Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5, 2008

Vol. 18, No. 8

Savage Love


I, Anonymous


On Screen

Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Kevin Smith Knows Nothing About Relationships


H-ween Edition

On Screen

RocknRolla: Is Guy Ritchie the Worst Director Ever?

On Screen

Fear(s) of the Dark: Sex and Infestation

On Screen

The Pool: A Tale of Aquatic Longing



Parts & Labor's Overhauled Sound

Poster of the Week

Thrill Jockeys

The Frightening Anatomy of Partman Parthorse

Data Breaker

Beat-Seeking Missives

New Column!

Kooky Kouples? OK!

The Score

Rachmaninoff's Last Flicker

Party Crasher

I've Got Your Five- Finger Consensus Right Here

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

It's a Hit

Singles, Remixes & MP3s

A Big, Gay Roundtable

With Torche, Abe Vigoda, and These Arms Are Snakes

Up & Coming

This Week's Notable Shows and Parties

Album Review

Starfucker: Starfucker

Album Review

Matthew Herbert Big Band: There's Me and There's You

Album Review

The Muslims: The Muslims

2008 Halloween Events

This Week's Notable Halloween Parties


Theater Review Revue

New Plays about Sex, Politics, and Punk Rock

Theater News


Throwing Stuff at the Wall

"Awesome" Invents Four Shows over Four Weekends

Visual Art

The Original Northwest Reserve

SAM goes all-out with a long-overdue Coast Salish retrospective. It's still not enough.

In Art News


The Damp Dead

Liz Magor's Sculptures Are Heavy Ghosts of Hollowed-Out Desires


John McCain's Book Club

Learning About a Candidate Through the Stories He Loves

Constant Reader

Checking the Rear View

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

Fright Night

Chow Bio

Josh Henderson of Skillet Street Food

The Happiest Hour

Sundown Tavern

Top Ramen

A (Delicious) Transnational Argument Against Authenticity


Who's More Fucked?

The New Depression's Imminent Cultural Casualties

Hump! 4

I Wish I Had Two More Hands So I Could Give HUMP! Filmmakers Four Thumbs Up

Hell Houses

Topography of Terror: The Eastside Edition


The Stranger Election Control Board Endorsements

Yes, You Can Find the CHEAT SHEET Here!

Five Good Reasons to Vote For Mass Transit

And One Dumb Reason to Vote Against It

Fall Classic

The Art of the Campaign Rally

She's So Unusual

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Marcia McCraw Is No Ordinary Republican

Falafel Kerfuffle

Georgetown Feuds over Falafel Truck

Letters to the Editor

Crossword Solution

Buzz Bin (Oct. 30)

Get Your War On

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

Campaign for Kink

I Love Television

The Most Horrifying Week of the Year!



DJ Spooky

Election Day


'Fear(s) of the Dark'

Wild Orchid Children

'This Is the Worst Trip I've Ever Been On'

Jonathan Raban

Last Days

The Week in Review

Crossword Puzzle

Buzz Bin (Oct. 30)