuts

Amazon's Kindle Singles Program Continues the Magazining of the iPhone

This Spring We Suggest

Upcoming Book-Related Events You’d Be a Fool to Miss

Food & Drink

Silky and Spicy

Peter, Patrick, and the Malaysian Food of Satay

Chow Bio

Donna Moodie of Marjorie

Happiest Hour



This Spring We Suggest

The Stranger's Only-the-Best Guide to Your Near Future in Music and the Arts

F Is the New H

People in Seattle who would never touch heroin are trying fentanyl. What they don’t know is that it’s basically the same thing, only stronger.

Washington State's 911 Good Samaritan Law


The Mayor Gets Schooled

School Board Says It Won't Hand Over Finances to City

Tunnel Supporters Get Desperate

Referendum to Put Tunnel on Ballot Raises Big Bucks

Hungry for Change

We'll Soon Get the Street Food We Deserve

Dope Deal

Seattle Senator Compromises Pot Bill to Appease Conservatives

Fully Baked

Every Elected City Official Now Wants to Legalize Pot

Public Editor

Drunk of the Week

Information Wanted

Control Tower

Erotica Classics Get a New Kink


I Love Television

The Charlie Sheen Network

Last Days

The Week in Review


Tonight: A Talk About Acids Baths and Empowering Women

Art News Update

After DNA

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX): Without Tax Subsidies, Exxon-Mobil Would Go "Out of Business"

Blind Man's Guide Dog Goes Blind, Gets Own Guide Dog!

Gingrich: "I Only Regret That I Have but Three Wives to Lose for My Country"

Furthering the Lie that Abortion Leads to Breast Cancer

Lying Republicans

Tsunami Watch Issued for Washington and Oregon Coasts

Run, Michele, Run!

E-Book News: Fear the Tablet Bubble, and Love the New Logo

One World Is Enough

Lunchtime Quickie: Boobs on FOX News

Are You Missing Your Specimen Bag With Biohazard Warning?

Brendan Kiley on the New Popularity of Recreational Fentanyl—AKA "F" or "Shug"

7.9 8.8 Earthquake Hits Japan

That Giant Sucking Sound...?

Quit Braggin'

In the Twilight of Neoliberalism

"Long-Haired Goof Fuckers"

Who Is the Heart and Who Is the Soul...

Senate Rejects Bill That Would Defund Planned Parenthood

Have You Seen This Mugshot?

Nothing Happened. . . Yet

Horror in Arkansas

No-Fly Zone or No No-Fly Zone?

Pope Ratzi Embraces E-Books

How the World Will End

McGinn Gets Schooled

Wisconsin GOP Using Parliamentary Procedure to Push Through Anti-Union Bill

Campaign Rumors Suggest Palin Might Possibly Be Out of Touch

Forecast: Rain

Another Proposal for Saving Metro

The Seattle City Council Thinks We’re Moving TOO FAST on Transit

The Scariest Thing I've Seen in Art in a While

Last Night I Spent Some Time in the Interior Illusions Lounge...

The Morning News


Sarah Palin HBO Movie

Oh, the Irony

This Explains So Much

Today in New Offerings/Worthy-Welcome Additions to Various Scenes

Susan Enfield's First Week in the School District ...

RE: Wisconsin

I Need to Buy Dave Segal a Pager

The Return of Idoru

Saturday: Let Your Representives Know What Seattle Stands For

SLLOTD: The Birthday Party

Zach Galifianakis SNL Promos are Better than SNL

Today in Great Ideas

Superheroes, The Post-Apocalyptic Northwest, and Adam Carolla

More Trouble with Glenn Beck's Favorite Musical

The Morning News


Tsunami in Japan: Cars Floating Like Empty Bottles

Editorial Priorities

How to Split the Check

Week in Review

This Week on RuPaul's Drag Race...

Tomorrow in Washington D.C.

Rally in Westlake to Show Solidarity with Wisconsin

What He Said

"I Think I Just Smurfed in My Mouth"

Today in Car Thefts, Celebrity Chefs, and Crimes of Rhyme

You Know What Country Has a Ban on Plastic Shopping Bags?

Eva Braun in Blackface

Everyone's a Critic... Even the Alleged Spokane Bomber!

SLLOTD: Baby Daddy Drama

City Attorney Smacks Down Council for Stonewalling Homeless Camp

More on the Arrest of the Spokane Backpack Bomb Suspect

It Gets Better: David Sedaris

About Last Weekend's Pepper Spray Spree...

Today in Fruit

Tipping the Maid

Joke's On You If You're One of Those People

Attention, Cats!

Seattle Shakespeare Company Loses Its Managing and Artistic Directors

Nothing Happened!

Wait, There Are Even More "Not Average Grassroots Citizens" Against the Tunnel?

Tonight is Capitol Hill's Art Walk: Be A Red-Light District John (or a Jane)

Urinal of the Day: Washington, D.C.

Today in Sexy & Bald & Jewish Lawyers

Kevin Wallace: Routing Light Rail the Bellevue Way

Overheard in the Office

Way to Go, Stephen King

Tomorrow's a Big Day for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

"We're All Dead": An American Teen Narrates the Aftermath in Japan

FBI Arrests Suspect in Spokane MLK Day Bombing Attempt

The Art Walk Show I Missed and Want to Get to Stat

How Not to Report on the Alleged Gang Rape of a Child

Nuclear Emergency in Japan

Currently Hanging: Mitzi Pederson's the still night air

I Know This Is Wonky, But It's Vital

And I'm as Bad as Hitler

Two of My Favorite Things, Together at Last

Gossip About the Recent Departure of the Artistic and Managing Directors of Seattle Shakespeare

Mayor McGinn Insists on Fixing Public Schools (Whether They Like It or Not), Gives Money to Tunnel Referendum

Currently Hanging: Humaira Abid's Red

Lunchtime Quickie: Tacoma Man Saves Dog With CPR

Brief Chat With a Friend in Nagoya, Japan

The Truth About the War in Wisconsin

A Very Good Reason Not to Enroll at the University of Lincoln

A Class That Teaches Old Teabaggers How to Troll Amazon

Meet a Genius, Draw a Poorly Designed Cat

How the Man in That Empty Capitol Hill Lot Died

Online Coffee Company, 1999-2011

New and Really Good

Today is Another Day of Rage

Happy Hour RIGHT NOW: Licorous on Capitol Hill

Judge Grants City's Request to Shut Down Jiggles

This Is A Very Understandable Misunderstanding That We Will Clear Up Right Now: Nick Cave Is Not Nick Cave

You Are Expected to Use Your Phone During the Movie

The Koch Brothers Exposed

Traffic Report

Re: Ponies! (Okay, fine... Mini Horses!)

Dept of Corrections

Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama

The Official 2011 Stranger Juggalo Poetry Writing Contest...

You Can't Pray Away the Gay...

New Important Leaders in Art, Waiting to Be Appointed

Sometimes the Entire Meaning of Something Is on the Surface

You May Need to Decide Whether to Watch This Movie This Weekend: Cold Weather

The Invasions Begin: Nick Cave Interviewed, and on the Streets of Seattle

Re: FBI Arrests Suspect in Spokane MLK Day Bombing Attempt

The Gallery Interior as a Tragic Site, by Robert Smithson

Short on China

Gallagher Collapses on Stage in Minnesota

Chimerica Today

Wonder What Mardi Gras in Pioneer Square Looked Like Last Night?

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

Council Shelves SODO Homeless Camp Until Summer or Later

Ponies! (Okay, fine... Mini Horses!)

Lindy West Is Full of Lies! The Prophet Says So!

Currently Hanging: Claire Cowie's Dead Reckoning

Madison Firefighters Union President Calls for General Strike

God Shields Washington from Tsunami's Worst

Most of Seattle's Legislative Delegation Thinks Pot Should Be Taken Out of the Hands of an Illegal Market

There Are Two Very Special Birthdays Happening Today!!!

Someone Is Sleeping Under the Desk

Re: Everyone's a Critic... Even the Alleged Spokane Bomber!

Giffords Gets Her Skull Back

"Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, in the Most Critically Acclaimed Role of His Career...."

It Gets Better: Meshell Ndegeocello

RE: Someone Is Sleeping...

The Shakes


What Nick Cave Wants

Savage Love Episode 230




Iris DeMent

James Gleick

SAM Remix


Jiggles Gentlemen's Club

'The Human Resources Manager'